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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 27, 2012

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  1. I’ve posted this review before, but I’m curious to your thoughts! :)

    I’ve went to the Belgian premiere of this movie after months/ years of anxiously awaiting this movie after it being teased in Iron Man 1.
    I must say that it was even better then I had imagined. The whole movie just breaths a comic book vibe. It has been described in previews as a totally different superhero film then Christopher Nolan’s Batman, and I’d even go further as to calling it a film from a totally different genre!

    Where ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ pull the comic elements from its roots in the Batman universe, Marvel has tried, and after seeing this movie succeeded, in creating a universe that pulls us out of our everyday (dull) lives and lets us roam free to enjoy the adventures these superheroes. In that sense I believe that Joss Whedon’s ‘The Avengers’ is a real comic book movie, embracing its comic books roots and presenting people who really are ‘super’ people. Characters we all adore because we ‘want’ to be like them, but we know we could never ‘be’ them. Batman has been such an amazing success because it gives us the idea that we could be this hero, for real (if we had the money and the training). I think this difference is style will be key to the future of superhero films. Where the DC universe gives us reality and humanity and the Marvel universe fantasy and entertainment.

    To back up my claim, just look at the Green Lantern. It was an enjoyable film, but it didn’t succeed in letting us believe in the world it presented. I’ve seen a lot of people cheer for a Justice League film and I honestly hope it never sees the light of day.. A vey harsh and perhaps questionable claim, but unless it can give us a fitting universe to work its magic, it will be doomed before they even start filming. Having said that I think that DC comic book characters are more fit for standalone quality features that can keep audiences engaged, whereas Marvel characters can be used together like in “The Avengers” because it focuses on entertainment.

    Feel free to comment, did you enjoy this movie? What do you think will be the future of comic book/ superhero films?

    • I think the future of marvel movies will be more stand alone films for the lesser known heroes (to some extent) if the hulk can’t even gross a lot movies like ant man and black panther mite not have that much money to be made. As for thw Avengers we all know this one and the sequals will be massive success but for how long? I expect 3 avengers movies with the cast it has now. You can replace character to show some new ones but the appeal won’t be as high. Replacing ironman and cap with black panther and ant-man mite sounds cool for comic book fans (just an analogy I have no idea if this is a possible claim) but the appeal money wise won’t sustain if so. Also expect to see 2 more Xmen FC movies and the potential of 3 spiderman movies (including the one this year. As for DC the justice league movie will eventually happen after the success of the Avengers. That being said I wouldn’t say its doomed to fail. The Green Lantern was a horid script/screenplay that ruined that movie it has nothing to do with the lack of a base world to play with. I do understand where you are coming from with metropolis and gotham being main places and all. With the right director and writer A justice league movie could work really well, and I think Joss Whedons Avengers has proven that.

  2. I attended ebertfest yesterday. If anyone doesn’t know its a movie festival where I live ran by film critic roger ebert. The only movie I caught was big fan which was pretty good. tomorrow ill be catching take shelter and meeting michael shannon who is the geust host. Pretty exciting I must say.

    • I enjoyed Take Shelter ,the performance by the family trio kept me hooked but the problem was the end i just didnt get the message of the movie ? Anyone have any insight for me ?

      • That’s funny cause a man at the showing of big fan asked me what other movies I was attending and I said take shelter. And his response was “such a good movie but the last 10 seconds was just weird” since there is a Q&A with the director and michael shannon if I feel the same ill ask the director and pass it on

        • Please let us know what they say if you do ask.

        • I would appritiate that if you could , as i said realy great performances enjoy the film .

      • Edit:One of the TWO guys who liked Quantum of Solace

        • LOL

  3. Still on cloud 9 after Avengers Assemble ! How about some of those movies that just make you feel great about cinema ?

    Me, Jurassic Park , Star Trek 09 and Avengers Assemble !

    • same here cloud9 is pretty nice, think i might just stay. hopefully seeing it for a second time in the next day or 2.
      A few movies i have felt great about the cinema are: the transformers trilogy, incredible hulk, iron man 2, sherlock holmes game of shadows.
      i only saw JP 3 in cinemas and well it was ok… star trek 09 is 1 of my all time favourite movies but i went with people that didn’t like sic fi and a dead audience.

      • Star trek comes to mind also for me as does inception. But the most recent one I can remember is Cabin in the woods. Even tho its far from a perfect movie it was fun to watch.

