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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Apr 11, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Apr 11, 2012

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  1. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! (Sorry, What a great way to start a topic.

  2. It is getting close to avengers time. I’m going to a whole marathon on the Thursday before leading up to it.

    • I was going to do the marathon thing but just couldn’t bring myself to take off at least a day and a half from work. Think it would be awesome to do it though.

      • As they said to Homer Simpson “If you don’t come to work tomorrow don’t bother coming in on Monday!”

        Homer “Whoo hoo a 4 day weekend!!” 8-}

      • I took off Friday. I couldn’t justify taking off Thursday as well.

    • Only 15 days to go!
      I’ll be having a marathon on the day of release: I’ve timed it so that I can watch the 5 movies, take a quick nap, and then head off to the theater for the screening! 😀

  3. 😎 8-P

    • Bugger

  4. So I showed our 8 year old the TV spot where Captain America says, “Hulk…SMASH..” last night. I hear this morning, “Kyle, I loved that preview where Captain said HULK SMASH. I can’t wait for this movie”.

    When you have kids excited for this movie plus the general public, it should have a really great opening!

  5. Community Poll:

    Does anybody here watch ‘Lost Girl’ & ‘Being Human’ on Sci Fi?

    Arguably its one of the better running shows they play on a regular schedule. If it weren’t for those 2 shows, the occasional ‘Twilight Zone’ reruns and the cheap movies on Saturdays I probably wounld’t watch the channel as much as I do…

    • My wife used to be crazy for Being Human, but she said it got to bloody, so now all shes all about Grimm.

    • I used to watch Being Human (loved season 1) but lately, the episodes have built up on my queue. I’ve lost interest.

  6. i like being human, but have not been watching it for a while, will probably catch up on netflix when season 2 is on there

  7. Growing up, what were your favorite cartoons/kids’ shows you couldn’t miss?

    Here’s what I remember:
    1. The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show
    2. Thundarr the Barbarian (Princess Ariel = hottie)
    3. Super Friends / Challenge of the Super Friends
    4. Pac-Man / Saturday Morning Supercade (Cheesy, but I was an arcade kid.)
    5. Fat Albert
    6. Dungeons & Dragons

    • Okay you asked for it. Superman (Cartoon) Superfreinds didnt exsist) Speed Racer, Gigantor (Black and white version)Marvel Super Heroes and Spiderman

      • Animation – Looney Tunes, Star Blazers, He-Man, Speed Racer, and Thunder Cats. Non-animation – the Three Stooges, Ultraman, and Saturday morning kung-fu movies.

    • Kid Video and Snorks!

    • 1. Bugs Bunny
      2. Transformers
      3. Voltron
      4. Dungeons & Dragons
      5. Superfriends
      6. Spiderman and his Amazing Friends
      7. Fat Albert
      8. Thundarr
      9. Captain Planet
      10. Captainnnn Caaaaavemaaaaannnnn 😛

      • Biker Mice From Mars
        Batman TAS
        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
        Hong Kong Phooey
        Rocko’s Modern World
        Beavis & Butthead
        Ren & Stimpy
        Space Ghost
        The Tick

        • Dude, Biker Mice were Awesome! I forgot about that show, my list would be similar to the majority of these plus TMNT, but it looks like Im the only one who had to be home from school by 4 so I could watch Dragon Ball Z.

          • I never watched DBZ on TV. My neighbor had the Uncut Japanese version on vhs. I was a biggerfan of DragonBall Uncut tho b/c of the pervert Master Roshi lol

            • LOL yea Roshi… You know the DragonBall Z movie was complete crap, but I did think that Chow Yung Fat nailed Roshi.

              • Lord… that movie lol if it can even b called such.

                I think his Roshi was ok in the context of the film. The man who was Grandpa Gohan was the best imo

                • Batman the animated series and avatar the last airbender

    • 1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 series)
      2. Batman TAS
      3. Dragon Ball Z
      4. Justice League
      5. Yu-Gi-Oh (shows like this were pretty big where I grew up)
      6. Samurai Jack
      7. Superman TAS
      8. Scooby Doo
      9. Transformers
      10. Spider-Man

      Those are just some of my favorites… I pretty much watched as many shows on ‘Cartoon Network’ and ‘Nickelodeon’ as I could when I was a kid 😛

      • Scooby Doo huh? Yea we all know what those scooby snacks where once we got older.

    • 1. Batman TAS
      2. X-Men
      3. TMNT
      4. Old School Looney Tunes (still crack me up, and I am almost 30).
      5. GI Joe
      6. Transformers
      7. Animaniacs

    • My life as defined by cartoons:

      As a young ‘un: Kidd Video, Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, Super Friends, Captain N: The Game Master, MASK, and Smurfs.

      As a teen: X-men, Spiderman, TMNT, the Tick, Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butt-Head, and the Simpsons

      As a young-adult: Spawn the animated series, South Park, the Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurama

      Nowadays: Archer and American Dad

      • Damn how could i forget GI Joe and Heathcliff.

