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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 16, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 16, 2014

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  1. I am vengeance, I am the night, I am.. Batman!!!

    • You are predictable. haha

      • You Stay Out of Gotham!

  2. Alright, just got a chance to see the final trailer, for X-Men: DoFP, and am i the only one still on the fence about this film? Its definitely going to make bank, but does anyone still think this is going to put in motion, fixing the film series problems. I just think it might bury it more…

    • idk i think DOFP will be better than you think. i havent been a fan of Bryan Singer since hes done X-Men so maybe this is his bread and butter. i am eager to see how there gonna make it work since theres things going on in modern day and the past and how hes going to make it work without losing the audience…i wasnt a huge fan of First class but i did like it better than Xmen origins and the last stand but i loved The Wolverine…but my biggets concern is whats gonna happen in Apocalypse, there younger selves arent gonna be in it becuase its a modern day movie and idk if they can continue to be successful without Fassbender, Lawrence and Mcavoy

      • They said that AoA will be set in the 80s. so they would keep Fassbender, Mcavoy, and Lawrence. I hope they do. they act the parts very well.

        • The rumor is that Bishop will be the only one to escape DOFP…I dont know how accurate but its been buzzing all over the internet. If thats true it would coincide with the seminal Age Of Apocalypse comic storyline.

    • @shawnsendio
      I agree. The quality looks good. Plot kind of interesting, based on a classic comic story. As a film this could be really good, and esthetically the best film in the series.
      But I’m personally on the fence still because of what we have, or what Fox has given us, to refer to as X-men films.
      Something has always been a bit ‘suspect’ about them.

  3. Yeah, the little stuff doesn’t bother me like the deviation from the source material is, its a necessity, but this could get really messy with ‘ time travel’, like ‘ The Terminator ‘ series is proof of it. Yeah i agree with the Fassbender and Lawrence issue, but if they can build a great cast to take over, it be a problem. If they get Channing on board, thats a great start.

  4. ok so im assuming the events of DOFP will set up Apocalypse?? they probably prevent whats happening in the future but instead bring upon a devastating event that happens in Apocalypse…sometimes i wish they would of just rebooted the franchise but keep hugh as wolverine and just start from First Class and work into the future and maybe have cameos from the older characters when there older

  5. Anybody else ctch last nights Agents of Shield? I had a blast, I mean this is what we’ve been after, major level comic characters getting involved(I mean Talbot is at least well known), Supervillians are on the loose, this is getting interesting

    • Good episode indeed, really seem to setup things to come including how it will work in the second season. I like the fact they didn’t go around the fact that when shield is gone they are agents of nothing and instead tackle it head on.

      Next episode Blackout! finally a superpower man running about without all the origin story stuff, should be good.

    • Loved the new episode. I like that they’re being more direct now with the consequences of shooting people, not just using “night night” guns. That scene in the elevator at the Fridge is what I have been waiting for. A little humor, but direct action.

    • I still don’t think they need major or even minor spandex to make it work.

      It’s fine as it is. The Ward/Garrett thing is interesting and we’ll see how it shakes out by the finale. The easy way is to make it a redemption path but maybe it will go through Season 2.

      It’s funny because to me, AoS makes Warehouse 13 not so good anymore.

      • I like how they don’t seem to know exactly what they have in that container. Should be fun

  6. lol, just talking about how this going to work gives me a migraine ,lol… I just hope when everything is all said and done, it comes together in a cohesive way. I know it won’t be perfect, but if it makes sense, I’m game..

    • I’d make Freddie Highmore Carnage. Sam Witwer Mysterio. Gerard Butler as Kraven. Eddie Brock would have to be as good an actor as Highmore. I don’t know Grant Gustin, I’d have Josh Hutcherson be Ben Reilly. Beth Behrs as Felicia Hardy. The dude who plays Fitz on AoS could play a good Venom.

  7. Does anybody else want the tweaked Superman suit to have the collar link in the new 52?

    • @ Josh

      I don’t want the collar but want the red belt to atleast break up the blue. Above all the costume needs to be little brighter colored than what it was in MOS.

  8. I just watched Noah & admittedly, I had quite some MJ in my system. Quite easily the best 3D & effects I’ve ever seen in film. As long & dramatic as it was, I never once fell asleep. Still not a believer though.
    Darren Aronofsky is a true story teller, one of the few left in the industry. Much respect.

  9. Here is my updated list for DC Cinematic Universe:
    Man of Steel (2013)
    Man of Steel 2: World’s Finest (2016)
    Wonder Woman(2017)
    Green Lantern: First Flight (2017)
    Batman vs. Dracula (2018)
    Man of Steel 3 (2019)
    Martian Manhunter (2019)
    Justice League (2020)
    Flash (2021)
    Batman vs. Arkham (2021)
    Wonder Woman 2 (2022)
    Superboy Prime (2023)
    Justice League 2 (2024)
    Man of Steel 4: The Death of Superman (2025)
    Green Lantern 2: Blackest Night (2026)
    Wonder Woman 3 (2026)
    Cyborg (2027)
    Justice League Dark (2028)
    (2031)Batman vs. Robin (2029)
    Captain Atom (2029)
    The Reign of the Supermen: Part 1 (2029)
    Green Lantern 3: Rebirth (2030)
    Martian Manhunter 2 (2030)
    The Reign of the Supermen: Part 2 (2031)
    Infinite Crisis: Part 1 (2031)
    Infinite Crisis: Part 2 (2032)
    Infinite Crisis: Part 3 (2032)
    Justice League: The New Frontier (2033)

    • Ermm.. What is the point/purpose of this list?

