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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 2, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Apr 2, 2012

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  1. i am currently living in Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil . . .

    anyone know the avengers will be released here?

    i am here for work and without any avenger buddies, so moreover would anyone like to watch that with me? haha

    god may needs to come sooner.

    popcorn is on me.

  2. Good morning ranters, how many of you watched Avengers EMH yesterday? Dr. Doom really laid the smack down. I’m glad it’s here just in time to keep my DT’s at bay until the movie gets here. I also watched Ultimate spiderman and I have to say it’s definitely no spectacular spiderman but it also wasn’t as kiddy as I thought it would be. I’ll give it a few more episodes to know for sure

    • I watched both. I enjoyed spiderman a lot more than I thought. I love that shield is involved.

      I also agree with Dr Doom. He just owned them all. I almost think they made him too powerful.

      • i thought so too because I honestly can’t remember anybody laying a hand on him except Mr. Fantastic and even then he just got brushed aside like dust

    • I loved both of them. Seeing Hulk use Thing as a club almost made me wet myself. I really enjoyed Ultimate Spider-man. I liked the way they do the cut scenes and the Janitor was hysterical. Really can’t wait for next week. I do agree with one thing, it is no Spectacular Spider-man. That show was really great.

    • @Yeti. Man what happened from last season’s final episode where Loki took over Asgard and the Avengers were fighting for their lives in the other realms.I’ve been waiting for the outcome of that now for 6 months.And they act like it didn’t happen.Don’t get me wrong i enjoyed Doom laying the smackdown on every man,woman,and possibly child lol…that’s the Doom i wanna see in the FF reboot, but what’s up with last year’s season ending cliffhanger?

      • Er… did you watch the final episode of season 1?
        In the last episode of season 1, the Avengers beat Loki and Odin banished him to another world (he seems to like doing that ;))
        It didn’t feel like they were leaving anything out…
        They even mentioned that Thor stayed in Asgard after Loki’s attack, and also said Pym left the team. Iron Man even mentioned what happened to his sweet Asgardian armor – i.e. they pretty much answered any questions one might have had about what happened.
        In fact, the only cliffhanger left was a Skrull taking Cap’s place (and season 2 pretty much takes off from there).

        I’m guessing you didn’t catch that episode, or am I misunderstanding your comment?

        • Oh you can say i missed it alright *slaps hand across face* the last thing i saw was where Loki was standing over Thor in the throne room gloating over his victory like the villains usually do.And that was it.I even tryed to see were there any new episodes after that but they didn’t show any.Everything pointed to the season premiere yesterday to finish the story,boy do i feel incomplete now lol

          • It was a great finale (you should really try and watch it sometime).
            From what you’ve told me, I’m guessing you missed the last two episodes of the season:
            I believe the last one you saw was entitled “This Hostage Earth” and was the 24th episode.
            And the last episode of the season was entitled “A Day Unlike Any Other” and it was the 26th, and final episode of season 1.

            • Yea that’s something i have to do before i go any further in season 2.

    • I watched Avengers: EMH, but haven’t got round to watching Spidey yet (it’s in my queue though so I’ll probably watch it later tonight).
      Anyway, loved Dr Doom, but his voice was just a little too American and didn’t sound as menacing as he looked visually (they should have cast the guy who did Doom’s voice in ‘Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes’ tv show).
      But other than that, it was an awesome season opener – REALLY looking forward to the series! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Just one more thing: was my mind playing tricks on me, or was Cap’s movements/animation really weird? In the first scene he somehow made a solid-back chair lean back (bending the wood), in another scene he jumped out of the way and didn’t land immediately: he kinda hovered (while spazzing out) in mid-air, then in another scene, he did a back-flip but ended up WAY in the background.
      I’m just wondering if this was sloppy animation, or if it was purposely done to draw some attention to the fact that it isn’t the real Cap, but a Skrull impostor (who may not have human-movement down yet.)

