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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 25, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 25, 2012

We’re testing a couple of different site designs right now – if you’re getting one of the new ones we’re testing, please let us know what you think – good OR bad. Thanks!

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  1. Just had The Avengers post credits scene ruined by some inconsiderate ***** on Twitter. I just had 24 more hours to go…

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I had it ruined on message boards. It’s funny that the post credit scenes are always the ones that are ruined.

      On another Avengers note, I read a new Spiderman trailer was going to be with Avengers. So we get TDKR and Spidey.

      • Yeah there will be TAS and TDKR, but not with the European release. I did hear that there are two credits scenes, one in the middle, one at the end.

    • not much happens, really don’t think that the movie is ruined for you. seriously unless you are a flu on comic book person you won’t even care about it. the cinema i was in only a few people cared about it.

      • But I do care. I didn’t want to know. I’d have been much happier sitting in the cinema tomorrow, oblivious to everything that’s going to happen.

        • DSM,

          We are taking steps to try and keep spoilers off our site. My reaction is people are being inconsiderate about this since the movie has yet to open in the U.S., but I guess the reverse could be said when a movie opens in the U.S. before it opens overseas…

          Still, people should wait at least a week or two after a movie opens before posting spoilers online.


          • I agree Vic.
            I don’t know if people do it without thinking, or if it brings them joy to spoil parts of the movie.
            Personally, I would want to talk about the movie as soon as I’ve seen it (so thanks for posting the spoiler discussion), but there’s no way that I’d ever want to mess up the experience for fellow fans.

          • I totally appreciate what you are saying Vic but it is interesting for the shoe to be on the other foot for a change, can’t coun the ammount of times I’ve had a movie spoiled that has come out in the US first, Captain America is a recent example. You guys got it a month before the UK.

            Usually, spoilers don’t bother me hugely but I had gone to real lengths to avoid any for The Avengers, stayed off the stuff on here a lot lately for just that reason, only to have the post credits scene ruined by a tweet.

            • I feel the same about Cap: TFA.
              By the time the movie finally premiered in SA, everything (even the post credit scene) had been spoiled on numerous sites (even by the regular ranters on SR).
              That’s why (this time), I’m taking as many precautions as I can.
              I’m staying off of most Avengers related articles and I haven’t see any new footage since the second trailer – but even with that, some guy already spilled on the aliens’ identity a few weeks ago :(

  2. OK. I have an announcement.
    Some will cry, some rejoice, some will say who the eff cares, but I will be offline – completely – after today until I see Avengers. Especially in light of Dr. Sam’s post above.

    I know this is hard to hear for some of you and I apologize. My insight and witty banter will be assuredly missed.

    All I can say is soak it all in today and try to weather through.


    • *Sniff sniff*

    • Party over here! :-D

      I hear dude. Why people feel the need to ruin an epic movie for others is beyond me. I’ll keep going to RT to check the score for Avengers (last I checked it was 97%), but SR is going to be the only site I go to for forums (until after May 4th).


  3. Avengers was great!
    First time I’ve seen a 3D movie, not what I was expecting and a bit dark.
    The movie is just awesome, all the best bits of the other Marvel movies in one really well written movie!

    After Avengers I saw Battleship for the second time.
    Battleship is great!
    Even the tenuous link to the board game is funky.
    The best bit is where they get a battleship after all the destroyers are taken out.
    That was gold!
    And Rihanna is really cool as a sailor, even believable!

    • I’m gonna see avengers in 3D tomorrow but how did u like the 3D. Did it immerse you in the movie making u feel as if u were there or was it just stuff comin right at u?

      • It wasn’t the “OO WOW!” in your face 3D.

        As a photographer it looked mainly like really, really amazing depth of field.
        The 3D glasses have quite a bit of tint, which might be why I found it dark.
        One thing I did notice was that in 3D, cinema is no where near as grainy as a normal cinema looks.
        I think Bluray, 1080p and Bravia have lifted my expectations of image quality.

        But yes, worth seeing in 3D!

        • I’m actually happy, for the first time in a very long time, I’m getting to see it in the regular 2 dimensions. No 3D for me, post converted 3D is never going to be very good, if it’s filmed in 3D then there’s a chance it might work.
          But the 3D on Thor was god awful and made my eyes and brain hurt. Avengers in 2D 22:15 GMT tomorrow!

