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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 11, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 11, 2014

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  1. Good morning ranters. Seeing The Raid 2 tonight. What else matters?

  2. Im BATMAN!!!!

  3. 2 Things today:

    1) This Warcraft movie Non Disclosure Agreement sucks. I want to see pictures, hear rumors, know who people are playing etc… Its killing me.

    2) I posted this thought in the IM4 section, but not sure that was an appropriate place, so I will post it here as well:

    What are the only ways that you can have Marvel, Sony and Fox agree to have their respective heroes in the same movie?

    1) Shared revnue/expense
    2) They can not impact eachothers universes
    3) None can outshine the other

    Perfect way to do this is Secret Wars.

    Lets just say the movie would premier in 2018 right? There is a Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers movie all before that. At the end of the last of the movies prior to Secret Wars, have the heroes (and villains) all dissappear (with nobody noticing of course). Have fans of the movies wondering what the hell is going on. Then, in Secret Wars, you have them all show up on a planet in the middle of nowhere that the Beyonder has made inhabitable by humans and whatever other species he has selected. Have the whole Secret Wars story pan out, then at the end of it, you have them all ported back with no memory of the events.

    There you have what every fan wants with all the characters appearing together, you have what the studios want with billions of dollars in revenue as well as huge props from the fans as well as no direct impact of any of the individual universes.

    • I’d be willing to give that a shot. The studios wouldn’t though. It would take time and money away from them developing independent films. Sure this one movie would make billions but they’d have to split so ultimately it wouldn’t be as lucrative. Me personally, I say screw the money. I want a cool movie. But unfortunately (or sometimes VERY fortunately) the fans don’t make the decisions.

      • Agreed on all accounts

      • Unfortunately I know you are right. They would only see the negatives and not the positives. I think they make enough money on all of their movies to take a less lucritive, but more crowd pleaseing chance one time and see what happens, but it wont ever happen.

        • I think that once Fox/Sony has established their universe and Marvel is into phase 4 the conversation might come up between the studios and they may decide, “what the hell? We both just made $5 billion last year. Let’s splurge.” But for that to happen, they’d have to care about the fans and I believe their concern for the fanss will always be trumped by their own ambition. It’s rare to get to execs that are also fans. That’s why WB/DC has done so poorly with everything aside from Batman, MoS (though not exactly comparable to Iron Man or Batman Begins), and Arrow. None of their execs care about the characters, just how much they can make off them. Kevin Feige is at least a huge comic fan and is really good about letting directors have their vision.

      • I think you hit the nail on the head. Even if the movie itself made $1B, it would have to be divided three ways taking it down to $333M each. They could easily make that up on their own with the characters they each have the rights to. As good or bad as it is, money is usually the deciding factor when it comes to making movies.

    • @Doom


      • Thanks KoJu.

    • @Doom:

      Great idea.

      Another benefit to this is writers could choose to incorporate those events into their “universe” if they felt it would add to their storylines.

      But like everyone else, I think it would be very hard to get the studios to agree on how to do this.

      • But they won’t be able to reference any events that involve characters owned by the other studios. And then you get into questions of who owns the movie rights to “The Beyonder” and so forth. There will be a lot of characters making vague references to “that thing that happened in outer space” or whatever.

    • So they just get magically teleported to another planet, have big fight with a bunch of bad guys, and then get teleported back with no memory like nothing ever happened? Sorry, if I want to watch a comic book movie with no plot I’ll just rent Dredd again.

      • Have you ever read Secret Wars? Other than the Symbiote coming to earth with Spidey, nobody knew it happened after the fact.

  4. how about getting a anime section on screen rant?

    • +1000

      Specifics though, we talking about TV, film, Japan and US release, US only licences (Funimation etc.) Articles, beginner guides, historic reviews

      I’d have to say some DVD/Bluray release info wouldn’t go a miss, the UK anime market is falling pretty flat so I import most of my stuff.

      It’ll be good to know what’s coming out in the US, especially re-releases to I don’t pay over the top for original releases that are being re-released.

      Escaflowne is a current example, was gonna get the original release DVD’s for too much but I’ve heard they’re being re-released so I’m holding fire.

