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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 12, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 12, 2013

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  1. Any chance of Halo action movie after Elysium???

    • Oh my god I hope so! Did you watch Halo: Forward Unto Dawn?

      • Is Forward unto Dawn a complete story or just a lead-in into Halo 4?

        • It is a 6 part web series that doesn’t have anything to do with Halo 4. Here is the page on YouTube: It’s also on XBox video as one continuous movie. I think the creators were trying to show that you could do a Halo movie.

          • Sweet! Thanks! I’ve seen a DVD of it and was considering picking it up, but ended up not, thinking it might just be a lead-in. I’ll defiantly check that out!

        • I actually have no idea why it’s called “Halo 4″. I didn’t see anything related to Halo 4 in Forward Unto Dawn.

          • It’s just marketing. “If we slap Halo 4 onto the title, sales for the game will increase”

          • I think the Forward Unto Dawn ship was in Halo 4, along with one of the characters from the series.

          • @ Mike and Helix,

            The only direct “tie-in” with Halo 4 is the intorduction of one of the characters.

    • I would rather James Cameron do it but I know it won’t happen.

      • I don’t know man, if Cameron does it he might want to write it as well and I wasn’t a big fan of his cheesy dialogue in Avatar.. I’d rather have Blomkamp do it.

  2. When did the tag line change?

    “The #1 Independent Movie & TV News Website”

    • Changed last week, Aknot. I mentioned it here.


  3. Man I wish time would fly faster so that all the anticipated movies came out faster :(

    • And then slow back down when each movie comes out! :-)

    • At the same time though, I’m ok with waiting if I get a more quality movie. I know thats not what you’re saying, you just want to be able to see the movies now. But that is the hollywood mentality that focuses more on quantity than quality.. I dislike that mentality. I realize that’s not what you’re saying but I still thought I should speak up..

    • Anticipation is 78% of the movie experience! Else, you wouldn’t want to watch the movie so badly when it is released.

    • You can go see The Host. :-D

  4. So I started watching Breaking Bad from series one in preparation for the finale in August, seriously don’t know what going to happen!!

    Can’t wait for the epic conclusion it’s going to be historic!!

  5. Are there any actors you’d all like to take a break from being typecasted?
    He isn’t exactly typecast but Tom Hanks always tends to play nice guys, and I don’t think he’s ever played a villainous role. Being my favourite actor, I think he’d be able to pull of a fantastic villain!

    • He was kinda a villain in Lady Killers. And he was the antagonist in Catch me if You Can…. I know he wasn’t actually the bad guy, but you were supposed to be rooting for Leonardo.

      I don’t think he has ever played outright evil though…

      • Yeah I’m talking about outright evil, those are the kind of villains I love. Plus he’s one of those actors where you believe he’s the character and not just Tom Hanks playing “insert character name here”.

    • I think someone like Tom Hanks is talented enough to make sure he isn’t typecasted. Things like “Big”, “Toy Story”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Forrest Gump”, “The Green Mile”, “Apollo 13″…there is just so much variety in his career that you can’t quite pinpoint only one role he has always been known for

      • Yeah he has a very broad range of films and characters, but none of them are outright evil. I’m stretching it quite allot by saying typecasted, but he just hasn’t played an outright evil character.

    • Johny Depp… top playing around now and do a serious movie. Your a good actor playing in dumb movies like The Lone Ranger. He looks so stupid in that. Play a different role other than the Pirates/AliceIWL type role.

      • Meant *stop playing

      • I kinda get the feeling The Lone Ranger is going to bomb really badly.

        • I’m thinking it might as well, but considering checking it out in theaters.

          • I definitely will see it but I’ll probably wait to rent or when it’s on TV as it doesn’t seem to be exciting me to much right now.

            • Chris Hemsworth the man has way to much talent to keep playing the tough guy.

    • my first attempt to answer your question was marked as spam… but Dave Franco, he’s cool but he’s the same guy in every movie he does.

  6. Was there any tv show more depressing than mtv cribs.

    • Yeah, Lost. :-)

  7. For the European among us..nothing new.

    For the Americans on here.

    Sort of Skynet related.

    • Okay…. Where do I get one for my Jeep? lol

    • I read an article about automatic driving the other day. I wondered how it would work. With this video, my question is…what if my 4 year old daughter plays with my phone and un-parks the car? Or even worse, the dreaded pocket dial…this time the repercussions are that your car is moved into the street.

