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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 15, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 15, 2013

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  1. If you could make changes/rules to your local theater what would it/they be?

    • Ban 3D. Cut ticket prices by 50%. Make cell phone use during a movie punishable by death. :D

      • You my friend, are twisted, sick and demented.

        TheLostWinchester…I guess you will be at the family reunion in July!


        • Only if I’m being let out of the institution.

          • OMG!

            THATS WHERE WE ARE HAVING IT!!!!!!!!!!

            • Awesome, then I don’t need to change! I love my straightjacket, it’s so comfy!

    • My biggest pet-peve is people using the seats in front of them as a footrest. I don’t care if the theatre is 90% empty, it’s just wrong and i wanna go over and knock them out!

      • Thats funny you said that at our new theater we are about to open are boss is forcing us to enforce that rule about not putting feet on the chair infront of you.

      • I do that, but I use the seats’ in front me handrests, because I usually sit where the metal rails separate the isle, but those are taken sometimes as they are very desirable.
        Come at me bro.

      • What they really need to do is make more room between rows so that its not possible to put your feet up. I’m 6’4″. I have to sometimes sit sideways to not have my feet up against the back of the chair in front of me. Or… Recliners for everyone?

    • Wish the “please take loud children to the lobby” policy was a bit more enforced.

      Had a rare incident where an entire family was talking (not whispering) during a film and one of their kids would just blurt out really loud sentences. I understand how kids work and I can empathize why a kid is excited or upset to an extent, but these people sat RIGHT behind me and just kept blabbing away. Even an usher came in, but he was pretty useless because all he did was pop his head in and leave.

      Frustrating, but it didn’t keep me from leaving the theater.

      • They should designate 1 theater out of the 20 to 30 they have to “families with children”.

    • not let anyone in with their cell phones.. maybe collect them before people enter. and kick out everyone who talks during the screening

    • Theaters should do a better job watching kids who are clearly under 18 and are alone. I was watching looper a couple months ago, and at the beginning, here sneek in two 12-15 year olds. I kid you not.

      • Had 10 year olds in “Ted” opening day

    • I’m gonna be thefatty and say cheaper concessions. I love me some nachos, but I’ll be damned if Im gonna pay $7 for them.

    • 1. No cellphones. If it ain’t off, you get thrown out and banned from the cinema for a period of time, or better yet, create some sort of system where people “check in” their phones when giving your ticket to the usher (allowing them admission to the movie), and after the movie they check it out again – obviously something like that could have negative factors (theft, losing the phones, confusing people’s phones due to an ill-managed system, etc.) but in theory something like that could work…

      2. If people arrive abnormally late to a movie (anytime after the 15 minute mark for example), they don’t get entry to the cinema, but they do get a refund to see the movie some other time.

      3. “Force” bigger people to buy premium seats (which are more spacious) or a “love nest” seat (which is essentially two seats without an armrest in the middle) – I know that sounds really insensitive (and I’m sorry), but I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve had to look for other open seats when my reserved seat is right next to a very, very large person, who’s basically taking up two seats anyway.

      …or, just do this:

    • Larger theaters and screens. Small. screens are inferior to home viewing.
      Bring back 70 mm high resolution film which makes 3D look like an old TV video.

    • I guess this rule is in the “don’t be loud” rule but I think that foul language in a movie should be prohibited. I took my cousin (who is 6 by the way) to a movie and the people behind us were loud and using language I wouldn’t even let a sailor use. I turned around and told him to please be quiet as there are children present he started yelling at me and we both got kicked out.

      • What movie were you and your cousin watching, just out of curiosity?

        • Jurassic Park.

    • Uh, since our new primary theater is a Movie Tavern.

      The seats are reclining chairs…we get served dinner, or lunch. I recommend the Cuban Sandwich.

      Have a Beer.


      Im good.

