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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 16, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Apr 16, 2012

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  1. When is the embargo lifted for reveiws on Avengers? The 20th?

    • Well, the movie’s official release date is around April 26th-28th in most countries, and in the US it’s May 4th (and SR is a US based site).
      So don’t go around spoiling anything on the the regular articles until then πŸ˜‰

      BUT, I do think it would be cool if Vic could make the “Avengers Spoiler Discussions Page” available earlier than May 4th (next week?)… so that the non-US residents (and people who’ve seen early screenings) can start discussing the movie as soon as possible.

      • What-do-ya say Vic? :)

        • I second this request! I’ll be at the opening on the night of the 26th so a spoiler discussion for the next day instead of the next week would be much appreciated! πŸ˜‰

        • Good idea Avengers. I plan on avoiding most websites, facebook and other forums for about a week anyway though.

      • Oh I don’t want to spoil anything! I’ve already been spoiled by other sites and it has ticked me off! So I’m avoiding them. :)

        • I’ve been avoiding all articles and threads about The Avengers. There is no way possible to get me more excited for this movie and I don’t want to know any more about the story or characters until I see it.

      • I agree, this is a cool idea. We (SR regulars) need to do a better job of policing spoiler comments though. Non “spoiler thread” pages are no place to be giving away plot points, and some newbie tried to take me to task for letting him know it was not good.

    • That kind of sets up the question I have this morning.
      Has it been decided yet who here at Screen Rant will be reviewing The Avengers?
      I know there’s still time but I have to admit it seems like a unenviable task.
      We all remember what happened last year after Kofi’s Green Lantern review. So it scares me to think how crazy people will go if The Avengers gets a score of 3 stars or less.

      • I’m betting they are FIGHTING over WHO gets to review Avengers.
        My bet … Vic wins. :)

        • Nah, Its gonna be Kofi and Ben is gonna do dark knight

          • Who … are … you?

            • I am the watcher

              • Who watches the watcher??

                • Uatu. 😎

          • A while ago I asked Vic who was gonna be reviewing TA, and he said it’s either Kofi or Ben.
            Now, IMO, I think Kofi should do TA and let Ben do TDKR’s review.

            • I don’t yet know who will be reviewing Avengers and Dark Knight Rises. I think I’ll make it a surprise. 😎

              As to an early spoilers post, that’s not a bad idea, thanks.


              • It’s going to be Sandy, or the new guy (forgive me, I forgot his name); you heard it here first folks. πŸ˜€

    • Followed up by the returning ever popular Screen Rant favorite article piece

      Avengers: Counterpoint!


      • Booo!!!!
        [Thumbs down]

        (I’m really not a fan as you can tell ;))

  2. How is a putrid film like ” The Darkest Hour” from the same guy that made “Wanted”? Invisible aliens? From where? Why does the hot Australian girl die? They can’t see through glass? Was this an Anime, who’s named Skylar? They don’t kiss because she put on her iPod? Last line of the movie: “This is where it starts”, they didn’t think this was lame?


    • Lol.. its funny cause I rented it this weekend and thought the same things, it was pretty cheesy

    • Haha!
      I tried watching it last night and I had to stop it about half way through. And that’s rare for me. I’ll suffer through most anything and finish it but The Darkest Hour might be the worst film I’ve seen in the past 2 years.

    • Damn…Severe disappointment? Hopefully you didn’t buy and just rented. The commercials probably should’ve given it away…

  3. I was just remembering a few months ago when all those “Offical” plot rumors for Dark Knight Rises came out saying that it takes place 5 minutes after Dark Knight..I lol’d.

    Anyway, is anyone else bothered by like the Indie Sci-Fi the Looper trailer presents? I’m excited for it but the way the people just appear there when they are teleported through time looks pretty cheap/amateurish. I guess it works for the film since they are supposed to just pop up there but it just looks cheesy and i want this movie to rule

    • well the movie is still 5 months away so they might do something a little different with the time travel effects before the movie is released.

  4. @ The Avenger

    Don’t you think it would be nice if DC/WB had a cinematic universe like Marvel Studios does to have solo films that would build up to a Justice League film?