      • How could I forget Duck Tales, Masters of the Universe, and Thundercats?

          • I saw Captain N on Netflix a few years back…I swear I was in drugs as an eleven year-old.

    • Johnny Quest! Milton the Monster!

    • Battle of The Planets
      Birdman (now an attorney apparently)
      The Herculoids
      Fantastic 4
      Looney Tunes
      Tom and Jerry
      Marine Boy

      There were so many animated shows back in the 70’s, even an animated King Kong, he was befriended by a young boy and towed around on a frickin wooden raft if you can believe that.

      Also used to love a show called The Banana Splits which had The Four Musketeers.

  8. One more day until the Looper teaser!!!

    • Just like the Amazon above. 😮

      • Kahless,

        Rest assured we haven’t been hacked. :) This is something I’m testing and I’m working on figuring out how to NOT have it show up in comments, just in the article area.


    • @Kahless – Vic warned us regulars of some changes on Monday’s open discussion. I think that may be one of them.

    • Since they aren’t allowing reviews yet, this usually means the people behind the film don’t have much faith in it.

    • Well,

      Me and probably many others know how you feel. It’s sure to get mauled by cristics and movie goers alike. If the temptation is that bad I would go see something else or just buck up and go see it. I would watch re runs of the show to but for some reason I want to go see it to. If anything I think it’s because of Will Sasso…

      It’s probably not as bad as the commercial and people make it seem..

  9. For fun, which Avenger would you be?

    I’d like to be Black Panther but I’d probably end up the Black Knight.

    • I know he isn’t featured in the upcoming movie but he was part of the avengers in the comics. My choice would be spiderman 😎

    • Hulk smash puny tin man! Hulk smash blondie! Hulk stongest there is!!!!

      I love the beginning of this season of Avengers: EMH.

      ***** SMALL SPOILER ALERT *****
      In the beginning of the episode, a robot of Dr. Doom is assessing the strengths of each of the Avengers. IM – moderate, Black Widow – Low, Ant/Giant Man – Moderate, Hawkeye – Low, Hulk——EXTREME. Love it! 😀

      • I always thought you were more of a Scarlet Witch.

        Yikes! The Klingon is turning green! Now I’ve gone and done it.

        • Green for a Klingon is embarrassment.



    • Iron Man… because when I am not out saving the world I get to be a billionaire playboy.

    • Iron Man.
      Why? The money, the women, the cool toys (high-tech, million-dollar, weaponized armor included), the cars, and the awesome beard 😉

    • Blavk Panther. Im a King. And with that comes deadly half naked female body guards & diplomatic immunity.

    • Which Avenger would I be? None.

      Because being a Superhero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Now as far as their powers, I would go with Cap’s…

    • Thor. He is a God…no reason to expand on that.

  10. What do you guy s think about the situation going on with Harry Knowles over at Aint it Cool and Damon Lindelofs suposed PROMETHEUS leaked script , do you think Harry had the right to make the review public ? Do you think the scripts real ? Do you think Lindelof is fibbing to protect his matierial ? Would Screen Rant publish anything like if it landed on their door step ?

    Me personaly i think the script is fake and for Harry to do that to Lindelof then doubt his word when Lindelof publicly reached out to him is out of order , Harry can talk about how much of a cool guy Damon is but the truth is Harry stabbed a fellow industry member in the back

    Just my thoughts .

    • I watch StarTrek (The one with Kahn) for the first time yesterday. It was like 20 years of sci-fi pop culture & innuendos poured into my brain. So many star trek jokes im just gettting.

  11. I watch StarTrek (The one with Kahn) for the first time yesterday. It was like 20 years of sci-fi pop culture & innuendos poured into my brain. So many star trek jokes im just gettting..

    • The first time? THE FIRST TIME??!!

      “You task me; you task me, and I shall have you! I’ll chase you round the flames of Neber, and round the Altares maelstrom and round Perdition’s flames before I give you up!!”

      “From hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at theeee!!”


      • Stay your anger, Kahless. As AC/DC’s anthem “For Those About To Rock” suggests, we should salute and welcome this novice aboard. What a treat, to view arguably the best Star Trek ever for the first time…

        • Dont judge me lol

          Yea im a big fan of the word Kahn now. My voicemail is “Kahn. Kahn! Kahn!!!!!!. Leave a Message”

  12. Is ANYONE going to be covering the Avatar: Legend of Korra premiere? I heard in one of your podcasts that someone had already seen the two episodes that were released early. I’ve watched them both a good three times already and loved them, and I would like to see SOMETHING at least announcing that the series has begun or a review on the premiere or something. To anyone who watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is a pretty big deal.

  13. Here is a question for everyone, how many times will you be watching the ultimate superhero team up that is The Avengers in theaters ?

    I’ll be watching the avengers 4 or 5 times in theaters. There is nothing that comes close to experiencing it on the big screen.

    My second question is how long do you think the movie will run in theaters before its removed ?

