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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 13, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Apr 13, 2012

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  1. Saw cabin in the woods last night and I had a blast. It was so much fun, but it was far from mind bending or groundbreaking. I laughed throughout tho.

    • Happy Friday the 13th everyone.So you’re saying basicly it’s just like Scream where they mock other horror films.

  2. Hey Vic, have you heard or checked out “Google Currents”

    It’s a new mobile app that makes online news site look like a beautiful magazine on portable devices. It works across android and apple devices. And it looks specially great ln tablets!

    You guys should consider adding SR to the list of supported sites! It seems a 10 minute affair and totally worth it. ;)

    • Heard of it – have an email in my inbox to remind me to get around to it, haven’t yet.


  3. Quiet, were hunting wabbits.

    Saw the first episode of Awake the other night, very good. Just wonder how it can be kept up though as a premise, is he actually awake in one of the worlds he’s in, or are both a dream?

    They were also showing The Towering Inferno again tonight, ah all those memories of the disaster movies from the 70′s.

    Poseidon Adventure, Earthquake, Towering Inferno. Good mindless destruction, and I can’t remember a single instance of any actor having to say f**k or s**t.

  4. I was wondering if anybody knows any movies like Buried, Brake, Cube, Saw1?

    • Your wanting to know about these films or movies similar to these?

    • Five Fingers, Unthinkable, Phonebooth, Primer, The Thirteenth Floor, Existenz, Event Horizon, and Sphere of the top of my head. Hope that helps.

    • I really enjoyed FROZEN wich got slated by the critics but I say give it a chance .

      • Films similar to these. yea i watched frozen too, i really liked it. im lookn for movies like these, kinda like isolation films i guess youd call em.

      • Films similar to these. yea i watched frozen too, i really liked it. im lookn for movies like these, kinda like isolation films i guess youd call em

        • Thanks Shiver thats what im lookin for. :)

  5. Anyone seen raid:redemption? We just got it at the theatre were I work and ill probobly see it today if people say its good

    • The Screenrant review (I think it was Kofi, not sure though) said it was pretty awesome.

      • Ill have to check it out I havnt seen it

    • Dude it is my favourite movie of the year so far , the action is insane and the story is solid enough to keep you interested , check it out as soon as you get the chance !

      • Awesome! I’m just glad I get it for free

        • Hey bro because you work in a theatre any inside info on when TDKR new trailer might be released and with what film ?

          • From what the trailer guy at work told me it will be during dark shadows

            • Makes sense , cheers

  6. Sitting here waiting for “The Raid: Redemption” to start, so pumped they rolled it out across the country!

    • Jealous I am.

    • I’m jealous!
      It was just last night that I saw a trailer on TV that said it was getting a wider release. But it hasn’t hit my area yet.
      Hopefully next week.

      • If you check their website they have a schedule for cities.

    • Are you in a movie theater?

      • I put it away after the previews, I take notes on new trailers that Ihaven’t seen. Pretty nerdy, haha.

  7. Hey Screenranters! I’m hosting a sweepstakes with lots of great giveaways and prizes including Amazon gift cards, a NEW hard copy of Batman: Arkham City for PC, and even a Canon Digital Camera! And it’s all to support a great cause!! Go here for details:

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  8. Just watched Captain America: TFA again – the movie just gets better every time I watch it…
    That got me thinking: which superhero movies have the most “rewatchability” for you guys and which have the least?
    For me, Iron Man 1, Batman Begins, Cap:TFA are movies I can’t seem to get enough of, but I’ve found that I can only watch TDK and X-Men:FC, among others, about two or three times before it starts to feel “old”.

    • I am currently on my 4 th copy of Batman Begins because its been on rotation so much ! Others i often watch are X – MEN 2 ( i could watch the Night crawler opening sequence a million times ) Spiderman 2 and THOR also X -MEN First Class !

      • CBM s that i carnt watch to often Spiderman 3 , Iron Man 2 , Wolverine and Green Lantern !

        • Ha! I saw the first three on this list in the theater and gave them one watch each at home. I didn’t see Green Lantern in the theater, but it got the one watch at home.

