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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 14, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 14, 2014

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  1. 1st I guess…and hi.

  2. Was discussing dc and marvel movies at work. I really hope WE moves the release date of BvS. Even though those two are their biggest franchises, the general public trusts Marvel to put out a better movie. Honestly how many bad Superman or Batman movies have we had. Compare that number to the number of bad marvel movies.

    • I don’t know WB knocked it out of the park with the last 3 Batman movies which is what most people think of when they hear Batman. Also, Man of Steel was mostly well received. Also Superman Returns didn’t get bad reviews it was just a boring movie. Marvel Studios has some pretty bland movies but people like comedy and action so they think they’re good. The only Marvel films that are actually good are Iron Man and Captain America 2.

      • Granted Batman has good movies as well as Supes, I’m not talking recently but overall. Mos WAS met with mostly positive reviews but Superman Returns was well received which I think is evident by the reboot.

        I think the mcu has more than two good movies. Just my two pennies.

    • The problem is that WB needs this movie to be a huge hit, but Cap 3 WILL take away from B v. S at the box office. Marvel can afford their movie to make less money, WB cannot. Not saying it will flop, but Batman vs Superman NEEDS to make as much money as possible for DC to get a cinematic universe off the ground.

      • Thats a false statement, WB can afford a loss more than marvel. Marvel tho part of disney is rather independent and are working under the most unforgiving company in the business. They also tend to have a few live actio. Flops a year (lone ranger and john carter) where WB has valuable franchises theu are still milking. They are coming off the hobbit, a hugely successful animated film in lego and another possible harry potter franvhise. They have money to spare and are far more forgiving than disney

        • Not if DC expects to make a shared movie universe. They’ve had enough trouble getting films off the ground as it is.

    • Superman 3 and 4 along with Batman and Robin. So…3 bad Batman or Superman films. But, if we’re being honest…DC/WB also made Jonah Hex, Supergirl, Steel, Catwoman, and the Green Lantern. Bad DC/WB live-action films…8 by my count.

      Iron Man 2 is the weakest Marvel Studios film (IMO) and Superman Returns and Batman Forever are better or at least on par with it…so I won’t count Iron Man 2 because I didn’t count those other two. However, “Marvel” has put it’s little logo on quite a few stinkers throughout their time. They have co-produced Spiderman 3, Ang Lee’s Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, Elektra, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: the Last Stand, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider, Blade: Trinity, Punisher, and Punisher: War Zone. So…giving them half credit for each bad co-produced film…my count is 6 1/2.

      WB/DC – 8
      Marvel – 6 1/2

      But considering that WB/DC started in 1978 with Superman and Marvel started in 1998 with Blade…this means they’ve had a bad film margin of +1.5 throughout 20 years more experience…which to me means that WB/DC appreciates quality over quantity. (which is also evident by Marvel’s 9 produced films and 23 co-produced films vs. WB/DC’s 21 films [DC and DC Imprints])

      And I said I’ll never use Algebra in real life.

      Wait…did you not want me to actually compare these?

  3. Finally saw Cap 2 yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. Great action scenes and a very current storyline. I must say, though, that the spy thriller elements took themselves so seriously that all the comicbooky sci-fi stuff seemed kinda out of place this time. In a certain scene that featured an older computer I even felt as if I stumbled into a completely different movie all of a sudden. Kinda weird.

  4. How would you guys make a sinister six movie?

    • I would make it a redemption story after they kill or take spiderman out of commission, maybe they fight each other as half the team actually has morals and the other half doesn’t.

    • A lot like the Return of the Sinister Six comic book actually.

      Doc Occ recruiting each member (maybe include a spidey cameo here and there a ‘la Electro’s recruitment in the comic) but you’ll need an emotional through line so one of the six needs to be blackmailed in to joining up (Sandman in the Comic)

      Then when they go at it with Spidey in AMSM 3 or 4 (whichever one they’re supposed to feature) he’s got a potential ally who he can turn… again a bit of drama and story amongst all the fights.

      I’ve not been paying much attention to the SS movie, whats the line up, is it introducing new characters to the film franchise or is it pulling together villains already established?

      • I really like the idea that one of the six will have a redemption arc..

        My idea for an s6 movie would be after spiderman dons the symbiot suit at the end of sm3.

        The movie will start when the green goblin/ Norman is brought to ravencroft prison after Spidey defeats him in sm3. There he will meet the other Spidey vilans. At first, the 6 will not be able to stand each other. Fights will occure between them until they recognize that they all have 1 common enemy in spiderman. The movie’s finale would be a giant prison break where we will see the brutality and capabilities of the 6 as monsters killing every personnel they could get their hands on…

        The end credit would be Spidey wearing the black suit swinging as hard as he can to ravencroft. Going holy **** at the sight of the 6 leaving the prison…

        sm4 would be peter facing off against the 6 while slowly turning to the dark side. at the start of the last 3rd of the movie. pete would take off the suit and fight the 6 in his own trying to protect his loved ones ala ultimate peter parker…

    • Kraven the Hunter and The Vulture escape Ravencroft. They break out Electro, assuming he has a specially built cell.
      Doc Ock and Rhino search for Mysterio. The team comes together in a secret lair. They attempt to recruit Venom, who declines, having his own plans.
      The Six target OsCorp for it’s years of experimenting. The Goblin being a prime target. Venom comes to Harry’s (and maybe Norman’s) rescue. (Possibly looking for a cure or way to control his abilities)
      Venom and the Goblin battle the Six who succeeds in leveling half of Manhattan. (Electro powers up some massive Doc Ock/Mysterio death machine) Venom and Goblin save the day. Whichever villain(s) die or is imprisoned can be replaced by a new member.