  4. What I thought of The Avengers:
    (There are no spoilers, but if you haven’t watched ANY of the trailers, then don’t read)
    The plot was great. It’s simple enough for normal movie goers to follow, yet complex enough for the fans who’ve been following the continuity to go “oh yeah! This ties-in with this, and this relates to that!”. Whedon really pulled it off well, considering this could have gone a 100 ways wrong. The pacing was also exceptional (something the other 5 movies never really mastered) Very few questions are left unanswered by the end. It really is a good, well rounded story from start to finish.
    Don’t expect too many easter eggs or cameos, because to be honest, there were almost none. As a fanboy, I’m a little disappointed, but at the same time, I fully understand that they didn’t want another IM2.

    The characters all shine. There is no “star of the movie” (and if I absolutely HAD to pick.. I’d have to go with Banner/Hulk). Every single character gets his/her moment(s). I do have a lot more to say about each individual actor/actress and their respective character, but I wouldn’t want to spoil any of the amazing and surprising character moments. I will say this though: the acting from some of the guys/gals were FAR better than I could ever have imagined, and the actors of whom I was expecting great things, weren’t as good as I thought they’d be (I did have unfairly high expectations for them though)

    The action: every fight sequence is straight out of a comic book. You’ll see scenes that will immediately make you realize: the guy who made this movie is a flat out, comic book geek. Whedon knew exactly what the fans wanted and put it all in there.
    Every single fight sequel has a great flow as well – it feels so real (and keep in mind, you’ll be seeing Iron Man go up against a god of thunder – so when I say it looks/feels real, I mean it) The stunts are extremely well choreographed and it becomes clear that a lot of them were done by the actors themselves, which I find very impressive.
    The CGI was incredible. Some of the stills and trailers had a few cartoony shots, but it all looks amazing on the big screen. If you stick through the credits, you wouldn’t be surprised at the amount of people it took to make this movie come to life visually.

    The dialogue and humor… well, what can be said: It’s Joss Whedon. It was fantastic. The only dialogue that didn’t impress me was some of the stuff with Nick Fury (there was also a certain scene with Cap and Stark from the trailers that’s been changed, and IMO it didn’t really work as well as the original version).
    I was beginning to feel a little worried that TA would be TOO funny after reading some of the reviews on RT, but it wasn’t so. I’ll admit, Whedon walked a fine line and it almost ended up being a comedy, but luckily (I think) he maintained the balance… The movie was freakin hilarious though ;)

    The score was impressive as well. Alan Silvestri composed a heroic orchestra of sounds that just makes you want to start cheering. That said, a few of the songs were a bit too reminiscent of Cap:TFA (which I found a little lazy), but for the most part, the overall score is great (as I’m typing this, I’m still whistling the “Avengers Theme”).

    The 3D: I thought it was pretty good. It’s not necessary that you go see it in 3D, but I’d encourage you to do so. It did add depth to the movie and when you’re watching what is (arguably) some of the best fight/battle sequences ever captured on film, you’ll be wishing that you could get the full experience. Some of the scenes (very few) were a bit dark/blurry though – but overall, coming from a guy that doesn’t really like 3D, I’d say spend the extra few bucks. It’s not everyday that the Avengers assemble on the big screen.

    The Avengers was amazing. It’s definitely my favorite comic book movie of all time now, and easily one of the top 10 movies I’ve ever seen. It delivers on all accounts and only has a few, very minor flaws.
    One of the best aspects of the movie is that it’s a roller-coaster ride: it’s lighthearted, VERY intense, and then lighthearted again. It’s unexpected and I never knew what was coming next. it’s funny and serious, often almost at the same time – I was a little exhausted after watching it ;)
    Don’t underestimate the Avengers: while it is mostly an action/adventure movie, it’s definitely NOT just another “mindless popcorn flick”. It does have a sense of depth that I wasn’t expecting and the characters do evolve and make you care even more than their solo movies did.
    Instant classic IMO.
    5 out of 5 and it goes without saying, I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    • Nice review AVENGERS. I’m glad you enjoyed it I knew it was something you looked forward to it.

    • Well written review good sir! As far as the easter eggs, I’m not too surprised. Most of the other easter eggs referred back to this group of Avengers. I think when the movie was being filmed, it was difficult for them to know if other characters woulud be involved.

      Glad you enjoyed it. One week!

      “Then came a day, unlike any other….”

    • Nice review Avenger.

      Note to Vic: I think you’ve found your new reviewer. :-D

    • question…did you see the new TDKR trailer and ASM before avengers? were they awesome if yes?

      • Those trailers will first come with the US release.

        • Oh thanks i appreciate it

    • @Avenger. Well i know if you enjoyed it Avenger that’s pretty much money in the bank.7 days & counting.

  5. Damn. I´m still too broke to afford an Avengers ticket… I even thought of selling my Ozzy Osbourne ticket. But that´s probably my last chance to see the old man again before he bites the dust.

