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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 18, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 18, 2014

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  1. Anybody else hear about what’s happening with Bryan Singer recently?

    • On one hand, I totally don’t doubt it’s true. On the other hand, it took over what 15 years for the victim to seek legal action. And after waiting for the statute of limitations to run out, they choose to sue him just as he is about to be in the spotlight for directing a major blockbuster. It seems more about getting a massive cash settlement and less about seeking justice for someone who is a predator.

      • Yeah, true.

        • From what I’ve read, the child’s mother did make a complaint to authorities in 2000, but it is not known what the authorities did with the complaint. Also, there was another complaint against Singer by a child during the filming of Apt Pupil in 1997, before the current allegation.

          Where there is smoke, there is often fire.

          • As a father, if this happened to my son, I would never stop hunting the accused. Which is what makes me believe this to not be true. The mom made one complaint and then gave up?

            • These guys not only know their victims, but also their parents. They are wolves who go after sheep. Confronted with an inattentive police force, lack of physical evidence, and the power and prestige of Hollywood, not to mention a desire to put the horrid incident behind you, victims most certainly do become resigned and fail to pursue justice.

              • If it’s so hard to do anything… Than how did they just do it? It doesn’t take 16 years to lawyer up and sue somebody.

      • timing has nothing to do with it… the police have been notorious about turning people away. here is the uk a while bunch of celebrity molesters were brought to light but they did it in the 80s. but when the victims went to tell the police they were turned away because the celebs were famous and had power. the guy said the same happened to him and he is just coming to terms with it now because he had gone through depression and drink. timing deosnt matter. its like saying dont jail a murderer because he did it 30 years agp and it doesnt matter now. just doesnt work like that.

      • This makes me hate people. I’ll hate Singer if it’s true(which I doubt) and I hate the person making the claim. Waiting this long makes zero.sense.

        • I have no idea if the allegations are true, but it seems pretty clear that Singer has an affinity for young males, which, fair enough to some extent. There have been tons of articles about this recently. Apparently it’s not even much of a secret in Hollywood.

    • Given the magnitude of the allegations and the easily returned ‘how dare you’ approach to any indication that the claims may be false, it certainly seems odd that 15 years would go by with nothing said or done. The timing of almost exactly one month before the release of the highest costing CBM to date that was directed by the accused assuredly, at the least, raises an eyebrow.

      • Agreed, sir.

      • You might want to do a little research. It appears the child’s mother did make a complaint in 2000, but apparently, nothing was done with it. Another child also made a complaint against Singer in 1997, during the filming of Apt Pupil, but this was also apparently not pursued. Probably shouldn’t come to the guy’s defense, or doubt the alleged victims, just yet. Sounds like it could be another Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, or Michael Jackson. Still, let’s just wait and hopefully, find out the truth.

        • This was on comicbookmovie via deadline “UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Egan filed a lawsuit in 2000 over alleged sexual abuse at the site of a 1999 party, naming various defendants but not director Bryan Singer. As a result, Singer’s attorney responded with, “If Bryan had done anything wrong, he would have been included in the previous lawsuit.” A fair point, but Egan’s own attorney claims that Egan did name the X-Men director at the time. This sort of back and fore arguing is to be expected, so it’s now a case of waiting and seeing. Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Singer has dropped out of a scheduled appearance at this weekend’s WonderCon in Anaheim, with writer Simon Kinberg now taking his place.”

          I’m inclined to agree that if he did rape this person, he would have been named previously.

          • Exactly. This is just a cash grab and defamation of character. He probably heard about Singers taste of boys, heard that he used to attend these parties, and realized he can make some money since grid broke and needs to support his addiction. Lazy ass just needs to grow up and get a job.

        • Hollyweird is showing its ugly head.

          Child Rape is SERIOUS CRIME people. These sex offenders should be persecuted to the full extent of the law IMO.

          As for Singer’s case, we all must wait until he’s proven innocent/guilty by the court. But I have a feeling that this will be settled out of court.

          It’s not a Good Friday

    • At first I thought this was complete BS by the accuser but after doing some research supposedly this type of stuff has been going on in Hollywood for a long time, at parties and in private. Apparently there is a big ring in Hollywood where these young actors are basically being prostituted for promises of acting gigs and future stardom. The weird thing is that Singer is supposedly the most notorious. Now this could all be BS but the fact that there were stories back in 2011 about this makes me think there may be something to it. Apparently Singer is well-known for giving young actors roles in exchange for sex. Again this could all be complete BS and I REALLY hope it because I like his work and respect him as an artist, but it’s definitely in the realm of possibility.

  2. This has more to do with music than film, but there are reports that Malcolm Young of AC/DC has been inflicted with a debilitating illness and may never play with the band again. I’m hoping they produce just one more album, a farewell album, with another Young family member taking Malcolm’s role, since their 40th anniversary is at hand.

    God bless you Malcolm, thank you for all of the great music, and may the rest of your life be happy, peaceful, and filled with the love of family and friends.

    • I love ACDC but they haven’t made great music in a long time…

  3. Last night my family & i seen Heaven Is Real. I thought it was a great film. The cast was well casted especially the little boy Colton. My niece & nephew enjoyed it even. My nephew right off reconize Thomas Haydon Church in it because of him playin Sandman in Spidey 3.

    I read it already outgrossed Captain America:TWS so it’s off to a good start & people should see it. I have to finish the book now. It’s a inspiring film not to be missed.

  4. Scranters! It’s been a while. My work has found a way to disable commenting on this site so haven’t been able to participate in any OD’s or other posts for that matter. And not having the mobile site isn’t very fun either.

    Anyone seeing Transcendence today?

    • Getting very bad reviews, so no. Will wait for DVD or Netflix.

      • I’m a sucker for terrible scifi

      • Movie was fantastic btw. I world give it a 3.5 or of 5.

        • The word fantastic and the rating of 3.5 don’t mesh well together. I still can’t believe it’s as bad as everyone says though and will go Monday to find out for myself. I haven’t liked a Johnny Depp movie since Public Enemies though so I’m putting all my faith into Pfister.

    • @ LC

      I was wondering where you’ve been. The mobile site being down is pretty inconvenient. :(

      • Yeah I’ve been reading every OD like a stalker but haven’t been able add in my 2 cents. By the time I get off of work, I forget everything I wanted to say anyways haha. I emailed you a month ago but never got a reply back. Is no big deal though.

        • @ LC

          You did? I’ll have to check my spam folder. Sorry about that. I’ve been sporadic for the last couple weeks myself because of a vacation.

  5. Can a movie have almost no plot, story or character development and still be good? I saw Under the Skin last night and I think the answer is yes. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it. I didn’t have any answers, but, then again, it didn’t raise any questions. At the least, a very interesting film.

  6. I know this isn’t a common view on this site but hear me out. Am I the only one not impressed with deathstrokes’ costume. It all looks cool except for the mask. The mask looks like a painted Jason mask. I’m rewatching season one so my wife can see it and we just got to the first episode with spade. The masks he and his ex partner wore on the island were so much cooler looking. More form fitting. More scary. I don’t know why they decided to go away from those.

    • They arent bullet/arrow proof?

      • Nah. You can use the same material and make it more aesthetically pleasing. I don’t know how it could be any better fundamentally. Just a poor choice.

        • Well then I guess just get over it.

  7. Hows about that green arrow?

  8. please keep channing thug tatum away from ALL superhero films.

  9. Agreed Channing Tatum should not play Gambit. Bring back that guy who played Gambit in X-Men Origins Wolverine.

  10. So I went to see Noah the other day. Not sure how Screen Rant gave it a 4 star review as it was a mediocre, at best, film. Not even close to being the same caliber as The Winter Soldier (which also received 4 stars from SR). I’m not an overly religious person, but I think Noah would have been a better film if they stuck to the original story instead of adapting it to try to please modern audiences. The effects were pretty cool, but the story felt disjointed to me. One of the rare times that I have to disagree with a SR review, as Noah was, at best, a 2 star movie.

    • Noah was an excellent film that redefined what a “bible movie” could be and pushed the boundaries of what can be done in a big budget film. Winter Soldier is basically a generic superhero movie.

  11. Anyone watching the final season of Warehouse 13?

    The first ep was hilarious… “Luke, use the fork!”

    It’s a toss up for me who I would prefer as IT support – Claudia, Felicity or Skye.

    TV is so wrong when it comes nerd casting, no IT/hacker/Programmer I know looks like any of those 3.

  12. OK, so this isn’t movie related, but I was sent to a terrible terrible terrible list of top 25 heroes through one of the links on here and it almost made me want to cry…, I decided to put my top 50 most powerful heroes and villains on a list. I love these because they cause so much discussion and I like to see what people have to say. I will list both, but in different posts. Tell me what you think….

    Heroes first:

    50 Supergirl
    49 Superboy
    48 Ghost Rider
    47 Deadpool
    46 Captain Britain
    45 Invisible Woman
    44 Zauriel
    43 Savage Dragon
    42 Guy Gardner
    41 Havok
    40 Cyclops
    39 Flash
    38 Zatanna
    37 Vision
    36 Rogue
    35 Ms. Marvel
    34 Namor
    33 Captain Marvel
    32 Etrigan
    31 Phoenix
    30 John Stewart
    29 Chamber
    28 Storm
    27 Black Bolt
    26 Cable
    25 Captain America
    24 Batman
    23 Wolverine
    22 Spider-Man
    21 Spawn
    20 Martian Manhunter
    19 Iron Man
    18 Shazam
    17 John Lynch
    16 Scarlet Witch
    15 Dr. Fate
    14 Dr. Strange
    13 Wonder Woman
    12 Thor
    11 Adam Warlock
    10 Jean Grey
    9 Green Lantern
    8 Sentry
    7 Professor X
    6 Hulk
    5 Nate Grey
    4 Silver Surfer
    3 Superman
    2 Daniel
    1 Phantom Stranger

  13. And villains:

    50 Venom
    49 Malekith the Accursed
    48 Dracula
    47 Mongul
    46 Terrax
    45 Abomination
    44 Juggernaut
    43 Super Skrull
    42 Carnage
    41 Chronos
    40 Ares
    39 Mandarin
    38 Despero
    37 Red Hulk
    36 Annihilus
    35 Nightmare
    34 Zod
    33 Sinestro
    32 Immortus
    31 Holocaust
    30 Black Adam
    29 Bizarro
    28 Loki
    27 Amazo
    26 Kang
    25 Cyborg
    24 Mr. Sinister
    23 Braniac
    22 Ultron
    21 Blackheart
    20 Trigon
    19 Doomsday
    18 Imperiex
    17 Exodus
    16 Apocalypse
    15 Magneto
    14 Dr. Doom
    13 Maelbolgia
    12 Neron
    11 Mephisto
    10 Dormammu
    9 Anti-Monitor
    8 Thanos
    7 Dark Pheonix
    6 Darkseid
    5 Parallax (Hal Jordan)
    4 Onslaught
    3 Galactus
    2 Eclipso
    1 Beyonder

  14. Okay, I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan. As much as I love and enjoy him and his movies, I feel as if everything is going downhill for him. Do you guys think the same. Cause I mean his previous movies, The Lone Ranger, Pirates of The Caribbean 4, and I guess Dark Shadows, (correct me if I’m wrong), all didn’t get so much a good/descent review? Is Depp done for? Transcendence didn’t do so well for it’s opening, which really is a surprise to me cause it actually looks good, looks interesting. Something that may happen in the next 20-30 years like he said in an interview not to long ago. So why something like this, a movie based on “future experiments/technology” not do so well?