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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 21, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   April 21, 2014

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  1. Im Batman!

    • and youre probably 9 years old too

    • Umm. Im Batman.

        • Lol

          • I see what you did there Mr. J

            • Can I join the party?

              • Only if you bring your giant rubber ducky boat

                • Ha ha

                  • Lights out Arkham Animaniacs.

                    • Hey, what about me!?

                    • Alright everyone, Freeze!

  2. green goblin seems really unfinished so i guarantee you that in the next movie his suit will look more complete and he will look more like goblin

    • and he’ll probably be 9 years old too

      • LMAO

    • It’s not human, kill it!

  3. Been seeing Godzilla trailers while watching NBA (usually the only live TV I watch) and it’s got me interested.

    I just hope I don’t get Noah’ed.

    • Noah’ed…HA! At least you’ve protected me from getting Lone Ranger’ed (that’s when you hear a film isn’t as bad as people said it was, so you rent it)

      • protected/prevented…an edit button. What a novel idea!

      • Hehe.

        In TV, that’s called Arrow’d or AoS’ed.

        So funny because during season 1 of Arrow, I avoided it but people here kept saying it was good so then I watched it and agreed. Now during the early season 1 of AoS, people said it was bad so I avoided it but went against the advice and binge-watched it and ended up liking it more than Arrow (gasp!). I’ve been saying how good it is and that there will likely be a payoff and now that Winter Soldier was tied in, people are finally coming around.

        I keep telling my kids that Godzilla is the prequel to Pacific Rim.

        • I like Agents of Shield now because of the connection to Captain America, the show itself isn’t worth it, the characters are bland other than Coulson and May. Also, with the budget they have they should be telling stories significantly better than Arrow or any other Sci-Fi show.

        • I’m actually caught up on AoS and 3 episodes behind on Arrow. I like them both, but my wife also watches Arrow…so we only watch when we both have time.

          In the beginning, I had some issues with AoS. I would agree with Anthony’s reviews. But after a while, he was just mean and I felt the need to defend the show. Then, I stopped reading his reviews because it seemed like he wrote a negative smear campaign before he even watched the show. I read his review last week. He jumped ship. Hail Hydra.

          My daughter is 5…so no Pacific Rim for her. But we did watch some old Godzilla movies one weekend (old…I mean guy in rubber suit not Roland Emmerich). I’m not sure if she enjoyed them or enjoyed Daddy being silly while watching.

        • You know, at first I was wondering how on Earth you could bash a great film like Noah. But I guess it makes sense now that I know you like Agents of Shield.

          • The cinematography was great in Noah… the story, not so much (in my opinion).

            And yes… I like Agents of Shield, I also like Revolution, Warehouse 13 and many other shows that people don’t like.

            • Someone else still watches Revolution! I’m a fan. I’m 3 or 4 episodes behind though…same reason as above.

              • @Prof:

                Yeah, but I think it’s just you and me.

                I didn’t really like the direction they went with the last 3 or 4 eps but you should see it and judge for yourself (I don’t want to spoil it).

                • Yeah, the last episode we watched was when Aaron was in the Matrix. We might have watched one more after that. I can’t remember.

                  The show has so much potential, yet it goes nowhere. Last year when they killed off Charlie’s brother…that was great. A show took half a season to save a character and then wipes out everything you thought would happen with one machine gun.
                  Then, the first season finale. A show about no power…all of a sudden, they have power. But, they squandered that attempt at a reboot with a few line of exposition at the beginning of the second season.
                  Then, Aaron had superpowers…but that has honestly gone nowhere. It’s frustrating to watch because they set up so much, but it hasn’t seemed to pan out.

                  I’ll have to start watching and see what has happened.

                • I like the rapport between Miles and Monroe. Reminiscent of Sam and Dean Winchester. (which is a show that my wife and I are caught up on)

            • @ Big Nerd

              I’m with you 100%. Visually Noah was great, but the story, IMO, was terrible. I was very disappointed in it. It could have been so much better.