    • I have watched TDK MANY times (I emphasize that because so many people have said they do not feel any need to so…I just keep getting pulled in by that bank robbery opening and enjoying the rest of my visit :) ).

      Repeated viewings of:

      “The Punisher” (Thomas Jane version)
      “The Incredible Hulk”
      “Ghost Rider” (cheesy, yes, but fun on a dull Saturday afternoon)
      “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (mainly just for the Surfer)
      “Superman: The Movie”
      “Superman II”
      “Superman Returns”
      “Batman Returns”
      “Batman Begins” (This I’ve watched almost as many times as TDK)
      “Green Lantern” (haven’t watched it as often as all of the above, but…)

      • Cripes! I completely forgot to mention “X-Men 2:X-Men United” and “Spider-Man 2.1″. I love to watch those, as well :)

    • Considering how many times I saw Batman (89), Iron Man, and Spiderman 1 & 2 in the theater…I’d say those three. But lately Captain America and the Incredible Hulk have been getting a lot of air time.

      Also, RED and Kickass get watched a lot.

      • Hellboy….add Hellboy to my list!

        • I forgot the Hellboy movies also.
          So I’d add them both to my list of multiple viewings.

    • For me,
      1. Burton & Nolan’s Batman films. I’ve seen them all in the theater multiple times and now on Blu-ray & cable.
      2. Spiderman 2
      3. X-Men 1 & 2
      The least re-watchable
      1. Schumacher’s Batman films
      2. Hulk
      3. Daredevil

    • I can’t get enough of RED and IM2. I also consider IM, Spiderman 2, X-Men 2, Batman, Batman Begins, the Thomas Jane Punisher, and Green Lantern all very good rewatchable films.

      • my can’t stop watching movies would be……in random order

        Batman Begins
        Captain America
        The Dark Knight
        X-men First Class
        X-men 1
        The Incredible Hulk……first movie was terrible in my opinion

        • completely forgot about the Fantastic 4 movies lol

  9. What????!!!!!! No love for Electra, Howard the Duck, or Nick Fury Agent of Shield? These movies provide a valuable service to those with insomnia. they put them to sleep. LOL

    • Or they help you clean out your colon. :-D

  10. I watched both “The Raid: Redemption” and “Cabin in the Woods” today – how rare for me to see two movies in a row any more… and even rarer to have enjoyed them BOTH. :)


    • Man, I want to see The Raid! I also enjoyed Cabin in the Woods; I think I may go see Lockout or 3 Stooges sometimes this weekend.

      • I just watched raid:redemption absolutely loved it. Some of the best camerawork I’ve seen during action sequences. Not to mention extremely amazing choreography on the fighting. Some of the best fight scenes id ever seen.

  11. I’m looking forward to the Fringe episode with the guy that played Desmond in Lost! :)

    • There’s an episode with Desmond coming up on Fringe! :-O

      Any idea when it will air??? I hope he gets a cool role and at least a couple of episodes! ;-)

      • It’s next week I saw him in the preview

  12. within the last month, i’ve rewatched:
    all 3 Spider-man
    both Iron Man
    The Incredible Hulk
    Captain America:The 1st Avenger
    this weekend i think i’m gonna do:
    Batman Begins
    The Dark Knight

    • Nice, I am doing the Marvel movies one a day on the weekends until the release. ;-)

      • They are having a Marvel movie marathon on the day before The Avengers release that ends with the midnight premier of the movie. A lot of theaters around the country are doing this, and it costs $40. I already have my ticket, lol. Should be fun… :-D

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  14. Watched Fast Five on cable last night, a bit skeptical about the ability of 2 cars (even if they are suped up) to pull a giant steel vault down the street, however nice mindless fun.

    Interesting to see them explain how Michelle Rodriguez character can still be alive when they do the next “Five” film.

    • Never mind pulling it down the street, what about pulling it out of a concrete re-enforced wall?! And those are the strongest cables in the freaking universe! :-D

      • True, the whole concept of that heist is a bit on the dodgey side to say the least. It’s not just a suspension of disbelief it’s a suspension of logic, physics, hell even reality.

        And I don’t buy that they switched vault’s and loaded the actual one on the back of a truck! Come on!! :)