Open Discussion – April 1, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 1, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 1, 2013

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  1. Already seen Danny Boyle’s Trance twice now here in the UK and enjoyed it immensely and Rick Smith’s original score is sublime. Hope it gets coverage on the podcast.

    • I wanted to see that, but cant where i live. :( have you sen “Welcome to the Punch” ?

      • Tbh it got lost in the shuffle of other new films I watched but want to see it now just for another hit of James McAvoy. Oh and you can’t go wrong with Mark Strong.

      • Actually I’ve decided to see it later instead of GI Joe Retaliation

        • Awesome! McAvoy rocks! When you see it, tell me what you think of it!

    • I trust a US release is certain and not dependent upon UK Box Office results.
      James McAvoy is the real deal and reason enough for me to track this down.

      • Just saw Welcome To The Punch it’s competently directed but it’s ultimately forgettable. James McAvoy and Mark Strong are wasted and their characters are barely fleshed out. I was hoping that with their casting that this would have made it a cut above other cop/police thrillers but it’s just as generic. A shame really cos it feels like a movie where they substituted Mark Wahlberg for McAvoy that’s how it came across.

        • Welcome To The Punch is on my to see list and
          your disappointment has been echoed by friends.

          I was hoping for and expecting great things with
          the cast which has David Morrissey too whom I like.
          I shall see it anyway but with diminished expectation.

  2. Should probably add that Trance is probably the best directed mainstream film I’ve seen this year but then it is Danny Boyle after all so high expectations kind of a given.

    • Twice! Wow it must be good, think I may go see it myself upon that recommendation, cheers

      • Dang! I wish i lived in the UK.

        • One of them times we come out on top for new film releases.

  3. Does anyone else wonder how in Retaliation Storm Shadow was resurrected with no explanation?

    • The story demands it.

      • I’m more concerned about how Marlon Waynes put on so much muscle between the two films. He is HUGE

    • I wondered the same thing, and after some research, found that the “resurection” is explained in a prelude comic.

      • ? How come coulden’t find it?

        • I havent actualy read it. Just saw it reported on Wikipedia.

    • What made you think Storm Shadow was killed?

      • In the end of Rise of Cobra he is stabbed multiple times and he drops into water with seemingly no means of escaping the later explosions.

        • Ninja.

          He stopped his heart.

          Would be the same as in the Rise of Cobra.

  4. Happy Easter Monday ranters. First question of the day. Let’s say a Big studio executive wants to give you a shot at becoming a major director in Hollywood and throws you a challenge on making a hit movie that will at least make 65 million on opening week.

    Here’s the thing. He or she gives you three choices of c- level Comic book characters that you have to pick from.the choices are blue devil, machine man,and cloak and dagger. Out of those three which one would you choose? Remember,your a rookie director and the studio head is challenging your directorial and story telling ability.

    • I really like your question and after googling all three of the choices I have to say Blue Devil. First because he is from DC comics and they are my favorite comic company. Second because he is potentially a “realistic” character that can be put into an almost Dark Knight world.

      He begins (according to my google searches) as a stunt man who has gadgets and other things. He then is cursed by a Demon and forced into basically becoming a demon as well. This story could cause the audience to lean both ways as he may act upon his will to do good or his will to cause pain due to his anger. I think I would change the Demon into a Mob Boss who is pretending to be a “friend” if the Blue Devil. While the Mob Boss is under cover he gives Blue Devil the names of different Mob Bosses and drug dealers meanwhile the Mob Boss becomes more powerful since his competition is being killed off.

      Hope this is something you were looking for and thanks for the question I wish more people would ask questions like that.

      • I meant to say: “pretending to be a “friend” OF the Blue Devil.”

  5. Well I thought that G.I. Joe Retaliation was awesome! Best movie I’ve seen for ages. Star Trek I think will suck.

    • Ah yes, the legendary Deadpool wit. Or at least half of it

      • What a cunning play on words put-down with a nice geek reference. I’d commend you only it was a little mean. (^-^)

  6. Heyy, i know on the last OD Rob said they were going to do a full Iron Man armor guide; but when? Is it going to be before or after the movie releases?

  7. I watched District 9 again the other day and I was wondering if there will ever be a District 10. Christopher Johnson certainly promised to be back after 3 years.

  8. So, the Wife had her pre-natal checkup this morning.

    Everything is fine.