              You’re not alone, I too enjoy Agents of SHIELD. I really feel it’s coming into its own now. I’m excited for next season, especially with Avengers: Age of Ultron coming. :)

  4. On social media yesterday, I kept seeing posts about zombie Jesus and the Easter Bunny. So, I’ve deduced that those weird supernatural rabbit creatures in the Lone Ranger were actually religious deities.

    • I was in a dollar store this weekend and saw Lone Ranger valentines. One card read, “Seek justice, friend!”

      • @ $2

        I read one of those too but it was a Tonto one and it said “I made urine on it.”

        • 😀
          Nice one, Writer!

  5. Is anyone else concerned about the “short” running time of Godzilla, (1h 38m)? Not saying movie time is a be all indicator, but I know a lot of 90 movies are a bit of a mess. Hoping the movie is more than all build up with just the final part actual Godzilla doing real damage (along with the other monsters).

    • I’m not. A typical Godzilla movie is usually no longer than that, with the exception of “Final Wars”. As long as Edwards is able to tell the story he wants to tell in that runtime, then I’m fine.

      • AS much as I want to say you’re comparing apples to oranges, that phrase doesn’t quite fit. I grew up on all of the Godzilla movies, seen everything related multiple times. And while I agree that those movies were 90 mins most of the time, they rarely had much story, and was more about the mayhem and battles. And with all of the news of the human characters, my fear is that we don’t get enough Godzilla because of origins and people. I hope I am wrong as this is my #1 movie to see this year.

        • The original “Gojira” was just over 90 minutes and it remains to be a masterpiece, imo. Great story. If Edwards needs just 90 minutes to tell his version, then so be it. I’ll wait til I see it to complain aboit it being too short

    • Where are you getting that information? I’m not calling you out I’m just curious. I went to imdb and there’s no run time listed.

      • Go online to buy tix – places like fandango give movie run times.

    • The Flash is a show to watch…yet it hasn’t aired? How do you watch something that hasn’t aired. This list is flawed.

      • Those “shows to watch” and “movies to watch” have traditionally including upcoming stuff that’s not out yet.

  6. I do fancasts for reboots, remakes, original ideas, and fanfiction. If you want your ideas casted to the greatest extent, call on me. Reply with what you want fancasted, if you submit fanfiction or original ideads there must be a working URL for me to access them.

  7. Also, most fancasts will take at least two to three weeks to be finished, and fanfiction and original ideas will most likely take longer.

  8. Anyone watching “Silicon Valley”?

    If not, please do.
    In only 3 episodes it has risen to the ranks of one of the funniest shows on the air right now.
    Last nights episode (#3) was one of the funniest single episodes of TV I’ve seen in a good while.

    • I want to. But I do not have HBO…or cable for that matter. I’m a fan of Mike Judge and I hear a lot about that show because of the podcasts I listen to.

  9. The Raid 2 was amazing. If any of you are on the fence about seeing it, don’t be. The action and choreography and everything was completely amazing. There were action scenes in there that reminded me of Kill Bill, Cap2, Matrix. And it reminded me of those films in a very good way! Any action movie lover worth his salt NEEDS TO SEE THE RAID 2!!!

    I went into it the same way I went into Pacific Rim last year, expecting the action scenes to be amazing, but everything in between to be complete garbage. In both cases (with pacific rim and the raid 2) I was pleasantly surprised. The narrative was sophisticated and exciting.

    Be aware though its GRAPHIC!! There were some scenes in there that made the crazy 88 fight look like a kids show.

  10. I like talking Man of Steel with some Screen Ranters here, I like debating whether Man of Steel was good or not (I say it’s not), but I seriously don’t like it when some of these commenters here saying “Man of Steel was great, what movie were you watching to say it was bad?” or “Man of Steel is amazing, your opinion is invalid”. Seriously, guys, it’s just a movie no need to say anybody’s opinion is invalid or wrong. Mutual respect is the key to a good conversation. Make a good conversation/debate so people wont give DC fans such a bad time.

