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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 10, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 10, 2013

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  1. So the “Injustice: Gods Among Us” has held a tournament to decide who will be the ultimate DC superhero as they pit 2 against 2 in each round.

    It’s come down to the final battle: Superman vs. Batman

    Who wins?

    • Superman.

    • I mean…1 against 1…my bad

    • Superman

      • Superman should win, but if the contest is held by votes I wouldn’t be surprised if Batman pulls it out.

        • I don’t think there is an obvious winner. I don’t want to be fed that “Batman needs prep time, he’s nothing without his utility belt, yada yada yada”

          Do I think Superman would win? Yes. But it isn’t an obvious decision. Batman shocked the entire Justice League when he revealed a plan that could kill all the members, which would’ve worked if he hadn’t stopped it.

          For all we know, Bruce Wayne built a Batsuit entirely made out of kryptonite. Combine that with a guy who fights at night, a setting that also weakens his opponent to an extent. It’s very possible either could win

          • ^yup^

            While I like Batman more, I still think Superman could win.
            Also Injustice looks awesome!!

          • @ACW 007
            Yeah, I know what you mean. Justice League Doom I think it was? Anywayyyss, I’m just gonna be the odd one out here and say Batman. Sure Supes is invincible and all that good stuff, but Bats I am more than positive knows more than one way to kill Superman (ex:mini red sun firing gun used by Luthor and Supes in Superman:Last Son) Also, remember that this is a video game not unlike Mortal Kombat so it for those of you who have ever played the game or MK vs. DCU then you know that you can beat Superman if you are Batman. Hell, you could even beat him with the Joker if you wanted and knew how to play really well.

            • Batman has always had my full support, but Injustice hasn’t backed any sort of advantage Batman has.

              In general, I believe Batman would win.

              Injustice…hard to tell.

    • Well, Batman does own a kryptonian ring. That’ll help.

    • Superman!

      • Im not sure Bats makes it to the finals against Superman to begin with.

        • He did. Just a heads up

    • Superman vs. Batman
      No winner, the world loses.

    • Speaking of injustice. Does anyone know if the arrow skin is gonna be DLC and or if it’s included in the season pass??

      I missed all that voting. And I wanna play as him.

      Btw superman wins hands down but batman puts up a fight. Also depends how long batman has had to prepare for his fight.

      • You can still go to the poll and vote. The Arrow skin DLC is free, the option is under the voting options. Enter first name, last name, e-mail address, and then they will send you the code soon before the game is released.

        • @ACW 007

          Hey thanks I thought I missed the voting. Do that when I get home from work.

          Still saying superman though. I mean he’s superman.

    • At San Diego Comic-Con last year Zack Snyder was
      asked who would win between Christopher Nolan’s
      Batman and his Superman and Zack said it best:
      “I love Batman, he’s awesome, but like, really?”
      The obvious answer is sometimes the best.

      • Nolan’s Batman is not a good representation of an overall Batman IMO lol

        • I agree with you there but cinematically, Nolans Batman has the best toys to date. Live action, non animated.

    • Batman has proven he can kill everyone in the JL. But throw the 2 in a cage with no weapons… Superman hands down.

      • Taking away Batman’s resources isn’t fair. That’s like taking away Superman’s powers and leaving him to fight in a cage with a fully loaded Batman. Yeah, of course Superman would dominate Batman in a fist to fist fight and nothing else.

  2. Some german website claimed that GotG will be set in 2045 and there will be time travel involved. That can´t be true, can it?

    • I hope not!

    • Imo, Hollywood is using time-travel as a crutch. Time travel is good, but the market is inundated. Examples: Looper, X-Men DOFP, Star Trek, and now GOTG.

      • I assume you’re referring to Star Trek from 4 years ago? Then we have Looper last year and Xmen DOFP in 2014. I hardly think that the market is inundated if were only getting a time travel movie every 2-4 years. I wouldn’t really consider time travel a crutch either seeing as how Looper and the Star Trek reboot gained considerable critical acclaim.

        • Well, there is a Hot Tub Time Machine 2 in the works too :)

    • Yes it can. Doesnt Vance Astro have something to do with time travel/GotG?

      While he is not a current member there may be some correlation between his origin and Starlords?

