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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 19, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 19, 2013

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  1. when is the review of “oblivion” coming ?

    • It’s there now.

  2. You are all giving a Time Machine. You have one mission. Go back in time and correct 5 Movies. The mistakes you think that should never be in and the additions you think should be in it.


    • I want to do this… Ill have to wait til I get home though. Too much thought for me at work…

    • I would never do something so foolish! ;)
      What if changing the bad movies influences some of my favorite good movies, or causes WW3?
      Butterfly effect…

          • Hmm saying I have a family dairy farm is not such a good idea.


            • Oh Poo!

          • LOL you are a brave man! Many have launched assaults on Jeff W’s super secret lair, but none have made it past the bovine weaponry… however, Good luck and Godspeed!

            • @Superedje101


            • LOL

        • I like it.

          If I ever had the chance to go back in time I have decided that I would go back and tell Michael J. Fox he has Parkinsons.

        • @ Jeff W

          Not a bad list yourself. Though i liked Terminator Salvation but id like to see more things happen before the final battle. Like what leads the resistance to stay down by day & move out by night, see the Ground HK’s be built. Maybe see Kyle & John go on missions together to wipe out more of Skynet’s camps. See the laser weapons & Time Displacement Equipment get developed by Skynet. Things we’ve seen in flashbacks in the first two Terminator films that would make the next great.

          As for Ghostbusters. I thought it was great. And for a film like that, gotta give them credit for trying to make a good sequel.

      • @the Avenger – I know what you mean. I’d want to stop the Star War prequels from being made, but without those I wouldn’t have Dan Fogler’s greatest film, Fanboys.

    • Switch Brett Ratner for Bryan Singer in X3. Give Ratner Superman Returns. We get a sh*ttier Superman movie but an awesome X3, Man of Steel still happens, First Class probably still happens.

      Can’t think of any others quite yet. Or rather, can’t decide.

    • Well in a perfect world…………..

      1. Never let WB buy DC. (Worse decision ever by DC)

      2. Never make Caddyshack 2.

      3. Never make the movie Contact with J. Foster or
      Ghostbusters 2.

      4. Make the first Iron Man when RDJ is about 30 years old so he
      doesn’t want to retire from it before we get more IM movies.

      5. Make a scifi adventure movie based on the spaceship toy
      Starbird and her crew.

      Etc, etc, etc……….

      Just off the top of my head…………..

      • @Stark – I watched both Ghostbusters back to back a few weeks back (I never did that before), and realized how much the sequel reminded me of Hangover 2. Using the same exact formula with less funny jokes. But I still enjoy me a little Bobby Brown montage.

        • @ The Professor

          You’re right. The walk Statue of Liberty was just too much for me! LOL!!

      • Oh so you wanted ironman made when RDJ was on drugs? not to mention if you did that you wouldn’t have Chris evens cap or Chris hemsworth Thor they weren’t around back then.

        • ^That’s a very good point. No MCU in the 90′s. Also, if they made Iron Man when RDJ was 30, the VFX would have looked pretty shoddy, seeing that kind of technology just wasn’t there +-20 years ago.

          Sorry to nerd out about this (I am a nerd, so it’s okay for me to use that word in a derogatory manner ;)), but this really is the problem with time travel. Even if you try to go back and make something better, you’ll inadvertently make something else worse…

          Same goes for the WB-DC thing: If WB never bought DC, we may never have had Nolan’s Dark Knight movies which has been influential in many other filmmakers’ works throughout the years.

        • @ Trey

          I knew that question would come up, which is why I said right up front “in a perfect world”. Hey, if we’re gonna dream, why not deem big right? In my scenario, RDJ is not on drugs at that time and cgi is at today’s standard. LET ME HAVE MY DREAM!!! :) LOL!!

          @ Avenger

          I hear you, but in my senerio, DC is its own studio, and cgi tech is at today’s standards. I’m dreaming I know, but it’s Friday. :)

      • @ Stark

        I agree heartly with ya with #1. But i liked Caddyshack 2. Thought it was decent.

    • You give me a time machine and all you want me to do is fix crappy movies!

      Are you serious!

      To hell with that, go forward in time and get the next winning Lotto numbers thank you very much!

      And remember to take your toothbrush!!


      • Or you could take, say, $1000 back to 1980, put it in MicroSoft, come forward to 9/10/2001 and take all the money out. Same as winning the lottery. :-)

          • Then take it back in gold, or make sure the dates are before 1980. May I call you Slimer? :-D

    • @ Jeff W

      1. Batman Forever, Kept Burton as director along with Michael Keaton in the title role. Go with his version of The Riddler & maybe add a 2nd villain. Maybe keep Two-Face, but not have him be like the Joker at all & not have him work with Riddler completely. Still add Dick Grayson as introduced but have the Robin costume be revealed at the end.

      2. Batman & Robin. Again have Tim Burton direct with Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer in the role. Villains would be Bane & Black Mask. Barbara Gordon introduced doin detective skills to good use to aid Batman. If film was success, maybe lead to a different proposed idea for a 5th film.

      3. Terminator 3. Take out the humor & use a different John Connor & MAYBE kill Sarah Connor off.

      4. Superman Returns- I would of told a different return story of Superman would have people asking why left them & of-course the article of “Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman” later gets changed when a villain, i prefer to be Brainiac follows Kal-El to Earth. There would be no Kid of Superman’s, no Lex Luthor, no Kryptonite involved & better cast.

      5. AVP-R. Id prefer if it was the idea of Predators in a way that the Predalien hybrid causes chaos on the Predator ship that makes it crash land on the game reserve where they hunt humans. With humans there from a hunt still goin on. Not by the bigger Predators but one classic Predator with two or three surviving predators as the hybred escapes the crash site.

      Three honorable mentions someone else could redo. Supergirl,Ghost Rider 2, Green Lantern.

      • @Wally

        Good list.

        I think I would done those.

        • @ Jeff W


    • Okay… Although I don’t believe it is possible to change anything that has already happened because in order for you to want to change anything the even would have had to occur in your past.

      Phantom menace: I would totally change it. Take out Jar Jar and some other stuff.

      The Chronicles of Narnia: Have Disney keep the franchise.

      Green Lantern: I would negate the ability to make the movie and replace the movie with a Suicide Squad movie that would be done by me.

      Superman Returns: Again I would negate the ability to produce the film and replace it with a Justice League Dark.

      Hunger Games: Take away the shaky camera. Seriously I thought I was having a seizure.

      • @Writer… what was wrong with 20th Century getting The chronicles of narnia? I thought was a improvement quality-wise.

        • @ SuperEdje101

          I didn’t like the actor picked for Eustace. I thought the quality of the computer animation was bad compared to Disney. The location or sets looked cheap in my opinion. The story was butchered compared to the book and didn’t really make much sense. I also thought Disney made Aslan appear better than he did in Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

          I understood the movie and although this was my least favorite book of the Narnia Chronicles I thought it could have focused more on the characters and not so much the “I want to find Aslan’s land.”

          Eustace is supposed to continue the Narnia stories. Eustace should have been well liked in the film at the end of the movie. In the books Eustace is my favorite character but the actor did a very good job of making you hate him but a very poor job of making you like him.

      • @ Writer

        If there was any movie that had real shaky camera movement, it’s films like Cloverfield.

    • Go back to 1999 and punch Roger Christian in the face for even thinking about directing Battlefield Earth

      Take the cocaine from Arthur C. Clark and have him explain 2001: A Space Odyssey

      Go back to 2009 and force Abrams to explain what the frack red matter is

      Destroy all information for the reboot of Day the Earth Stood Still


      • I cannot express how funny this is.

      • Hahahaha! Nice to see you back Kahless! :)

  3. Man o man, morning ranters. I know this has nothing to do with films and all the regular stuff we rant about, but the events that have played out last night In Massachusetts as a result of this past week’s Boston Marathon bombing have the make of an episode of 24 or some action movie.

    Car chases, car jackings, robberies, shoot outs with the police, people throwing bombs out the windows from the car,Gosh Almighty,what the hell is going on?!! One suspect is dead and the other is still on the loose causing all of Boston to be on lock down! A real life movie being played out right before our eyes with tragic consequences! Let’s pray that the other suspect is caught soon so we can move on from this senseless, cowardly tragedy!

    • Ive been saying that all night here at work! Where’s Jack Bauer?!

      • LOL!

    • It’s been pretty amazing following up-to-the-minute updates on this all night on reddit. I sense this may eventually become a movie in its own right at some point, so it COULD be related!

      • Could be getting a CSI: Boston show as a result as well… :P

        • This is more NCIS material. Maybe even a Flashpoint spinoff?

          • Take that back. Donnie walberg.

      • They are making a movie out of the Jodi Arias case here in AZ. Already casted for it. The trial isn’t even finished! LOL

  4. Maybe this has been answered before but… it seems that there is question that is Zod’s suit and his army’s suits powered to give them Superman like strength? And another lingering question was why was Superman special other than his natural birth?

    If this already hasn’t been said or speculated but here is my take. Maybe one of the reasons they don’t do natural births was because of the effects of a yellow sun and all of the engineered births take that “gene” away. Maybe that is why Zod and his army must wear the suits and Superman can wear spandex?

    Just my thoughts. Probably has already been said but that’s what I get for not reading everyones comments.

    • Maybe Jor-El really never knew the effects of our yellow sun on Kal-El.

      There is an inherent flaw that has always been with Superman Arrival.

      Superman can survive reentry into the earth atmosphere unscathe, even his suit (Since at one time it was conceived the suit was made from the blankets that he arrived in. Changed so many times.) but the ship that carried him from Krypton, easily starts to deform the moment it enters earths atmosphere..
      Weird huh?

      • That is weird. But I still wonder what the connection is between natural birth and genetically created. There has to be some reason other than a stupid rule. A rule like that isn’t made up just for the heck of it. Maybe genetically grown Kryptonians have super natural power when exposed to a red sun, but opposite with the yellow sun?

        • I sense, you really want to get me started…AGAIN!


          • Jeff… I can SENSE the Superman fan inside of you. Its wanting to break out. Badly!

            • No my friend.

              The Fan is there, the realist is the problem. I want to see the movie in its full form.

              All the action in the world, all the trailers cannot convince me that all the actors will not come off as wooden or unlikeable.

              • Don’t make Jeff W angry, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, he busts out all over the place, and that’s rather messy.


              • Unlikely, as the cast is top class.

  5. I’ve read a few of the reviews of the trailer for Ender’s Game that was showed at Cinemacon, and it sounds like everything I was hoping for and more. I understand that there had to be some pretty significant changes made from the book, but it sounds like it is going to work well. Now I ahve another reason why I can’t wait for Star Trek, so I can see this magnificent trailer on the big screen.

    • sweet! :)

      • I didnt think ninja turtles transformers would be that close together.

        • I don’t plan on seeing either to be honest

      • Yeah…Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club. Was that not the film you were looking at?

        • Think Like a Man Too? Am I right about either of those?

        • Ouch.


          You do not pull your punches do you ?

          • That’s for Venkman, Stantz, Zeddemore, and Spengler.

            • Hey, what about Slimer??!! :-D

    • I see that in April 2014…Stretch Armstrong is released. And in April of 2014 you’ll hear a scream in the distance yelling “WHY!?!?”

      • April 2014?

        That happened soon as I read it!

        • haha…yeah, whoops that’s a typo. I meant April 2013

          • jokes work much better when I type them correctly :)

  6. a lot of people at my local cinema were actually shocked that Oblivion is not in 3D and asked why it isn’t.. silly. but I guess all those people prefer to see movies in 3D

    • BTW, click on the link that says “The Shop” to check out the prints.

  7. What is the film everyone’s most excited about

    • MOS and Star Trek are a dead tie for me…

    • Iron Man 3, then Star Trek: Into Darkness :)

    • If you want to get technical, because you never said for this year, it’s Bond 24 ;)

      but for 2013, I say MOS


      (Wait for Gasps)

      • Told ya!

        • Did not say I wasnt to go see it, I am not rushing out to see it opening day.

          I tend to go to movies at 9am on Mondays during the summer. I will see it when the theater is not crowded and I can enjoy the movie, without people talking.

          • I go Sunday mornings/first showing. The annoying people still have hangovers and don’t usually come in that early.

            • Question:

              Why do drunk people end up in the theater? They are annoying and distracting, and it’s not like they will really remember the movie anyway…

              • Im not gonna lie… when I was young and dumb I did stupid things like that. Especially while on leave. I have no GOOD reason for it other than it was fun to do lol.

              • I’m consulting Cash Levy on Twitter about this question because essentially this is an essential question of human nature.

    • 1) Paranoia
      2) The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
      3) MOS

      Sorry, thats the top three… for this year. :)

    • Im more excited about Ironman 3, then MOS,Thor 2, Hunger Games Catching Fire, The Wolverine,etc.

    • 1. IM3
      2. Pacific Rim
      3. Star Trek
      4. Thor 2
      5. MoS
      6. Wolverine

    • Really? Do I have to spell it out for you? :-D

  8. I watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 for the first time last night, which go me thinking, what would you consider to be the most violent movie out there?

    • Hostel 1 & 2 for me. A little too much. Ive seen some indie films that could be worse like Cradle of Fear from Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth but… B movies are always bad.

    • The Raid:Redemption.

      • I second that, realistic violence is far more cringe worthy than say kill bill violence

    • “Django Unchained” is most certainly one of them

    • I now have the whistle song (Twisted Nerve) stuck in my head.

    • I seen too many violent films & one comes to mind i remember last is Rambo.

    • Robocop

          • Sorry for the late reply but thanks man, I’ll definitely check it out ;)

    • His name is Skippy. :o

  9. Just throwing this out there…………….

    Any CBM fan that wants this CBM to bomb or that CBM to bomb simply based on whether or not it has come from their favorite comic book publisher is just the epitome of ignorant. I don’t care if it’s jealous DC fan or defensive Marvel fan or vice versa.

    Never have I seen this more prevelent than with this new Superman movie. DC fan is just hoping it crushes Iron Man. Why? Here’s a novel thought genius, how about we hope they both break records so we get more of them? any Marvel fan that want Superman to fail, doesn’t get it. Any DC fan that want Iron Man or Thor to bomb doesn’t get it.

    Look at the big picture here. If any CBM bombs it’s bad for all CBM everywhere, it’s not some kind of victory for the other studio. I mean how stupid can you be? I read these posts on various movies pages just ripping the other studios movies by ignorant fans that don’t realize that they are cutting their own throats. Green Lantern bombing wasn’t a victory for Marvel studios, it was a kick in the gut the the CBM genre and industry as a whole. Avengers huge sucess was great for DC because now the public is hungry for more and we as CBM fans get to watch more cool superhero movies.

    Unless you work for either studio, (and even then only to a certain extent) and your livelihood depends on a movie’s sucess or failure, why do you feel the need to bash the other studio’s stuff? Grow up.

    I get rivalry, I get it. But if the CBM industry starts making bad movies the general public will lose interest no matter how many of us (CBM fans) there are, and we all lose.

    Before you post your total blast of another studios movies, just stop and think big picture, that’s all I ask.

    • +infinity and one

      • Times a googleplex.

    • My God has a bigger d*** than your God mentality…

      • @ Leathercheerio

        I’m not sure I follow what youre saying there. So it’s bragging rights?

        • Yes and no. Its the age old war. DC vs Marvel. Star Trek vs Star Wars. Your religion vs my religion. In the end of warfare, its the world/people/victims that suffer.

          • @ Leathercheerio

            I get that. It just seems so silly to me to blast the other CBM’s. Now if you genuinely don’t like the story, the actors, etc. I can see saying something about that,that’s what this website is for. But just to blast away, because it’s not “your studio” is just dumb to me. Lets enjoy the CBM’s we get, while we still get them.

    • Well said, Stark!

    • @ Stark

      I agree with you and respect your opinion. The first time I read your post I viewed it in agreement but then I tried to read it from another perspective. I wouldn’t jump to “I want this CBM to bomb!” but I would say “I want this movie to do better than _____”

      Here is why: If for example the Justice League movie was being made I would have to say I want it to be better than the Avengers. Because I am hoping it would have more drama, story and a better villain. This doesn’t mean I want it to “bomb” but I do want the next movie to look pale in comparison.

      Again, I do agree with what you are saying and I am a DC fan but hopefully this will just bring another opinion to the table.

      • @ Writer

        I hear you, but it’s not “do better than” it should be “be better than”. In other words, I would expect a JL movie to be better than Avengers, not because I hate Marvel but because DC can see what work and what didn’t work in The Avengers, and build from there.

        Same holds true for Avengers 2. I would expect it to be better than JL. Why? Because I hate DC? NO! Because they can see worked and didn’t work in JL, and so on.

        CBM fans take these fun movies too personally and attach themselves to these studios like a college alumni or something.

        The vitriol I read in some of these posts rivials that of bitter college sports fans from rival schools, and we’re talking about fun movies based on our favorite heros from when (most of us) were kids. If Superman comes out and totally sucks, bombs at the box off, how does that do anybody that loves CBM’s any good? Same with Iron Man. That’s my point.

        • @ Stark

          So what you are trying to say is basically they should be rivals to the betterment of one another? That one should be better and the two then alternate causing them to try harder?

          I think a response to your question “If Superman comes out and totally sucks, bombs at the box off, how does that do anybody that loves CBM’s any good?” is to put it quite simply is it doesn’t. However some fans (not all) of MARVEL would be happy to see that their particular franchise has and will continue to do better.

          • @ Writer

            You are correct, and those CBM “fans” are exactly the ignorant ones that I’m referring to. Are they really CBM fans then?

  10. Whats a horror movie idea youd like to see done?

    • An original one ;)

      • oooooooh u.
        Do you have an original idea?

        • I’d say a Doctor Who-type horror movie. There have been some pretty interesting stories/monsters that would make for great horror movie premises, yet all we get are the same variations of ghosts/hauntings/exorcisms. Stuff like the Weeping Angels and the Silence, if written as a pure horror story, would be awesome.

        • I don’t have an original idea for a horror movie, no. I guess it’s because I’m not a big fan of horror movies… The only time I watch them is every once in a while with friends – and it’s always the same old $#!+ over and over again: group of teens doing stupid stuff, serial killer wants “revenge”, most teens get killed aside from the pretty girl and her geeky friend – they live on for the endless amount of sequels that follow… or, replace serial killer with monster :|

          Cabin In the Woods was interesting though… Other than that, I can’t remember seeing anything recently that wasn’t a rip off or a remake.

          • Real horror is The Exorcist or Chris Lee’s Dracula. Today’s horror films are nothing compared to the classics.

  11. @ Killer Klowns From Outter Space remake w/ Anna Paquin as one of the helpless female victims? lol. Or better yet, Remake of Waxwork.

  12. I wanna see a CBM based on 2 villains and their army against each other. Like: Darkseid vs Gen. Zod, Deathstroke vs Bane or even Doc. Ock vs whiplash. Now that would be something worth seeing.