    • @ Anton

      I understand your dilemma… I too have had many discussions that have lead to a “Nugh uh! Ugh huh!” argument when it comes to the Man Of Steel. First off I am a HUGE DC fan and love (almost) all the characters. That being said I also loved all of the Dark Knight Trilogy which I will admit had it’s own set of flaws.

      In my opinion the Man Of Steel was a “less then good” movie, I would say it was good but it wasn’t the worst either. The very CGI scenes caused me pain to watch and the CGI almost looked like a video game in some cases. The language at the beginning of the film felt unnecessary and I didn’t like how the film only shown instances of Superman (while in his past) as being bullied all the time.

      I have to say my absolute most hated moment in the entire film was the fact that they made Clark’s dad die while he was trying to save a DOG! Not a human being, not something extremely vital to Clark’s past… It was a DOG… I myself actually live in Kansas and I asked all of my friends and family if they would risk throwing their life away with their friends and family for their dog. My conclusion was 1/10.

      • @ Anton
        @ Writer

        I agree with both of you on what you had to say about MOS. Things that bothered me was already mentioned but a lot of the good action was rushed in the 3rd act & it bothered me with all the flashbacks to the pleasant as done in Batman Begins. Makes me think if they’ll do that with every DC hero’s first solo film,etc. I agree about the DOG. In this movie universe I would have let both of the Kents be alive, not Mrs. Kent be widowed.

      • Read this somewhere else or it might have been here but…

        People complain about Johnathan going off to save a dog but he did what he did because he cared about all creatures, even though some would consider a dog to be a ‘lesser’ creature than man for some reason. In an analogous fashion, to Clark, we’re all also somehow ‘lesser’ creature than him in comparison. However, looking to his Dad as inspiration, that doesn’t matter to him. He will still try to save everyone whether their is any distinction of being a ‘lesser’ creature. He doesn’t care about that.

        And I think a lot of people seem to underestimate the connection some people feel to their pets and overestimate some perceived superiority of man to other creatures.

        • @ moz

          Saving a life is important (no matter who or what’s life) and I recognized that. However, there is a point in which a being must consider all (not some) of the consequences. My problem was that he gave up his life with his wife, son and even farm for what? A dog… My issue isn’t really the value of a life it is the value of his own family’s life and emotional state.

          A dog was a poor way to convey sacrifice because a dog won’t care, even rescuing a baby would have been better because the baby would grow up to appreciate his sacrifice. I am not saying that a dog doesn’t matter and that we should let them all die but it is like holding a gun up to a person and a dog and asking me “which on should live?”

          • He didn’t know he was going to give up his life in that instant. He wasn’t thinking about that. I don’t think a person like Johnathan Kent or Clark, for that matter, in a high risk situation really even stops to think about that. He was just thinking about saving the dog. I mean, you think a firefighter or policeman, those hero types, stop to think about should I rescue that person or no. “Nah, not worth my life. Their lives aren’t worth risking my life or saving them.” No. They don’t think about that, they just do it.

            So a dog has to care for that sacrifice to be meaningful? I didn’t realize sacrifice involved/required appreciation after.

            • I don’t know about yours, but in our culture, the father would do anything to protect his family, not run off cowardly to hide while assigning his son to do the saving.

              • ** That’s in agreement with you, moz.

                  • “I doubt alot of men would leave their families behind to save the family dog.”

                    I disagree. Most men consider dogs as man’s best friend. I’m sorry, but I consider the pets I have (2 dogs and a cat) as part of my family. Be that is may be to you that you’d let your pets die if a situation come to it, in my case, I’d probably do the same thing as Jonathan did and save them too if something like that happened.

                    And for the record, Jonathan never said to kill the bus full of kids. He said “maybe,” which hinted at his uncertainty of the situation. I don’t understand why people kept making it seem as if he said “yes.” No, he didn’t. Go watch the scene again.

                    Jonathan was worried about the consequences of what Clark did. Then Clark reminded him the other option if he didn’t do what he had to do, and you can see that Jonathan hesitated and sort of calmed down as he thought about it because he was torn between safeguarding his son and knowing that Clark was right — that if his son didn’t do what he have to do, those people would have died. But you have to realize that Jonathan was a father and a guardian, and it falls into his shoulders to make sure that he was a good parent to Clark and part of that responsibility includes watching his son’s back to see that no harm comes to him.

