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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 4, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Apr 4, 2012

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  1. Has anyone heard if Shemp will have a cameo in the Three Stooges movie? He was the only alternate to Curly that I ever liked, plus, he was actually Moe and Curly’s brother in real life, so that made him a more legitimate stooge as well.

  2. I am a Hunger Games fan so with all the talk lately about it being compared to Battle Royale i had to check the film out , I thought it was Amazing and was better than The Hunger Games movie , and thats coming from a Hunger Games fan , anyway it got me thinking about the brilliant Foriegn language films people might be missing out there , here is my Top 5 List

    5 . Waltz with Bashir ( Israilie )
    4 . Let the Right One in ( Swedish )
    3 . Pans Labrynth ( Spanish )
    2 . NIKITA ( French )
    1 . Battle Royale ( Japanese )

    Thoughts ?

    • loved loved loved “Let the Right one in” …it was really more of a tragic love story than a horror film. The pace was wonderful, and sets haunting, and the acting fantastic. Big fan of Pans Labrynth as well, such a sad story. The practical makeup effects in that movie are what makes me long for how flims used to be. Give me fantastic make up over crappy CGI anyday

    • I really like asian cinemia, while i have not taken to most european films….i thought let the right one in was very overrated as well as the original Girl with the dragon tattoo….however 13 assassins was my favorite foreign film of last year. Great flick…im really looking forward to seeing “raid :the redemption” and “flowers of war”…..but my favorite is still probably fearless starring jet li, that movie is epic.

      • I got Fearless before it was released in the US; great film. I would also recommend Ip Man (1 & 2); Donnie Yen at his greatest.

    • I absolutely loved “Let the Right One In” AND its American counterpart “Let Me In”. “Pan’s Labyrinth” was excellent and beautiful. I found “Waltz with Bashir” to be very entertaining. I liked “Nikita” and “Battle Royale”.

      I would also recommend “Persepolis” (Iranian/Persian) as a wonderful viewing experience.

      • i enjoyed the american verson as well. Didnt care as much for the male lead, but that was just one minor complaint.

        • I really like old boy and the departures

          • Any film by Chan-Wook Park. I label him as the Asian Fincher. See Lady Vengeance. It’s almost Fight Club esque in beat for beat comedy to darkness. Of course, Oldboy which is a masterpiece. Even I’m a Cyborg… is worth watching just for the absurdity of it.

            Pedro Almodovar is another I’d recommend as well. Single handedly keeping Penelope Cruz in credibility.

            Honourable movie mentions. The Door, Cell 211, Incendies, Rec 1 and 2, the utterly wonderful Confessions (2010), We Are What We Are, Cold Fish and going back, some Kar Wai Wong movies (2046, In The Mood For Love).

            Suffice to say, I enjoy foreign movies more than the majority of any other kind.

  3. Hey guys. Are you familiar with Letterboxd????

    I got an invite and it seems like the perfect social network for us ranters. You can add your reviews, log your viewed movies. And of course comment on the reviews everyone else been pushing out.

    So anyone interested? I’m not saying this as free publicity for the site but I’m already in and I have 3 invites. So who would appreciate this site more than you ranters!

    Anyway if anyone’s interested feel free to leave your email as a reply! :)

    • Do a search there for Screen Rant. :)


      • I already added you and Ben. My userID is “fitovm”

        Been following your mini-reviews on the site for a couple of weeks now! πŸ˜‰

        • I tried signing up but it’s asking for a beta code. I have no idea what that means?????
          It sounds like a social networking site that I can get behind.

          • That’s exactly why I mentioned this here. πŸ˜‰

            I know us ranters can appreciate a site like this πŸ˜›

            Reply with your email and I’ll send you and invitation for the site.

            It’s currently on closed beta so you can only get in by invitation.

            • Please don’t think I’m being a pain in the butt. I just have reservations about leaving my email on a message board.
              Are you on Twitter?
              I can follow you and send a direct message.
              But then again I’d understand if you had the same reservations about leaving your Twitter handle. :)

              • I understand your reservations. DonΒ΄t worry about it.

                I have my hotmail account for advertisings and such. So just sent me an email to it: πŸ˜‰

                Getting me to share my gmail account would be a whole different scenario!! πŸ˜›


      i’d like to check this out as well

      • Hey jeffro I sent you your invite. Hope you enjoy it. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey fito if you have another invite I’m interested.

      • Hey Trey you are the lucky third πŸ˜‰

        Hope you enjoy the site. Looking forward to see your points of view on different films. I believe the site is a great platform to check out how other ranters feel about the movies we comment so much here on the site. πŸ˜‰

        • Fantastic thanks a bunch

  4. Anyone planning on watching American Reunion, I hope its as hilarious as the original. I also started watching Spartacus Blood and Sand again since I hadn’t seen it for some time. It’s sad about Andy passing away he is truly missed in this series. I have to give Liem credit though he has done amazing as Spartacus.

