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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 23, 2012

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  1. Morning Ranters.

    Without any spoilers…

    it looks like the ANTMAN movie may be a part of MARVEL’s 2014 line-up of movies, here’s a few questions.

    1. There are rumors that the script uses Lang, the recent antman, instead of Dr. Henry Pym himself. Which would you prefer? Which Antman should edger wright use?

    2. What other characters/villians should appear (not including wasp, that’s a given)?

    3. It’s labelled as a sheild-spy movie, so… who should play antman? Which actor? Let’s have two guesses for Lang and Pym.

    • I don’t even think it should be a question: Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym all the way (and initially I was against the idea, but I think it could be cool if Nathan Fillion portrays him).
      I remember reading that one of Wright’s latest versions of the script involved Hank Pym in the 60′s and Lang in the present – I think they should just cut out Lang completely and have the whole movie take place in the present, with Hank Pym and Janet.

      But to be honest, I’m still not that crazy about an Ant-Man movie (especially if it’s going to be, as you said, a SHILED/spy movie)… I’ve always said they should just be included as supporting characters in TA (as scientists), but since it doesn’t look as if that’s gonna happen, I’d still like to see hem make an appearance in a Black Panther movie.

      • Panther is the one character I don’t want to see, cause that means we’re not likely to see a solo BP movie.

        But I agree with everything else you said.
        1)Pym all the way, maybe Lang could be a supporting character that steals the formula at the end, forcing Pym to become GIANTMAN.

        • Oh I see you meant Hank/Janet in a bp movie.

          • Yup.

    • It’s an easy choice who should play Ant-Man: Ryan Reynolds. LOL!!

      • I thought he was playing Wasp? :-D

        • Nope that was Bradley Cooper….

  2. well theres only 1 and a half days until i see the avengers, so in preparation of this i have rewatched the other 5 avenger movie tie-ins and am 100% ready for GLORY that is the AVENGERS

  3. 1.) i think Lang has a better backstory. For Pym, we’ve seen this whole genius scientist story way too often . Have Lang bump into Henry Pym after stealing his suit, can lead to some Edgar Wright humor, it’d be a great beginning.

    2.) Not too familiar with Antman villians

    3.) i like the talk of Nathan Fillion for Lang, let’s go with that.

    • It would be weird to see a senior citizen version of Pym, like christopher Plummer, bump into the much younger Lang, Fillion yeah maybe. But he’s getting up in years now, sorry nathan.

      • Pym doesn’t have to be THAT old, superheroes probably retire early considering how exhausting it must be, so they can make Pym 50, hell Fillion can be Pym. And then a much younger actor as Lang, someone lesser known on the rise like… Eddie Redmayne.

        • Apparently the script has a modern day Lang that acquires the Pym secrets and that’s accompanied by flashbacks of Pym in the past creating the technology/discovering the particles.

          But there have been 2 re-writes so… who knows?

        • Old movies used to have men in their 40′s and 50′s playing heroes. Now that seems to be the realm of the 25-30 crowd. I’d like to see older main characters in more heroic films. They add more gravitas and trust.

          • Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) late forties.
            Christian Bale (Batman) late thirties.
            Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) mid-forties.
            Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) mid-forties.
            ^Just to name a few (I could go on)

            Granted, these guys aren’t in their 50′s yet, but they sure aren’t part of the 20′s to mid-30′s age group either…

            • I was actually watching Ghost Protocol this weekend and was noticing how old these guys are getting. Ole’ Tommy is 50 now, Renner is early 40′s, and so is Pegg.

              • But the point is, age doesn’t really matter that much as long as you take care of yourself (which guys like Downey, Bale, Jackman, Cruise, Renner, etc. all do – Renner and Cruise even do a lot of their own stunts)
                I mean, Sam Jackson is in his 60′s and that guy can still kick some @$$
                Heck, there’s an old man at my gym (guy’s like 70 years old) and he bench presses more than any of us other guys can – I’m impressed, and ashamed at the same time! ;)

                • Yea… I stated my comment out of aggrement with you, these guys are getting old but still making some awesome stuff… I love that scene in Ghost Protocol when hes outside of the building … Pure Awesomeness!


    So something I thought was interesting this weekend… My son was being good while we were out grocery shopping so of course I got him an Avengers toy, He picked Thor. It wasnt until we got home and I opened it for him that I noticed that Thor came with Stormbreaker and not Mjolnir. I dont know how much credit these toys have with the movies, but it got me thinking that it would definatly be a clever to set up Bill for Avengers 2 or maybe even Thor 2.