      • and what might be your problem with America good sir 8) but I agree with you. I couldn’t stop cracking up at Hulk and and the Thing fighting each other

        • Aw man! Hulk and Thing going at it was classic!
          I just loved how Hulk randomly attacks Thing at every possible moment ๐Ÿ˜‰
          And by the way, I just watched ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and for the life of me, I can’t decide whether I like it or not… a lot of the scenes were great, but they are shortly followed by childish nonsense.
          The voice cast is throwing me off as well, because Spidey, Fury and JJJ’s voices are awesome (including Gregg reprising his role as Coulson and Stan the Man playing the janitor), but the voices of White Tiger, Iron Fist, Nova, etc. make me cringe.
          Oh, and I don’t know who Peter’s living with, but that aint Aunt May – period. Really don’t understand why they had to change that character.
          I think I’ll keep watching for a few more episodes, but it feels like I’ll be dropping it soon…

      • Just watched EMH, and as usual it was great (except for the animation). I also got to see a little of Ultimate Spiderman; I love the animation but it does look like it may be a bit to childish (I hope I’m wrong). I have added Ultimate Spidey to my DVR.

        And I have to agree with your assessment some months ago about the voice actor for Stark; it just seem off. Dr. Doom is the bomb though, and my boy Hulk was great.

    • @Yeti.Going back to your Spider-Man point i still was unimpressed.I actually went to sleep on it on purpose just waiting for Avengers to start.The only time i may watch is to see how they do with the cameos b\c if that’s the Osborn for the entire series you can count me out.

      • @Hi-C I need to watch a few more episodes to make my final choice

  3. I watched “The Hunger Games” this weekend (my second time in as many weeks) and loved it even more. I thought the camera work, the progression of the story, the character interactions and development, the set pieces and special effects, AND the OVERALL translation from page to screen were wonderfully and effectively done. I’m looking forward to seeing how they bring forth the sequel to film…

    BTW, I know a lot has already been said about THG on other threads, and it is in those discussions that I will share my WHYS, so as not to spoil anything for those who still have not seen the film…something I highly recommend you do :)

    • I agree with your post on most things. I thought the camera work was horrid. The excessive shaky cam at the beginning made me feel like I was going to puke and the fight scenes (hand-to-hand stuff) were like watching clothes spin around in a dryer โ€“ย to close and blurry. Other than that I loved the movie.

      • I understand why so many people were complaining about the shaky cam, but since I suffer no form of motion sickness, I was able to enjoy it for what I THINK was its purpose: to show the chaotic confusion during the Games proper and to show the dizzying, vertiginous feeling of helplessness during the scenes showing the poverty, misery, and hoplessness of the people, as well as Katiss’s own continuing uncertainty. I think it was done on purpose (as opposed to to simply being badly filmed because there were a number of scenes that did NOT involve its use…and they were very specific.

        If I’m correct, I believe there will be a lot less shaky cam in “Catching Fire”, although I have no doubt that it will still rear its head at certain times during the film.

        I DO understand, however, why many people were thrown off or discombobulated by the shaky cam…

        • …oops, close the parentheses after “badly filmed”.


        • I know it was on purpose. I just don’t agree with the decision. I don’t need a gimmick to realize poverty. In fact if anything it took me out of the movie. But like I said it was a minor problem, over all I loved the movie.

          • Fair enough.

    • @ Archaeon

      Ive seen The Hunger Games for the 2nd time myself last Saturday. Still lost for words on well i liked it despite never reading any of the books. What i didn’t get was Katiness still caring for Peeta after he allied himself w/ those other Trubutes lookin to kill her. Good thing she didn’t of-course as the film went forward. But if it we’re me it would be somthing i would not forget about. I thought about seeing it a 3rd time.

      • Wally…

        I think Katniss felt hurt when she saw him with the others (and likely angry) but realized after he looked up at her that he was there for convenience…or RELATIVE safety. In the novel, it much more clearly indicates that Peeta knows he will not survive in the Wild on his own, so he joins temporarily with the Careers…that whole “keep your enemies closer” kind of thing.

        • @ Archaeon

          Whatabout the redhead girl who ate the berries? Was her death by accident or on purpose? I remember peeta saying she was following him but i didn’t see any weapon by her body on screen.