    • I’ve already secured three viewings (two in 3D and one in 2D) so far.
      I’ll probably watch it more if it’s as good as I’m hoping/expecting.

    • I’m thinking I’ll be seeing it at least 3 times. But the 16th, the rest of May and June are booked for wedding stuff so that’ll eat up a lot of time to view it.

    • At least 2 times. The first time with some friends and then I’ll take the kids. If it’s as good as I’m hoping it is, I’ll be seeing it even more.

      I’d wager it will stay in theaters about 2 months (8-9 weeks).

      • @ Kahless,

        I was thinking around 2 1/2 months. What do you think it’ll make on its opening weekend ?

        • I would say it will break records and make over $200 million the first weekend. Anticipation for this film is extremely high, so I think the box office will show that. I think they will make their budget back after the 2nd week.

          • I’m in agreement with that figure.
            I’ve read a few articles (mostly in movie mags) where they say it wouldn’t be surprising if it tops 200mil on opening weekend in the US.
            This is definitely a more anticipated movie than ‘The Hunger Games’ (in my arrogant opinion ;)) and look what that made on it’s opening weekend…

          • I agree that it will break records at the box office well around 225 to 250 mil. it’ll be truely MARVELOUS 😀

    • Once maybe twice.I don’t usually like viewing films in theaters over that b\c you won’t be as excited to see it on dvd or blu-ray when its released.

      • Is eve is

    • Just the one time.

      Depends on how long it can pull in the crowds, they’ll try to milk it for all it’s worth, and with so many good movie’s coming along it will also depend on each cinema’s schedule.

      • I’m gonna put it at just around 100 million opening weekend. If I am wrong I will bite my toungue. If not I will gloat haha

  14. I watched a couple movies the other day. Tinker tailer soldier spy was awesome I loved it. And battle royale the japanese film was incredibily entertaining I enjoyed it more than the hunger games.

  15. Just a test here, as I’ve been attempting to respond to a discussion here, but I keep getting a Spam warning, so I want to see if this comment posts…

    • Vic, do you have any idea why my intended response to a discussion here (“$2″ discussion about childhood shows) would fail to post due to a Spam warning? I’ve tried multiple times, but it doesn’t go through. I’ll change up my wording a bit and try again…

      • Jeff,

        I don’t know, there must be some word that’s flagging it. If you like, send me the comment via the contact form and I’ll see if I can figure it out.


        • Thanks Vic. I sent my comment to you via the contact form. Despite rewording things, I still cannot seem to post under that discussion thread.

          • I’ve had similar problems before… (the “Your Comment has been flagged as spam” message)
            Best thing to do IMO, is wait a few hours and try again (usually works for me).

            • Avenger, it turned out to be a specific word that I was using, i.e., “Ultraman”. I guess the site’s filter/spammer was reading it as another word. Problem resolved, thanks to Vic.

  16. I loved the girl with the dragon tatto but last night I watched 8MM with nick cage. made me sad 😕 Idkw Im afraid to watch either again :( it kinda ruined both. but joaquin and mara would make a great couple :)

  17. OK, where’s the contest for Avengers stuff? Not like anyone but me will win, anyway. :-)

  18. Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 premieres tonight on ABC. Watch it. I already saw the first two episodes on Hulu Plus. It is hilarious. Both me and my wife enjoyed it…and we have different tastes in sitcoms. She’s a “New Girl” and “Up All Night” type of sitcom person while I’m an “Archer,” “Blue Mountain State,” “Parks and Rec,” “Raising Hope,” “30Rock,” and “Community” type of guy. But somehow, we both like this show (we only have a few we agree on like: Modern Family, HIMYM, and Happy Endings).

    After writing this post, I realize that I may watch too many sitcoms.

  19. So, I just finished watching the episode of Sons of Guns with that attention wh0re Jesse James, and LOL, what an idiot… He keeps trying to make it seem like he’s such a gun expert, yet, he puts finger grooves on his weapon that’s specific to one hand (meaning it’s not ambidextrous, so it only really works with one hand, using the other it’ll be super uncomfortable). That’s dumb because you might have to switch sides in a real-world situation. You always want the weapon on the outside shoulder while rounding a corner… He makes all of the wood parts of the weapon out of aluminum, so it’s this super tacky looking black and silver gun, so dumb. Even worse, it’s a BAR, so he took a classic weapon with the nice wood grains, and that’s the weapon with the tacky aluminum parts that stand out like sore fingers… Then when he goes to use it, he has to take the weapon completely out of his shoulder in order to cock it, lol. Yah, very tactical idiot… Not to mention he’s standing straight up while shooting it instead of leaning forward with it, so when you see him shooting it, the rounds are going everywhere, no control at all, lol. Man, what a doofus.

    And it’s only appropriate that idiot Jesse James requests that crybaby Vince to work on his weapon. They are both idiots, perfect fit…

  20. I finally got a letterboxd account. I know some of you posted your profile names a few discussions back. I’m lazy and refuse to scroll through pages of archives to find those discussions, so I’ll just tell you mine: