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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 17, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 17, 2013

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  1. Happy Hump Day!

    • What was the name of the big cinema you recommended in the valley? Was it Cine Capri?

      Also, following the discussion about JL I’m convinced Pine would be great as Guy after seeing Star Trek again.

      • Yeah it’s the Cine Capri @ Tempe Marketplace or Scottsdale 101. Whatever you are closest to. Pine would make a great Guy Gardner but he looks so short even for being 6’1″.

  2. Same to you buddy.

    So my Wife checks out the trailer for Into Darkness.

    She came to this conclusion and went to retrieve a book.

    Star Trek Novel Dreadnaught.

    Basically a Crew is comprised of rogue memebers of Starfleet who are disenchanted with Starfleet and the Federation.

    So they steal the most powerful ship in Starfleet. The Star Empire (Odd name)The Star Empire is powerful enough to destroy entire fleets.


    • Very interesting. I like that storyline.

      • Strange name for a ship, but cool story. Could it be?

  3. Picked up “Injustice: Gods Among Us” yesterday.

    Gotta give major props to NetherRealm for making Aquaman a pure badass. Pretty fun game overall

    • I want that game so bad. But feeding my family is a tad more important right now lol.

      • If you have an iPad, you can get its less expensive tablet version. Not saying good or bad; just offering an alternative…

      • Aquaman eats fish dude.

        • @Ignur Rant.

          So he talks to them on Monday to see what they are doing and where they will be on friday.


          • Cannibal!!

      • What vehicle are they using in the the drive thru…the Batmobile? The invisible jet? The Daily Planet news van? I need more details. I’m starting to think you made this story up.

        Green Lantern looks at them all in disgust as he eats his gluten-free cookies and Greek yogurt.

      • I know you not be talking smack about aquaman up in here!

    • Yes! Injustice is a awesome been playing non stop. Aquaman is a pure badass. I’m loving green arrow an deathstroke as well. And nightwing of course.

      • Deathstroke is mad good, so is Green Arrow. Nightwing, like Batman, is incredibly easy to manuver once you get the feel of things.

        The only characters I don’t like so far are Green Lantern and Lex Luthor.

        • Nightwing was pretty easy to get the hang of. Green lantern was okay just not that fun and haven’t had. A chance tk check out lex. I did like joker more then I thought I would.

          • I am all about the flash right now, along with green arrow. I do so awful with green lantern its crazy.

      • @ Cody?


        No I am clearly stating…if I have to call the Justice League, he most likely going to be the one to answer the phone.


    • Like Braniac is to Zod’s ship in Smallville? I get ya!

      • BINGO.

        Would explain a great deal about John Harrison, his coldness and his lack of emotion and his overall brutality.

        And the ability to attack without mercy or care for innocent people.

        • The way you described John Harrison makes me think he is the perfect enemy for Spock

        • I like this theory. Im going to roll with it. Good on ya Jeff!

    • Get this: what if John Harrison is…. wait for it…. wait for it… waiiiiiit…. simply John Harrison! You know… Gary Mitchell also was just “Gary Mitchell” before he became THE Gary Mitchell.

      • Dude, get a clue.

        We all know John Harrison is a descendant of George Harrison. Why London is so important to him.

        Nerve of some people!

        • As long as no descendant of Yoko Ono is in the movie I’m fine with it. She could break the crew of the Enterprise apart and get Spock shot in the back.

          • +1

          • @TheLostWinchester

            You aint Lost, you are not being looked for!



            • Interesting theory Jeff. If it is true, I like it. It would make for a very good movie.

              • @ Stark, not saying its True, but the book is one the better Star Trek Novel based on TOS.

                My wife bought it to my attention.

                and I was like


                Not saying it is the plot, just theory #345-JEFF W mental locker

                • @ Jeff W

                  Kudos to your wife!

    • I like the idea, but then why would he have an english accent?

    • “Outcast I may become” – For using Yoda speak on a post about Star Trek, shunned you will be.

    • Wait… so you’re saying that JJ is introducing a rebooted Data early? Or should I say Lor?

      • @Big Nerd.

        No, I am not saying that, I said it could be an android. Not like Data or Lore.

        But now that you mention it.


    • So John Harrison is actually Ilia? So is that big ship Vger? :-)

      • @Kahless who smells like vanilla and lavender

        ::face palm::


  4. I truly believe that MOS will be the top grossing movie this summer. The 3 minute trailer is hot and it definitely has a lot to build upon for future squeals. Star trek into darkness will finish second,and iron man 3 will finish third. One more thought, I wonder if there will be any Easter egg surprises at the end of the credits for MOS?

    • The MOS trailer was dope. Did you catch the LexCorp tower at the 2:18 mark?

      IDK though… I think IM3 will beat Star Trek.

      • WWZ has more of a fan base than MOS? I don’t believe that…

        • @leathercheerio

          He might be right, just look at The Walking Dead. Zombies are the hottest thing going right now.

          • I agree that zombies are as hot as vampires these days. But Supes has such an immense fan base. Even Jeff who is not excited (lying through his teeth) is going to see the movie. Jeff is in the demographic of people who don’t have a gore fetish. I don’t know the rating of WWZ but I’m assuming its R. Less kids to get in. Kids can see the big S though.

            • I think the Great Gatsby is going to crush MoS, IM and WWZ. Aren’t all the kids reading that book these days? Huge fan base, I’m guessing it’ll be the next Twilight.

              • Heh.

                Should have made it a trilogy and in 3D!!!

              • Ronnie…

                Yeah, kids read it…and often get extremely bored with it. The film will attract adults (likely including college-age viewers).

                Kids? Not so much… ;)

                • Archaeon,
                  Yeah I know, I was just being silly haha

                  • Ronnie…

                    I know you were kidding, but I still felt the need to highlight the reality…comes with the territory. :)

            • @Leathercheerio
              He’s simply stating his opinion which I respect. But I have to agree with you. Superman has a way bigger fan base, yeah zombies have grown out of their egg but c’mon @Jeff W Really? I guess that’s why we call Opinions, Opinions.

              • No, not the fan base of Zombies vs Fan Base of Superman.

                I am talking in general movie fan base. More fans would be incline to go see anything with Brad Pitt in it over Henry Cavill.

                Women and Men will go see World War Z Despite how far from the book it is. Because it is one of those movies that appeals to horror fans of all genders, ages and cultures because it taps into a fear of Zombies in all of us.

                Superman, the fan base for women is not as great, it might be a good date movie for a Woman, but given the Brad Pitt, hell my wife loves Brad Pitt and hates Zombies but she is in, my sister hell even my Mother wants to see anything with Brad Pitt in it.

                Superman however, does not have that Star Power to draw it in, Russell Crowe is a great actor, but so was Marlon Brando and we see how he was even bought back for Superman Returns.

                That is what I am stating as fan base, not the characters but the actors.

            • Actually I am a big time Zombie Fan.

              I am also a Big Time Superman Fan, but I do not read the New 52, I am happy with, the over 2000 +Issues of comics I have with Superman in it.

              Im good. Due to the fact, I inherited my fathers comic book collection of Superman, which was my Grandfathers who bought every issue up to the day he died in 84, and then my dad continued that till the day he died in 09

              So Action Comics #1-749 With Zero and 1,000,000 Editions
              Superman Comics Volume 1 1949-1986 423 issues.
              Then Adventures of Superman 1987-2006 issues 429-649.
              Then Back to Superman Volume 2 1-226
              All Annuals, Crossover issues.

              Same with Batman and Detective Comics
              Green Lantern.

              So, the reboot to the New 52 pretty much ended my need.

              • Well it’s very nice of you to share that part of your life with us, but clearly if you were the “Big Time Fan” of Superman you wouldn’t be giving cons about his upcoming film every 5 minutes.

                • Not giving Cons, I am stating since Superman III I have been burned by Superman Movies even the last animated movie.

                  I am not reading New 52 Because, honestly it does not appeal to me.

                • @Ant Mad

                  After Superman Returns, Green Lantern, Star Wars Episode 1, Star Trek.

                  Most all movies that are hyped up. I go with reservation that trailers are just trailers. I have to see the movie, before I become excited over it.

                  Just Trailers and me, I wait to see the finished product.

                  • @Jeff W
                    Now I agree with that one. You’re right on saying trailers are just trailers. Even tho I do get excited when I see some sort of material to a movie I wanna see, but there is nothing better than the finished product. Same goes to Iron man 3 tho, only because it’s coming out with almost no competition all around; it doesn’t mean it will succeed. After all we’ve only seen the trailers, not the film.

                  • I think the whole “Great Trailer, Bad Movie” paradox is magnified when it comes to iconic material (or most comedies).

                    I thought GI Joe: Retaliation was going to be better than Rise based on the trailers… I was dead wrong (in my opinion).

                    But like Jeff, I’m more critical when it comes to comic book material, however I don’t think Man of Steel will disappoint (unlike Batman Begins and TDKR… I only liked TDK).

                    • @Jeff W
                      Understood. I actually like films with story and little action, but why walk into a Superman movie and see that there is no action, clearly ain’t a Superman film. Man of Steel will hopefully have a fair share of both Action and Story.

                • @ Ant-Mad

                  He’s not giving cons, he just doesn’t want to get his hopes up only to have them dashed again by a bad Superman movie. I feel ghe exact same way. I’m reserving judgment until I see it, but to this point, no, I am not excited.

