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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 30, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Apr 30, 2012

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  1. The Avengers Coming Up… ! OMG ! can’t wait !

  2. I know the TDKR trailer is supposed to premeir online sometime soon after may 4. Does anyone know when the new poster is going to be released?

    • A lot of people were expecting the new poster to be released today, but seems not the case. However – and that’s a huge HOWEVER – a global viral campaign is happening as we speak. has some new info and you might want to look into it. I won’t spoil it for you, but all I can say it’s shaping up to be awesome. With this and The Avengers, it’s one hell of a week.

      • Supposedly a HD version will be uploaded Monday May 7. Saw two screenshots of the new trailer. Git so excuted decided ti wait fir the trailer to come out lol

      • Thanks! I’ll be looking out for the new poster!

        Finally, TDKR is upping their viral campaign. Should be fun!

  3. Got a Casting call for you guys lets say Disney decides to do a Gargoyles Live action film who would you cast…..and GO!

    • Hmm….Nobody in hopes that it doesn’t get made? 😀

      Not sure if a live action would work really. Unless the CGI were Avatar like…

  4. So we all know we are a week away from probably the best summer movie season in a while, the only question that’s been on my mind as of late is what are we going to talk about in like..November? I mean, i like the midyear action/drama/whatever movies as much as the next guy but as far as big movies go

    • The Hobbit?

    • i think there’s a few movies coming this christmas, we’ll probably be talking about those.

    • Twilight: BD 2?

      (crickets chirping)

      What?! 😀

      Hobbit, Dredd, Looper, Taken 2, Red Dawn, and Skyfall.

      • Django unchained!

      • Wow Kahless I’m glad you put that list of movies on here. I didn’t know anything about Taken 2. The original is one of my favorite movies. I have to say it 2012 is the best movie year EVER!!! :)

  5. I think a Gargoyles live action, and a Exo-Squad would both be Really good story driven films and have great action as well. Also who thinks after Avengers they should go forward with a Hulk sequel?

    • i would love a hulk sequel. especially after the set up at the end of the TIH

  6. Avengers checklist: Watch all movies in one day (done), get tickets for midnight showing (done), purchase diapers for nerdgasms (pending)… T-minus 4 days!

  7. First timer in SR, lot of informations to read……great.

    • Welcome to the jungle. 😎

      • We got fun and games

        • We do have everything you could want.

          • Honey we know the names.

  8. just watched pitch black and chronicles of riddick yesterday. both were good but the first was better, it had more of an Alien vibe and chronicles just reminded me of the Fifth Element to much. cant wait for the third one though

  9. i live in sweden and it premiered last friday. my advise: go live in a box or in a glass house with no contact outside. wait for it to premiere in the us and go watch it… It is really …i repeat really GOOD!!!!.
    5 stars . i have only one problem after seeing it .every time i talk about it i want to go and see it again….

    • From the “exuberance” and “excitement” displayed in your comment, I deduce that you must in fact be talking about ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’? 😉

      • You mean he wasn’t talking about Battleship?! 😛

  10. For my birthday I got an amazing “gift” at ebertfest. I got the autograph of non other than Michael Shannon after the screening of take shelter. Mite I add it was a fantastic movie.

    • Might I add a Belated B-Day sir. Hope you took advantage of “Its My B-Day” as a scapegoat for any inappropriate behavior.

      • Well of course how else do you think I got mr.shannons autograph? Haha jk

    • Take Shelter was a pretty cool movie. For the last 30 mins of the movie I was second guessing myself on whether he was crazy or not untill the end…

      • Yeah at the question and answer the first question someone asked was. How should we enterprate the ending of the movie.

        • Well….I got the Question. But where’s The Answer? 😀

          • Take shelter spoiler!!

            The answer to how we should interperate the ending is whatever you want it to be. Lame answer I know. But he described it as for him the movie was written about marriage and the trust between a husband and a wife. And he ended the movie with them looking at each other as if they were on the right page for the first time in the movie.

            • Yeah, That answer would’ve irked me a little but his point of view is pretty spot on since that was a mayor theme in the film. In the end they just looked at each other and she realized he was right. I liked it. Thankfully Red Box supports goodies like this or else I would’ve never gotten the chance tp see it…

  11. Week 2 if the new layout. Im really diggin it. Any other layout changes coming soon Vic?

    • Ignur Rant,

      Thanks, man. It’s really nice to hear. Often with stuff like this I operate in a vacuum and have no idea whether people think it’s an improvement or don’t like it (well, actually people are quick to complain). 8)

      There will be some minor tweaking here and there and we will be testing out changes probably to the movie news and TV news pages. Might test another home page layout, not sure. One thing I’m giving attention to now is how to make pages load faster. Worked on that over the weekend and you should be seeing a bit of an improvement there as well.


