Open Discussion – January 4, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   January 4, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   January 4, 2013

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  1. Who here thinks that the world would be a better place if we implemented the philosophy and laws of The United Federation of Planets?

    • Nice idea but it would never work until you had a first contact to unite the human race. No one would ever go for it.

      • Its sad that the idea of world peace doesn’t unite us lol

        • It is indeed.


      There someone had to say it.

      • 20 hours later

        • I was giving others time!

          I take my time. No need to rush. SO THERE! :)

          • When I have nothing better to do then troll this website, there is a need to rush! lol.

            • Then why didnt you say it huh huh huh?

              • Because I enjoy this interaction too much. I already talk to myself enough…

    • Why??!! Have you always been docile??!! Humans are nothing but sheep ready for the slaughter!! Love live the Empire!!!!

      Oh brother!


  2. I was on Wikipedia today and found out that one of my favourite character actors, Charles Durning, died the same day as Jack Klugman (I did like Jack too, The Odd Couple, not Quincy so much), very sad.

    RIP Charles and Jack.

    • Charles durning was a great character actor. I’ll never forget his performance as chief moretti in dog day afternoon (one of my favorites) and as Jessica lange’s father in Tootsie. He also had a pretty good performance in this creepy movie from back in the day called dark night of the scarecrow.

      He will be dearly missed.

  3. And hey, George Lucas has gotten engaged, at least Disney gave him a very nice dowry.

  4. @Trey
    On the last OD you asked if TDKR had any significant changes than that which appeared in the screenplay.
    It didn’t really. I do recall Bane being a bit further expanded on, but not much though… it was a fairly straight-forward adaption from what the Nolan brothers wrote IMO.

    • Yeah i think it was stated they filmed more bane footage with a backstory but it wasnt used

  5. As I type it is 10:04pm Perth Australia, and 4:04pm in Joburg South Africa (The Avenger).

    What’s everyone’s time zone then?

    • 07:10AM (AZ time zone) We don’t believe in DST

      • No we don’t have it here in Perth either, they (the Govt) forced it onto use a few years ago as a trial. This was despite the fact that the last 2 or 3 referendum’s we’ve had about DST have been given a resounding “No Thanks” vote.

        Needless to say, after the ‘trial’ they had another referendum, and it was “No” again.

        We still have a few people who whinge about not having it but that’s a democratic vote for you, the ‘nays’ have it.

        • Its more of a headache than anything. Id rather us obey by it because 48 other states in the USA do, and its annoying having to adjust to TV shows that usually show at a certain time, then its an hour later for the next 6 mths. Its just annoying lol. But then again, Id be annoyed if I didn’t reset my clock either and was late to work.

          • 0933 Hours Eastern Standard Time.

      • Daylight Savings Time was for the farmers. The extended daylight allowed them to harvest more, and get their produce to market longer. Mostly in Rural areas.

        Both my parents were Doctors, yet we grew up on a farm, with cattle, sheep, chicken, horses, pigs.

        My Twin sister and her husband now run the farm, and well…They both get up at 4am and work the farm. They actually make a good living off it.

    • 8:38 CST (Wisconsin, USA)

      • “You and me brotha” as Desmonde from Lost would say.

        Long live Ole wisconsin and their rose bowl record!

        BTW do you say “bubbler” instead of “drinking fountain” in your part of the state?

        • Hey can’t win them all right? Or any of them apparently… At least we have the Packers. (*waits 36 hours and hopes for a victory*)

          I say bubbler but we all know that we Wisconsinites say it wrong. And we are okay with that.

          • I live in the town the prase was coined, and proud of it!

            Give it time and it will spread over the entire US.

    • You dont believe in tall buildings either…but hey.


    • At the time of your posting it was 6:40am here(West coast USA).

    • Hey, hey, hey! It’s Cape Town – not Johannesburg! I wouldn’t be caught dead living in Joburg ;)
      … the time-zone is still the same though: GMT+2

      • @The Avenger

        Oops! But yeah I was just going by the region not the location.

      • @The Avenger

        I actually visited Capetown when my family emigrated to Australia in 1971, out ship, The Fairstar, stopped over. I do remember it was a beautiful city. Even went up to Table Mountain.