    • That seems ambitious for this studio. I don’t see them making that many movies…especially the Batman ones. They went with an older Batman for a reason. In 2029, Affleck would be mid-fifties fighting Robin. I see them with a much more short-term plan. Bat v. Supes…introduce other characters. Then, Justice League or Superman 3.

      I hope they go the new Star Wars route and make a shared universe film every few years and then go with lesser-known character stories for the fill-in years.
      Unless of course, they do the “Lord of the Rings style” Justice League trilogy.

  10. Good Morning all…..

    Happy Hump day…. :)

    Back fresh from vacation!

    Marvels AoS was very good again last night. That show has really hit its stride and is becoming addicting. I think they have righted the ship for good. IMO, it’s only going to get better from here and into next season. I’m also getting excited about what I’m reading of the Agent Carter show; it sounds quite interesting.

    I saw Cap 2 again. It gets better every time I see. and the theater was still packed out. 

    I’m excited to see Deathstroke in action tonight on Arrow! We finally get a new episode.

    Where is the Screen Rant mobile site?!?

  11. Last nights AoS was right on target again. It is amazing how they have turned this thing around. Can’t wait to see what is next.

  12. Playwire…… why?

    Is there a reason SR is using (if they are) Playwire? I find it less than stellar in attempting to play clips etc. Youtube seems to work flawlessly.

    Is anyone else having issue or is it just me?

    (granted im at work….. ;) )

  13. Anyone check out Fargo last night? It was pretty good.

  14. I find it hilarious that we always see Magnetos iconic costume in the X-Men Movies but we never see any of the other X-Men in their iconic costumes and Bryan singer has always stated…they wouldent work, but we know thats a load of garbage & obviously Singer was being very hypocritical because Magneto has always had his iconic costume if you think about it.

  15. Anyone else think that Robert Downey Jr would make a better (albeit older) Gambit then Channing Tatum? lol. ok obviously im partially joking…but if RDJ could actually pull off blackface in tropic thunder then why couldent he pull off the Ragin cajun.

  16. I finally watched all of Arrow (Season 1) on Netflix. While it was interesting enough to keep me interested, it’s nothing more than a teenage soap opera. I’m trusting those of you who say Season 2 is better to be right. Season one seemed like, “little plot advance, whine about relationships (work or personal), and what excuse can they use this week for a club scene.”

    The flashbacks to the island were far more interesting than the present day story. I’ll give it that, hands down. Present day was self pity and “I have it worse than you do” angsty-BS. I was rooting for the bad guy by the end of the season.

    • Season 2 is way better than season 1. I gave up on this show after 5 or 6 episodes in the first season, but so many people on here said it was improving. So, I gave it a second chance. Honestly, the last 2 maybe 3 episodes of season 1 got me excited to watch more. Season 2 started off with a bang. However, it seems a bit stagnant right now to me though. I think this is one of the those shows that could benefit from a 13 episode season.

  17. So, no more DCE news? Other than Hans coming back for BvS. It’s like the disproportionate amount of hate they’ve taken on the ne has pissed them off and they don’t want to share no mo’.

    • **net

  18. Anyone gonna see Heaven Is Real? Looks great. Im gonna see it tomarrow night.

    • I wouldn’t say great but it looks inspirational, the little boy is such a bad actor though, I could barely get past it in the trailer. I might check it out to review it.

  19. Well if recent accusations are true about Bryan Singer, man he is pretty much done. This did not do anything good for X-MEN: dOfp, even if he didnt do it the accusation alone is going to hurt his career. Just ask Victor Salv, the director of ‘ Jeepers Creepers’, he got convicted of child molestation and he is done. Not to mention, if this is true he is a horrible human being, and i don’t usually do this type of thing, but if he did do it im really not going to ever see his films again. I have a child and just because you are a talented artist does not give you a pass, this type of charge is way different drug abuse or stealing. They say ‘ Theres no such thing as bad publicity’ but this the opitimy of ‘Bad Publicity’. But if he is just being victimized by someone then if will come out and fans will stick by him.

    • From what I hear the kid was 17 and Bryan Singer would’ve been around 23 at the time, I don’t know what goes on in the mind of victims but why wait until now to come out with these allegations? Why not press criminal charges instead of a lawsuit? It sounds like this “victim” wants money. I’m hoping this isn’t true but the circumstances sound too convenient.

  20. Did anybody watch any of the spring season shows that came out recently like Resurrected or Believe?

    I added them to my Hulu queue after watching their trailers, and yesterday I removed them from it because I hadn’t heard anything about those shows. Plus, I barely have time to watch the shows that I actually care about, so why start something new. Grimm and the Blacklist get put on the backburner because their is too many good shows on anymore. Plus, I still haven’t started House of Cards. This television renaissance is ridiculous.

    • “their is” – for f##ks sake, I’m an English major!