      Or Vance Astro could have a part to play?

      Time travel is not a crutch if it makes sense and is used consistently throughout.

      • I´m not sure about that. All I know about Astro is, that he killed his father and used to be the lamest Avenger ever (sorry D-Man, you´re a close second).
        But what I meant was, isn´t GotG (the comics) set in our timeline? Otherwise the series couldn´t cross over with other books (which they do).

    • It is true buddy I read it las week…imo, they are prolly cumin back in time to stop thanos, because he gets the guanlet n kills everyone, so they gotta come back to present day n stop it…. jus a thought..

      • If Thanos kills everyone in the present, how can they come back from the future?
        If this is true, they´re a HUGE step away from the source material, something that Marvel Studios is not known for.

        • Not kill them in the present (obviously in the future) but they cum to the present to stop him from doin something that leads up to the events of thanos doin whatever…wasnt saying that’s what would happen but somethin along those lines to justify the time travel

  3. BlACK PANTHER to appear in AVENGERS 2?!

    • That would be awesome. I thought they they would introduce him in his own movie first but they might still make a movie about how he became the Black Panther and joined the Avengers in Phase 3 even if he appears in Avengers 2. Either way, I hope both things happen (solo film and Avengers 2 appearance)

      • Just a rumor for now, it hasn’t been officially confirmed

        • whether he’s in Avengers 2 or in his own movie, either way, I’m good as long as he makes it to the big screen. Black Panther needs to make an appearance.

    • If it is true n they go with the actor, they’re looking at, you think that morris chestnut can pull it off?

  4. How about Star Trek Into Darkness advance ticket sales crashing the Imax website? Last time that happened was TDKR!

    • Its going to make money to bad its not filmed in Imax like TDKR was.

      • Nothing can beat the amazing quality of an IMAX filmed movie!

        • you are correct sir the plane scene in the TDKR was mind blowing Imax so beautiful.

          • Speaking of IMAX I got my iron man 3 IMAX midnight tickets yesterday! Can’t wait! Getting my free poster when I go! Haha

            • nice dude! I love getting free posters :) I got one for TAMS and skyfall, they weren’t giving them out for TDKR :(

              • I love free poster as well! I’ve Gotton spiderman and the dark knight rises both were only for midnight shows and the IMAX screenings got different variations of them. This will be my fist IMAX free poster hahahah so pretty cool haha

              • At my theater they were giving out huge Dark Knight trilogy posters, but none for TASM. I had to buy that one online.

                • I got to many posters as is lol working at a theater they allow us to take free original posters. I got man of steel, pacific rim and the wolverine hanging up in my room. along with the fighter, the dark knight rises and dark knight.

                  • Trey

                    That’s awesome man! Looks like it time for me to get. Job at the theater lol haha curiousity which man of steel do you have?

                    Right now in every MCU poster hanging throughout my house as well as dark knight rises and spiderman. Had to buy MCU POSTERS but I also have a couple fast and furious movies and chronicle. Thank god my wife likes movie poster too hahaha

                    • I have both the one with just him and then the one with him in handcuffs. I also got a massive inception benner sitting in my closet along with a looper poster.

                  • I have a hard time believing you knowing I also work for a theater.

                    We aren’t allowed to take home any posters for movies that haven’t left theaters, let alone ones that haven’t even been released. They only order a certain amount (one of each poster or banner) because you can’t market the same poster all over the lobby. It’s sloppy.

                    • We can when released but since our theater is now closed due to a complete rebuild they allowed us to take whatever we wish. Since we wont be open till after summer.

        • You obviously haven’t been to the Cine Capri from Harkins. Its bigger… And louder… And just breathtaking.

          • No I haven’t. My best movie experience ever has been iron man 2 in IMAX. Te movie was great even though people say its te weakest in the MCU but the IMAX experience made it freaking awesome!!

  5. Elysium looks great. That trailer only increased my excitement for this film. Plus I love how the setting of elysium looks just like Halo. It’s basically Neil giving a big FU to Microsoft. Damn that Halo movie would have been awesome.

    • Agreed.

    • He did at one point was attached to direct that Halo movie.

      • I know.

    • oh my gosh that trailer is already out?! I was up doing a group paper for class last night I must have missed it! And now I cant watch it cuz I’m stuck at work haha.. stupid work filters..