          • THOR’s (and Cap:TFA’s) 3D effects were TERRIBLE. They didn’t “add” to the experience, in fact, they actually took away from the experience. And it was way too dark and blurry.
            That said, I’ve seen The Avengers’ 3D trailer quite a few times, and a buddy of mine (who shares my views on 3D and someone who’s seen TA – damn Australians ;)) says it’s actually pretty good.
            I’m just psyched to see Iron Man flying through New York in 3D… the depth I saw in the trailer was awesome (it really felt like you’re flying right behind him).
            Then again, trailer are meant to lure you in… so I guess I’ll know for sure in 22hrs and 30mins :D — I’ll be sure to tell you guys what I thought of it (and if it’s worth the extra bucks)

            • ” They didn’t “add” to the experience, in fact, they actually took away from the experience.”
              By “Them” I mean the “it” (the 3D)…
              don’t know why I used the word “them” there lol.

            • You’re absolutely right, the 3D is the reason I didn’t like Thor the first time around, I have since watched it at home and enjoyed but at the cinema it was a thoroughly miserable experience and I’m not willing to take that chance with The Avengers.

              • i agree i was forced to watch Thor in 3D. i remember me and some others went to watch Thor in 2D when the film started the screen got messed up then the manager told all of us we can watch it in 3D. my god that was horrible watching Thor in 3D the film was good but never again converted 3D movies are a waste. to be honest 3D in general is pointless.

  4. I am sure this has been covered before… but why does The Avengers get released a week earlier “over seas”?


    I’m always hearing things about a certain character needs to have a movie made so often, or the rights would revert back to Marvel. Is this different for every character? Shouldn’t Daredevil be back with Marvel now? or at least soon? The movie was in 2003.

    • From what I read… And I could be completely wrong…

      I believe if the movie goes “into production” it resets the clock. This could be anything as have a director attached to it or a script being written. Daredevil was talked about having a script and a new reboot last year. So I’m not sure if that reset the clock.

    • it gets released a week latter in the US because you people in the US get movies monthssss in advance to us Australians so its pay back… i think the real reason is just marketing, because the US market is around 40% of a movies gross maybe the extra week builds up the anticipation more so more people will go see it on its opening weekend and thus more money

    • Why does Europe sometimes have to wait months for certain films to make it here from the US? Luck of the draw I guess. I’ll be seeing it in 29 hours.

    • Marvel/Disney can still do animated movies with any of their characters. I would love to see an animated Secret Wars or Infinity Gauntlet movie; done with animation like Ultimate Spiderman (anime like).

      • Shame that so far every Marvel animation has looked so terrible that it seems to have been drawn on the back of a napkin and textured with manure.

        • You’ll get no argument from me. I love Avengers: EMH but I wish they would get better animators. Ultimate Spider Man has great animation; to bad they have that stupid kiddie vibe to it.

          • My problem with Ultimate Spidey, is that it isn’t Ultimate Spidey.

          • @Kahless: Agreed
            Although, some of the Marvel animated movies have had okay looking animation: Hulk VS and Ultimate Avengers to name some of the select few.

  5. Did anyone buy the movie marathon ticket for $40 dollars and watching all five marvel movies before the avengers or did you just get the midnight ticket. I just bought 5 midnight tickets so I’ll be their may 4 waiting. Still debating if I want to trade those in though and pay for the difference and just do the marathon

    • I thought about it, but I don’t think I could stay awake that long. I want to be fully rested and alert when I see Avengers on IMAX 3D.

    • I will be seeing AVENGERS tommorow so i am planning to watch all 5 films tonight ! Dam how did people live before MARVEL started makeing movies = ) AVENGERS ASSEMBLE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

      • I will be working the midnight. But I plan on going to see ironman when it plays for the marathon. It being the only one of those I didn’t see in theatres. Even tho its my favorite marvel movie.

  6. In anticipation of The Avengers opening, I started re-watching the movies leading up to the film. I watched The Incredible Hulk last night for the first time in about two years, and realized I had forgot how much fun that movie is. The story could have used some more fleshing out, but it was by far the most action-packed of the movies thus far.