  5. I thought Brodie was supposed to play Ant Man? I think he is a perfect choice for the role. As for Beta Ray Bill I dont see it happening. I think the Avengers and the next couple solo movies are all blocked out. Not written yet mind you but they already now what direction they want to take it,

    BOX OFFICE: ive been thinking about this. The Hunger Games came out and there was nothing, NOTHING to give it any competition for a month. Ya think the Three Stooges cut into the ticket sales any? So whent eh Avengers come out immediatley you have Dark Shadows, Battleship and a crap load of movies making money. I think thats gonna hurt the Avengers take.

    • I think Avengers is going to hurt those movie’s grosses more than the other way around. Oh, and I saw The 3 Stooges instead of Hunger Games. I’ll probably see HG when it comes on DVD, much like Dark Shadows and Battleship. Right now the only 2 movies I am seeing in the theater for SURE this summer are The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

      • Idk I think dark shadows will steal the female and older generation. And battleship will just do what transformers does money wise. (Maybe not to that large of a degree) as for other movie I think the dark knight rises will hurt the amazing spidermans sales and the bourne legacy will do a little damage to the dark knight rises.

        • According to a fandango poll, the ladies’ most anticipated movie for this year is Snow White and the Huntman, followed by Avengers.
          I don’t even know if Dark Shadows is on the list, but Avengers is definitely HIGHLY anticipated by dudes, and dudettes ;)

          • Because of the dudes in it lol but at the theatre I work at girls raves about dark shadows when the past the usher post. That being said 1 theatre out of a billionlol

            • Dark Shadows might very well be extremely popular with the girls in your town/city, but like you said, there are millions of other theaters out there (and millions of other movie-going women).
              But yeah, I think Downey, Hemsworth, Evans and Hiddleston have a LOT to do with the ladies’ anticipation towards TA lol.

  6. So I finally saw ghost protocol over the weekend. Great movie. By far the best mission impossible I’ve seen. Jeremy renner stole the movie for me. He is a great actor and I really like him. Can’t wait to see him as hawkeye.

    On other notes. I finally bought my midnight tickets. So I’m happy bout that I can’t wait for that. I’m also proud to say I’ve been avoiding spoilers about the film. Ita been hard but in doIng it.

  7. Hey guys, I´m just stopping by to say ‘hi’. It´ll be a while till I have internet again, and it´s actually good for you guys. Because I can´t spoil you about the Avengers movie which opens in three days over here… Muahahahahaha!

    • Avengers movie which opens in three days over here

      (in that Smeagal (Golum) tone)
      Leave now and never come back! 8-)

      Nice to hear, uh, read, from you. Many have been wondering what happened to you. Hopefully you’ll get internet back soon so you can tell us just how good Avengers is.

    • Scape! it’s been a while man.
      Only 2 days, 19 hours and 30 minutes until I get to see it too.
      I won’t be posting any spoilers though, just my spoiler-free thoughts about the movie.

    • You guys suck. ;)

      • }:->

        • Wow, that didn’t come out to well. I was trying to create an evil smile. Oh well, I guess I’ll go with this :-P

      • I went to the beach a few weeks ago… no internet for four days and I nearly died.
        I don’t know how some people can go months without it ;)

    • Glad to see you Scape…I thought Agent Coulson took you out for making that fan trailer.

      • Yeah he zapped me and I was drooling on the carpet while he was watching the Super Nanny.

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    • Spoiler bots? :-D

      The guy that comes up with something like a spoiler-bot is going to be rich. I have no idea how someone would create it though.

      • Thanks for the idea.
        I’ll get working on it right away!!!

    • Reading for tweaking? Check.

  9. anyone else ready for a Spawn Reboot yet?

    • Heck yeah! I’d still like Michael Jai White to be the star.

  10. FYI, at least on interior site pages, that “involuntary scroll to top” issue should be fixed now. Looking into how to fix it on the home page.


    • Thanks Vic…
      And if I may, I do have some comments on the new design for the Homepage though:
      Visually it looks great IMO (I do think the pictures could be a tad smaller though – they kinda overpower the headlines and descriptions – just a little ;)). But it does seem like it takes a little longer to load the homepage though… I don’t know if the other ranters are experiencing the same thing, but the loading time is slightly longer than usual for me.

      Anyway, minor issues. All-in-all, I’m liking the new look.

      • The Avenger,

        Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. The page loads slower because I’ve disabled caching to get more accurate results. Once I decide on a final design I will re-enable caching which will make it speedier. :)