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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 9, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 9, 2012

For you regular/return visitors, we’ll be testing some things on the site probably starting this week, so don’t be alarmed if you visit and things look different. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 9, 2012

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  1. Good morning ranters. Anyone see any movies this weekend? There seems to be less big movies coming out in April than in recent memory. There isn’t one that I’m overly excited about.

    • did not see anything on the weekend. but this week in the UK The Cabin in the Woods and Battleship are coming out.

      • A lot of people are talking about Cabin in the woods. I haven’t seen anything on it yet…

        • The trailer for Cabin in the Woods was awesome…
          Just sayin ;)

  2. any news on who is doing the music score for Man of Steel. i would love for a new Superman theme music. we all know Superman Theme music is a classic but its time to move on and hear something fresh and new.

    • At first, it was assumed that Hans Zimmer was going to score ” The Man Of Steel. ” But Zimmer himself said he would not be scoring the film. He also said he would not want to be given the challenge of deciding how to approach the John Williams’ Superman theme.
      Tyler Bates has worked on most of Zack Snyder’s movies. However, I’ve not seen or read anything that confirms Bates will compose the music.
      But given the partnership both Zack and Snyder have had, I would bet on Bates writing the score.
      What IS on record is that Snyder and Warner Bros are not going to use the old ( but classic ) John Williams music.
      The music, along with everything else regarding MOS, will be new.

  3. Good luck for them on the score then, because i bet it beat John William’s Superman score.

    • John Ottman already recycled the John Williams Superman Theme on Bryan Singer’s Superman flick. And we all know how that turned out.
      It’s about time we get a Superman movie unlike any other. For this generation. New themes, ideas and concepts, new music.
      Bring it on, MOS.

      • I’m hoping that MOS comes out really well done. So far, at least in my opinion, everything is going straight with it. Really looking forward to it.

        • @ d-man

          Im not getting my hopes up. So far from what i read about it, it seems like a rehash of a couple episodes from Season 4 of Lois&Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman. Instead of Lord Nor & kryptonians threatning earth, it’s Zod,Fiora,other kryptonians vs. Superman aswell as human military. I hope it turns out better. Imo, i wouldn’t care if they didn’t bring Lex into the reboot if they plan to make a trilogy that is. Id rather see Morgan Edge & Intergang instead.

          • Right, right. This is a in general question for everybody. If you had a chance to reboot/ remake the franchise. How would you do it and what villian would you start with?

            • I wouldn’t reboot it at all. Everybody and his cousin know Supes origin. I would have the movie with him in his 30′s with a real force to contend with: Brainiac, Doomsday, Darkseid, etc…

              • Yeah, that would be cool.

            • @ d-man

              Id probly wanna reboot the Superman franchise as he’s the first hero i set eyes on. I know i wouldn’t do a origin story of my own because that story has been told plenty of times already in different ways. I wouldn’t have no-more than two villains in the film for sure whether it’s the first film or sequels if i decided to make more. As for what villain would i start with? it would depend on how & who the villain/villains were in the previous franchise from before. Not to mention how different id make the character from that version. I might consider using Morgan Edge as first villain & one of Superman’s physical villains as a 2nd villain such as Parasite. Id also leave a hint of Lex Luthor by name seen in a newspaper hinting he runs Lexcorp, etc. and possibly dig into him as he digs in Superman. I know id like to direct other DC hero films. If I was to direct Justice League, i would think about bringing the heroes together to fight Darkseid as he threatens earth. Not only can can Orion & High Father make minor or cameo appearances but id like to see the film pave the way to a solo film for Mr. Miricle. Maybe see how Scott frees Barda from Granny Goodness & the Female Furies before Barda could be one herself.

              Just ideas i have.