      • just got home and watched it… wow that was awesome! love the not so subtle references to halo haha. thats really cool

  6. I’m now 55%(thank you Kindle) through the book ‘World War Z’ and I must say, as is, it would make for a horrible movie. Undoubtedly it’s a good, if not brilliant, book but as a movie It definitely wouldn’t work.

    Everyone needs to give the upcoming Brad Pitt movie a break. The zombies in the book were, to be honest, boring. So I can’t hate the movies producers for trying to “reinvent the zombie”.The threat isn’t, excuse the pun, “fully fleshed out” in the book so a few liberties can be taken. I can’t wait for the movie to be honest.

    • Can you go into more detail why it wouldn’t work, or would that entail spoiling the movie? I hate, HATE, reading. But I might actually read World War Z.

      • Weren’t you the one who thought about doing some reading after I mentioned how much I liked New 52 Batman though?


        • Batman 52 has perty pictures. That’s more my style. :-)

      • I feel like if WWZ was done correctly it could still be a great film even if it was a direct adaptation of the book. The book is great, it goes into so much detail and approaches a zombie apocalypse realistically. As I was reading the book I repeatedly found myself saying “wow I never thought of that”.

        • Battle of Yonkers stands out as something I would love to see.

          And the Psychological twist with Mets fan.

      • The books is basically a catalogue of interviews of people’s experiences during and after the zombie apocalypse. This might sound a little simple but the experiences and stories relayed in the interviews come from so many different perspectives it almost feels as if you’re reading a a textbook. It’s rather brilliant to be honest. But….. Everything that makes it brilliant is the reason why a movie wouldn’t work.

        Movies, any movie tends to all follow the same story structure: A beginning, a middle and an end. ‘World War Z’ doesn’t lend itself to that sort of structure. The people being interviewed aren’t telling their stories in that structure, they’ll tell you about their experiences during a pivotal time of the overall war in a different city, in any number of countries around the world. They may never explain to you how it ended or how they managed to survive. You as the reader will probably pick up in a later interview how a previous situation might have ended but in no great detail. The book is full of surprising situations.

        So, it’s almost impossible to make an adaptation of this book without taking a few liberties. Which is why I can’t begrudge the producers of the upcoming movie, they might be telling the story from a single perspective. They’ve obviously had to fill in the gaps because the book never really does.

        I recently saw the movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. If you we’re to write a book in the style of ‘World War Z’ you’d get a totally different story since no one person will know the bigger picture of the war in Afghanistan or the hunt for Bin Laden. You’d be getting these perspectives that might never piece together the overall state of the war.

        This is all my opinion, by the way, I haven’t seen the movie and am only 55% through the book.

        • My main concern about the movie so far is that the zombies are running and building crazy zombie pillars to climb over castle walls. I like the idea from the book where the zombies are slow, but they have such vast numbers and have to be taken down with perfect shots to the brain stem that they still initially overpower the greatest armies in the world. There is also the idea that dogs play a big part in the new military strategy. Dogs are sent into big cities and then draw out the zombie herds to the outskirts of the city where the military is set up in specialized formations specifically to combat zombies.
          Plus i think one of the coolest parts of the book was the section on the aftermath of the war. People have now rebuilt civilization with safety from the walking dead as a top priority. And there are special clean up crews that dive to the depths of the ocean to exterminate the thousands of zombies that resulted from the infection spreading to all the people who tried to escape to the ocean on ships.
          There is just a lot of unique scenes that I was excited to see when I heard they were making a World War Z movie, that I am not almost sure wont be in the film. Not saying the movie looks bad, I just wish they did not market it as an adaption of the novel.

          • Agreed. Lots of unique perspectives in the book that no other zombie story, whether from series or movie, has even tried to tell. But how would you tell that in a movie, or a trilogy of movies? You’d have to have scenes where people are sitting, talking to an interviewer and cutting to scenes as they tell their story. You wouldn’t have the time to tell all the stories mentioned in the book so you’d have to be selective, which ones to leave, which to include. Which ones deserve more time, which need less time. There’s just no easy way to tell the story and also be completely faithful to the book.