      • When I was stationed at Ft Hood, there was a theater they had built that had those accommodations. I was in love. Also had a laser tag arena. They have a similar theater in AZ but I’m not driving 50 miles to get there when I have an IMAX across the street or a cine capri 15 miles away. So enjoy my feet until then lol.

        • @Leathercheerio.

          You see cows in your area..DONT SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU!


          • Cows live across the street. They are no stranger of these parts lol

            • I am like Aquaman, just for cows…I have mental instability…er..TELEPATHY WITH COWS!

              • Bovineman!

                • hmm

    • Whether be a local theater or any job like that where public comes in. Id like to kick out teenagers who act like neanderthals. And i do mean a kick in the butt since that’s what they need these days.

    • I would put more space between the rows of seats for a pop up footstool (think lazy-boy only smaller) and lower snack prices for goodness sake.

    • This is the movie theater we frequent.

      Ahhhhh….CUBAN SANDWICH!

    • I will be the hard of hearing person and say I would add subtitles to all films.

      I recall when I saw Drag Me to Hell, there was a 16 year old that came in with his friends all obviously drunk. He thought he was so funny shouting “I’m a mac” over and over along with other idiotic phrases. All I wanted to do was jump over my seat and start pounding away at his face.

      So I would have all sign wavers that make the theater and employees not resposible if you are being an idiot and the other viewer take the situation into their own hands.

  2. Okay so with injustice gifs among us coming out tonight who is everyone’s main character they wanna master first?

    And who are most excited about trying out.
    For me I think my main will be nightwing with my second deathstroke but I really wanna play arrows arrow.

    • nightwing.

    • gifs among us, thats funny.

      Aquaman or shazam
      hope blue beetles in it, and zatanna.

      • Haha didn’t catch that. Sorry for the autocorrect on my phone. Lol

    • Nightwing for sure

      • for me i plan to master green arrow first, followed by the flash or deathstroke.

    • Batman
      Green arrow

    • I’m not gonna’ get it tonight, because new games always seem too expensive to me, but I’m defiantly excited to try out Deathstroke!

    • Harley Quinn. I always liked her character even in the animated series and now comics.

    • Is Dr. Fate in it? Him.

      • That would be awesome if he was.

  3. Do any ranters watch Nikita? If so what do you think about season 3 so far and would you like to see it come back for a season 4?

    I’m really enjoying the direction it’s taking. It’s changed so much since season 1 but it’s been a natural transition. I would like a season 4 consisting of 10 episodes to close it out perfectly. Been hearing its in danger of cancellation

    • I watched the first 2 episodes. Didn’t catch me

    • I do watch it, and it’s different enough from the original that I find it to be enjoyable.

      Not at all surprised with what’s happening this season. Everyone knows that Amanda/Madeline(sp?) likes to play mind games with people, so what she’s doing now is not a shock. I hate it, though, when villains gloat, and reveal their master plan to the main character/audience BEFORE the actual plan executes. Seems very contrived/cliched to me.

      Finally, I’m pretty sure the show will get renewed, if only to complete 100 episodes for the syndication market. After season 4, however, it will be cancelled (just not enough viewers, unfortunately).

  4. Watched “Les Miserables” last night for the first time.

    Didn’t know Russell Crowe was an incredibly great singer, he stunned me the most out of the entire cast.

    • I have to ask if this is sarcasm or not. not that im saying your opinion is wrong, because I felt crowe did rather well in the role. He was just the only singer that was given negative reviews when the films release. I for one thought Samantha Barks (I hope that is her name) who payed Eponine had a lovely voice.

      • No sarcasm at all, Crowe really amazed me when he sang “Stars” up on a roof

      • Makin movies, makin music and fightin round the world

    • @ACW 007: I know right?!
      For some reason Crowe got all this flack and bashing (from critics and the audience members) for being a terrible singer, but I actually think his singing voice pretty great – very powerful too.

    • I agree. Crowe was my favorite of the cast.
      His Stars made you realize Javert saw himself as
      a righteous man acting in accordance with God’s will.