  8. After the new Spider-Man series is done, instead of rebooting the regular Spider-Man again it could be cool to have a Spider-Man 2099 movie. It would be pretty unique in comparison to most superhero movies, because it is set so far in the future and there is all kings of gadgets and gizmos and humungous skyscrapers.

    • I read an interview a while back with a couple of executives at Sony saying they don’t intend to reboot it again but just James Bond the role.

      • I do think it’d make a great film though!

    • Eh…Spider-Man 2099 doesn’t really have that much of an interesting universe IMO. The futuristic setting is awesome, but not much else.

      Batman Beyond kinda suffered from that a little as well. The show was awesome and so was the premise and design, but a lot of the villains were forgettable. Only those certain episodes that brought in old Batman villains and Bruce, and the movie Return of the Joker, were the major highlights of it’s run with a good amount of it’s own originality doing it justice.

      And the theme song was awesome, thats part of it too

      • I thought Blight and Inque were interesting villains. I also liked the Royal Flush Gang and the possible romance between Terry and Ten, but I agree that many others were forgettable.

        I also thought their take on the aged Mr. Freeze and Bane was cool.

  9. So… after the awesome news of JL… I will finally list my casting options for everyone. They include wishful thinking/budget cost actors lol. It’s a rough copy and I WANT criticism. So Im sharing this now.

    Superman – Henry Cavill/Manu Bennett

    Batman – Armie Hammer/Zachary Quinto

    Aquaman – Chris Hemsworth/Daniel Feuerriegel

    Martian Manhunter – Colin Salmon

    Wonder Woman – Minka Kelly

    Flash – Bradley Cooper/Sam Rockwell

    Green Lanterns

    Hal Jordan – Ryan Reynolds/James Marsden
    John Stewart – Michael Jai White
    Guy Gardner – Jeremy Piven
    Kyle Rayner – Adrien Brody/Taylor Kitsch
    Simon Baz – Jay Hernandez/Adam Rodriguez

    Cyborg – Idris Elba

    Green Arrow – Stephen Amell

    Nightwing – Milo Ventimiglia

    Captain Marvel – Eric Bana/Brandon Routh

    Atom – Adrian Pasdar

    Doctor Fate – James Marsters

    Hawkman – Max Martini

    Black Canary – Christina Applegate/Dianna Agron

    Hawk Girl – Angelina Jolie/Salli Richardson-Whitfield

    • Dream cast of the big five…

      1)Henery Cavill as Superman
      2)Christain Bale as Batman
      3)Chris Pine as The Flash
      4)Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern(just get a new suit)
      5)Angelina Jolie as Wonder Woman

      BTW, I like Zachary Quinto as Batman on your list. Also like Cooper as Flash, but I still think Pine would be the best choice though I definetly would love Cooper in the role to if they got him.

      • Since they aren’t continuing Nolan’s Batman franchise, there is no Bale. He was an option on the list but I took him off. Pine, I would see as Hal J, but not Flash. Sam Rockwell would be HILARIOUS as The Flash. And he’d be so jazzed to be there.

        • No stinking Wally West Flash.

          Barry Allen.

    • Zachary Quinto as Batman…

      That would actually work really well IMO. Never thought about that, great choice.

      • Right?! And he wouldn’t cost that much. He has the sociopath attitude (Sylar from Heroes) down great. He’d make a fantastic Batman and Im sure a great Bruce Wayne.

        • yes ARMIE HAMMER!! the dude is bulky and has huge shoulders he would look much more like a kevin conroy esc animated batman.

          • I just don’t see him playing “Batman” very well. In the mental aspect. Yeah he’s a big dude and all and he could pull off Bruce Wayne, but can he pull off Batman? The Batman that is a nutcase in his own right.

            • Quinto just doesn’t seem like the right fit as Batman. He seems too soft spoken to me. Also, I remember alot of ranting about Bale being “too small” or “too skinny” to be Batman so Quinto would be like a stick. I guess he could use that to his advantage and lurk in the shadows or narrow places.

              I still tihnk Karl Urban would be great as Batman, esp. after seeing Dredd and how intimidating he was.

              It would be sweet if Michael Jai White played John Stewart, you read my mind. Many may not agree with me on this, but I think Chris Pine would be great as Guy Gardner, he can be brash and cocky, yet caring.

              • Batman is not really a loud person. He has a powerful, but subtle voice if that makes sense. It’s demanding when it wants to be.

                Bale was perfectly fine, it was TDK suit that made him look incredibly thin. Batman has the physique of a guy that could have you on the floor in 2 seconds, but not the physique of being incredibly built like Bane. Quinto, if devoted, can get to that point.