                    • @Jeff W
                      Agreed, I feel the same way.

                    • I just want you to admit that you are excited lol.

        • Nobody does.

          • Batman?

      • 6 week head start? both gatsby and star trek come out within 2 weeks of Ironman. That will defininetly hurt its gross.

    • Based on the number of comments in every Superman ScreenRant article… it will be bonkers at the box office.

      • @ Big Nerd

        Yes, lots of comments, but check out how many repeats. Same comment re-posted

        • As there will the same movie-goers doing repeat viewings… 3D, 2D, IMAX etc etc.

          Dare I say Dark Knight numbers? Doubtful (my inner Batman says)… but it’s numbers are going to quiet the haters.

          • @ Big Nerd

            What haters???? Who doesn’t want a good Superman movie???

            Actually I think Star Trek will beat everything.

            • “What haters????”

              You know… those M lovers (and not Micky Mouse… but close).

              I’m calling it for Despicable Me 2… DM 1 was my favorite movie of 2010 (yes, even over IM2 and Inception).

              And don’t forget… Fast 6 comes out in May too… seems like 2013 is going to be a box office bonanza.

              • @ Big Nerd

                Anybody, Marvel fan or not, that doesn’t want a good Superman movie, just doesn’t get it. A good Superman movie benefits all superhero/CBM everywhere.

                • +1 ad infinitum

  5. From Previews Magazine – Top Ten Best-Selling Comics in February:

    10. Secret Avengers #1
    9. Detective Comics #17
    8. Uncanny Avengers #4
    7. Uncanny X-Men #2
    6. Superior Spider-Man #4
    5. Superior Spider-Man #3
    4. Justice League #17
    3. Batman #17
    2. Uncanny X-Men #1
    1. Justice League of America #1

    The first non-Marvel/DC comic in the top 100 is #19, The Walking Dead #107.

    • I read all those except Walking Dead!

      • I wish I could afford them all! The wife asked me to make a list of necessities as we (yet again) have to cut our budget. When I placed comics above food, she just rolled her eyes.

        • lol…I’m enjoying JLA.

      • @Helix Reviews:

        “I read all those except Walking Dead!”

        You are undead to me. Do you at least watch the show?

        • No I don’t. I’m not a fan of zombies or overly gory movies/shows, though of all the zombie movies/shows out there The Walking Dead intrigues me the most.

  6. Time to talk about blade 4 again!! Give it to snipes. No reboots.

    • Hahaha…wow! You’re really pushing for this! :-)

      • Only coz u guys talk too much about more mainstream comic heros… Looks like none of u can handle the violence of real marvel knights looll. Enough with batman!! The series is done! I’m also for a new punisher:-P war zone was sick lol but blade is a priority. Snipes in ex3 should motivate him and marvel to push for a new blade…we should all thank Stallone for that…especially Snipes lol

        • All you want is people to die and blow up. Seriously, when was the last time people were pumped to read Blade or The Punisher?

          Not trying to downgrade them both, but there is a good reason why these mainstream films are being done: they’re interesting to the majority of the population. Why is Batman popular? Because he’s interesting. Why is Spider-Man popular? Because he’s interesting.

          The Punisher has a solid background, but I don’t think he’ll ever be on the same level of “importance” as others do now. Same with Blade.

            • Or, I could thank the 70′s Superman and 80′s Batman

                • Calm down dude.
                  ACW 007 does have a point: it’s not just about things blowing up and people getting shot to pieces. There’s more to movies than that, and most people WANT more out of a movie than that. It’s cool that you love the Punisher and Blade (they are awesome characters with great stories), but right now there’s already a whole bunch of projects in the pipeline that are (in my personal opinion) more important and interesting than those two.

                  This kinda opens another topic though because the current Punisher comic book isn’t doing so well and I can’t remember when last Marvel did anything with Blade (or as a matter of fact, Ghost Rider)… I wonder if they’ve gotten all they can out of those characters.

          • Blade was the reason for the Marvel movies though.

            And the reason these mainstream films are done is because kids/teens are the market. They’re the ones who spend their parents hard earned money on the toys, video games, apparel, comics, and multiple trips to the theater. Then at Christmas, their parents buy them the deluxe Blu-ray of their favorite summer blockbusters.

            I’d like to see another Punisher. I really didn’t like Blade after the first film, but I’m sure someone would another one. For rated R superhero films, I’ll have to settle for Kick Ass 2. There is a market for these rated R films, the Expendables and Kick Ass could be the archetype to create a Marvel Knights franchise.

            • I always thought Batman Begins was the one that “reinvented” the CBM genre… The Blade movies always had more more influence over cult projects than the mainstream movies that Marvel and DC are pushing out these days.