        • *our ship*

    • At the time you posted this, it was 4:04 pm in Germany.

    • 12:21AM right now (GMT+1), here in Germany.

    • When you posted, 2:04pm GMT in the UK.

  6. What film series/franchise needs a reboot/remake?

    • Daredevil
      Star Wars. I rather do a modern remake than go with bunch of stories not many people have read or care about.
      Back to the Future

      • Why do you say Hulk? Or do you mean with Ruffalo?

        • Yep Kyle, yes I want a reboot with Ruffalo.

          They got the Hulk right!

          • One can only hope. By the time another movie is ready (phase 3), will Ruffalo be too old? Here’s hoping for phase 3 as:
            Incredible Hulk 2
            Thor 3
            Cap 3
            and two newbies. Hoping for Black Panther as one.

            • Hopefully they go with the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk storylines for the next Hulk films.

              • I like those stories but they go completely against what they are trying to do with the MCU and making Hulk a hero. Planet Hulk would be shipping him to another planet.

              • I would love to see those in movie form as well. But World War Hulk has to many hero’s in it to work out properly.

          • I wouldn’t consider that a reboot since it would still be in the same continuity as The Avengers and The Incredible Hulk, but I get what you are saying.

    • Waxwork & Killer Klowns From Outter Space.

      • KKFOS = WIN!

        • I’m down with the Klowns. :-)

      • ^
        ^ Would love to see Anna Paquin be a victim in a KKFOS or Waxwork remake/reboot.

    • I agree with Jefferson about BTTF. That would be so much better nowadays. I would also like to add Jurassic Park, Street Fighter (3rd times a charm), Constantine sequel, Blade Runner done right, and Peter Pan (make it a bad ass trilogy).

      • Did I just get called Jefferson?????
        Makes me sound all…hawdy tawdy! IM A SNOB! WOO HOO!

        lol :

        • =0)

    • No doubt daredevil with a R rating, but of coarse it won’t happen.

    • “The Day of the Triffids” it is an older film, but defiantly needs a remake in the modern day. The original movie didn’t attempt to tell the first part of the story (the world adjusting to almost everyone becoming blind). It just jumped into the walking/carnivorous/paralysis inducing/alien plants.

      “Dune” There has been two attempts at this. However, I feel it would take at least six movies to tell a proper story of just the first book.

      “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” Not really a remake/reboot, “Blade Runner” is great, but only took slim parts of this book as inspiration.

      • There’ve been a couple of BBC adaptations of The Day Of The Triffids, one in 1981 and another recently in 2009. Unfortunately neither were up to much, and didn’t address that first part you mentioned.

        Low budget aside, I was quite satisfied with the 2000 miniseries of Dune. Ihe 2003 Dune Messiah/Children Of Dune adaptation was better, though. I’d not seen James McAvoy in anything other than Band Of Brothers and thought he was outstanding.

        You’re right that Blade Runner was quite different from the original novel, but I’m not sure how anyone would now make a more faithful version that had anything new to add either visually or thematically.

  7. So as I said on Wednesday, a colleague and I formulated a fairly certain theory about a plot thread we expect to see in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

    ::::::::POTENTIAL SPOILERS:::::::::

    There are three lead in facts from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

    1) Azog says his bit on the cliff top about how he “SMELLED FEAR ON THRAIN, THORIN’S FATHER”.

    2) Thrain went missing during the battle with Azog IN FRONT OF MORIA.

    3) Gandalf gets the key from Thrain while Thrain is in captivity and before the unexpected party. (note: in the book, Thrain is imprisoned in Dol Gulder, The same “old fortress” Radagast explores in the first movie. In the movie, Gandalf clearly had not been to Dol Gulder…)

    From these facts, It is safe to assume that Thrain goes crazy during the battle, wanders into Moria, Azog captures him, gets the info about Thorin’s Quest (hence the lines “who did you tell about your quest” “no one”) Gandalf goes into Moria (hence those scenes of a scared Gandalf which were in the trailer but not in the movie ) retrieves the key and map, and escapes… after which Thrain presumably dies. How does it sound?

    • dude i think you are onto something! nobody rocks like a tolkien fan with theory!