                I also feel there needs to be a difference in the size between Superman and Batman, not height but body mass. Not an incredible difference that makes Batman look weak, but enough to show how Batman can max out his strength and still not be on the same level as Superman. Sets apart the human from the superhuman. I feel Cavill and Quinto can be at those levels.

                • I could see Quinto maybe as a Robin, but not Batman. When I read Quinto I instantly thought Robin, Tim Drake. Personally, I’m devoted To Karl Urban being Batman lol. I keep hearing “I am Batman” instead of “I am the law”.

                  • Quinto is waaaaaaaaaay too old to be a Robin, espescially being older than Cavill.

                    I love Tim Drake, he is my favorite Robin, but it has to be a teenager for any Robin

                    • What…He’s older than Cavill? He looks like a senior in high school or a freshman in college to me.

                    • Zachary Quinto: June 2, 1977
                      Henry Cavill: May 5, 1983

                    • Since we are talking about a JL movie, I don’t see the reason to introduce Robin in the series. I included in my list Nightwing because he isn’t a sidekick. Sidekicks are for solo movies.

              • “Many may not agree with me on this, but I think Chris Pine would be great as Guy Gardner, he can be brash and cocky, yet caring.”

                That’s why I chose Jeremy Piven as Guy Gardner. He played that as Ari Gold for 8 years in Entourage. I can’t think of a bigger set of balls on TV then him. Plus, hes extremely physically fit, and still affordable.

                Karl Urban has a bigger price tag then Quinto. Both can bulk up so I don’t see an issue with size.

                MJW is awesome and intimidating. He would be the cop that John Stewart is.

        • This is random but I totally met Zach Quinto on Monday :D He came to a forum at my University.. He is a pretty awesome guy. But yeah I think the dude is versatile enough that he could pretty much do anything. I could see him as Batman.

          He said in the interview tho that his next dream job would be to do the George Gershwin biopic that he was gonna do with Spielberg before he decided to do WarHorse and Lincoln.

    • I must have missed something, what JL news?

      • Just confirmation that “Man of Steel” will open up the universe necessary to make a Justice League film.

        We kind of all figured that by now, but it’s been made official

        • Ah, cool!

    • @LeatherCheerio

      Are you doing Justice League, or making a movie version of Heroes?

      Jeremy Piven? Guy Gardner? Really?

      Remember, you have to make a movie where at least one of your stars is not in the 15-25 million dollar budget.

      Christian Bale, got 15 million for dark knight rises, plus he got another 20 million in bonus.

      Angelina Jolie commands 20-25 million dollars per movie.

      Bradley Cooper gets between 10-15 million per movie.

      So that would technically be almost 90 Million dollars out of your budget.

      Remember rule one, your budgets is also the pay for the actors.

      • “They include wishful thinking/budget cost actors lol.” DIDN’T think I’d need to quote myself ha. And yes, Jeremy Piven as Guy Gardner.

        • dang you!


      • @Jeff W

        In regards to the Heroes comment… I know I grabbed a lot of TV actors but I did it for budget reasons and quality. Those 3 guys are really good actors and they already have the “hero” quality under their belt. So its not a huge learning curve for them.

        Piven also did the voice for Elongated Man in the JL animated series so he already has the relationship with WB/DC. I don’t want Bale. Jolie was a wishful thinking but I would rather have Salli Richardson. And Bradley Cooper is another wishful thinking actor.

        In regards to budget… most of these actors wont get paid much for their role. They are only getting minimal screen time. Its not a Flash movie. WB can make deals like “This is what you get paid for the first film, if green-lit 2nd film more, 3rd film more plus bonuses and guarantees for solo spin offs. You sell them on the franchise and the potential to make more money. Action figure deals. Sponsorships. Marketing 101 lol.

        • @Leathercheerio

          Dude, if they do this with this cast and first person they save is a cheerleader.

          I am so coming for you…and I am bringing Bovine Back up!


          • Supergirl kind of looks like a cheerleader? Or Star girl? Lol

            • THATS IT!

              Warming up the Truck!

              Getting the Bovine Commandos prepared.

              COW TEAM SIX!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So what do you guys think of the recent Marvel rumors?

    Morris Chestnut playing Black Panther? BP being in Avengers 2 before his own solo movie?

    Fede Alverez(The Evil Dead) directing Doctor Strange?