                    • If I had a pet, I wouldn’t forget them in the truck in the first place. Id save them if I knew I had time for both of us to make it back. But I wouldn’t leave my family behind to retrieve our dog. Our dog would be missed, that’s the way things happen. Can’t save everyone or everything, NOT even Superman. That is something Clark would learn honestly. How many people do we NOT know died in Metropolis besides while one family lived was seen?

                      For the record Clark asked Jonathan what he should do, let the kids die while his father replied with Maybe. I never implied Jonathan said Yes. Maybe you should watch it again by the way the tone of his voice way when he said it because obviously he didn’t want any of the kids to have seen Clark use his power like that. Still he comforted Clark on the decision he made despite people might talk.

                    • Why is everyone complaining about this scene, it is a more heroic death then a stupid heart attack!

                    • @Wally

                      Well, you NOT having a pet shows that you can’t really relate to how it is to have their loyalty and trust, so I don’t really expect you to understand how it is to consider pets as part of the family. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. 😉

                      Also, the Kents didn’t forget the pet. Martha left it behind when she got out of the car because she went out to check out what was the commotion about. When Jonathan told Clark to take cover, the typhoon had taken much of Martha’s attention that she had forgotten the dog’s still in the truck. Because really, if you’re facing a force of nature such as that, you become awed/scared/horrified that it completely engrosses you. When she finally gathered her wits, she remembered Hank was still in the car, and Clark was about to get him, but Jonathan said, “Take your MOM to the overpass.” He didn’t just go back to get the dog; he deliberately commanded it so that his son and wife (as well as the rest of the people) would be safe, knowing that Clark was with them.

                      Yes, I’ve watched that scene repeatedly since the whole outrage of Jonathan wanting those people to die. I watched it again just now, and yes, I still stand by my statement. Jonathan said “Maybe” after Clark asked him “What was I supposed to do? Let them die?” Look closely at Jonathan’s reaction. He hesitated. He didn’t say “No” because he was worried for his son’s safety, and he didn’t say “Yes” because he wouldn’t wish death on those people. Bottomline is, Jonathan was caught between being a protective father and a good neighbor. As much as he didn’t want those people to die, he has the responsibility of keeping his son safe.

                      For the record, read again what I wrote. I never said you stated that Jonathan said “yes.” Don’t put words into my mouth. Cool? Cool.

                    • Okay, so answer me this purely hypothetical question: “If someone held a gun to a dog’s head and another gun to a human’s head, and asked for you to choose who should live and who should die, who would you pick?”

                      There is (not matter how much we hate it) a difference in life. I also never said that pets aren’t family, but now imagine this scenario, “let’s say you have a child whom you love and your home or apartment is on fire and your dog/cat is still inside and your son/daughter leaves you and runs in to save the animal but dies in the process.” Is this “sacrifice” justified, no because my child’s life and soul is worth more to me than a pet.

                    • Caleb – obviously you didn’t understand the heart attack. With all of Clark’s powers, he still couldn’t stop his father’s death. In the new film, he could have easily prevented his father’s death.

                      But, let’s be honest…Papa Kent wanted to die. He was in a loveless marriage. That dog was his only affection. Martha and him hadn’t separated because of Clark and fear that he’d burn down the farmhouse with his tears.

                      I liked the theory that Moz posted about lesser creatures. That makes the most sense to me for what the filmmakers were trying to convey.

                    • @writer

                      Those weren’t the scenarios presented in that scene and aren’t analogous. Johnathan didn’t have that choice of choosing to save another human or a dog. He wasn’t in such a scenario. You’re trying to make an analogy that doesn’t reflect the scene.

                      And if you recall, he went and helped a mother with her child. They had forgotten Hank in the car and Johnathan went back. He didn’t anticipate getting his foot messed up or any of what transpired.

