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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 20, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 20, 2012

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  1. Okay Ranters we are two weeks away from the release of the Avengers. Lets try not to hate our fellow Ranters across the pond for getting it a week before we do. And lets hope they in turn dont rub it in too badly. lol.

    • ok i won’t rub it in, to badly… 5 moar days!!!!!!

      • GRRRRRRRR!!!!!! :-D

        • Yes … let your HATE grow.

  2. Reviews are starting to come out now for Avengers. 14 fresh 0 rotten. Awesome start.

    • Awesome news.


      • Head over to Rotten Tomatoes and read the quick reviews. It will make you even MORE pumped, if that is even possible.

        • Last time I checked, it said 100% fresh! (Granted, there were only 9 reviews ;)).
          But yeah, I’ve read the quick reviews (don’t want any spoilers, so I stayed away from the full reviews) and it’s amazing. I honestly believe The Avengers will be the best Marvel movie yet.

    • 14 fresh huh?..

      Has Armond White seen it? :-)

      • I don’t do rotten tomato.. 100 fresh only means that all of them gave it over a 60%

        • It’s up to 18 reviews, and the average rating is not 8.2/10. So far, so good.

          • CORRECTION: *now* 8.2/10

            • I see it landing around 8.0 and a 93% which is good

          • First rotten review.. Release the fanboy anger!!! HULK OUT!

            Apparently, bootleg copies of Transformers 3 made it to Asgard.

            • Yeah, the same reviewer that gave Drive Angry a fresh. Just sayin’. :-D

              • It makes sense. This site is full of comic book fans anticipating this movie. That doesn’t mean every review will have the same feeling. No movie will ever get a 100% not anymore atleast

              • she also like green hornet…hahaha

            • I wonder why 3/5 was considered rotten? Was it the overall tone of the review?

              This is why I don’t follow RT.

              • It takes tone of review into account

  3. What do you guys think will be this year’s best comedy?

    • TDKR. :-P

      • LOL
        Seriously … as of now 21 Jumpstreet.

        • 21 Jump street was very funny ” kneel before Zod ”

          Was it just me but The Cabin in the Woods had some great laughs , the speaker phone LOL !

    • Hard one to predict. Most of the comedies you don’t know how funny they are until they are released. From the sounds of it, Avengers is suppose to be LOL funny.

      • But I’m talking about COMEDY, comedy… not an action movie that has humor.
        I’m thinking about movies like the Hangover or Bridesmaids… what movie is gonna be 2012′s The Hangover?

        • 21 jump street mite have already taken it. Idk what else is ocming out. Five year engagement looks decent

    • I think Ted might be the breakout comedy this year. The Trailer looks hilarious and when I went to see American Reunion and they showed the trailer for Ted before it, Everyone was laughing their ass off for the entirety of the trailer.

      So yeah that might be a great comedy this year.

      • I noticed a lot of people laughing at the theatrical trailer for TED too, but I watched the red-band one on-line and thought it was just Seth MacFarlane saying the “F” word repeatedly in a funny voice.

        I’d say for best comedy, the one to beat is 21 Jump Street. However, Neighborhood Watch and the Campaign both have a bunch of those high-caliber comedians. The Dictator and That’s My Boy both have big names as well, but those movies just look horrible. I saw the trailer for High School and thought it looked Pineapple Express funny. I’m just hoping that some small comedy movie comes out of nowhere and cracks me up.

  4. Caught Cabin in the Woods the other night. Never saw it coming. Pure genius.

    • Dude!! Don’t spoil parts of the movie for others who choose not to know!

      • That’s not new information, Whedon said it himself last week. I’d be more worried that there are just characterless or motiveless cannon fodder.

        • It was new to me.

            • Just because it was announced on another site doens’t mean it’s old news. some people (me included) have been avoiding the interviews and other sites because we didn’t want to know that type of information.

              • Well, that’s unfortunate because it was all over the internet and I assumed most people had already heard the information.

                • DrSam, you know that I read SR often, and I didn’t know this. I knew that they were the possible villains but I didn’t know they were the villains. Highlander should have kept that to himself.

                • Just because it’s old news, doesn’t mean it’s news everyone has heard (or even wants to hear).

                  Sadly, some guy spoiled this info for me a few days ago when he just randomly threw it out there in a (seemingly) spoiler-free review :(

                  People need to get a grip and realize not everyone knows (or wants to know) everything about the movie until they’ve seen it for themselves.

                  • Thanks for saying this. I’m avoiding ALL things Avengers/TDKR and want to walk into the theater knowing nothing about them. It hasn’t been easy, and spoiler comments like the one above are frustrating.

                    • I apologize. Sorry guys I should have given a spoiler warning. So sorry once again.

                • Yeah, I guessed Chitauri on the poll. I thought it was common knowledge. but spoiler alerts are appreciated.

    • WTF!

      Banhammer time.

    • Thanks a lot dude. I’ve been trying to avoid any discussion of the aliens. Next time, when you are posting information about an upcoming movie in a non-spoiler thread think before you type. Toss in a spoiler warning. No one is going to be mad if you type spoiler and it turns out to not be a spoiler. People will be mad when stuff like this happens.

  5. Hey Vic,
    Whenever I come to the site, the browser will constantly refresh and bring me to the top of the screen. As in a scroll down and it’ll bring me to the top two and three times. This will happen when a comment is posted or even going to a new page. Is there a reason for this? I’m hoping it isn’t a “browser” issue as I’m usually on at work. Shhhh don’t tell…

    • What browser are you using?