    • i defenately plan on watching American Reunion when it hits being a big fan of the original 3 American Pie movies..i hope you enjoy the movie as well as i know i will..

  5. I ran across this interview of a famous Director, never laughed so hard.

  6. Has anyone heard which MARVEL film is confirmed to fill the 2nd 2014 slot?

    2013 Iron Man 3
    Thor 2
    2014 Captain America 2

    • Cap 2 hasn’t actually been confirmed yet, but some of the actors like Evans and McDonough said it’s more than likely (still, that isn’t official confirmation from Marvel Studios)

  7. On the last DKR post there was a discussion/argument about batman letting raz die after his code says not to. I’m not gonna state my opinion for the sake of the discussion coming up again but I was curious about one thing. Say in the DKR the lazarus pitts are revieled. Batman being the detective he is mite have know about this during batman begins. Would that make sense to everyone to let raz die? If batman knew he would just come back to life? Just a thought.

    • it wouldnt surprise me if the lazarus pit would be in TDKR clearly because after all its just a movie.. i kmow the majority of the fans always bring up the fact that in Nolan’s world the lazarus pit wouldnt fit in his Batman movies..but lets face it..there are still alot of things in Nolan’s Batman films that wouldnt exist in the real mean has there ever been a human being who put on a costume and went and fought crime..NO!..there’s no such thing as toxic fear gas..and so on and so thats why i wouldnt be surprised if the lazarus pit were to be in TDKR..

    • also to answer your theory/ if the lazarus pit does exist in wouldnt matter if Batman did let Ra’s die or live on the train in Batman Begins because if he died which he did..he would come back to life with the lazarus pit..if Batman let Ra’s live then he would still be alive so it wouldnt really matter then..but i have my own theory..SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..Liam Neeson was spotted on the set of TDKR and it has been obviously he will make an appearance in the new film..and almost everyone believes he will appear in a flashback scene..ok..but we already know that they have a younger actor casted to play a younger Ra’s which its safe to say that will be a flashback theory is..why would they have two completely different flashback scenes with Ra’s as a younger guy and as an older Ra’s(Liam Neeson)..that dont make no sense to me..i mean obviously these flashback scenes are meant to help us the audience understand the backstory that will be in TDKR..but why have two different flashbacks at different ages to give us a backstory???

      • because dude, it’s a NOLAN movie! it will be a flashback, within a flashback, within yet another flashback, and they may go deeper still

        • this is not INCEPTION dude…

    • 0oo anyways my theory is i think Ra’s Al Ghul will still be alive in TDKR and that will be the big reveal towards or at the end of the movie whether the lazarus pit is involved or not in either he ends up not dying in Batman Begins and escaped somehow..or he will be alive once again due to the lazarus pit..

      • I still think joseph goran levitt is a pivital peice of the DKR possibly as someone who takes up bruces mantle.

        • well there is 2 rumors of his true identity in TDKR..either a secret bad guy which i think wont happen in the film..or a secret superhero of sorts..cough..Robin..cough cough..or maybe even Nightwing..but i doubt that as well..i think he’s just a cop but he plays a very big role as a cop in the film..BUT you never know!

  8. Well ranters, in a few hours I’m off to the beach for Easter weekend (8hr drive and no internet for 4 days :()
    Hope all you guys enjoy your long weekend – maybe watch a few good movies, eat some pizza and have a few chocolate eggs…
    And don’t go revealing the 2 marvel movies slated for 2014 till I get back okay? πŸ˜‰

    • They didn’t listen…they revealed Captain America 2.

    • Sorry dude; Disney/Marvel decided to release Avengers early, and only for 3 days. The movie was the most awesome-ness epicosity of total radicalness ever! You’ll be able to buy the DVD in October. Happy Resurrection Day!


  9. ok i just saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last night and let me tell yall that movie was horrible..completely boring..has to be the most boring movie i think i have ever seen..i kept thinking..were they trying to make the most boring movie in existence?!..cause if they did..well they succeeded!

    • I loved it all opinion of course. Its a realistic spy movie not mission impossible. And it was etremely well acted benedict cumberbatch was flawless along with oldman hardy and firth

      • I enjoyed it. Its a welcomed change of pace from ur tyPical spy movies. I hope they complete the Karla Trilogy.

  10. Just got back from Titanic 3D, and OH MY GOODNESS!!! That had to be the best looking 3D I’ve ever seen!

    If you’ve never seen Titanic, go see it in 3D! You will be in for a treat!

  11. Just out of curiousity how did people get their names in blue? I noticed the staff like ben and vic do but then others like theavengers have it,

    • You mean like this?

      Put a website in the Website position.

      • Just any random website?

        • I geuss I always expected it was something a little more special haha

          • But some of us have special websites…and others are just Facebook fan pages.

            • Fan pages that need more LIKES…hint hint.

          • You mean like creating a C API to alter SR’s host file and cause ARP table poisoning? Nah, that’s too simple. 😎

    • You can buy District of Columbia for a lot less. πŸ˜›

      • Oh how I wish that was true lol