                    • @ moz

                      I know that my question doesn’t reflect the “exact” same scenario. Nevertheless I didn’t ask for Mr Kent’s response, I asked for yours! I am trying to establish that a human’s life should be worth more to people than a dog’s, not out of lack of compassion but because of moral values. As harsh as this sounds he could have, weighed the risks and deemed life with the family that obviously needed him worthy of fulfilling. Now if they had exchanged the dog with a human being, it would have made more sense as to why Superman saves human lives and doesn’t just open up an animal shelter in honor of his dad.

                    • @ Steel-hearted

                      Obviously you didn’t read the first two sentances in my last comment. I don’t have pet now, but I did when I was younger so I have a idea despite what you think.

                      Unlike Martha I wouldn’t forget my dog when after realizing what the commotion was about.

                      Besides there’s a variety of pets you could ask yourself if you would risk your life/give your life away on. Like a hamster, pet snake, spider,etc. Big or small, tamed or wild. Ask yourself, is it really worth leaving your family behind like your wife & kids?

                      No matter what your answer is, im done with this conversation.

                    • @Wally

                      Uh, putting words into my own mouth again. I know what you said, and I countered it. Martha didn’t leave the dog. She went out to check out the commotion, but Jonathan told Clark to take her away from danger, and in the whole awe of seeing a tornado, she didn’t immediately register on Hank (the dog) still in the car.

                      Also, I don’t care if you’ve had a pet or not before. Your view dictates that you seem to have forgotten what it’s like to treat them in the sense that you’d rather have them killed.

                      And as I’ve said, Jonathan didn’t leave his family behind because the dog is part of the family. He came back for it.

                    • @writer

                      EEE-EENNNG! Wrong. Your comparison is miles different, and moz is correct. Why ask for a totally different scenario if does not even show the correct situation? Of course the answer is going to be farfetched and the reason incongruent with the subject at hand.

                  • While people may have differing opinions on the worth of a pet versus a human, I still think most agree they would write that scene differently.

                    When you parent tells you not do so something, it’s because you’re going to get hurt. In this case, Clark can’t get hurt and at his young age, who cares what people see (they already saw it from the bus accident).

                    It wasn’t well though out… stuff like that can be explained away, there are countless “real life” situations where people exhibit extraordinary feats of strength when others are in peril so what’s another? No son in his right mind, especially with the power of Superman, would not save his own father.

                    Maybe that’s why he (spoiler) killed Zod, he doesn’t value life. /sarc

                    • First mistake, you’re assuming that the people in the highway during the tornado are the same people in the bus that witnessed Clark’s strength, which is wrong.

                      Second mistake, you’re assuming that in Jonathan Kent’s death, it was just all about saving and dying. It was so much more than that. It was about trust… that even if Clark would rather have wanted it another way, which is to save his dad, he trusted his father enough to obey him. To believe in his father’s choice.

                      And third mistake, if indeed Clark didn’t believe in the sanctity of life, he wouldn’t have save those people in the oil rig, or Lois Lane, or that soldier that fell from the plane, or the billions of humans in the planet, would he?

                      Your arguments are invalid. Try again? 😉

                    • @Steel-Hearted:

                      I think your mistake is you didn’t understand my post.

                      1. I never said the people on the bus were the same in the tornado. What I meant that if the bus incident went away, so could a “saving dad from a tornado” incident. Again, people do incredible things in the real world all the time (like a 15-year old surviving in a wheel well from Cali to Maui) so it shouldn’t have been a big deal.

                      2. I could think of several other scenarios to give us a lesson about trust. The one they gave us, where a father sacrifices his life instead of making sure he’s still around to ensure his son continues to learn from him was not a very good one. Let’s flip it, what father would kill himself if he didn’t have to, to teach his kid a lesson? The better answer was to be saved, so he can be around to remain a father figure to him. Being dead doesn’t really accomplish anything in real life, it’s only in comics where it leads to Batman, Spiderman etc.

                      3. That was sarcasm (hence the /sarc tag). But, if you break it down, instead of trust, it seemed like Jonathan taught Clark that no life is more important than some what-if scenario. So in the end, when Clark was struggling with his decision on what to do with Zod and “what-if” he let him live, he just thought of his dad and said… oh well… die die die die die!!! :)

                      It was a poorly written scene, I see what they were trying to do, but it didn’t end up that way because so many people question it.