      • I’m willing to bet Internet Explorer…

      • It is internet explore. And since it’s at work, I don’t have the luxury to change it.

        • IE is crap. I try to avoid it whenever I can.

          • Internet Explorer: the best browser… for downloading a better browser.

        • Yep. Get Firefox. I hear Chrome is pretty decent as well. But I don’t trust Goggle.

        • The same happens to me at work. It’s more than likely the browser blocking scripts and such due to the networks security settings. Nothing can really be done…

    • kyle,

      Yeah, that will require some major troubleshooting because there are so many scripts that load. I’ve noticed that myself and I use Chrome.

      Thanks for the input.


    • same thing happens to me when I use my phone which happens to be a Windows phone…f’n Windows 98!

      • How do you feed the dinosaurs in that thing?

        • Haha. Yep, this Windows phone is so old that it has a dial-up modem.

        • Hahaha Horseless carriages? We use sled dogs in Minnesota.

    • Yup,

      I remember visiting it a few times way back in early to mid 2000′s. It was useful…

  6. I saw that netflix had the cartoon Black Panther (first aired on BET), so I started watching it. What a horrible piece of animation. The first episode was about 10 minutes long, and I stopped there. Why can’t our finest Wakandan get his due screen time?!

    • Not really a “tv show” or a “cartoon”.
      It’s called a MOTION COMIC, and it’s basically the comic pages coming to life: there’s a bit of animation, but for the most part, you’re basically just watching a narration of a comic book (panel by panel, page by page).
      There are similar motion comics available: Iron Man Extremis, Thor& Loki Blood Brothers, etc.
      But they all pretty much suck IMO ;)

      • I tried watching the Extremis one…could not stand it. Motion comics aren’t my thing.

        • Yeah, I’ve tried most of them, hoping it would get better, but I don’t see the appeal either.
          I’m guessing it won’t survive for much longer (I mean, why do a motion comic when you can release an animated movie with a slightly bigger budget?)

        • I actually liked the Extremis motion comic – thought it was pretty well done.

          It was way grosser as a motion comic than static images on a page, though. 8)


      • Oh, it was a motion comic! I guess I should change my mind then.

        (brings up cartoon)

        Nah, still sucks eggs.


  7. So with the Avengers less than a week away for us here in the UK how many of you think Ed Norton will be kicking himself yet and regretting not being a part of it?

    • Bah! Who cares ;)
      From what I’ve heard, Ruffalo does a fantastic job in TA anyway…

      • Its much easier to do a fantastic job in a movie with 7 other heroes. Ruffalo needs his own movie before I judge lol

        • What about just waiting to see this one? ;)
          Apparently, he (and the Hulk) steals the show.
          From what I’ve heard, Ruffalo brings a lot of power to the character as well…
          I’m gonna bet you guys right now: Ruffalo will have a scene in TA that’ll make us all go “Wow, that’s freakin intense!”

    • Ed Norton’s ego will not let him kick himself for anything, IMO.

    • If he isn’t kicking himself for that, then he should kick himself for not doing Smoochy 2: Electric Boogaloo

    • Who cares. I want to see Hulk anyway, not Banner.

    • Mark Ruffalo has been on a few shows here in the UK the last few days promoting the movie & everyone’s saying he’s THE best Banner yet ! I think we now have an actor who we can trust in to be loyal to the role unlike Norton who didn’t even come-out to promote his movie – How sad is that !?!

  8. Before I forget, I hope everyone has a fantastic Rex Manning Day (AKA Record Store Day) tomorrow!

    “We mustn’t dwell… no, not today. We CAN’T. Not on Rex Manning day!”

  9. in all fairness to highlander, his post did read “spoiler warning” with some spaces, so if someone chose to ignore that and read anyway, that is their own fault

    • jeffro,

      Actually, I added all that spacing and the warning after the original comment had been posted.


      • i did not know that. so sorry. and shame on you highlander :P

    • The reality is that the HARD RULE here on Screen Rant is “no spoilers, unless it’s a spoiler discussion,” and those are clearly labeled. I’m surprised Vic added the “spoiler alert” instead of just deleting it this time.

    • Not Spider-Man, I’ll tell you why:
      1. He belongs to a different studio.
      2. Garfield denied it.
      3. Whedon denied it.
      4. Feige denied it (while reminding us he’s at a different studio).
      Keep in mind, there are over 7000 other Marvel characters that could make a cameo in TA, so when someone says “there’s gonna be a cameo!”, it doesn’t mean Spider-Man.

      • I’m constantly baffled how many times I will see people who don’t have any understanding and/or knowledge of the licensing/studio thing…and this isn’t just general populace, it’s on sites where people are film nerds. I see this on FB comments all the time “They should put Spiderman and Wolverine in the Avengers!”

    • (Lowers head, closes eyes, shakes head)

    • Ditto.

      That’s one (of many) reasons I frequent this site so often.

  10. Fringe needs more episodes like that!!!! I wish they would have stayed in the future for the next few episodes :)

    • Very good episode! Can’t wait to see more!

  11. Hey, what happened to Scapegoat?
    It’s been about a month since I last saw any of his comments on SR…

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. Haven’t seen him since he posted his fan-made Avengers trailer. Maybe Marvel hired him.

    • Scape is w/o internet at the moment.

    • He told me in a post he would let me/us know his opinion of The Avengers (since he gets to see it before us in the U.S. do, that lucky–!). :)

    • He had his internet cut off. Probably won’t be around for a while until he can get a new provider.

  12. Talk about how we need more video game movies made done just like the game too. Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Castlevania, Skyrim,Legend of Zelda, Diablo