      • Have you tried the Mobile version of the site(On Android) and making it a web version. It seems to load quicker and easier on the eyes at least for me…It might be to drastic a change though…

        • I actually am not a fan of mobile sites for any website. I like the more detailed comment section the web version allows. I canwait an extra 5 seconds for the page to load on my ipad or iphone lol

          • Hmm…I see what you mean. The comments section does load separately…

        • i wish you could reply to the comments via e-mail. i get follow up e-mails on my phone and spend my breaks and lunch following all the ranters on here, and sometimes i want to reply, but have to wait til i get home, then i have to wade through all the comments and find what i was trying to reply to.

  12. The countdown is on! I’m going to a Marvel Marathon on Thursday.

  13. So I’m at episode 16 of the 26 episode run of Dollhouse and I have to say I absolutely love it.
    At 1st I was a bit unsure of wether or not Eliza Dushku had the range as an actress to pull a role like this off but I think she’s pretty good.
    And I’ll also say episode 13 titled “Epitaph One” is one of the best episodes of any Sci-Fi series I’ve ever seen.

  14. T-minus 4 days and counting! My head is about to explode!! 😀

    I’m digging Avengers: EMH more and more. The last episode didn’t even have most of the Avengers in it, but it did have a pair of…heroes for hire. Loved it!

    SR, will we be getting any Eureka and/or Supernatural discussion threads?

    • If Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’ movie will be anything like the latest episode of Avengers: EMH, then I won’t be disappointed.

      • Edgar wright is a funny man

  15. May I ask why when I move the mouse adds are just popping up? Several times

  16. Vic (or any othe Screen Rant staff) Not sure who would address this but the iOS app hasn’t been working for the past couple of days. The reason was listed as: “The URL can not be shown” when you try to launch it.

  17. Vic (or any othe Screen Rant staff) Not sure who would address this but the iOS app hasn’t been working for the past couple of days. The reason was listed as: The URL can not be shown, when you try to launch it.

  18. Hey Screenranters, a few days ago I went on a tear against Regal Cinemas regarding their possible allowing texting and phone calls during movies, I sent Regal’s corporate office a long and angry email. I received two replies since, one explaining the idea and this one today:

    Hello and by way of introduction, I am Amy Miles, CEO of Regal Entertainment. I am reaching out to you today to address your inquiry regarding the possibility of Regal allowing patrons to text during the movies. We understand the importance of providing a superior guest experience and we spend a lot of our valuable communication time prior to movie start times reminding our customers to avoid cell phone usage and texting during the movies. We will continue our commitment regarding the texting and cell phone usage and have no plans to change our policies or focus. I was on a panel a week or so ago and noted that we have discussed a test with one of our studio partners regarding taking a separate auditorium and allowing more interactivity in this auditorium, including less restrictive rules on texting, etc. We did not go forward with test due to several concerns, including increased piracy risk. All of these facts were stated during the panel but unfortunately not all of the statements were reflected in subsequent internet coverage.

    I wanted to clarify that we are just as diligent regarding the use of phones in our theatres and as you now have my direct contact information below, please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns. I appreciate your comment and thanks again for taking the time to express your concerns.

    Take care,
    Amy >end email

    So it seems Regal Cinemas will not be allowing texting during movie viewing. Just thought I would share the update.

    • Good Info…

  19. Avengers just got another bad review on RT. It’s still at 96%.

    • you should read that review. it’s obvious the guy hasn’t watched many, if any, of the other marvel films as he claims, and he gave mirror mirror 4/5 stars. that tells you all you need to know

      • Yeah, I read his full review and it looks like he doesn’t like comic book movies (except maybe Spider Man 2). If you don’t like a particular genre, why even give your biased review of it?

    • *Shrugs*

      Doesn’t really matter. I have doubts that it’ll go below 90% but then again there are still MANY critics that are yet to cast in their thoughts. Surprisingly some of the ones I see consistently give crappy reviews gave good ones so there’s hope that it’ll stay above 90%…

  20. I just heard from a friend that Benedict Cumberbatch is officially Kahn. Anyone heard anything?

    • god i hope not

    • SR just put up a thread on it.

  21. i posted this in the dr strange article comments

    i’m bummed that it appears marvel will not be getting the rights back on fantastic 4 and daredevil. i thought studios had 5 years between films. daredevil was in ’03, electra came out in ’05, so why doesn’t marvel have those rights back now?

    • It seems those contracts are VERY specific and complicated, so I’ve given up trying to understand them.
      Still, if those movies like FF and DD don’t start filming soon, I’m sure we’ll see some of the rights reverting back.

  22. 4 Days! 4 Days Ladies and Gents. 4 Days Untiiiiiiilll……

    Counter Point Returns……With a Vengeance! :-p

  23. I’ll be checking out the Avengers at the Universal Citywalk theater on Sunday the 6th, first show is only $10! Trying to avoid the ghetto theaters in L.A. -early Sunday, hopefully no talking or texting and a huge auditorium. I stopped reading updates and haven’t watched any new commercials in a few weeks so I’ll go in semi-fresh. Excited for the Amazing Spiderman final trailer in 3D as well.