    Edgar Wright filming a scene in Iron Man 3(I know he said it wasn’t IM3 but he could just be lying because Marvel said shut up or he just can’t reveal it)?

    • oh I’d love to see a glimpse of Ant-Man in Iron Man 3! the Thor 2 trailer is supposed to play before it and then there will be some Guardians of the Galaxy connection as well.. I say, connect that movie to as many other MCU movies as you can! :)
      and the other two rumors… idk, lets wait and see. I want a BP movie so bad, but I doubt it’ll happen :/

      • Yea BP is in my top 5 favorite heroes and deserves his own movie and deserves to be in the Avengers. I mean when I picture the full Avengers team I picture…

        Captain America
        Iron Man
        Black Panther
        Black Widow

        Not sure how I feel about Chestnut playing him though. he could be a secent choice. The best actor with the perfect age to play him I feel is Ejiofor Chiwetel.

        If Ant-Man makes and appearance, even just as Pym I’ll be ecstatic. Even if Wasp makes an appearance only.

        • *Decent choice

          • @ Bob

            Don’t forget Falcon and the Iron Patiot (war machine). I’m sure they’ll be around for Avengers 2.

            • Oh, no my list was not what Avenegsr 2 is gonna be but since im a Marvel fan, when i think of Avengers, comics/movies those are the heroes that come to mind. For Avengers 2 the cast of heroes is prob gonna be something like this…

              Captain America
              Iron Man
              Black Widow
              War Machine

              I doubt the rummor of BP appearing in Avengers before his solo film which will hopefully come around 2016-2017. And I don’t want Ant-Man/Wasp in it before their own movies as well. Though, I do hope Jan is in Iron Man 3 as just Jan as some rummors have suggested.

              Now for Avengers three….

              Captain America
              Iron Man
              Black Panther
              Black Widow
              War Machine

              Maybe like someone suggested Avengers 3 can be two parts; Avengers try to defend earth and lose/are losing, maybe like two heroes die(say War Machine and Hawkeye). Avengers part two they team up with Guardians of the Glaxy, Nova, and Doctor Strange to take it back. Only prob is I don’t know who the villain could be since Thanos will be Avengers 2 villain. I think the best choice is Ultron, made with vibranium like Caps shield. Ultron can make like a robot army.

              • @ Bob

                Good thinking. I thought though that Thanos was not the main baddy in Avengers 2, ( like Avengers) but that he showed in Avengers 3. I very well could be mistaken however.

                Solo movies or not, I really like the addition of the new characters. I’m even good with cameos.

    • While I doubt there will be an Ant-man cameo in IM3, I think it would be awesome! At least show the comic-con test footage!

      Black Panther is one of my favorite superheroes, so I so want to see him in the MMU.

      • The footage was released on line for like a day, then taken down. Did you not see it? If you haven’t well it was amazing, Ant-Man looks great and the costume is fantastic.

        • Yeah, I saw it. It was cool, but I wasn’t a big fan of the transformations. I would like to see a high quality though.

    • The cross over character stuff is very cool. I think two man team ups would be cool too, especially Hulk and IM.

      I do love the Black Panther, but after checking him out, I’m not sold on Morris. He seems a bit old. I’d like somebody younger, that could pla BP longer.

  11. I bought my tickets for the midnight showing of Iron Man 3!!! and they gave me some cool posters yayyy :)

    • nice!! I love free posters. Hey question is your avatar RDJ? Cuz for some reason it looks like Gary Oldman in Tinker Soldier Spy to me…

      • Maybe because it IS Oldman.

        • Oh so I was right… I always thought it was Oldman but for some reason it looked like RDJ today. It doesn’t help that the comment is about iron man 3. perhaps you can understand my confusion.

          • After you´ve mentioned it, yes.

  12. Watched evil dead and really enjoyed it. It was really cool that there was a fair share of nods to the original, there was even a small scene after the credits.

  13. So this is kinda my idea for what I’d do with Marvel’s Phase Three if there were no restrictions or limits or contraction bindings. Interesting? Boring? Outright ludicrous?
    1)Captian America 3 (with Hulk or Iron Man cameo)
    2)Thor 3 (with GotG cameo)
    3)The Amazing Spiderman 4 (with Iron Man or Capt. cameo)
    4)Planet Hulk (with GotG easter egg)
    5)Civil War (a.k.a. Avengers 3 pt.1)
    6)WWHulk (a.k.a. Avengers 3 pt.2)

    • Spider-Man is such a tough thought to think about after that whole Oscorp tower in Avengers thing was revealed as something that was going to be done.