      Later it all comes full circle when he realizes maybe his was
      wrong and his Javert’s Suicide beautifully clarified his tragedy.

      Of all the players Russell was the only one fully in character
      throughout completing his story arc from beginning to end.

      • I think that is do to his acting ability, he is clearly an actor first and a singer second. Unlike say samantha barks or eddie raymande who seem to be singers first. Crowe is just dang good.

    • As much as I didn’t want to see that movie I must agree, I was stunned by Crowe as well.

  5. Does anyone have a GUILTY PLEASURE they want to admit? Right now mine is Japanese Tokusatsu Drama(Kamen Rider, Super Sentai(Power Rangers)). I live in Japan and they are required watching for kids here. My son is 3 and I have to get up early every Sunday to watch them with him, but I am having WAY too much fun watching those damn shows. The current Kamen Rider series is called Wizard and it actually pretty well made compared to the ones I remember from TV when I was a kid. I can`t help it, I`m addicted.

    • Mine is an anime called Naruto Shippuden. I wake up early every Thursday morning to catch the English subbed episodes online.

    • For some reason I really like Priest. I know it isn’t a great movie, but I always enjoy it! :-)

    • Freddy vs. Jason :)

    • I must confess:

      I am addicted to Screenrent’s Open Discussions. :)

      And The Mentalist… and Entourage… and superhero movies…

      • Agree to this but take out Mentalist and add in CSI: Miami. Thank you Netflix.

    • hmm I really enjoy batman beyond the series right now, but i dont know if that counts as a guitly pleasure since its considered a good show. I guess its kinda for teens but whatever. I have also been watching justice league and samurai jack.

      • @ Trey

        You have great taste in TV shows! I love those cartoons. I also enjoy Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Looney Tunes Show, and Young Justice with my children. We’re way behind on YJ, but the local library just ordered more DVDs, so we’ll get to catch up soon. TLTS isn’t the same as the classic WB cartoons, but they do have some very funny moments.

        It’s not really a guilty pleasure, but I love watching Starcade, the arcade games competition show from the early 80s. I was an arcade kid and miss those fun days. Now I play MAME on my laptop with the kids; it’s not the same, but it’s still fun. And the Starcade website is fun as well. (I have a Starcade poster up in my clasroom and challenge my students to name all the old-school games they can. Only a few can name a lot of them.) My favorite game of all is Galaga.

        • I really need to check out Young Justice I hear great things about it.

    • I am addicted to the LOST tv show. I can’t help but watch it over and over and over and over again. Oh and I am constantly writing in elvish.

      • I’m 23 right now and my wife and I have been really into the cartoons from when we were kids. Haha so I’ve been watching a lot of rug rats hey Arnold rocket power Ed edd and Eddie haha
        Guilty pleasure? Idk but they still hold up! Lol also I don’t mind housewives when she watches it. Sometimes it pretty funny when people start yelling haha

    • This is silly but I’m addicted to antenna TV. It stays on that channel Monday thru Sunday. Just love watching the old shows from back in the day, even though I’ve seen many of those shows a million times (Sanford and son,good times, All in the family) and then there are shows I never knew of that I’ve started to enjoy like it takes a thief. Very James bondish that show is.

  6. Watched the MTV video awards just to see the sneak peeks last night. Wouldnt say it was worth it but i got some good stuff. I enjoyed the IM3 sneak peek long with the hunger games trailer OH and the man of steel tv spot aka the message from zod was pretty awesome.

    • I caught the MoS spot too late. I wasn’t sure what it was. I guess it’s off to YouTube to do some hunting.

      • Was that the new trailer we were suppose to get?

        I had thought I’d read that it was a new footage trailer?

    • I used to watch it for that same purpose, but with YouTube and all the entertainment sites available now I don’t bother. I haven’t felt like I’ve missed anything by not watching it for some time now.