          • Wally…

            Foxface’s death was accidental in both the book and the film. They made the point that she was very clever (she was able to stealthily track and trail the other Tributes and steal food or hide whenever she needed to). Unfortunately for her, she obtained those berries from following Peeta a couple of minutes before Katniss was able to reach him and warn him about eating them. If Katniss had arrived just two minutes sooner or Foxface had waited a bit longer and heard Katniss’ warning, she would have survived…at least until her luck finally DID run out.

            THAT is why they made the statement about her being TOO clever…if she hadn’t been so good at following Peeta (to assuage her hunger), she’d still be alive.

            Oh, and for your second observation, I don’t think she actually carried ANY weapon. She seemed to be a master at sneaking around and pilfering what she needed.

            • @ Archaeon

              I see. I suspected she ate them & wasn’t aware of them being poisoness. It was just backpack that had the berries on top that had me wondering if it meant to be some sort of a trap made by her or something.

              • That or she ate them so she wouldn’t be slaughtered by another tribute.

  4. Vic โ€“ย in reference to your current poll about a “premium” subscription.
    What kind of stuff did you have in mind that would be included?
    The only thing I worry about is whether content we used to get for free will now be held over for subscribers.
    And obviously the cost would weigh in on my decision as well.
    Anyway, just giving some quick feedback.

    • INK,

      It’s just a germ of an idea that will probably never come to anything. I was thinking maybe a forum (keep out trolls/spammers), members-only contests, maybe some kind of of additional editorial content and perhaps move the podcast over.


      • Now that list would intrigue me Vic.

      • I would have to say no to that Vic :( — sorry man
        I’m a huge SR fan (I come here everyday as you probably know), but since most of your competitions are US only, that wouldn’t apply to me, and seeing as SR doesn’t have that many trolls, it wouldn’t really make that much of a difference either.
        As far as podcasts go, I prefer reading: it’s quicker and doesn’t take up as much bandwidth.

        Anyway, just my honest feedback – I’m not trying to bash your ideas (it’s good that you guys are exploring new possibilities and branching out), but in my opinion, a “subscription” of sorts wouldn’t work for me personally.

        • The Avenger,

          LOL, not many trolls make it through, bud. We have plenty – but we are brutal in our use of filtering to keep this place civil. :)

          And thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.


  5. Did anyone watch Wrath Of The Titans ? I watched it Saturday and I really enjoyed it.

  6. Well done on the April Fool’s joke SR!

  7. Ha! Does anybody else see the Lifetime series advertisement on here? Does anybody else find that humorous? I’m sure fanboys like me are their target market.

    Anywho, I saw 21 Jump Street over the weekend. Surprisingly, it was very funny. I also saw the pilot for “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23″ on Hulu Plus, and I have to say James Van Der Beek playing “himself” is awesome casting. I haven’t laughed that hard at the Dawson since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The show actually premieres April 11th on ABC. I recommend watching at least that episode…I’ll have to see more before I can fully judge the series.

  8. I watched The Adventures Of Tin Tin last night and all I can say is ,
    I had to watch it twice because I was so amazed by the mo-cap technology throuhout that I would stop following the story.
    I’m now baffled by the fact that this was shut out of the Oscars this past year. It was easily the best “animated” film and I would argue it should have been a Best Picture nominee as well.
    Well done Mr. Spielberg.
    Well done.

    • I thought arthur christmas was snubbed last year. It was way underrated

  9. Just read in an article here, Dumb and Dumber (by my thinking, one of the funniest movies ever made) is finally getting its proper sequel, with Carrey and Daniels reprising their roles. Production to begin later this year. Can’t wait!

  10. What are the (best and/or favorite) opening movie scene?

    • X-2 – Nightcrawler white house assault.

      TDK – Joker Bank Job

      • That was a hard one but if you’re going with action only i’ll have to say Blade and The Matrix Reloaded off the top of the head.

      • The joker bank job and the inglorious bastards standoff it was extremely tense

    • @Ignur Rant – I like both of your choices. For me, Die Hard with a Vengeance is my favorite. The scenes of NYC set to the song “Summer in the City” until BOOM! They really kicked that movie off with a bang and set the pace for the movie. Another good one is the Matrix chase scene with Trinity.