            As for the zombies and the way they’re clambering on top of themselves…. I’m at least happy that they have decided to keep the idea that there are so many of them that even sophisticated weapons have been rendered useless. One of my favorite stories from the book was one of the wartime stories, it went into great detail on how certain armament are useless against a zombie horde especially a chemical attack.

          • @General.

            I think they took the Wave Attack of the Zombies in the book, quite to literal.

            • @Jeff

              Ha yeah. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the preview.

  7. Now that Wesley snipes is outta jail lets see a blade 4 !! Who’s with me? I know he’s old but he could use the money …if u know wat I mean… but he IS blade. All depends on stupid marvel making R rated movies…

    • I honestly doubt Marvel would make an R rated film, at least while the current MMU is going on. :-/

      • Don’t forget Disney. Yeah, they aren’t involved with what goes on in the movies themselves, but they do own Marvel

      • Marvel will make anything that is nearly guaranteed to make money. They would just use Marvel Knights entertainment branch.

      • They are making the deadpool movie rated R..if they can get it done that is…lol

        • they aren’t marvel. That’s fox

    • I know everyone thinks Marvel will not make an R rated movie, but I’m still hopeful for a Marvel Knights branch out with Punisher, Blade, and others. Keep them low budget (under 50 million. Based on the following of the MCU aloe, you’d make a profit

      • No not everyone. Only the ones that think because Disney and Comics are geared toward kids they will never make an R rated film.

        Marvel has and so has Disney supported R rated films.

  8. I have a question for you Ranters. Does your religious views affect the way you see movies? Do they enhance the movie experience and allow you to look at a movie in more depth? Or do they hinder the evaluation of the movie? Do you watch a movie with an excessive amount of foul language and are bothered when they “Use the Lord’s name in vain.”

    I understand if this question is too personal but I am curious. If you wouldn’t mind would you list your religion or your non religion. I am a Southern Baptist Christian who is greatly bothered by the foul language but I believe I can read into more things in a movie or book than some people.

    • I am Christian Methodist, but not hardcore on every word that is written in The Bible.

      If a movie ever bugs me on things like that, it’s because they went really hardcore on the offense. I mean, I don’t do drugs or drink, but I cuss every now and then. I welcome the humor based on my religion because I know it’s just for fun, but I do not welcome those who target my beliefs as a ridiculous fairy tale (Bill Nye, Penn & Teller, etc.)

      • I think I see what you are saying. I am friends with some Methodists. I am however curious on what you mean by “hardcore” when it comes to the Bible. Do you mean that not every word of the Bible applies to you? Or did you mean that you don’t memorize every word of the Bible? Sorry if these questions appear offensive, I don’t mean for them to appear that way if it does.

    • For me no, I enjoyed passion of the Christ though I am not religious at all. Also life of pi blended many spiritual and religious aspects that enhanced the films for me. I just want a film that has something to say even if it isn’t something I agree with. I enjoy all kinds of films but lately cookie cutter action films don’t work for me because the lack of substance.

      • I went to see “Passion of the Christ” with two people of other belief systems, and it was interesting to discuss the film afterward. For my part, btw, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the film…but not because of the religious aspects. I just didn’t think the film AS A FILM was particularly well made…except for Satan. THAT characterization was both appropriately creepy and (to me) the most interesting part of the entire movie.

        me: non-religious (but VERY into the history/heritage) Jew
        one friend: devoted, practicing Catholic
        other friend: Wiccan

        Oh, and on a further note, I had another friend who is a religious Jew (to the point that he has since become a rabbi) who REFUSED to see the film based on a few presuppositions about what the movie said about Jews.

        In short, Writer, no, religion does not affect my enjoyment of a film. Excessive toilet humor, ridiculous overuse of foul language, or disgusting imagery DOES affect my desire to see a film and/or my enjoyment of said film because 99.99999% of the time such movies will seems asinine and/or idiotic to me…no moral/ethical basis; just a crystal clear bias against purposely infantile and outright stupid movies.

    • That’s a pretty great question.

      I’m Christian, but I try to not let my beliefs get in the way of my love for movies (and it hardly ever does). I try to be objective and open minded to new ideas, because frankly, that’s what it takes to fully enjoy a film.