    • Yup.
      I LOVE what Marvel Studios is doing with their shared continuity (the MCU): it was a huge risk (still is) that could have gone a hundred ways wrong, but so far, it’s working out VERY well.
      But the problem now, is that everyone will just think “hey, DC’s copying Marvel” – so I don’t really see a “DCCU” ever happening – and I believe WB/DC has said a while back that they plan to make a JL movie, but that it would be it’s own thing (i.e. a new cast with a plot that DOESN’T tie-in or co-exist in any of the other DC film universes, like the “Nolan-verse” for example).
      So yeah, it’s a shame that DC didn’t give it more of a “push” when they had the chance… but who knows, maybe in a few years? I’m looking forward to a JL movie.

      • So I was wondering the other day, and maybe this has already been answered, but for all of the upcoming Marvel sequels (IM3, CA2, Thor2, IH2)… are they all goin to acknowledge the events of the Avengers, or kinda do thier own thing?

        • This is basically a summary of what guys like Kevin Feige, the directors and the cast had to say about the sequels:
          IM3 will be it’s own movie – totally focused on Tony Stark (i.e. more IM1, and a whole lot less IM2)
          Thor 2 will be about Thor exploring the other 9 realms and it’ll focus more on his relationship with Jane Foster (i.e. less earth-bound stuff and less SHIELD, with more fantasy influences and great new worlds)
          Cap 2 will be more focused on the events after TA. It’s about Cap finding his place in the new world. He’ll be working with SHIELD, so I think there’ll be a lot of elements from TA involved.

          Those movies are still in pre-production now, so all that MIGHT still change (but I very much doubt it will).

          • Right, I understand that… but Im just curious if they will atleast acknowledge that the other Avengers exsist, and if what events happen in The Avengers will create waves throughtout the other movies universes as well.

            • “Im just curious if they will atleast acknowledge that the other Avengers exsist”
              Of course they’ll acknowledge the Avengers’ existence :)… I’m sure there’ll be more references and a cameo here and there (it’s already been confirmed that Black Widow will be in IM3)

              “and if what events happen in The Avengers will create waves throughtout the other movies universes as well.”
              Not sure what you mean by that… since there’s only one “movie universe” that Iron Man, Hulk, Cap, Thor and the rest of the Avengers are part of (the Marvel Cinematic Universe).
              If you’re talking about other “movie universes” like the X-Men movies or the FF movies, then no, because those have nothing to do with Marvel Studios.

              • I think if Man of Steel is a success, DC – WB will green light a THE FLASH movie and possibly a Wonder Woman movie (now that the WW tv show has fizzled), if those get made, I think it could be possible that they’d make JUSTICE LEAGUE.

                So, after The dark knight rises, and Bale’s apparent last effort, a new Bruce Wayne/Batman is introduced in JL and then used in the Batman reboot down the pipe, with hopefully a new Riddler.

                Henry Cavill continues from MoS in JL.

                Ryan Reynolds returns as Green Lantern, the actor who played FLASH returns for JL, as does the WW actress.

                Finally the characters Aquaman and Martian Manhunter are introduced in the JL movie, tying them in with the storyline somehow.

                • well vinny chase is aquaman so they just need flash and wonder woman

              • No, I understand the whole “rights issue”, I ment if the sequel’s plot will be created off of what happens in the Avengers or just kinda dive into that specific charecter’s own plot more… sorry if im being complicated, Im at work, and its a busy day, I just get on here during breaks.

                • Ah, sorry for the confusion mate…
                  Anyway, yeah Avengers 1 is rumored to set up the sequel to The Avengers 2 (apparently the after credit scene sets it all up), but as far as I know, the other movies like IM3, Cap 2 and Thor 2 will all concentrate on the characters (and they’re development after the events of TA) and will be, in a sense, more personal (not being more “tie-in movies” to Avengers 2).

      • It would look like DC/WB is just trying to copy Marvel if they start connecting their movies. That’s why I think DC would be better starting off with a JL movie, then branching out into solo movies, should they ever decide to create a DCCU.

        It’s not like Marvel, where all but one of the characters had to be introduced to the general audience. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the most well known superheroes. Having those three in one movie should generate enough interest.

      • @ The Avenger

        Same here. I always thought/hoped DC would be the first to do what Marvel is doin but it disapoints me. But im glad Marvel Studios took a risk to set it up & i have a feeling it will pay off well.