  7. What non-Marvel/DC comics are you reading now?

    I’m enjoying:
    1. To Hell You Ride (written by Lance Henriksen)
    2. The Black Beetle – Francesco Francavilla’s story and artwork = fantastic noir.)
    3. Judge Dredd – One of my favorite characters. Loved the movie.
    4. Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray – I just finished the first issue and liked it better than I thought I would. Cool premise.
    5. The Walking Dead
    6. The Shadow: Year One – I always enjoy Matt Wagner’s writing and artwork. I wish he would do another Batman story.

    • Invincible has been pretty great. Had their 100th issue not too long ago.

    • I’m currently reading the walking dead compendium #2.

    • I’m currently mainly reading Marvel/DC, but I read some of the new series Masks (with The Shadow, Green Hornet, Spider and more) and really enjoyed that. I tried the new Judge Dredd series, but the violence was a little too gory for my tastes.

      • Also the Mini-series Pistol Fist is pretty awesome!

    • I’m reading the new ‘Star Wars’ run by Dark Horse… it’s fantastic!
      I should try and make an effort to read more “indy” comics, but right now the few Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse titles I’m reading are taking up the little “comic-reading” time I have during the week.

  8. I’m gonna say it again….BLADE 4 !! Make it happen marvel! ….with Snipes!

    • It’s been a while since the last Blade movie, and I haven’t seen anything of Snipes recently, so I’m not sure, but is Snipes starting to get too old for Blade, you think?

      • “I haven’t seen anything of Snipes recently…”

        Might have something to do with that whole jail sentence for tax evasion. He just got out last week.

        As for a Blade 4, I don’t think there’s much of a market for it really. The last one was almost 10 years ago.

    • blade should just reboot or cameo in one of the others, but a new actor either way.

    • Marvel/Disney needs to let some other studio in the Disney corperate tree make a hard R reboot of Blade and Ghost Rider.

  9. If anyone missed the message from zod tv spot here you go

    • also if you go to you will see what looks to be a countdown to something.. my guess the new trailer

      • I am getting onlt a staticky image which has symbols flashing on it.

        • LOL I think that is the mystery.

          • Yeah it is the mystery it has been sad its a countdown that ends tuesday at 8pm tho.

    • Thanks. I missed the original airing.

  10. He is getting old at 50 but I think he can still make at least one more maybe get some makeup help lol he just owns that role hard to see someone else take i. Being in the slammer didn’t help he couldn’t made one in that time lol

  11. If a Suicide Squad movie was made who should play who?

  12. Crazyiness at the Boston Marathon!

  13. I was quite surprised to not see a Man of Steel story regarding the video that was posted on the Man of Steel facebook page.

    • Yea, ScreenRant is slow on the updates at times.

      I’m sure we’ll see something. Can’t wait to see the new trailer tomorrow!



    • You’ve finally come around, Jeff?

      • Nope…Told you, I have been burned too many times with Superman Movies,AND I was burned on Watchmen…so..NO. Not yet.

  15. In the next Batman reboot, shouldn’t the villains look more like their comic counter-parts & not like Nolan’s versions of Scarecrow, Bane, Joker that wears war paint by example?

    • I am a Nolan fan and I would have liked to see his take on a Justice League movie. The point of a move comic book adaption isn’t really to copy their comic versions though. I see what you are saying and can agree but I also disagree a little. I don’t want to see the same villain I see in the comics when I watch a Super Hero movie. I want to see the directors/actors version and vision of what the character should look and act like.

      • So with what you are saying I gathered this: Screw the source material. Read the footnotes and steal the idea and make a film. Harry Potter could’ve been a Japanese immigrant and that would’ve been okay to you? You wouldn’t have raised a $h1t storm about it? What are your thoughts about the new Ninja Turtles story? Its their adaptation of it. LOTR could’ve been a trilogy of pigs riding bicycles through the plains of middle earth.

        My point is… I don’t believe you. I think you are just sticking up for Nolan.