    Karma is a b$tch.

    • Im sure something will come up soon.Just don’t go around sticking up any old people for cash.

      • On May, 7th I start a new job. But until then I´m pretty broke. And I´m not sure what you mean with “sticking up old people up for cash”…

        • No i was just joking,a poor joke probably.I just meant don’t get that desparate to where you end up robbing someone b\c of how bad you wanna see Avengers.But you’ll be fine you said you start a new job soon congrats.So you’ll see Avengers sooner or later even though i know you prefer sooner.And here’s a idea just borrow a few dollars from someone you know & tell them you’ll pay them back when you get paid.

          • Hahaha, I see. No, I wouldn´t rob any people, old or not. I´ll probably watch it on the weekend, since my brother wants to see it too, even though he´s not a fan of the genre or comic books in general. I´m sure he can lend me a few bucks.

  6. Yo Vic,

    The new layout is dope. Is this a beta version or the final product?

    • Hey ignur id like to hear your opinion on the avengers. Being someone who is on here often

      • @Trey im gonna post it at the bottom.

        • And its in waiting in limbo. No spoilers. Just gotta wait for Vic took.

          • Thanks ignur I look forward to it

    • Agree. I like the layout a lot VIc!

    • I’m just not a fan of the bigger font size… it looks a little strange.

      • You guys speak and I listen. I’ve dropped the font size a notch (you may need to clear your browser cache to see the change).

        And I’m REALLY glad you’re liking the new look! :-D

        Will be playing with some other possible changes for the home page and category/tag pages.



        • I just cleared my cache and the home page font is smaller, but the font size of the OD is still larger. No problems, just an observation.

        • “You guys speak and I listen”
          Why is that so epic?

          • Ignur Rant,

            That’s a joke, right?


            • hahaha For some reason i hear James Earl Jones or that Talkin Tree from LotR: The Two Towers.

              • I actually hear the Marine from Aliens: “What? Was that a joke?” :-)

      • You’re still young; wait a couple of decades, then we’ll talk. :-)

        • Hehehe ;) Point taken

  7. Are they still gonna make another Friday with chris tucker??

    • I don’t know what’s going on with Tucker. He was all his way to comedy gold, and then he dropped off the market. Shame.

      • I myself am looking forward to The Last Friday if its ever made. The first one was like a hood episode of Sienfeld. It was just another day. I can relate to that movie so much.

        PSyall should watch Anuvahood. Its like the british version of Friday. Its on Netflix as well.

    • Chris Tucker got back on the right track with God so he didn’t wanna do any more rated r films.That’s why he wasn’t in Next Friday or any other crazy film.They had to twist his arm just to make him do a Rush Hour 3 which is a PG-13 franchise.All his stand up acts are clean now with no profanity.I respect that but he acts all brand new now like he was never a wild & crazy person.Im sure he can be still funny in a Friday movie without smoking weed & using profanity but i wouldn’t kiss his a** to be in it.

  8. Just an observation here… but Every commercial or trailer I have seen for ‘The Avengers’ still says “This film has not yet been rated.” lol How is that possible? It comes out in a week in the U.S. and is already out over seas.

  9. Non Review No Spoilers No Plot Details… So What Am I Talking For?

    Well let me start off by saying that I have been very critical of Marvel Movieverse post TFA. Up until TFA, i was a staunch supporter of Marvel on ScreenRant. The Avengers is truly an awesome movie. Fun, is the best word to describe it.

    Joss Wheadon has done an excellent job with the dialogue. All the characters are written better here than they are in their individual movies (which may be pseudo negative) except Tony Stark, who always has great dialogue. Everyone is allotted enough time develop. This is not IronMan & his Merry Friends. This film has more “cool” moments than any film I have ever seen. Its Transformers 3 with an emotional response. Lord that movie was stupid. Like that one part that was the entire movie… i digress

    Caps Costume lol Im sorry. Evans & Scarlett are both mis-casted IMO. Evans still doesnt bring that sense of a man who was the greatest hero of our most tragic war. Even though Wheadon  wrote the character as the greatest soldier of all time and you can see it in people reactions and how Cap takes lead, Evan doesn’t all the way deliver. Scarlett, unfortunately is not even a little intimidating as a world class deadly spy/assassin. I think that may be why Wheadon wrote her a little more tounge-in-cheek. 