    • I loved how they did Blonsky, and I hope they have Cap doing some of those acrobatic moves like Blonsky did fighting Hulk on the college campus.

      • Agreed! And it is a shame there won’t be a sequel. I had forgotten about the very obvious setup for The Leader to be in the next movie.

        • There aren’t any PLANS for a Hulk sequel, but that doesn’t mean we won’t ever see one…
          Ruffalo and Whedon have been talking a lot about where the character might go next. It’s just that Marvel Studios only plans out their movies a few years in advance, so who knows, in a few years, we might get to see Hulk fighting Leader’s army…

    • I think it is the best Marvel studio movie by miles.

      • After re-watching it, I am leaning that way, as well. I think Iron Man had the better overall story, but as far as pacing and just being an overall enjoyable experience, TIH is my pick.

        • I think Iron Man feels like the better movie because of RDJ’s sheer force of personality but overall, charm aside, it has a much weaker second half, and the final battle is poor. Whereas TIH starts off slow but continues to build into a massive smackdown and one heck of a conclusion.

          • Agree TIH is my favorite marvel movie … with Cap in 2nd.

  7. Wow, the spoilers discussion for Avengers has really exploded. It is unfortunate I can’t force myself to click on it until after May 4th. :-)

    • There’s a good few spoilers in there but not much really. Just mostly peoples thoughts. Mostly positive while some differ. Which is good. I Guesstimate that it will reach 400 posts..

      Most people didn’t like the cameos from Gambit and Spiderman. Gambit did the Royal Flush and Spiderman finished the double team with a Maximum Spider…


      • You almost got me there. :)

        • My blood pressure spiked about 20 points in a nano-second. :)

      • Now that was funny.

      • Dude, Kahless nearly powered up disruptors and photon torpedoes. 8-)

    • I hope Vic re-posts the same article (like they did with the recent “Avengers trailer Vs TASM trailer” article) when TA’s released in the US: that way we won’t have to keep clicking on the “Archive” button to reach the Spoiler Discussion thread when you guys in the US join in on the discussion next week.

    • While I love the fact that Screen Rant put the spoilers section up early so those of us can avoid any until the 4th I have to admit it’s haunting me :)
      Must stay strong!
      Please know I say this with complete respect to fellow Ranters across the pond and I’m happy that for once you’ll get to see a blockbuster film before us here in the US but for this week and this week only,
      I hate you all! :)

      • Yeah I agree thanks Vic and screenrant to help is out avoiding spoilers.

        Sadly I couldn’t resist but it won’t ruin the film for me I can’t wait till the fourth. I’m at work watching cap tfa on MU iPhone so I’m getting ready. Got MU midnight tickets.

    • sadly, i couldn’t resist the temptation. i know some things THE BUTLER DID IT!!! ha ha ha, but really, what i know doesnt take away from the anticipation of getting to see it in a few more days. i just cant believe that…

  8. Just reading through everyone’s comments for a second.I see some people have saw the Avengers and some will be shortly.This will probably be my last comment for the week so i hope those of you yet to see Avengers enjoy yourselves.Us unlucky Americans have to wait another week and a half before we can indulge in CBM greatness.

  9. Love the new look to the site!

  10. kyle,

    Ah! Finally, some feedback! Thanks. :) We’re testing two new designs at the moment, both similar to each other.


    • I like the layout, as well! The only thing I have noticed is that in the main article picture the share buttons for Twitter/Facebook/Google+/etc are appearing in the middle of the image. It is occurring for every article. I have tried it with Firefox and IE on two computers, and it is happening to both.

      • TheYetiSlammer,

        Can you send me a screen grab?

        Also, what browser/version are you using?



        • Oh wow, nevermind, I just saw it.



        • Vic

          same thing is happening with me im using the lastest Firefox 12

          • mace,

            Try clearing your cache. I have it partially fixed – if you hit a page initially with the browser “narrow” it should display properly, but if you widen the browser window and then narrow it again the problem does come back.


  11. Going to see The Avengers on Friday with my 13r old son – can’t wait – we’re Hulk nuts and been reading that Ruffalo nails Banner & The Hulk better than an actor yet – Some reviews are saying Hulk steals the movie – so I’m now hoping Marvel will bring him back in another Hulk movie soon !