  16. I didn’t mind Joker’s “war paint” but I do agree with your comment. Taking the venom away from Bane was stupid. But I guess it made him more human because Nolan’s Batman is too big of a wuss to beat a super villain. Scarecrow could’ve been more animated but I wasn’t that disappointed. It was mainly Bane. I really disliked Bane. He could’ve been like a heroin junkie who needed it like steroids or something. They could’ve added it somehow. But they didn’t.

    • Scarecrow was perfectly fine, but the way they used him was terrible. I think the Arkham games have a good idea of what his fear toxin should do: living nightmares you cannot escape.

      The Joker is the one I had an issue with the most, just because of the way he was written and designed. Personal preference being not Victor Zsasz in clown makeup.

      Bane is half and half, I don’t really know what to say

    • Bane wasn’t originally meant to be that. Clumsy writers turned him intio a brute. Arkham Island/City has one of the worst incarnations of him. Bane is as smart as he is intelligent and TDKR showed that. Plus Bane had porportional super strength in accoradance to the rules of universe Nolan&acompany established (i.e. he could punch through concrete collums and break out of restraints! )

      • A quote from DC’s wiki page is “Bane possesses peak human-level strength that appears to be greater than Batman’s.” Yes, he is a genius in every way. But I still wish he had the venom. The venom is what made Bane IMO.

        • @ Leathercheerio & all whwo replied.

          Thanks for agreeing. First is Scarecrow who just had his mask & was in a suit. Didn’t strike me as scary as his hullicinations would on his victims. I liked the idea of him with a straight jacket on near the end. I would of added a loose rope around the neck as a tie. I liked how he looked in the New Batman Adventures animated series because he looked as maybe no-one was underneath the costume. Same went for Toyman in Superman:TAS imo.

          Anyways. I agree with ACW 007 about how Ledger’s Joker kinda looked like Zsasz which i didn’t care for. I prefer a balance between Nicolson/Ledger’s Joker. Something outta the Arkham Asylam games because everytime i think or see Joker, i hear Mark Hamill talk & different laughs. Thats me though. Aaron Eckhart’s Two-Face looked pretty good even though it was done by fire. But i liked the image on him alot more than Tommy Lee Jone’s Two-Face make-up.

          Anne Hathway’s costume looked good except for her mask. I prefer a mask like Michelle Phieffer’s with Catwoman be seen next time with her whip & claws again. Bane, i prefer the one from the comics. Maybe only next time have his mask have a opening for the person’s mouth so they can talk clear. Mostly how Bane looked on Batman:TAS. I didn’t like how Bane looked in Neither Batman & Robin or TDKR to be honest. Jeep Swenson im sorry to say since he’s dead looked little chubby & short like to play Bane in Batman & Robin thinking back. Maybe Arnold should of been in that role, who knows.

          I just dig threw my books & think what would be great costumes for these heroes while having a modern touch to them.

          • I hated his mask. The look of it was cool. But it soothed the pain? His face was ripped apart? That’s just stupid. Name needs a 100% revamp. Joker can be a mix of all 3 live action. Two Face was a waste in Nolans series but I liked his make up better than Tommy Lee Jones. Scarecrow… Well… There are much better villains.

  17. Vic, Paul Young

    What’s up with ScreenRant not covering the Zod viral message or the Defiance premiere?

  18. I just bought Entertainment Weekly magazine of Henry Cavill & the good picture of him in costume is…. Well i like the costume design as it’s good enough for me only the problem i have with it is it all looks too dark colored except for his cape.

    Does anyone feel the same or am i the only one?

    • I’m optimistic. No reserved judgement.

  19. I need help. In the Karate Kid part 3, when Daniel is with the girl at the dance club. Anyone know what the two songs the band is playing who they are before Daniel throw a punch to the guy who hassles him & the girl before Terry Silver shows up? Much appriated.

  20. Oh my God… That Murdoch guy renamed 20th Century Fox to 21st Century Fox. Doesn’t he realize that a company name isn’t a calender and that you don’t just rename a studio with an almost 100 year long tradition unless you absolutey have to?