      • HaHa that crossed my mind too but i went with the more action steriods films.

        • I like all your choices. I posted the question on another thread. Here are some of movies we thought of.

          A New Hope – Blockade Runner Followe by Star Destroyer
          Batman Begins -Bruce Wayne in jail!?
          GoldenEye – Bungee Jump Bond
          IronMan – Stark captured by terrorist. Whoa, is this a Marel movie!?
          Casino Royale – Bonds first two kills
          QoS – Realistic car chase
          The Two Towers – Gandalf vs Balrog
          Batman ’89 – Im Batman
          Boondock Saints – Meet the Saints
          Armageddon – Enter Armageddon
          Pulp Fiction – Diner Scene
          Jacki Brown – Long tracking shot across 110 street
          Serenity – The Operative
          Children of Men – Coffee Shop bombing
          Harry Potter & HBP – Deatheaters attack
          Saving Private Ryan – Normandy
          Resovoir Dogs – Mr Pink doesnt like to tip/Madonna like a virgin convo
          Drive (Ryan Gosling) – Getawy scene
          T2 – future battlefield
          MI:3 –
          Up – Love of your life
          The Big Lebowski
          Blade Runner -Voight-Kampff test
          Soldier (Kurt Russell) – Soldier from birth
          Goodfellas – i always wanted to be a gangster
          Donnie Darko – mad world
          Grandma’s Boy – Bong Breakage
          Men in Black – K memory swipes D

          • Star Wars is an obvious one. I did think about using Reservoir Dogs. I really enjoyed that conversation. Another one that I liked that hasn’t been mentioned is Trainspotting with Ewan McGregor running and the “Choose Life” speech. And to get away from the action movies, I do enjoy the opening of Empire Records – rules are extremely simple: count money twice, keep my hands off his beer, cigars, and drumsticks. Classic.

            MI3 – Tom Cruise pleading with Phillip Seymour Hoffman to not kill his fiancee set the tone of that movie. Can’t believe I didn’t use that one.

            • Trainspotting: good one.

          • Some great choices there, Ignur Rant.

            Once Upon A Time In The West – masterpiece, pure and simple.
            Apocalypse Now – ditto.
            The Conversation – zooming in on Gene Hackman and (unscripted) mime artist.
            Alien – Nostromo and crew waking up.
            Rollerball (the original) – Bach’s incredible Toccata and Fugue in D Minor over preparations for futuristic gladiatorial contest.
            Citizen Kane – montage classic.
            Welles’s Touch Of Evil and Altman’s The Player – one-take tracking shot classics.
            Fargo – Peter Stormare just cracks me up every time.
            Lawrence Of Arabia – distant figure emerging through the heat haze.
            Memento – hooked from the very beginning.
            Planet Of The Apes – Charlton Heston’s opening monologue: unbeatable.

            • Oh yeah, Tarkovsky’s Solaris – reeds gently waving in water: Earthbound portent of alien sentient ocean.

    • Two of my favorite opening scenes:

      1. Raising Arizona – the hilarious lead-in that explains who H.I. and Ed are and why they’re stealing a baby.

      2. Run Lola Run – the clock and the individuals within the crowd, followed by the fast-paced credits before Lola picks up the phone.

      • Two of my favorite movie scenes :
        – Raiders of the Lost Ark
        – The Replacement Killers

    • @ Ignur Rant

      (Best and/or favorite) come to mind imo would be…

      1. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
      2. Jaws (First death sequence)
      3. Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith
      4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Future Battle)
      5. Titanic (1997)
      6. Batman(89)
      7. The Dark Knight
      8. Dumb & Dumber
      9. Halloween Resurrection (Laurie’s Death)
      10. From Dusk Till Dawn

      • nice list Mr West.

        Raiders & Jaws are my favorite out of yours.

        • Thanks Mr. Rant,lol.

          Nice list you have aswell. Id probly add Batman Begins, Ironman,& A New Hope out of yours.