              • I speaking of Marvel. Howard the Duck was technically the first Marvel property to get a theater release. Blade was the second. But after Blade was successful at the box office, Marvel was able to sell film rights to their characters. The sale of Spider-Man and X-men franchises (along with others) helped get Marvel out of debt. Marvel entertainment has co-produced the movies released. Then, Iron Man unveiled Marvel Studios and phase one began.

                Batman Begins may have “reinvented” the genre with the words dark, gritty, realistic, and edgy being added to the descriptions of characters. But, Blade is the reason for all the Marvel films on-screen today.

                • At least that is how I understood it. I’m not a real professor :)

                  • Hahaha, no, I understand.
                    Blade (followed by X-Men, Spider-Man, etc.) is the reason (financially) why all these Marvel Studios movies are being made, but I think, Batman Begins is a pretty big reason (creatively) why they are so SUCCESSFUL.
                    I remember Favreou even said once that Batman Begins was a big inspiration for what they did with Iron Man.

                    • Was it Batman Begins…or was it Howard the Duck? You’re probably right.

        • I would be down for another Blade movie or another Punisher movie (epecially if Tomas Jane returned), but yeah, I do prefer Batman and Spider-Man over either of them. Then again they could make an R rated Batman story without straying from the comics. Just choose the right story.

    • I’ll watch it.

      I was actually a fan of the Blade TV series… they should continue from there, Sticky Fingaz was decent as the “Day Walker”.

  7. Already posted this before, but it might be worth a check-out.

    Aparently, in the new MOS trailer, LexCorp tower shows up at the 2:18 mark. I havent verrified this, cause i am working from a kindle touch (no video) but id be intrested to hear what others think.

    • Ill confirm in a few…

    • In beautiful red white and blue!

      • Im guessing that is a confirmation? :)

      • Haha yeah. I’m on my way home from work. Short and sweet messages only.

  8. Do open discussions go up every day now?

    • Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays

      • Ok, I thought one went up yesterday so…

  9. IM3 is pushing this whole Iron Patriot thing but wouldn’t make sense A LOT more sense for the President to endorse Cap since he is the ideal american patriot. Just a thought.

    • @ Ingu Rant

      Think it could lead to a “Civil War”?

      • @ Jeff W

        Personally I’m hoping it does. For me, one of the most exciting parts of The Avengers was when they squared off against each other. I thought that was very cool.

        • you had your civil war the first half of the avengers wants bickering and fighting amongst the crew. They won’t do an all out civil war.

  10. Just saw the newest MOS trailer…

    I was extremely excited already to see this film. Now? HELLLLLLL YES! The trailer showed action, intensity, intense action, character interactions (with the hint of humor between Adams and Cavill), intriguing glimpses into the back story of Krypton final days…and managed to do this without giving away the movie like so many other films in the modern era.


    • Sigh…that should be “Krypton’s final days”.

      • Thank you. Lately the people I have been talking to are just saying “well I hope it does good.” I for one can’t wait. With Nolan producing the film and Snyder directing it I will go crazy with the drama and action. If this film attracts both the Batman/Nolan fans and the Superman/Snyder fans than this is going to blow the Batman trilogy out of the water. I like Batman more and I like the realistic approach but this will encourage all super hero fans to go out and see it. Plus people are desperate for another Batman and hopefully they will realize that this will lead up to that.

        • Agree with you both, I am so excited. Action and heart, couldn’t ask for more.

  11. Elysium is going to be R right? Cuz I really dont want Blomkamp to nerf it with a PG-13 rating for larger audiences or whatever.. District 9 was awesome in all its bloody glory.

  12. So who would be a good fit to play lex luthor in the MOS sequel?

    • We already had that discussion a few weeks back.
      I think we ALL agreed the obvious choice is Dean Pelton ;)

      • Yep, that’s who I’ve supported on Twitter for the role.

  13. I really hopr jimmy olsen makes an appearance in this or next man of steel and hes a sarcastic hipster working at the office who bosses supes around at first.

    • If rumors are true, Jimmy is going to be replaced by “Jenny”.

      • I know, thats seems dumb though.

        • Doesn’t bother me. I know I’ll probably get flamed for this, but Jimmy Olsen was never an important part of the Superman mythos. Superman, to me, is pretty much the story of Clark/Kal and Lois Lane.

  14. What characters do you guys think should be in the Justice League Dark film? I want: John Constantine, Amethyst, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman and Black Orchid. I think the film should be rated PG13 but shouldn’t have too much foul language but some violence with the demons and such.

    • Zatanna, Deadman, Constatine, Swamp Thing & Etrigan

    • I would also love to see Ragman and Black Orchid…

  15. Sooo can you tell the Cinema Gods to go ‘head and do “The Running Man” remake?! Ok, thanks!

  16. I don’t think Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be good especially with the directors that they have hired.
    It might be a disaster!