                    • (1) Okay, so why did you say “Who cares what people see (they already saw it from the bus accident?” Doesn’t make any sense.

                      But if you mean like people see other people do incredible things and forget about them, I think you’re forgetting the fact that there are people like Lois Lane who will investigate and write a story about it. Or make a documentary about it. And then what? What if they learned that Clark was adopted? More investigations will come to life. More questions…until they’ll finally know that Clark is an alien and then they’ll take him away to experiment on, or use him as a weapon.

                      (2) Actually, I thought it accomplished something. It taught Clark that there are some things worth dying for. Like a father’s love to his son. Like doing what it takes at all cost to keep his family safe. Like courage in the face of danger. I could mention a whole lot more, but I think you’ve already had a fixed point of view on it. I accept that you didn’t see the movie as I did, so let’s just agree to disagree on things.

                      (3) I thought Clark did what he had to do because Zod was going on a murder spree, and not because he enjoyed killing Zod. The fate of the planet had rested now on Clark’s shoulders. And I happen to like the take. It was a risk, but I thought it was a good risk.

                      People can say whatever of it, but the fact is, Superman has killed before. Some fans make it seem as if it was uncharacteristic of him, but it’s there in his history. It’s been shown in the comics and tv and even in the movies.

                      Besides, Superman in MOS only used it as a last resort, knowing that Zod was immovable in his decision, knowing that there’s no other option left and the safety of billions of other people was now up to him. He had begged Zod over and over to stop his madness, but the general was just too proud and stubborn. I certainly wasn’t of the opinion that Superman thought of Zod’s life as insignificant and that he had no respect for it. It didn’t paint that picture when he cried afterwards, seeing what he was forced to do.

                      So many internet people question it, because let’s face it. Internet people like to be outraged.

                    • @Steel-Hearted:

                      I am actually grateful for your courteous replies.

                      1. The flaw in this is that the writers make the characters. They could choose not to make Lois so investigative. In the comics and previous movies she (and the rest of the world) can’t connect Clark and Supes, yet in MoS, she tracks him down to his home? Bleh. I think it’s easier for the audience to believe that in the MoS world, the few observers at the “son saves dad event” chalk it up to “incredible surge of adrenalin” rather than “dad unnecessarily dies to teach a lesson”.

                      2. Are you a father? If Jonathan was a “smart” father, he would know that there could be ways that Clark saving him could be explained. That it’s much more important that he stay alive to continue teaching Clark about sacrifice and courage. Again, killing yourself when you *didn’t have to* is not the best way to teach. It’s not necessarily a fixed point of view, it’s a father’s. If I knew my son had the power to save me at risk of exposing his secret, I would have him do it because my family is better off with me around dealing with the scrutiny, than not having me there so they would have to hide it on their own. Realistically, 99% of the fathers would choose to live, but that’s why the writers wrote it that way, to make it shocking, but it is far from realistic.

                      3. I agree with you. Again, I was just kidding.

                      I don’t really question Clark killing Zod, I just question the whole “last resort” idea. If he’s strong enough to break his neck, he’s strong enough to fly him out of there to remove the danger, or poke his eyes out with his super fingers, and shatter his spine so that he can’t move.

                      Again, the end didn’t really bother me, but the father sacrifice thing was a bit silly.

                    • @BigNerd

                      Ah, it’s good to get into debates but remain courteous still. I see your point, and though I don’t agree, I recognize that it’s your point of view and you have a right to it. 😀

      • What’s truly sad in that scene is Clark could have easily saved the dog and had no harm come to anyone and his dad knew that. What was actually being taught there? That the dad is truly stupid per the story writer?

      • Yeah it’s fascinating to go back to a film and see what things you previously had a problem with, how you might feel about them upon a second (or third), much later viewing…or what things you pick up on that you might have liked/disliked then and you like/dislike now. I went back and watched First Class today and I had so many problems with it, when I know I loved it in the theater.