      • @Corey @Johnathan
        What are you guys into? What have you been watching or reading? I’m from the Gundam Wing, YuYu Hakusho Toonami generation so I like a lot of 90′s stuff. But now a days most people just follow ‘the big 3′

        • Well as my familiarity with Lum indicated in your lists yesterday I’ve been around a while

          Anime really only got regular video releases back in ’94/’95 in the UK and I was there at the beginning…. Manga Video’s first releases we’re Project A-Ko, Dominion Tank Police, Fist of the North Star and the release that nearly killed anime in the UK before it had even started….. Urotsukidoji, better know as Legend of the Overfiend. Seen all of them, owned all of them on video and all but Overfiend on DVD.

          I managed to replace almost all of my videos with DVD’s and these older titles (including Oedo 808, Bubblegum Crisis, Royal Space Force, GeoArmour and others) still hold pride of place on the shelf.

          Those original titles have been added to with Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, GitS:SAC, Initial D, some Myazaki, Gundam Wing, Ranma among others.

          As the UK anime market is pretty flat, not a lot of variety or new releases (Bleach or Naruto and lately One Piece are the only regular new release) I’m trying to get hold of older series that I’ve missed.

          Things like Trigun, Escaflowne, Patlabor TV Series amongst others.

          There’s nothing new that I’m aware of that really floats my boat…. it all seems to be Bleach/Naruto type releases and having seen both of them there’s two much filler…. they pad it out to fill up the series.

          I’ve just done a count up of my shelf and I have 44 differing titles although some of those like DBZ, Eva, GitS:SAC, Bebop etc I’ve got all the series for that title so easily over a 100 individual discs.

              • Yea streaming is really the only way to go. Plus so many new series come out a year that it’d be difficult to buy everything just to be disappointed with it. I like to collect series I’ve seen and loved, and know I’ll re watch over and over. I’m in the group that feels the older anime are just hands down better than these newer series, which are kind of a dime a dozen.

            • Damnn. I need to step my game up bro. I’ve only seen maybe half of your list. I’m gonna copy and paste cause there’s a few I’ve never even heard of but I need to check em out. Elfin Lied was crazy, Paranoia Agent was awesome, 3X3 Eyes, Robotech, Macross, all Miyazaki, Akira, Ninja Scroll, Spriggan, Armitage, and of course DBZ, Tenchi, Trigun, Kenshin, Eva, I recently started checking out Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I used to have a decent collection but I need to get it started back up again.
              I’ve reading a lot more lately. Vagabond, Gantz, 20th Century Boys, Monster, Berserk. I’ve always stayed closer to film and television sites than anime though, anime discussion boards are too…idk. But yea the US has some pretty major Anime communities, and most schools, libraries and commuinty centers have clubs. Not to mention conventions in major cities.
              I’m gonna check out Patlabor, I hear about it alot.

              • Motoko – Not really down with streaming…. I’m not really “one” with the digital age. Posting here on ScreenRant is as close to the digital community as I get but I will give animefreak a look.

                Older title recommendations from my list. Obviously tastes are personal but I’d go with

                Perfect Blue – it’s very slow but proper creepy
                Plastic Little – it’s just fun, decent animation and a bit of “fan service” if that’s your thing
                Dominion is a Shirow classic

                Although I want the Patlabor series I’ve never seen it but the two movies are excellent so do track them down.

                I also have a real soft spot for Tokyo Babylon.

                If you’re getting DVD’s then the Sub/Dub debate doesn’t matter if not then the dubs are great apart from Plastic Little, you need the sub version for that.

                Speaking of subs, Bubblegum Crisis if you track that down, subs is the ONLY way to go with that one….. the songs don’t make much sense in English and the English voice for Priss aint right, the original vocal cast are simply brilliant.

                Speaking of dubs and subs there’s two OVA that I had on VHS but have never been able to find on DVD.

                One was All Purpose Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (not Nuku Nuku Rush) and KO Century Beast Warriors. Both UK dubs used regional accents and are hilarious.

                I can still hear it now “I’m sorry Miss Akiko, we lost them…” in a thick scouse (Liverpool) accent…. class.

                Bucky, you mentioned reading.

                I’ve not got nowhere near as much manga as I’d like but see if you can get any of Adam Warren’s Dirty Pair cause they’re ace (especially Sim Hell), Sonoda’s Gunsmith Cats (Dark Horse) is epic. I’m devouring Battle Angel Alita New Order at the moment…. that can get a little existential and obviously if you haven’t already done so read all 6 volumes of Otomo’s Akira…. there’s WAY more to it than in the film.