      My guess is, he probably won’t work his way into that universe. A giant Lizard attacks New York and no one takes action except Spider-Man? It makes no sense in continuity if they were to take advantage of the rights

      • You are right seeing as the events in the Avengers takes place before TASM and New York is all like ‘whaa? Giant lizard in the city? Stop being crazy man!’ whereas if the movieverse was shared with the Avengers they would have already dealt with the invasion. But like i said, if there were no constrictions or legal bindings this would be my dream plan for Phase Three. Also, I meant ‘mid scene credits’ not ‘Easter egg’. Not sure why I mixed the two up…

        • If the TASM took place after the Avengers, it would explain all those cranes in the scene towards the end.

          • Doesn’t explain why The Avengers isn’t there to stop a threat attacking their city.

            Unless Fury figured Spider-Man could handle it…

            • Yeah, but it gives a reason why there where so many cranes positioned to be an assistance to Spidey. I wondered why NYC would have so many of those in one area.

              As for the Avengers…Fury said they would come back when we need them too. After an intense alien attack, that Lizard guy didn’t seem like a real threat, did he? ;)

      • Misread your post, my mistake

        • Damnit! Mid credits scene*

      • Then again the Mandarin looks to be wreaking havoc in IM3 and his buddy’s aren’t helping him. Just saying if they really wanted to (and they had the rights) they could do it.

        • War Machine is helping.

    • A two part Avengers movie could be epic!!

  14. Am I the only one here who wants to see a blade 4?? Or is it too violent for all u wussies? loool jokes just start talking about it!! I want snipes back and possibly morbius in it and no more sidekicks!!! Less comedy more action/horror to make up for that crappy blade trinity! And light cgi with more practical effects

    • I love the Blade series. Snipes was perfect. There is no one else who can fill his shoes. Maybe Michael Jai White. But that’s as close as it gets.

      • What about Michael Jai White being a vampire and fights Blade? We’re talking some serious martial arts.

        • Now that’s interesting! Knowing snipes he wouldn’t want the spotlight off him with another star like that lol …probably would have to be an unknown actor

  15. Screenrant – Huge fan of the site and podcast, but I’d like to see a new category. You have TV news, Movie news, but what about Internet news (or streaming news)? Most days, I’m in front of my desktop, tablet, and smart phone’s screens more than television or a theater. This category could house the daily SR GEEK picks along with news about series on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, YouTube, Amazon, and many others. You could have a weekly “new to streaming” article that focuses on the movies and TV shows being added to Netflix (and Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus)…like how Netflix added the Hunger Games a week ago and Archer Season 3 a few weeks back. Hulu exclusive and original programming could be covered because even if it isn’t new…it can be considered new to someone who’s never seen it. I recently started watching Up To Speed and The Booth at the End on Hulu Plus. The Nerdist channel and SModCo Internet TV! on YouTube have new videos available all the time. Burning Love is a hilarious web series that I believe has season 3 being picked up by E! Much like how Children’s Hospital was a web series turned television series on Adult Swim.

    I love the movie and television coverage on this site, but I also know that so much more exists out there. I would have never watched the Derren Brown: Inside Your Mind on Hulu if it wasn’t for the SR Underground. I’d like to help spread more nuggets of interesting web available series like that to the masses.

    • + infinity!

      • @leathercheerio – I’m glad someone agrees! I’m attempting a revision of my blog format to include more internet sensations. However, I’ve honestly only been using things I’ve liked from the SR Geek Picks. But, I’m willing to add writers to my blog. If it’s a time waster, it’s blogable (did I just invent a word?). If anyone is interested, Gmail me directly using my screen name with no spaces.

  16. Dream cast for Suicide Squad film:

    Dakota Fanning – Harley Quinn

    Will Smith – Black Spider

    Tom Hardy – Bane

    Simon Baker – Captain Boomerang

    Taylor Lautner – El Diablo

    Ammanda Waller – Queen Latifah

    Bradley Cooper – Deadshot

    Tell me what you guys think. I know Bane isn’t technically part of the Suicide Squad but I wanted the Nolan style for the movie since the characters are dark and already gritty. King Shark doesn’t really fit into a realistic concept for the Suicide Squad.

    • Definitely like Queen latifah as Amanda walker. Was hoping that character would make a appearance in MOS.

      • I was hoping for that too but I am guessing I will have to wait until MOS2. What did you think of the other cast though?