  12. Ok ok movie or tv comment… movie or tv comment mmmm? Hey do you guys think Hulk’s Thing (pun intended) is cut or uncut? … and when he posts picks of it on craigslist does he have to use a supersized camera? I always wondered that!

    • Ignur Rant?! Is that you?! :-D

    • There’s a joke here. Many of them. But Vic says to play nice.

  13. Has anyone else here read “Anno Dracula”?
    I’m a little over halfway through but I’m already thinking that this is a Vampire movie I’d love to see.

  14. Big Vic and Screen Ranters

    heres a video interview with Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Feige. Kevin Feige give updates on Ant-Man, Black Panther and Luke Cage. the video is about 30 mins long but its worth it.

    heres the link below

  15. Just came out of watching Lockout and it was loadsa fun so close on verging on being a 4star movie. Better than battleship and so far the best 3 star movie I’ve paid to see this year.

    • I enjoyed it as well. I think Guy Pearce really made that movie so enjoyable; without him, it would have just been meh.

      • Without Guy Pearce Lockout would have been unwatchable. He was the ONLY good thing in it.


        • But I still think it beats Taken and From Paris With Love which are also counted amongst Luc Besson’s writing and producing credits.

  16. Saw ‘Drive’ for the first time over the weekend (don’t know why I’m only mentioning this now ;)) and I have to say, I don’t get the hype.
    For the most part, it was good, but there were scenes that nearly made me fall asleep (and before some you start bashing me, yes, I CAN watch movies that aren’t all about explosions and superheroes ;) – I just don’t think some of the dramatic moments worked that well). It was IMO, unnecessarily gory and violent and the whole movie wasn’t all that realistic for the most part.
    But I’ll admit, I’ve never seen a movie with such good acting, and so little dialogue (Gosling pulled it off well).
    I’m also a little disappointed about the ending though… not sure what happened there…
    Maybe I’m missing something? I dunno, it just didn’t appeal to me. 3 out 5 stars IMO.

    All-in-all, I think I prefer ‘The Town’ (with Affleck and Renner). It was just a little more real IMO.

    • I also perfer the town. Even tho I really liked drive and I find ryan gosling as one of the most talented actors in the business.

  17. Good start for the avengers. 2nd highest grossing movie in australia. And highest grossing overseas movie by disney

  18. Vic, I have to say, I’m not really liking the new look on the articles (not talking abut the homepage – the homepage is looking good).
    It’s kinda glitchy now, if I load the page it takes a lot longer, things like “Share buttons” appear on the middle of the screen that aren’t supposed to be there, once it didn’t completely load the page (it just stops halfway through) and on two occasions the “film reel” image appeared in patches on the screen (I see the words and the gray background, but then as I scroll down, the film reel image shows up behind the words, I scroll down some more and it’s gone again)

    Sorry for complaining… I’m just wondering if it’s my browser (latest version of Chrome) or the new layout?

  19. Oh well, we got another rotten review on RT for Avengers. No one said it was going to be perfect.

    • And The Raven is at twenty percent! I was really hoping it would be much better than that. Nevermore…:(

  20. A bit of site feedback Vic,

    I don’t mind the side picture format BUT I don’t like the text scaling at all. At it’s default size, the article text is HUGE but when I scale the page down to where it was before, the comments become a bit too small for my taste.

    So I guess my only feedback thus far would be……please return text sizing for both articles and comments to what it was originally.

    Oh and when the article text size is at it’s default the like/twitter box floats annoyingly over the article’s top picture.

    • mongoose,

      Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I’m adding a poll regarding the font size to tomorrow’s open discussion post.

      Regarding the like/twitter box, can you email me so I can get more specifics? I thought I fixed that yesterday.

      Thanks again,


  21. Just came out of watching Avengers. Its great, the 3D only soso its noticeable and adds depth to some scenes in the beginning then only shows up again at the end. So watch it in 3D. And now I’m goin over to the spoilers thread.

  22. I cant wait for the avengers to come out!!!even though a lot of people hate the transformers franchise i can say i liked part1 and 3!!!michael bay should dig deep into the story involving unicron galvatron hot rod ultra magnus and kup.

  23. good news!!! fringe renewed for fifth and final season of 13 episodes!!! :D