      Sometimes though, religion/belief can affect my enjoyment of certain movies. For example: I wasn’t a fan of the “humanity’s origin theory” in Prometheus. I respect what they tried to do, and there were some interesting ideas introduced there, but it wasn’t something that made sense to me (because of my beliefs)… then again, Prometheus was just confusing and badly executed in general so my dislike towards that movie certainly wasn’t just because of my religion ;)

      Another thing that sometimes irks me, is when the villain turns out to be some religious nut. I don’t mind the occasional villain being like that (after all, in real life Hitler was a religions nut and so are many of today’s terrorist cells), but the sheer amount of villains in movies and tv shows that turn out to be religious extremists has been pretty ridiculous lately. Which in my opinion, might have something to do with the “religion bashing” that’s become en vogue. To me it almost feels like religion has become a scapegoat for all the bad things on the planet (and it just isn’t) – and because of that, I roll my eyes every time it turns out the serial killer of [insert show/movie] is slaughtering people because he think it’s “God’s Plan” or whatever.

      As for violence, language, sex and nudity. That doesn’t bother me at all. Reason being: that’s what life is like. Life isn’t some PG13 rom-com. And if you read the Bible, I think you’ll find there were some pretty explicit stuff going on in those days too ;)

      • I am intrigued by your response and admire your opinion. You are correct about the world being bad and full of the things you mentioned. I have read the Bible and if the Bible were made into a movie it definitely wouldn’t be PG or PG13.

        I do disagree with you on a few things though. For example the nudity does bother me simply because of Matthew 5:28. I also agree that religion has become the worlds punching bag to an extant. The villains are sometimes religious nuts who think they know everything.

    • Hm, my comment’s awaiting moderation. Pretty sure I didn’t say anything offensive. Oh well.

      • Jeez avenger don’t be so offensive…. haha ;)

      • That Stinks! i would have liked to se your opinion Avenger!

        Could be you used a “flagged word”.

        I used the word “Bubble” (with an “i” instead of a “u”) a while ago and it was blocked because of that word. :) Gotta keep spam off of here somehow.

      • Same here.

      • @The Avenger – You sir are highly offensive! :) J/K. I’ve sent your comment through.

        If that happens feel free to email me – – and let me know. I don’t monitor these 24/7 so occasionally there may be a wait for me to get to the comments awaiting moderation.

        Paul Young

        • Thanks Paul!
          In retrospect, I can see how my comment might have started an argument about religion on other sites, but I think we’re all pretty level-headed here at Screen Rant… most of the time ;)

          • It is a bit of a double-edged sword, Avenger.

            Things are kept level-headed at Screen Rant
            because of Paul’s moderation so “awaiting
            moderation” goes with that territory.
            Everyone sees that at some point.

            The system seems a touch sensitive but
            better that then being too lax with the
            inevitable consequences that leads to.

            By the way, excellent post. Well said.

          • I’m level headed until someone mentions Ghostbusters in the wrong light and then the gloves are off.

            • …Ghostbusters sucks *grabs popcorn*

              • PROFESSOR SMASH!!

              • i was an innocent bystander…All I wanted was my goobers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • ::The Avenger steps on my pinky toe::


                ::See Professor Hulkcratination on rampage over insult to Ghostbusters.


                Who am I gonna call!

                ::Trampled to under Hulkcranstinations powerful feet!::


                ::Reaches for Cell Phone…Calls Hulkcranstinations mother!

                Hulkcranstinations mother oddly sounds like the adults in Peanuts animated shows.

                ::Passes Phone to Hulkcranstinations.::

                AWWWWW MOM!

            • LOL!…


              I am the same wy about LOTR. Criticise at your own risk! :)

              • We are all entitled to our own opinions…even if yours is wrong. :D

                • Dude… are you talking to yourelf again? We all know LOTR is The Best Ever… common knowledge… :P

              • LotR suck!! Hey Avenger, pass the popcorn. :-D

                • You Sir, have reached the live model decoy of SuperEdje101. I am sorry to say he is not available right now to handle your posts. At the moment, he is hunting down a LOTR insulter in the next county over. He will be available to kick hater’s butts after a short interlude.

                  Have a nice day! :D

        • So that’s the secret passage way_:)

    • Hmm! Good question! I am an Orthodox Presbyterian, and I have no problem with answering the question.