  4. First off I’d like to announce that Lockout has been getting good reviews from what i hear so…I win.

    Second, I had this theory and if you consider this it would be like the most bitter twist ever. Check it: Imagine if to get revenge on the public/networks for never letting him end any of his TV series, Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie just cuts to black as the big fight is about to ensue. The team units at the end of the second act, awesome music is playing as they suit up and then cut to credits-No resolution. You might be saying “No way, the film is debuting at Tribeca we would totally hear something about it!” and to that i say, Nay. Why? Because all the Firefly/Dollhouse fans that were petitioning to get the shows back on the air bought ALL the tickets to the film festival and are spreading word of an awesome ending as a cover for Whedon’s master plan. And they call themselves ‘Whedon’s Fireflies’ just for effect.

    Just something that’s been on my mind for a few weeks. I feel like Abed from Community right now. How’s things with you guys?

    • no, as much as whedon loved Firefly and his other works, he would never do that.

      He’s not the kind of guy to hold a $250million grudge. Its a funny thought, but it’ll never happen. Not only would he have to convince Firefly fans (who are also avengers fans), he’d also have to convince critics who get pre-screenings

    • Because Marvel would be totally cool about him ending the movie like that…

      • ^
        @shacasha: You’ve been lawyer’d ;)

        • Nice HIMYM reference. :)

      • @Kyle woah…easy there skipper. I never said it was at all possible it was just a hypothetical…for your imagination..i’m sure you have one..

  5. just watched “12 monkeys” for the first time this weekend, as well as alien 3. And i just ordered alien: resurrection collectors addition on amazon so i should have that by next week.

    • and what was your take on 12 monkeys? i thought it wasa great film and i didn’t really see that ending coming

      • I think this was a showcase of how brilliant an actor Brad Pitt actually is, you don’t really see that when he’s the lead actor. I would love to see him do more supporting roles, he’s great at them.

        And some of Bruce Willis’s best work too.

        • i agree on brad pitt as supporting actor. he was brilliant in True Romance.
          “…Don’t f#$%&*g condescend to me…”

          • I have to admit I missed that one, hopefully they’ll show it on cable sometime.

    • Wait, what? Your first viewing of 12 Monkeys? Well better late than never, great film too, Alien 3, not as good.

      Now don’t tell me you’ve never seen Alien Resurrection?

  6. I went and saw “Mirror, Mirror” yesterday, and it was not…bad. I’m still looking much more forward to “Snow White and the Huntsman” and think it will ultimately be the better of the two films. I DID, however, find quite a few entertaining moments in MM. I, of course, will not spoil them here, but a number of the character interactions were excellent (some, on the other hand, were not quite so hot), and the set pieces were absolutely stunning. A number of the variations on the Snow White fairy tale were also, I think, amusing and well played.

    Overall, not a bad time for a Sunday afternoon…

    • I still find it hard to believe though that anyone would think Kristen Stewart is “fairer” than Charlize Theron, what the hell were they thinking!

      Looks like it could be a good film but they picked the wrong Snow White.

      • My understanding of the idea is that she WILL take over the position of “fairest”, not that she currently IS. Theron’s Queen wishes to keep herself eternally gorgeous and powerful. Snow White, et al, will stop her through combat (as opposed to just a magical kiss) in this incarnation of the fairy tale.

  7. Watched American Reunion and Lmao the original cast returning was long overdue.

  8. Does anyone have any suggestions on I what I should go see this saturday?

    • Go see your parents. :-D

      • Is rare to have wit and sarcasm come across well in a one sentence comment.
        Good job Kahless :)

        • Actually, I almost didn’t post that because I’m not sure how it would have gone over. There are many people who would have taken that in the wrong context and have been offended, thinking that I thought they don’t see their parents enough. But this is a SR crowd, who know how to take a joke.

          Thanks for the compliment.

    • The Avengers! Break into Whedon’s edit room and see…

      The Avengers!

      • @ pitt man
        if I could I really would.

        • And bring me with you. 8-)

          • How do you do the smiley wearing those shades?

            |) (how does he do that?)