        I can only speak for me as i could care less it would look as if they’re copying Marvel. So what? I prefer seeing a unified DC Universe with other heroes to share the big screen with Batman & Superman instead of seeing reboot after reboot of each solo franchise. With the next Batman reboot being planned, i may be sick of seeing Batman films for awhile. I didn’t like that Justice League Mortal plot or the cast. I prefer they build up solo films that lead up the Justice League film. That’s the thing i wonder that prevents a DC Universe, is because people think of the “Nolan-verse” being the perfect example for each DC film.

        Im sure the day will come we get a Justice League film, it just won’t be in a universe as big as Marvel is building imo.

  5. i finally watched alien resurrection last night! now i own all the alien films and am ready to see prometheus!

    i also watched 300 for the first time yesterday, man is that a strange movie.

    • oh! and i also saw the other guys too! it was a lot better than i thought it was gonna be. and will farrell wasnt as annoying as he usually is!

      • i wanted to like that movie. i really did, but it was just so stupid. i don’t know if it was trying to be a parody film like airplane or scary movie or what, but what killed it for me was when SLJ and the rock jumped off that building trying to take a shortcut and…splat! i guess i don’t get what they were trying to accomplish with that movie, and now i hear there’s talk of a sequel. yikes! i guess that will just have to be one of those movies i hate.

    • @ Draagyn

      What did you think of the films? Did You watch the AVP films? I know people will disagree but till after i see Prometheus & the film after that, i still consider the AVP films somewhat canon. Don’t care what RR or Nimrod Antal says. They were’t perfect but imo they were so terrible.

      • i liked all the alien films. the first two are obviously the best. the third was pretty good. but resurrection was a different kind of creature. it was good, but the whole alien, human hybrid was kinda weird. i actually felt sorry for it though when it was getting sucked out the window.

        i have seen the first AVP film. thought it was ok, but i dont think it did either creature justice. I heard AVP:R was horrible so i am just avoiding it. I dont consider the AVP films cannon, but i like the concept of them crossing over each other. But i just dont see a way that they could make them the same universe and still have it be believable and not full of plot holes. maybe the comics figured it out idk. but the movie didnt do a good job in my opinion. Still was an ok film though.

        • @ Draagyn

          First two of-course rocked but 3rd film could of been of been better & with the ending it had they should of ended it there. I thought Ressurection was worser than both AVP films honestly.

          As for the AVP films alone, i liked the first film better. Could of been better itself but unlike the comics, i thought it would be complicated to see a crossover film between the two franchises. I agree the film didn’t neither creature enough justice. AVP-R had good action,gore etc. but lacked good plot & story , not to mention cast of characters people could care much less about as in first film. Imo, i do like to consider them cannon as the events from Predator/Predator 2 aren’t referenced in the films just as the events in the AVP films aren’t referenced in Predators just as the events in Predator 2 are not. But Prometheus will apparently put all that to rest once it’s released.

          Predators didn’t impress me that much as they made it look alittle too much like Predator/Alien like. And didn’t expore much into the blood feud between to the two Predator packs or other creatures they hunt besides humans, among other things.

    • 300 was “strange”, but the Alien franchise, especially Resurrection, was not? Interesting descriptor. I would characterize 300 as being close to a masterpiece. Almost every frame of that movie could be a work of art.

  6. I saw Laser Cats 7 this weekend. By far, one of Spielberg’s best films to date!

  7. Id like to see Vic review The Avengers myself.

    • Ditto.

  8. Is anyone else getting annoyed with Ultimate Spider-Man? I like the animation and some of the action is pretty good, but the incessant Deadpool-like dialog is killing me.

    I also got rid of Voltron from my DVR; I watched the show to see Voltron fight, not the teenagers getting into trouble.

    • I stopped watching Ultimate Spider-Man after episode 3, because IMO, it’s is a show for people younger than the age of 10. It’s not a cool animation show that adults and teens can also get into (I’m referring to awesome shows like Justice League Unlimited and Batman:TAS)
      I’m still watching Avengers: EMH though… it’s been great so far and I’m really looking forward to all the guest appearances and new members!

      • I’m still liking Avengers: EMH (the animation is still a problem for me), Young Justice, and Thundercats.

        • I agree about Thundercats and YOung Justice. I also watched the two premiere episodes of The LEgend of Korra (The Last Airbender – kinda sequel). It was incredibly good. The writing and art was just as top notch as TLA.