      • If Andrew Garfield quits after ASM3, I’d kill off Peter Parker in the 3rd film and replace him with Scarlet Spider, Spiderwoman and Miles Morales in ASM4.

    • I’d use cameras and some actors. Maybe a script and a sound stage. Special effects too.

  5. If DC opened a studio and put you in charge of creating a cohesive cinematic universe what movies would you choose and what villains to go along with them!

    Here’s mine:

    Man of Steel (2013)-villain: General Zod

    Wonder Woman (2014)-villain: Ares

    Batman vs. Superman (2015)-villain: Lex Luthor and Metallo (Ares involved)

    Green Lantern (2016)-villain: Sinestro

    The Flash (2017) -villain: Professor Zoom

    The Justice League (2018) -villain: Brainiac JL vol.1 origin without Darkseid

    My phase one would have Ares involved manipulating the world into a war and even some superheroes against each other along the way (Batman and Superman). He would somewhat be the Loki of the universe except WW doesn’t love him at all and she just can’t kill him, not that she won’t until phase 2.

    • @Joshua W.:

      I would change the schedule to at least 2 movies a year.

      • my phase two has two movies per year, I want to make sure all of these are good movies unlike phase one of MCU

    • I kinda want to see The First Born and Apollo from the current WW comic as the villain since I’m really enjoying the current run. And Ares, the god of war is Wondie’s guru was pure brilliance.

  6. Here’s my order:
    Man of Steel (2013)
    Man of Steel 2: World’s Finest (2016)
    Wonder Woman(2017)
    Green Lantern (2017)(Prequel to the first green lantern with Sinestro as the main character)
    Batman vs. Dracula (2018)
    Man of Steel 3 (2019)
    Martian Manhunter (2019)
    Justice League (2020)
    Flash (2021)
    Batman vs. Arkham (2021)
    Wonder Woman 2 (2022)
    Superboy Prime (2023)
    Justice League 2 (2024)
    Man of Steel 4: The Death of Superman (2025)
    Green Lantern: Blackest Night (2026)
    Wonder Woman 3 (2026)
    Cyborg (2027)
    Justice League Dark (2028)
    Batman vs. Robin (2029)
    Captain Atom (2029)
    Man of Steel 5: Injustice
    Martian Manhunter 2 (2030)
    Infinite Crisis: Part 1 (2031)
    Infinite Crisis: Part 2 (2032)
    Infinite Crisis: Part 3 (2032)

    • That is a very ambitious list, Batman vs. Dracula sounds interesting, So does Captain Atom.

      What would you do with Wonder Woman post Batman vs. Superman… origin or continuation story?

      • I was being realistic, since they want to set up the universe as fast as the can, so she would be in Batman vs. Superman to accomplish this, then get her own story with flashbacks like the did with Man of Steel,

      • I also thought it would be cool to have all the Batman movies be “vs.” movies. I.E. Batman vs. Superman, Batman vs. Dracula, Batman vs. Robin, and Batman vs. Arkham(a prequel to man of steel, it would be the movie version of Arkham Asylum)

  7. Does anybody have any ideas on who Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto, and Callan Mulvey could be playing?

    I would guess:

    Callan Mulvey is playing John Corben/Metallo
    Tao Okamoto could be playing Julia Choi (original character who is The Atom’s wife)
    Holly Hunter could be playing one of the amazons or one of the gods.

  8. Also saw raid 2 on Fri. A different movie than the first but I loved it. Honestly it was the only movie I had to see this summer, everything else is only has produced lite anticipation.

  9. I tried watching “47 Ronin” this weekend and in very rare occurrence for me (especially if I pay for something) I stopped it about an hour into it.
    99% of the time I’ll finish whatever I’m watching and I’ve only walked out of 2 movies in my lifetime but even at home on my couch I couldn’t believe how boring the movie was.
    So I’m curious what others think, did I stop it to early and should finish it or was it as terrible as I thought?

    Also, what’s the last movie you’ve watched and turned off halfway through or what’s the last movie you went to see and walked out of the theater?

    • Never walked out of a theater, but was very tempted with Noah.

      Just turned off a movie that we were barely 1/4th into this weekend on Netflix… “Are We There Yet?” with Ice Cube. Not even funny (I hope “Ride Along” is better).

    • Never saw 47 Ronnin but all my friends said it was terrible.

      The only one I remember walking out of is ‘Safe house’ with Danzel Washington But that was mainly because of my friends.

      About turning a movie half way through it happens a lot, I take a lot of garbage movies to the graveyard shift at work half of them I don’t even Finnish.
      The last two were ‘The Family’ and ‘Runner Runner’