    OB/GYN Says, “There is no reason not to believe you will not have a healthy set of TWINS!.

    My response was “Wait What! TWINS!”

    Wife ” Well, I wanted to suprrise you. Why I was wearing oversize clothes the past couple of months…SURPRISE!”

    Im Filing for divorce tomorrow.

    • Remembering it is April 1? ;)

      • SON OF A HEIFER!

        • @ W ffeJ

          Who me or your wife?

          • ME actually for falling for it!

            Not you my friend lol.

            • ok. If you were refering to me, you would need to say, “Son of a Red Heifer”. #obscuce reference

            • ok. If you were refering to me, you would need to say, “Son of a Red Heifer”. #obscure reference

  9. Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.

    1. If you could do a marvel dc crossover and bring two villians together for a big budget film who would you choose ?

    2.Who would be your choice of marvel and dc hero’s to confront the villan team up ?

    • Joker and Green Goblin. They are both awesome and insane. As for the heroes to take them down well that would be easy, Batman and Spiderman. The two of these heroes have an extremely different style of fighting and interrogating. Batman would be more dark and witty but Spiderman would use humor and witty speech to draw out his enemy. The two contrast would be entertaining meanwhile you have the two crazy lunatics running around killing people at random… Or is it really random?

      • 1)Doc Ock and Lex Luthor

        2)Captain America and Superman

    • 1. Doctor Doom & Lex Luthor
      2. Iron Man & Batman

    • 1. Galactus/ Brainiac
      2. Superman / Silver surfer

      There would definitely be scene where supes and the surfer battle each other, before facing the main antagonists of the film.

    • Magneto and Lex Luthor

      Batman and Iron man

    • 1.) Magneto and Metallo
      2.) Spider-Man and Batman

    • Great choices from everyone, my picks would be ….

      Carnage & joker

      Wolverine & green arrow

  10. If luthor shows up in a man of steel sequel he should clone superman and the I.D. of the clone should be BZR-0.

  11. I happened to catch an episode of “Monk” on t.v. yesterday, and who do I see appear as a guest character on the show? Why, none other than the actor who plays Detective Lance on “Arrow”! He played a dermatologist who had suffered through leprosy as a child. Oddly, he had an English accent. Is he actually a British actor, or was he just using an accent for that role?

    It was entertaining to see him in a role as the outsider…

    • Sigh…that should be “appearING”, since his character performed no magic.

    • I love the Monk TV series. I remember that episode you are referring to and I think Natale Teeger kissed him didn’t she? I am not sure if I am right but I have a general idea of the episode you are talking about. I haven’t seen that show in a couple of years but I wish it hadn’t ended. I missed basically all the Arrow episodes so I didn’t really bother trying. I will probably wait until season one comes out on DVD.

  12. I’ve decided to stop watching TV series for the next couple of months. Instead I’ve been surfing Amazon and the Apple iStore for any good fantasy/Sci-fi books.

    I’ve already picked up the obvious ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ and Stephen Kings ‘Dark Tower’ series. Does anyone recommend anything?

    • I have been working on this list for a year or so now and in no specific order. The only one I would not recommend so far is Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis.

      • Aww! Come onn are you serious? Well… Yeah maybe “Out of the Silent Planet” is kinda dry, but the third in that series, “That Hideous Strength” is Mindblowing!

  13. Does anyone know for a fact whether or not the trailer for Thor The Dark World comes out tomorrow? I read not too long ago the first trailer will be out April 2nd. I certainly hope so.

    • I don’t think it’ll be releasing tomorrow. It’ll most likely be debuted with Iron Man 3.

  14. Well, steming from VADER’s 501st question, I’m going to open it up a bit.

    Not locking it in to just Marvel and DC, any villain, you can include Batfink, Underdog, Marine Boy, Tom of THUMB, you name it.

    Ok, so, villains (and lets make it 4)

    1. Skeletor
    2. Invader Zim
    3. The Joker
    4. The Rhino


    1. The Super Strong Flea (from Looney Tunes)
    2. Superman
    3. Birdman
    4. Astroboy (because he has machine guns in his butt!)

    • Villains:

      1.) Green Goblin
      2.) The Joker
      3.) Darth Vader
      4.) Freddy Krueger


      1.) Spider-Man
      2.) Batman
      3.) Silver Surfer
      4.) James Bond