            • The number 8 followed by a minus sign followed by a right parentheses.

              • Cool thanks 8-)

                • No problemo. :-D

    • Cabin In The Woods looks interesting.
      I’m going to see it this weekend.
      Check out the trailer and see If it’s something you might like.

      • @ Kevin7
        Your right it looks really instresting, better than all these horror movie remakes.

  9. Question.
    Am I the only person here who can’t get into Game of Thrones?
    I’ve sat down a few times to watch season 1 on HBO Go but it’s just not grabbing me. People who love the show tell me to be patient but I’m just not digging it.

    • I felt the same way about community. Everyone said, “watch it, it’s awesome!” I still don’t see it.

      • It took me a few episodes to get into Community but I love it.
        I don’t really know how to describe it but about 4 or 5 episodes into the 1st season the show changes into more of what it is now. It kind of felt like the creators new it wasn’t doing well in the ratings so they just went for broke and started to do whatever they wanted.
        If you get a chance and you feel like it you should give it another go.

    • How many episodes have you watched? I felt the same way, specially after the first couple of episodes. We are thrown right in the middle of a much larger story and it’s really convoluted and hard to grasp who you should root for.

      But after a couple more episodes you start getting the big picture and how all of them relate to one another from the past war that set the world we are thrown into. Now that I get the full picture I’m completely hooked! :P

      • I fell asleep watching episode 4 last week.
        I’m going to give it another shot sometime this week. It’s a show that I would normally love so I hope to come around.
        A sad thing is that I already know the major “twist” that takes place torwards the end of the season. I’ve heard that in the bigger picture it’s not as major as you’d think but I need to stop thinking about it.

  10. k i have a question. the whole time i was watching 12 monkeys, it felt very familiar. i remember seeing a movie very similar to it. but i cant remember the name.

    in the movie there is a virus or something that wipes out most of human kind. people from the future send someone back in time to find the cause or stop it, i cant really remember. but they think some scientist lady started it so the guy has to find her. i dont remember how, but the guy is the one that ends up causing it by coming in contact with certain things. like touching a basketball that some kid sneezed on. at the end he is dieing and a friend comes from the future and takes him back.

    can anyone help me with the title???

  11. I finally saw Real Steel over the weekend (it was raining at the beach :()
    It was a good movie IMO: The fights were REALLY good and Jackman brought it, but damn that kid was annoying…

    • I agree avenger the movie was good and Jackman definately brought it but the kid was annoying. I really enjoyed the fights and found myself immediately rooting for Adam. It’s a great movie well worth checking out for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

      • Weird thing is… the robot was actually called Atom (as it’s written on his chest)… but throughout the movie, everyone kept saying “Adam”

    • Did either of you get annoyed with the rip offs of boxing movies? The last fight was complete Rocky. Also, was it Foreman vs Ali where Ali just sat on the ropes and took it until he got tired? It was a total rip off of those movies/fights.

      • yes, that was the “rope-a-dope”, but i don’t see it as a rip off. it was more of an homage as jackman’s character was a former boxer, and i guess he wanted to try that move out, and yes, that kid almost reached jake lloyd heights of annoyingness

        • Completely agree…
          Not a rip-off, it was a homage to the greats.

    • I enjoyed it. I negatively pre-judged it at first but it turned out to be solid entertainment.

  12. I finally saw Hunger Games this weekend. It was the best movie I have seen this year.

  13. I just started watching supernatural on Netflix since I started watching when the show first aired, then had a time or a channel change so I lost track of it. Anyways does anyone know what season and episode they’re on?

    • Season 7 – Episode 18 aired a week ago (from last Friday). It’s on another short hiatus until April 20th…on the CW, at 9 – 8 central standard time. The seventh season hasn’t been very good until the last 3 episodes (that Screenrant won’t do a review/discussion page for…I’ve voiced my opinion on that matter for the last few weeks).