  13. So.. I just finished Stargate Universe. Which means i am done with the Stargate franchise already (unless i want to watch the animated series, any opinions?). I really wish it hadn’t got canceled. it was way different from SG1 and SGA which was nice, and i really wanted to see it go on for a couple more seasons at least. although i was happy with the way it ended. It sorta felt like a series finale in a way which was nice because it didnt leave me hanging unsatisfied.

    Now on to The Sarah Connor Chronicles!!!

  14. I am waging war on Screen Rant!

    Here is a Movie for you all!

    Updown City.

    A Murder of Mayor Stepps. Leads the Uptown Police Department on a city wide chase to find a a killer. The city is in turmoil. Two Detectives from different parts of Updown City have been teamed up.

    Detective John Chutes is a 15 year police veteran. He solved the candyland murders, when it was revealed he bent the law to apprehend Simon the repetitive killer. He was kicked out of Candyland. He arrived in Uptown City to start a new life.

    Detective Michael Ladders. Born of Privelage in the Uptown part of the city known as Milton-Bradley Township. He solved the crime that gripped the entire region for 2 years…The Infamous Stratego Attacks!

    Now together for the first time…These two famous detectives will join forces to bring down the cities most notroius group of bad guys in Updown City…The Barrel of Monkeys Gang!

    Together…They are CHUTES AND LADDERS!
    A Quentin Tarentino Film
    Directed by Quentin Tarentino
    With Screen Play by Quentin Tarentino
    Art Direction by Quentin Tarentino
    Best Key Grip by by Quentin Tarentino
    Edited by Quentin Tarentino
    Recorded by Quentin Tarentino
    And Released by Disney Motion Picture Studios
    In Association with Hasbro
    In Collaboration with Taco Bell
    In Regard to Broadway
    With Respect to Nobody in particular
    With Out of their mind thinking by Idiots in boardrooms.

    This FILM has a good chance of being rated RR XLLL SIZE 25

    The war has just begun!

  15. @Professor Procrastination

    Can you please post a link to the movie league. I forgot to bookmark it.

        • Thanks Jeff for the link. No problem on the Avatar thing. I think there are at least 3 of here that use some form of Ant Man.

      • Thanks Jeff W. I was wasting my time writing the Ghostbusters 3 script with Anthony Jesselnik as Oscar. It begins with 2 Supernatural-esque hunters called the Remington brothers, I’m envisioning Patrick Warburton and Bryan Cranston busting up a demon seancce lead by Jack Black. I’ve said too much…

        • I’m so sorry to distract you from that. Mind = Blown

        • @ Professor…No problem, we help when we can.

  16. Well, the final 9 weeks. Baby number 7 will soon be here.

    It a girl

    I am thinking Leia.

    Wife is thinking she needs a new husband.

    • I can’t say anything about naming their children since I named my first son Tiberius and I plan on naming my first daughter Artemis. So… yeah lol. Stick to your guns.

    • Kahless is not pleased.

      What kind of a name is that???!!! B’Tor or B’lana is a warrior’s name for a female!!!


      Congrats!! I’m the youngest of seven myself.

  17. Need Help Identofying movie based on a sceene I remember

    I thought it was from the GET SART TV show but no search on that has retruned any hits. The sceene features a mand and I think a woman both whom are drying off (can’t recall if its after a shower or what) and they are being dried off by a towle wrapped around a talll cynlander that spns and moves up and down rubbing against them.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone?


    • Is it The Nude Bomb?

  18. Anyone know if theres a new True Blood Season 6 trailer online? A co-worker told me it was youtube but i couldn’t find it.

    Anyone seen Wrong Turn 5 btw? I thought it was better than the 4th film, not by much but better. Doug Bradley was good as the hillbilly’s father imo. The ending makes me hope theres a 6th film picking up where the 5th leaves off the same girl,lol. If you see seen it, you know what i mean.

  19. What movie do you believe will make the most money this year? I believe it will be between these 3:

    Man of Steel
    Iron Man 3
    The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

  20. Hard to tell Kahless imo because theres the Hunger Games sequel too.

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