  9. I got a question should I go see The Avengers in IMAX or the Cina Capri?

    • I’m wondering the same. I haven’t seen an IMAX film in a long time, and TDKR is definitely going to be an IMAX experience for me, but I’m wondering if I’m impatient and see The Avengers in that format, will it really be noticeable that it was post-converted?

  10. Just saw an interview on stan lee about spidermans race…I guess this was during the whole Donald driver for spiderman petition. And he was qouted as saying it would be confusing for fans…I really had to laugh at the irony in that statement. And I wish Stan would have been honest & just said a black spiderman would not have the box office draw that a white actor playing spiderman would have. If that were true stab wouldent have changed nick fury or kingpins race.

      • Mace I wasnt really implying Stan had a problem casting a black actor…but I was just remarking how he said it would be confusing for someone of another race to portray an iconic character like Peter Parker…yet they made The ultimate Spiderman hispanic…thats all. I still stand by remark I think its more of an issue of Money since Black actors dont particularly draw in large crowds…eh it is what it is though.

      • The Ultimate comics are what made Fury a black character, Ultimate Fury was modeled after S.L. Jackson, and when they decided to make the Marvel Studios films a mix between 616 and Ultimate, they went ahead and cast Jackson as Fury to complete the circle.

  11. Sorry for the typos….I meant Donald glover

  12. I watched Never Back Down: The Beatdown the other day. Not as good as the first (the first was OK, nothing special) but seeing Michael Jai White kick more butt was great. I’m telling you, the guy can knock someone out just by staring at them. πŸ˜€ Marvel, can we please get him to be Power Man??!!

  13. I saw “The Three Stooges” today and I really liked it, but I didn’t love it. There was a lot of classic Stooges humor and all 3 actors really got the mannerisms and dialect of the Stooges down pat. Sometimes it seemed as though they tried to FORCE classic Stooges pranks (i.e. Curly spinning on the ground). I thought the kid actors who portrayed the Stooges as children were great, especially the kid who played Moe. It was a funny movie that didn’t need to rely on foul language or shock to create laughs, just good old fashioned slapstick. While I thought the Jersey Shore cast would ruin the movie for me, it was great to see how they were used. If you like the Stooges, you will probably find something to enjoy in this movie. If you like crass humor like The Hangover or Knocked Up, you’ll probably think this movie is just stupid. Oh, and Sofia Vergara looked HOT.

      • Thank you for sharing that. Great find.

        • I enjoyed it as well when I first saw it, and I have watched it repeatedly since. I don’t know how bad Curly suffered after his stroke, but watching it closely, you can tell that he has just a bit of difficulty verbalizing. I am sure his mobility was affected even more. Would have loved to see the brothers Moe, Curly, and Shemp doing a full routine together.

  14. Trying to avoid anything avengers related isn’t as easy as i thought, good thing the release day is just about here. :-)


    • great editing and cinematography, but what really grinds my gears is when people hide behind wooden tables when the enemy has machine guns that would turn that table into matchsticks. i know, it’s just a short film and one has to suspend disbelief, but you’re the only filmmaker i can gripe to :)
      in reality, i’m jealous as this is something i’ve wanted to do for a long time myself, just don’t have the time or the $$$, but good luck to ya.

      • Thanks Jeffro!

        Thanks for checking out the short, I really appreciate it!
        Yeah, the table thing was on purpose. We wanted to have that Grindhouse feel so we put as many ridiculous things in there as possible. lol


    • I really wanted to like this, especially after seeing the fake poster of Stallone and Arnold for a Contra Movie and getting excited about such a movie potentially being made. Nothing about this made it seem like Contra to me (except maybe the music at the end). I guess the names of the leads matched, but the names are common enough not to be noticeable. The actors didn’t really look like the Contra characters either. If I didn’t see the title, it would have just seemed like any other scene with guys shooting at each other.
      It also embodied all the annoying unrealistic things about action movies I saw growing up:
      -the bad guys can’t shoot at all, even at a target who is just standing or lying there and not shooting back
      -the aforementioned fact that a wooden table would in no way protect anyone from bullets
      -a gas tank wouldn’t explode if shot

      I guess I just had higher standards because it was supposed to be Contra short film. If you said that it was a spoof of action scenes from 80s movies, then I would have reacted totally differently :)

      Anyway, kudos to you for seeing your vision through. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to get all those guns together in one place :)

      • It is suppose to be a homage to all the ridiculous action films from the 80’s and 70’s. All the unrealistic things and continuity mistakes were all put there on purpose. The short film is in no way suppose to be serious at all. lol It’s a Grindhouse type feel like Planet Terror or Machete. :)

        Thanks for watching and for your feedback Pedram!!