      My faith is a lens through which I view the world around me. Thus, every movie I watch I see as either a vehicle for a “good” or “bad” worldview. It is very interesting finding the themes in movie and seeing if they line up with Scripture.

      Furthermore, there are things that I tend to avoid because of my faith. These include strong swearwords, immorality, etc. I especially do not like to watch films with heavy swearing because watching these movies tends to put those words in my mind.

      That being said, my taste in movies is not “religious movies only”. I enjoy many different types of movies, but make sure the bad examples I see on screen don’t affect my actions.

      • @ SuperEdje101

        I appreciate your answer. I basically did a short online research on the Orthodox Presbyterian church and what I found was quite similar to that of my own religion. I agree with some things and disagree with others. My taste in movies is not just religious movies either and I too try to stay away from movies with heavy swearing and other such things so we basically have the same response to those movies.

        • Southern Baptist, Ehh? I am good friends with some! You dont happen to have known Walter Bowie?

          • Sorry I don’t know anyone by that name, I live far out in the country and hardly meat new people.

            • He was a famous(ish) paster in his day… Awesome preacher!

              • Oh… I thought you meant have I met someone by that name. Oh, and sorry for spelling the wrong meet in my previous post.

                • LOL, Yep, I meant “known of” rather than “known personaly”.

    • I’m a Catholic-raised Methodist. My parents divorced and my Dad was Catholic, my best friend was Catholic, and my mom was not really church-going (but baptized me Methodist)…so even though I’m technically Methodist, I’ve spent more time in the Catholic church (my wife and kids are all Catholic…and my brother converted with his family).

      As for my movie viewing, I do not think that my religion has any effect. Honestly though, I don’t really watch a lot of movies with deep meaning. I’m a guy who likes over-the-top action, hilarious comedy, and special-effect-ridden science fiction films. Foul language doesn’t bother me. I find that off-color language needs to be used to develop certain types of characters…just like in real life. Now life experience, that has an effect on my movie watching experience. If I see a movie where a kid is caught in the middle of a divorce or if a man’s spouse is cheating on him or a father sees his child for the first time…I’ll factor my own emotions into the viewing and it impacts me more.

      • @ Professor Procrastination

        I see what you are saying. Your own emotions or experience affect your view on certain matters and your religion does not. I am familiar with both Catholic and Methodist. I am confused however on your particular view of religion. I hope you don’t find this question offensive but which did you choose? Methodist or Catholic? Do kind of pick what you like out of both or just one?

        Here is one more question. Why do you think that your religion doesn’t affect the way you see or hear a movie?

        • I’m a Catholic who is baptized Methodist…which means basically that I follow the Catholic faith but I can’t participate with their sacrament of the Eucharist, confession, and I can’t join the Knights of Columbus (even though I help out at their events when asked). I should probably convert, but as my screen name implies, I am lazy.

          And for your second question, I’m not sure. Perhaps I look at church as more of a sense of community and not so much as in the beliefs. I have faith and morals that I attribute to my religion, and I practice those in day to day living. But when it comes to movies and television, I prefer to look at it as what it is designed for…entertainment. And I try not to watch things that seem preachy or serve as propaganda for any faith. I’ve never watched the 10 Commandments, Ben Hur, Passion of the Christ…and even movies like the 3rd Matrix and Dogma seemed too religious for my tastes. I go to church for that part of my life…not the movies.

          • I think you would really like The 10 Commandments and Ben Hur, 2 of the greatest films of all time. Sure, they’re biblical but they are also grand in scale; and the soundtrack for Commandments is fantastic.

            • Is it Ray Parker Jr. singing the entire hymnal? ;)

    • I’m not religious but I am highly spiritual. I believe in truth and fact but Ialso keep an open mind and an open heart. I keep religion and personal beliefs out of anything that can be considered business or pleasure. You shouldn’t mix any of it IMO.

      • Could you please define spiritual for me as I am unfamiliar with this?

        • You don’t need to believe in an organized religion to believe in a higher power/supernatural being. Think “hippie”.

      • I am a catholic, Parents were methodist,well my mom still is, paternal grandparents were Baptist and my maternal grandparents were switched to Judaism.

        Care to guess what we had…Passtmas or Christover. Depending on the year we felt like going gaga.