      • thanks B-List I guess I’ll have to wait and get season 7 when it comes out on Netflix because I’m only halfway through season one

      • I agree they’ve really been phoning it in this season, but I really liked Cas’s comeback.

        • Cas/Meg episode was pretty great.

  14. enders game has been pushed back until november 2013!!!

  15. Has anyone heard anything new about Kill Bill 3 or what the title maybe called since Bill is dead now?

    • She put him down for the count, but now, Bill is back…

      … and he’s hungry …

      The Walking Dead, The Movie: Kill Bill – Again!

      • @Kahless. Actually they already tryed to kill her twice.Once at the wedding and Bill’s brother buried her alive so this would be called Kill Kiddo Vol WTF: Die B**ch Die.

    • Wouldn’t it be called Kill Kiddo, Vol. 1? :-)

  16. i just watched Daredevil: Director’s Cut. Man was it good. ive never seen the theatrical version so i have nothing to compare it to but the directors cut was really good. i wonder why this film never got a sequel. they set it up nicely for one.

    • I’ve heard the director’s cut is good, apparently they butchered the movie so much before it hit theatre’s is why it probably won’t get a sequel.

    • The directors Cut of the movie was indeed worthy of a sequel.

      • I had no idea that the Director’s Cut of Daredevil was so different than the original, specially to consider it worthy of a sequel.

        I kind of liked the original but was obviously flawed. After reading this I will look it up ASAP!

        The Open Discussion has proved it’s usefulness once again! :P

  17. So Bridesmaids is on HBO (one of those premium channels) and this chick puts it on while were chillin. I have to say its pretty funny although I didnt start really paying attention until Kristen Wig(?) gave her Bride of Honor speech & then we zoned out with about 30min left. Think imma have to watch the whole thing.

    • I enjoyed that movie. My wife got it from Netflix and I wasn’t going to watch it, but I’m glad I did.

  18. Vic,

    Are these “shopping links added by SkimWords” some of the things you are testing? Or is that something that I’ve never noticed before?

  19. I saw Armeggedon yesterday for the first time.And even though it had a likable cast i know now why i avoided it all this time.Micheal f**king Bay.That was Transformers part 1 without the robot aliens.I had no idea he directed that film until yesterday.It all makes sense now.Btw i caught a virus on my laptop & now its becoming a pain in the ass with everthing moving real slow.I guess i’ll blame it on Bay lol So if im not around regularly for a few weeks you’ll know why.

    • I actually enjoyed Armageddon. And I actually got misty during the scene where he was saying goodbye to his daughter. It wasn’t Oscar worthy but I thought it was a fun movie.

      • Fun with a high degree of stupidity built in.

        Who thought a huge minigun on the front of that thing was a good idea! Were they expecting some agressive martians or something? Steve Buscemi’s behaviour was a bit over the top too.

        But a fun film just the same, just leave your brain at the door.

        8-) <– I like this little guy!!

        • Definitely a “leave your brain at the door” type movie. Buscemi was over the top, but you have to admit he had some of the funniest lines.

          :-) ;-) :-P :-D <- What about these guys?

          • Oh I love those little guys too, I’m just finding it hard coming up with the correct key combinations.


            I keep screwing them up. :|

            • See what I mean!!

  20. I just finished reading the Avengers comic book movie tie in “Fury’s Big Week” and in issue 6 **POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT** Black Widow goes to Samuel Sterns apartment to destroy any data he has on the Hulk. She arrives just as Abomination busts out of Sterns’ apartment. She then finds Sterns, newly mutated under some debris and he then asks her to assist him in his work and eluding the authorities, she refuses and he insults her by bringing up her past which concludes with him getting a well placed bullet in the leg :D my point to all this is what if by some chance the Leader makes an appearance in the Avengers or at the very least the mysterious after credits scene which could be used, God willing, to set up for TIH2 :) I can dream at least