                I agree, the older stuff is the best which is way I’m trying to pick up older series if I can find them…. it’s all Naruto/Bleach clones these days, nothing else seems to be hitting the shelves where you can find them which is again why I import from the US (Multi region DVD player, best £25.00 I’ve EVER spent)

                As Motoko mentioned when Virgin shut it’s stores down 60-70% of the anime on the high street went with it.

                Gents it’s been an absolute pleasure to reminisce about the old days and share my collection and get others opinions on it.

  5. I hope if they do Iron Man 4, they will pick up where the One Shot “All Hail the King” left off. The Mandarin would be a good way to tie into the cosmos as well as introduce Ultimo.

  6. Hey Screen Rant, just wondering what happened to the mobile version of your site? I used to love it, but now it’s gone and my iPod is not good at navigating regular web pages.

    • I’ve been wondering the same. Thought it was some glitch only I was experiencing.

    • Not to mention that the desktop version eats up my data plan like a MF. The mobile version was more lean.

  7. This might just be my hate for the new Spider-Man movies talking here but I’m genuinely confused in how a Sinister Six movie will work. Forgive my ignorance…but is this a Spider-Man where he fights the Sinister Six or a movie where the Sinister Six are the main characters without Spider-Man being in it. If the latter is true, I don’t see that working at all.

    • I think the Sinister Six versus a reluctant hero in Venom could possibly translate into a chapter worthy of the Amazing Spider-man series. After failing to stop the six, Venom must either join them or help Spider-man stop them.

    • With yesterdays article about Sinister Six and Venom coming before TASM4. To me it looks like the Sinister Six movie will be more character development for the villains. Then in TASM4 it will be Spider-Man and Venom vs Sinister Six.

    • Here’s my idea of a sinister 6 film.

      The movie will start when the green goblin/ Norman is brought to ravencroft prison after Spidey defeated him. There he will meet the other Spidey vilans. At first, the 6 will not be able to stand each other. Fights will occur between them until they recognize that they all have 1 common enemy in spiderman. they plan their escape, each of them having a role to play in the escape. The movie’s finale would be a giant prison break where we will see the brutality and capabilities of the 6 as monsters killing every security personnel they encounter…

      The end credit would be Spidey swinging as hard as he can to ravencroft. Going holy **** at the sight of the 6 leaving the prison… or you know, something like that…

  8. Could you tie the Punisher to the next Captin American movie, and if thy make a Doctor Strang movie could that leave the door open for Blade or Ghost Rider?

    • I think those three’s best chance for another screen outing is Netflix.

    • Can we get some Moon Knight on the screen (big or little).

      How can you not want to see ‘Batman with issues’?

      • @wraab:

        You mean “Batman with MORE issues”.

        Doesn’t Bats have enough of his own? :)

    • A Netflix miniseries featuring Ghost Rider, Blade and The Punisher, maybe throwing in Iron Fist and introducing Moon Knight, Brother Voodoo and Damien Hellstrom would be amazing! And potentially much better than the other ‘supernatural/occult’ shows out right now.

  9. Anyone enjoying “Cosmos” should check out a new PBS documentary, “Your Inner Fish.” It’s going to be three parts and started this week. Accidentally caught most of the first part last night, then watched it online at PBS. Really good. Love Cosmos but I think this is maybe better.

  10. You are the boss of the DCCU!


    director for justice league

    cast for the entire team

    come up with a plot


  11. Hello everybody

    Anybody else think Captain American 2 is the best movie of phase 2? The action is amazing and I loved how the Winter Soldier ties into the story.

    • @ Blackknight16

      Cap 2:TWS imo is the best film of phase 2 yet. Can’t wait for the 3rd film already after Avengers 2 of-course.

  12. Alright, here are the things buzzing around in my brain at the moment:

    I just found out The Raid 2 is playing at a theater near me!

    I can’t wait for the Fargo series on FX and I’m not even a huge fan of the movie!

    While Cap 2 is probably my favorite Marvel movie it still wasn’t as great as it could’ve been, yea I said it!

    Why does it feel like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out already even though it doesn’t come out for another three weeks?!

    I would literally cut off a toe to be able to watch all of this upcoming season of Game of Thrones right this second!

  13. Anyone watching The 100?

    It reminds me of Hunger Games.