    Wheadon deserves, better yet, needs a permenant producer/screenwriter chair at Marvel Studios — he actually  understands these characters. Something the individuals films barely scratched the surface of. In a way I would of enjoyed The Avengers more had their been no intro movies and extra 30min-hour of character development. 
    There are def gonna be people who will find technical issues with the movie i.e. inconsistency in CGI, Wheadon humor & that it was filmed like a TV movie, etc. Those issues are void and/or non-existent IMO. Marvel set out to create a fun exciting film and they accomplished it. I dont know how you cannot enjoy this. Avengers 9/10

    • Another great review from a reader of SR. Thanks Ignur Rant.

      • Great review ignur. Best marvel movie yet? Or comic book movie? Even tho it can’t be compared to the gritty stuff

        • Best Marvel movie. Yes, with out a doubt.

          Its an awesome comicbook movie. In comparion to the more action-adventure cbm’s, I would rate it as one of the best if not the best..

          I really would like the Avenger Vs TDKR thing to end. I refuse to feed it. Grown men arguing over something they have no finacial stake in is sad. All the subliminal shots are so corny.

          • Amen!

          • Preach brother!

          • “I really would like the Avenger Vs TDKR thing to end. I refuse to feed it. Grown men arguing over something they have no finacial stake in is sad.”

            Thanks for saying that. I’m happy for (and love) both Marvel and DC (and other publishing houses, too). The local comic shop owner has said new cbm bring new readers into the shop, and some readers tend to buy more than just those comics related to the film they saw. Therefore, any successful cbm can make profits for all publishing houses. Everyone wins!

    • Great review.I also thought Evans was miscast for that part.He just reminds me of a 12 year old boy for some reason.And by the way how did you see it before the rest of here in the US? I thought you lived somewhere along the east coast but not New York?!

      • Yea i live in DC playa. But im on the road currently and was in Ft Lauderdale, Florida when my girl’s brother won tickets to the Miami premiere on the 14th. He didnt wanna go so i went. It was really reallyrandom lol

        • Really? Ever been to the AMC Tyson’s 16? I will be there for the 1:40pm IMAX 3D showing on May 4th.

          • Yea i have been. thought you were gonna see it in Montgomery County tho?

            • I work in the Tyson’s area, and plan on seeing Avengers after work. I also have tickets to take the kids on the 5th to the Rio in Gaithersburg.

    • You have to give ScarJo her credit though… she trained pretty hard and it shows in those fight sequences… I was actually quite surprised at how better her acting was than in IM2 (there’s one particular scene – no fights- just her alone on the screen that made me go “wow”)

      As for Cap, I thought his leadership skills showed off on the battlefield, but yeah… we have different views on how he should be and who he should be portrayed as (If I remember correctly, you’re more of an Ultimate Cap guy?)

      • Avengers

        Lets continuue this in Spoilers Page. it will be the newest comment. on the last page

        • @TheAvenger

  10. Can someone please explain something to me? I keep reading from some people that The Avengers is like Transformers; how can that be? From the trailers, I see one shot of something that could be a robot but that was a 5 second shot. Please, no spoilers.

    • The Avengers in a way is like Transformers 3. Both have a huge alien invasion with all kinda cool effects and city wide destruction. The main difference is that The Avengers actually gets an emmotional response from the audience and the heroes dont pretend to leave Earth, just so they can tell Fury I told you so. That movie was so stupid.

      • Then I would compare it to Independence Day, not Transformers 3. But that’s just me.

        • I myself found optimus dieing extremely emotional. Tho I hated the movie I found it the only high note

        • I don’t think it’s like Transformer at all (besides the alien invasion and huge city battle sequence).
          But like Ignur said, when you’re watching a TF climatic battle you’re pretty emotionless.. when you see The Avengers fighting aliens, you can’t help but cheer and applaud.

          Also, for me the first and second act is what makes this movie different from something like TF. It’s where you get to KNOW the characters and see what they’ve been going through (whether it’s Stark just enjoying life, or Cap trying to find his place). In a movie like TF (and I really hate comparing these two movies lol ;)) it’s just fighting. There’s no depth to the characters, there’s almost no interaction, it’s just robots fighting robots and a guy screaming and running through a city.

          That’s why I think the Avengers is far better (and in a different league) than TF.

          • The huge city battle is exactly why you can draw comparisonsthe to Transformers 3. Unlike Transformers 3, TA spends time in character development in the first 2 acts.

  11. Just saw pirates! Band of misfits and i must say I laughed threw the whole movie I loved it. I am so glad I saw it, I love a good claymation and Aardman does it like no other.

  12. After watching the avengers I see Black widow in a completely different way. I didn’t like her in iron man 2 but I’ve just watched it again and i undedstand her character alot more. Black widow and The Hulk ended up being my favourite characters in the avengers. It really was a great film. The best time I’ve had at the cinema with star trek a close second.