        • @writer
          Not that familiar with suicide squad so I don’t know about all of the characters except a few of them.gonna have to goggle them up.Hardy as bane definitely, but Cooper as deadshot — well maybe, but what about Jeremy renner for that role?

          • @ Rome

            I haven’t watched the Avengers yet but doesn’t Jeremy Renner play Hawkeye? Another actor could be James Franco.

            Oh and the Suicide Squad is basically criminals who are working time or even death off of their sentence. Ammanda Waller is in charge of the Squad and put bombs in all of the Squads necks in case one of them goes rogue. The Squad is used to stop terrorists and other bad guys the government wants out of the way.

            Black Spider – Drug addict who murdered his own father by accident while trying to rob a store for money. After he killed his father he kicked the habit and decided to hunt down all the drug dealers in Gotham and kill them. He was supplied with almost Bruce Wayne type gear because his mysterious employer was extremely rich. After almost all the drug dealers are dead the mysterious employer turns out to be the last drug dealer. After Batman catches the Black Spider he is sentenced for life in prison.

            El Diablo – A man who worked for a gang and set a building on fire trying to exterminate his target. He didn’t realize that the building also had women and children inside. He later became a Christian and decided to turn himself in. He puts war paint on his face now when he fights crime so he can remember the women and children he almost killed.

            Captain Boomerang – Digger (his real name) was a kid who was the son of a U.S soldier and a women who was extremely poor in Australia. At an older age Digger’s mother sent him to America to work for his father. His father already had a wife and other kids. However his father felt pity for Digger and gave him a job. Digger’s job was to dress up in a humiliating costume and be known as Captain Boomerang to increase the sale prices at his fathers store. Digger grew angry as he kept working and eventually stole things while dressed up as the Captain Boomerang just to anger his father. Eventually Digger killed someone in the process and was put in prison.

    • I lost interest when I read…..Taylor Lautner. :o

      • I know… I can’t believe I put his name in there but he does fit the role. It could be worse, at least I didn’t use B-e-i-b-e-r. That name is like a swear word around me.


  18. Does anybody else here think that the GotG are going to show up in a button scene in IM3? I’m not sure. I’ve heard the rumors like everybody else, but I’m not sure how they can rely work that in.

  19. There are a lot of opinions on who should play the next Batman. While all these actors seem like great choices, I personally feel that the Bat-voice is a key part to the character. What I wanna see from the next Batman actor is someone who sounds like Kevin Conroy, who played Batman in the animated series. I feel as if that is the definitive voice for Batman. Thoughts?

    • A younger Thomas Gibson would’ve been perfect. He’s pushing 50 so it’s highly unlikely, but the way he talks reminds me a lot of Kevin Conroy. Plus, he looks like a Bruce Wayne

    • I agree to an extant. Batman’s voice needs to sound intimidating. Kevin Conroy’s voice was excellent for the animated series. However if the actor could sound like an intimidating Kevin Conroy then I would be happy. I didn’t like Bale’s raspy Batman voice but it didn’t bother me heavily so I dealt with it. Obviously I wouldn’t want a high pitched batman but the voice isn’t my main concern because I would still take a Bale batman over most of the others.

  20. Rest in peace Jonathan Winters…one of the funniest comedians ever.

  21. soo how about the new dexter season 8 trailer that came out today? or new footage or whatever u wanna call it. here’s a link to it

  22. I personally would like to see Deathstroke or the Riddler as the villain in the Batman reboot. What actors should play these characters?

    • I want to see Daniel Craig play the riddler.for some reason I could see him as a serious version of that character. Instead of a mask I picture him wearing rosy red shades complete with a green Derby hat,with a question mark on it and a dark green designer suit.

      • I’ve always seen Daniel Craig as Mr. Freeze

        • I’ve always seen him as James Bond. :-D

          • I wonder why? :P

          • very funny… but yeah craig would be a good bman villain

    • I could see James Franco as the Riddler. Ray Park could play Deathstroke.

  23. Just watched Oblivion and it was visually spectacular and overall very enjoyable.

    Amdist all the comic books, remakes, sequels Obivion definitely looks like the more thought provoking, intelligent, spiritual blockbuster of the year. Certainly to 2013 what Inception was for 2010 to an extent.

    • Me too! Great science-fiction movie! They say the name “Jack” way too many times, though. It was really annoying after a while.

    • Going to see it this week, but also looking forward to Ellysium.

  24. R.I.P Mr Johnathan winters.

  25. I actually want to see an Invader Zim movie, my favourite paranoid alien.