    • Since it’s on HBO I’ve been re-watching it and some parts I like better, others I like less.

      While in the movie theater, I thought the Jor-El “guide” for Lois on the ship was cool, the second time around it was hokey.

      I just think there were too many plot holes in it, but I did like Cavill as Supes.

      Hopefully, BvS has a better storyline.

      • The “hologram” was a little too perfect, where it just looked like a guy walking around (well that’s because how it was filmed) but I think it would’ve come off a little better if he was glitchy, or semitransparent, or somehow was more clearly an illusion.

  11. Anyone else think that AoS should’ve been saved for after Captain America 2? That way all the files to Coulson’s death would be ‘exposed’ and we might have gotten a much, MUCH better series Imho. I enjoy the show entirely, but it could be TV’s Prime if it started after CA:TWS

    • Well the producers and writers themselves admitted the some of the episodes were fillers and that they were waiting for TWS to come out so I don’t think that there is any question about it.

    • The Avengers was the biggest selling point of a SHIELD show, and AoS began airing a full year later. So they couldn’t wait any longer or they might suffer non interest all together.
      And if it aired after Winter Soldier, it would just flat out be Agents of Hydra.

      • Agents of Hydra…I like it!

        They could show the rigorous training sessions to teach cadets how to surround their target with flames instead of engulfing them.

  12. Screenrant! Hear ye!

    It’s been impossible to visit here the last few days on my iPhone or android tablet. Within 10-15 seconds I am hi-jacked to the App-store or Google-play. I know this was a problem before and it went away, but it has returned with a vengeance. Any solutions? Is there something on my end that should be done?

    The only way I can visit now is on the PC.

    • I can visit the site on my Galaxy S3. It’s doesn’t display the mobile version though.

      • I almost never get the mobile version anymore. That’s IF I don’t get hi-jacked…

        Sorry, other reply went into the main thread. Feel free to delete it, Mods.

    • @ Zipper

      I have the same problem, however the pc site crashes very often now, whereas it isn’t before. The mobile site is gone all together. :(

      @ Screen Rant

      Is there ant update on what’s going on?

  13. I almost never get the mobile version anymore. That’s IF I don’t get hi-jacked…

  14. Greetings all….

    Happy Monday!!! :)

    So I rented ‘Paranoia’ over the weekend along with ‘American Hustle’.

    Paranoia was down right, flat-out awful. The cast was great, but the story, directing, action and dialog between characters was all just bad. It goes to show that you can have a great cast and still make a bad movie. I love Harrison Ford, but he needs to stop acting IMO. He was great back in the day, but it’s getting to be about time to hang it up IMO. I’m concerned about how big his role will be in Star Wars 7.

    As for American Hustle, I fell asleep about a third of the way through. It just didn’t hold my interest. I enjoyed Bradley Cooper, but not enough to stay awake. I did love Christian Bale’s hair though, that was hilarious.

    Final thought: Arrow last week was terrific, IMO. The fight scenes with Slade/Deathstroke were very well done. Arrow is easily my favorite show on TV right now, followed by AoS.

    Has anybody caught Hanger 1: The MUFON files on the History channel? It’s very well done, IMO.

  15. Wow, so, on one instance of this website, I had a video ad running in the background (I can hear it but not see it) 3 times at the same time, so it’s like you hear a line and then it echoes twice right after… Wonderful guys…

  16. Saw The Wolf of Wall Street this past weekend and it was awesome. Leonardo Dicaprio was amazing in this role and Jonah Hill was hilarious. Some of the scenes in the movie were insane.

  17. You know, if people doesn’t like MOS, that’s actually cool by me. But if you’ve not been informed, MOS has been target of a lot exaggerations of late. And respect goes both ways. It gets really annoying when someone thinks of himself superior and considers his [b]opinion[/b] law. More annoying too are the redundant ones.

    • What’s a part you didn’t like in the film?

      I love hearing what other people think, it gives me more things to check out when I see a film a 2nd or 3rd time.