    • As an atheist, or someone with no religious view, I’m open to anything. But I’ve actually noticed that I tend to always hate the overly religious characters in movies. An example: in the movie ‘The Mist’ I instantaneously hated Marcia Gay Hardens overly religious character even before she went bat-s**t crazy.

      The only thing I can’t seem to totally get-over is rape, even minor sexual assault. When I sense that its coming onscreen I usually pause the movie, take few breathes to steel myself and just watch it.

      • That is an interesting response. I too find myself disliking the religious people in a movie. I think sometimes that this is the point of the character though. Some characters are simply made just to push the audiences buttons and the same can be said for many “overly” religious characters. Although part of the reason I may not like them though is because they falsely represent my religion.

        • I just think we hate it when a religious character is put into a situation and instead of dealing they get overly religious even when it’s unnecessary. Taking my example of that lady in the movie ‘The Mist’, she didn’t have to be religious and crazy. She could’ve just been crazy.

          The one movie that did everything right in terms of addressing religious ideas is Constantine. I didn’t hate a single character even though the movie was steeped in religious lore.

          Is there ever gonna be a Constantine sequel?

      • Jules Winnfield Pulp Fiction had one of the best verses from the Bible.

        “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.”

  9. I watched 2 movies this weekend and here are my thoughts.

    I re watched the Brad Bird masterpiece The Iron Giant. I am a firm believer that it is the most mature and complex animated film I have ever seen. I love many animated films but The Iron Giant tackles many adult and tough subjects in its short run time. It tackles death and what happens after death, good vs. evil, nuclear war, friendship and many other aspects. It is my absolute favorite animated film and one I feel is easily forgotten.

    I also watched an Indie film from last year called Smashed staring Aaron Paul and Marie Elizabeth Winsted. It was a really good film I enjoyed it a lot and found the acting to be fantastic and very real. MEW is one of the best female actresses I know of.

    • The Iron Giant is far from forgotten. Pretty much everyone I know has seen or heard of it

      • It may have gained some weight over the years but it was a box office flop.

        • Box office flop does not equal forgotten. “Of Mice & Men” with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich is a good expample.

  10. I watched Ted the pother night for the first time. I wasn’t to impressed. I thought it would be funnier.

    • It had the long running flash Gordon gag that didn’t work for me. mainly because it was well before my time and I had no clue what it was. Solid movie nothing else in my opinion.

    • “other”

    • I felt the same way about Bridesmaids. I saw it well after it had been on DVD and didn’t find it as impressive as all the hype led me to believe it would be. Wasn’t a bad movie, just expected a bit more.

  11. Miramax is owned by Disney and they make loads of R rated films, so I think marvel can pull off more mature movies.

    • WAS owned by Disney. Miramax was sold a few years back.

    • Buena Vista is one as well.

  12. I agree keep budget low and plus I would like blade 4 to go easy on the cgi and more practical effects so that would the budget low. It’s still considered a horror/action genre of marvel. Snipes should move his ass on it and push marvel to do it. If RDJ, an ex junkie, is iron man which I love they should give snipes a chance at another blade plus he said himself he’s down to do it. Bring back the day walker!!!

  13. Hey everyone, I have no issue with the respectful religious discussion going on today but as an FYI, we have the word “Bible” flagged for moderation (because some people aren’t classy). I won’t be able to post them immediately so if you want to have your comment go up in a timely manner I would suggest using B1ble for now.

    Paul Young – Moderator

    • Sorry I didn’t see your post until it was too late.

  14. Hey my avatar worked!

    • Lookin’ sharp Mr Stark!

    • @Stark.

      Hmm..You look a bit like Jack Palance.


      • he’s my dad……

  15. @Andrew I want them to make a Blade reboot that is closer to the source material, because Blade is from Britain not Detriot.

    • I wouldn’t mind a roboot/sequel to make up for that crappy blade trinity!! lol how bout blade vs. morbius?! no more sidekicks! ;)

  16. Anyone follow Edgar Wright on Twitter? When talking about the World’s End, He teased that he “directed one shot in another summer blockbuster.” Possibly Ant-Man meeting Iron Man in a post credit scene?

  17. I think it is too early for an Ant-Man cameo.