        • Ah, OK. I didn’t get that at first (never saw any Grindhouse movies either so I guess that didn’t help). I suppose I expected that kind of thing to be a little more obvious, like the Rambo scene in UHF :).

    • Khan probably felt his first officer was guessing that the shields would be useless. He wanted to make sure they couldn’t raise them.

  15. Saw raid:redemption again today.. absolutely amazing camera work. I think its perfect for the action sequence and was incredible. So far it is my favorite movie of the year right ahead of the grey and cabin in the woods. I know it will just get better from hear with the avengers, prometheaus, the dark knight rises and the hobbit. (And the ton of others that are in between) this first few months has surpased last years. I think source code was the only movie I really enjoyed but I can’t remember.

    • By surpasing last year I ment month by month not the whole year.

  16. Is anyone reading the Prequel comics to the Avengers, “Nick Fury’s Big Day”? They have a great segment where they show the Leader, (as in the IH movie) and he’s looking at the Black Widow, who is following Banner/Hulk. The Leader says, “My goodness you’re pretty” or something like that, and they end the book. If they don’t follow up with the Leader story somehow I’m going to be pissed now.

    • It’s called “Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week” just so ya know πŸ˜‰
      It was a freakin awesome series (all 8 issues have been released digitally already, so I’m guessing you’re reading the printed version?)
      Anyway, it was just great: tied up all the loose ends to all the movies (like what happened to the Leader, what happened to the Destroyer, etc.).
      Kudos to Marvel for going the extra mile in establishing a proper, full on new “universe”.

  17. I guess discussion on this will increase more as we get closer to December, but is anyone else really looking forward to seeing the Hobbit in 4K/48fps? I’m not as excited for the 3D part as the other two, but I don’t mind if it’s done well.
    Are there any other films (besides Avatar 2) being shot in 4K and at 48fps?

  18. Hey guys I just saw an article that said Iron Man 3 will begin casting calls in the next few months for all who live in North Carolina…I Myself was an Extra in The Avengers (played a shield guard) And I can tell you I had a blast and made a nice paycheck in the process.

  19. Wow…I just saw the cast list for IM3 and it looks like Don cheadle has replaced Terrance Howard who originally replaced Don Cheadle…pretty confusing if ya ask me.

    • Terrance Howard portrayed Col. James Rhodes (Rhodey) in Iron Man 1.
      Don Cheadle then replaced him in Iron Man 2.
      Since then there hasn’t been any other re-castings… Cheadle will reprise his role as Rhodey/War Machine in Iron Man 3.

    • What cast list did you see? If it’s IMDB, that stuff is notoriously inaccurate.

  20. I swore I wouldn’t watch any more Avengers clips, but they keep releasing new footage and I’m a HUGE Marvel & Whedon nerd. I won’t watch the Thor vs. Iron Man clip though. I can hold out for a couple more weeks. I CAN DO IT!

    • Use the force, young padiwan!

      “These are not the scenes you are looking for”

      “These are not the scenes I am looking for”

      “You can go about your business”

      “I can go about my business”

      “Turn the computer off”

      “I’ll turn the computer off”

      “Move along”

      “I’ll move along; I’ll move along”


  21. Okay, just a warning: on the “β€˜The Avengers’ Early Reactions & Reviews; New Set Visit Video” article posted by Sandy, there’s a comment from a guy called “Citi”. He posted a (seemingly) spoiler-free review of the movie, but be warned!! Don’t read it, it contains a MAJOR spoiler halfway through.

    Unfortunately, it seems I’m going to have to stay away from the internet until I see the movie — So far, people on SR have had the common sense not to spoil anything without warning, and I was hoping I could still read and post comments on some of the articles and discussions pages, but it doesn’t look like there’s any escape from all the spoilers anymore.

    • The Avenger,

      I’ve deleted Citi’s spoilerish comment.


      • Glad I missed it.

        • Me too.