          • I love the intro to the prestige. A nice little monolouge by michael caine. I love his voice.

    • That’s awesome TA thanks for the interview. I lik the way they both seem to have so much faith and positive things to say about Joss Whedon.

    • i like listening to the audio and read along

      • RDJ doing his Tropic Thunder voice = EPICOSITY ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Meteor Man was on last night. Hands down my favorite superhero movie. Hella cameos. And it wasset in DC.

    • HaHa that was definitely one of my favorites as a teenager.I believe i saw it around two years ago and it was still pretty good.But here’s a fun fact about a cameo you might not’ve known,did you know the last kingpin at the end of the film over everybody was actually the guy who played the Riddler in the Batman 60’s show? lol

  12. Anthony Ocasio – could you please bring back the Supernatural discussion page? The last discussion page was that silly clown episode before the break…and so much has happened in the last three episodes including:


    an episode focused on the Leviathans but done the old way where “a case of the week” brought them smack dab in the middle of the season-long story-arc, an episode where Lucifer tortures Sam (hilariously, I might add) until Dean finds an old friend/enemy in to help while a demon rides shotgun (Castiel and Meg both returned), and finally a case combining Drunken Master with Ghostbusters – a ghost you can only see when drunk, that’s great! Garth returned for an episode, and then Bobby made a cameo at the end of the episode.


    I was ready to stop watching this show, but these last three episodes really picked up the pace and made me think maybe the writers do know what they are doing. I’d like to know what other fans think. Also, the Fringe discussion page would be nice too.

    • I think the writers finally listened to the fans, because the last few episodes have been very good.

      ******* SPOILER WARNING *******

      Looks like Bobby will return the next episode. We know he’s been around because of things disappearing and answers given (like the book falling and revealing the card with the hunter’s name on it), but the next episode they (Sam and Dean) will finally see him.

      ******* END SPOILER *******

      If the show is nearing it’s end, I hope they finally show what’s been going on with God.

      • I know…us fans knows whats up. After the voodoo clown episode, I figured I wouldn’t watch anymore of this season. But they went on a short hiatus, and I forgot. So, I watch the new episodes and I’ve been loving it. I hope they keep doing what they’ve been doing for the last few episodes and avoid what they did for good portion of the season (seriously…Sam gets married, Dean has a kid…who is writing this crap?). And, I’d like to know more about what happened to God too.

  13. I watched Spawn this morning and in this time of sequels prequels and reboots has nobody decided to reboot it? I for one would love a Spawn trilogy done with our modern sfx but that’s just me

    • I’d love to see Spawn make a return to the theater, I did use the screen-name Spawnacus on here and SuperHeroHype for a long time. But I don’t think it will ever happen even though Todd McFarlane is a douche and continually gets my hopes up by mentioning making another Spawn movie every other year. It’s a lot like Dan Aykroyd getting me exciting for Ghostbusters 3 every six months.

    • I been saying that for a few years now.I would love to see a spawn reboot sometime before this decade is over.Mcfarlane was talking about he wanted it to happen awhile back but i think the studios didn’t want anything to do with him.Im pretty sure it’ll get done somewhere in the future now that CMB movies are more bankable and it will be rated r like it’s suppose to be & not watered down like the 97 version they created.

      • *CBM are more bankable*

      • well don’t count on it being made by marvel studios then, as part of their deal with disney is nothing released more restrictive than pg-13

      • The latest hot air blown by McFarlane is that it will be much like The Departed with the internal conspiracies surrounding Micheal Jai Whites human character (cant remeber his name) and Spawn a terrifying boogie man type character on a revenge path. The best friend guy who married his ex-wife would be the protagonist with Spawn as the anti-hero.

  14. well, i don’t know what i’m talking about. i guess i associated spawn with marvel cause mcfarlane used to work for marvel…oopsie!

    • I never read the comics and I was only 10 when the movie came out is the clown played by John Leguizamo a pivotal character? Because he was more annoying than anything. B- List you’ve gotta get off the GB3 thing man I fear it has consumed you

      • You are correct. It really has consumed me. I need help.