      • In my honest opinion, I thought the characters were too bland. It’s basically just Superman there, and all the other characters there are either there to react to Superman, an alien, being on the planet, or to give Superman advice. No real personality.

        Also, I found the action mind-numbing. It’s just punching, CGI, flying, explosions, and death. No real emotion. They had the perfect chance too, because Zod killed Superman’s dad, but there was no real payoff there. It’s never addressed again.

        But the main reason I don’t like it is because for a movie based on Superman, there was no Superman in it. First, he destroys Smallville, then leaves Metropolis to go to the other side of the world to fight a giant laser dubstep octopus, then he goes back to Metropolis to, well, destroy it in a fight that ended poorly… OH YEAH, then he makes out with the girl on ground zero of all the fighting and destruction. So really no character development there considering Superman never did become “the ideal people strive towards” or the hero of the city.

        This is all my opinion though, totally cool if you see it differently.

        • I don’t.

  18. Anyone know who has the rights for the Green Hornet series from the 60s right now? Now that is what they need to put on DVD! You can currently get some less-than-perfect copies of it on the internet in bootleg copies, but i would like to see a legit release of the entire series on DVD, with the graininess, flaws, etc. cleaned up for clarity’s sake!

    • @ Goldilocks

      I dunno about Green Hornet series but I reading to expect the Adam West complete Batman television series November this year. Exact date is still pending.

    • It’s on amazon.

  19. Anyone heard any recent updates on what is going on with the Doc Savage movie from Shane Black? It has been ages since I heard there was any forward movement on it. I have heard the Man From Uncle movie and The Equalizer movie are slowly crawling forwards, although info on that has been pretty sparse as well.

  20. I’m still not caught up on Arrow (1 episode behind) but I really have some issues.


    Deathstroke is upset with Ollie…WHY? Because he picked Sarah over Shado? That has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. Oliver did not pull the trigger. Maybe it’s because Slade is crazy from the mirakuru flowing through his system, but honestly couldn’t the writers have had Oliver lead Shado down the wrong path and then she was gunned down. Or Ollie used her as a human shield. This “choice” story seems like the most ridiculous option.

    Is Laurel Lance a moron? A few episodes back the Black Canary and Laurel were trying to stop the Huntress. The Black Canary is Laurel’s sister (Sarah). The were conversing and Laurel could not figure out that the blonde lady in a mask is Sarah. The masked lady even convinced Laurel not to drink alcohol. The mask is very small. Sarah’s hair and cleavage is the same as the Canarys…but she was masking her voice. I’m sorry but I do not think an assistant DA should be that dumb.

    Those are my two major issues…otherwise, it’s a fun show to watch.

  21. @writer

    You can’t just impose that kind of argument without first having established those ‘moral values’ you speak of. Of course to nearly everyone, their child is more important than their pet. That doesn’t reflect anything in that scene. You’re extrapolating your extreme situation to have meaning in that scene. It just doesn’t work. You’re eliminating other considerations, like he probably thought he had time since all he had to do was open the door, he didn’t anticipate a flying car landing there and the dog’s hesitance. Your presented scenario doesn’t reflect the scene at all. And like I said, when he, Superman, most firefighters, policemen, and other such people are in such scenarios, they don’t stop to think and figure out the consequences and weigh the lives of themselves over others. They don’t even consider that. They just go and try to save them. That’s what makes their actions heroic. A selfless act.

    If you wanna discuss contemporary ethics/morals, then sure. But let’s not try to pretend the scenario you’re presenting is an accurate reflection of that scene.

  22. I re-watched X-Men First Class today. I saw it in the theaters at release, and once after that at home, and I enjoyed it. This time, I don’t know what’s changed with time but it was just bad to me. The acting is hilarious (I do love McAvoy and Fassbender in general though), the dialogue was off-putting and the effects were dorky (some effects shots were great).

    I’m actually surprised that I was cringing as often as I was, being very aware that I previously liked it and I love X-Men in general. My theory is that I’ve been spoiled by all the improvements in superhero-genre films since then, but it wasn’t produced that long ago so I don’t know.