  8. Happy Friday Ranters. So I saw two movies in the last week. Les Mes and The Hobbit. Les Mes was a pretty good film. I saw the play when I was a kid and I definitely appreciated the movie more with age. Seriously, if someone is depressed, that movie will put things into perspective.

    I’m still on the fence how I feel about The Hobbit. It was great being back in good ol’ Middle Earth but dang did that movie drag. How they are going to spread this into three movies baffles me.

    Good day people…… I SAID GOOD DAY!

    • GOOD DAY KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I had the opposite reaction, I thought The Hobbit was too short, lol.

      • Fez is an inspiration

      • I thought it was too short as well. Felt like I was only in the theater for a half an hour!

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    • Grrrrrrrr

    • I hate you. :)

      • Well I hate you too Kyle! :)

        • Not you… Mrs Spam… :)

          • Whew! I feel better now. Calling off herd of cows to poop on your lawn now.


            • Note to self: Never say anything bad about Jeff W… ;-)

              • Fear the Cows.


                • I do. I always thought there’s more going on there than meets the eye…

                  • Grew up with 50 Head of Dairy Cows.

                    Now on the farm there are 138 of them.

                    And they are a devious bunch.

                    • Yeah, I used to work on a dairy farm years ago: they were drawing their plans against me even then.

                    • That’s a lot of poop

    • Question of the Day at work:

      What are your favorite and least favorite Nicolas Cage films?

      • Not sure how my post ended up here. Sorry!

        • Where were you aiming for? And what are yours then?

      • Favourite. = Moonstruck

        Worst = Con Air

        Honurable mentions = Kick Ass , Leaving Las Vegas , Honeymoon in Vegas

        • Hmm, I actually liked Quantum of Solace.

      • Favourite: Birdy, Wild At Heart, Lord Of War, Peggy Sue Got Married, Rumble Fish.

        Least favourite: God, where do you start?

        BTW, bearing in mind all your questions seem to stem from work, you have some pretty cool colleagues there, $2!

        • The Big Dentist,

          My favorites are Raising Arizona, Racing with the Moon, and Birdy (which has an excellent soundtrack by Peter Gabriel). My least favorite is G-Force. It didn’t come across as funny, just really annoying.

          Your least favorite answer made me laugh! Nice one!

          As for my original post, I meant to make it a new thread. I assume I clicked on replying to the spam post. Oh well.

          I am very fortunate to work with a great group of people. A colleague posts trivia/discussion questions every day, and he frequently has movie questions. I like to present them to everyone here at SR to see what you all think.

      • I like Nic Coppola so I have a few favorites.

        Favorites are a tie between Face/Off, The Weather Man, The Family Man and The National Treasure series

        Least favorite is either Kick-Ass or Ghost Rider

  10. So, since I live near Philadelphia. The Battleship New Jersey in moored in the Delaware River on Jersey side.

    Every time I see it, I get a giddy feeling thinking underneath it is a brand spanking new Space Battleship, ready to fight an impending alien invasion.

    Just saying.

    • I love Philly. Only place I visited on the east coast. Such a fun city. Dangerous but fun lol

      • It has its charm and its moments.

        But it is home to me.

        • Since I am a history major, its like Disneyland for me.

    • When I hear or read the name Philadelphia, I can’t help but think of this every, single, time:
      … the mind works in mysterious ways I suppose.

      • Actually…Yeah that works…Fresh Prince Overbrooks Own Will Smith.

  11. Any cast news for X-men days of future past? Also is there any kind of news on the Planets of the Apes ,and Prometheus sequels? And what is going on with the Jurrassic Park and Creature From The Black Lagoon remakes?

    • I think Jurrasic Park is getting a sequel not a reboot.

      • A sequel it doesn’t need…

  12. So, I had to give PA State Police my Flight Logs.

    So I gave them the logs and list of Rotary and Fixed wing aircraft. They have gotten applications from a lot of pilots, but not the right type for what they Police do, with Search and Rescue, I fit the profile. So that is why I got the position.

    My List was, Bell, Shirkorksy, Euro Copter,Incom, Corellian Engineering Corporation, McDonnell Douglas.

    Two of them had them scratching their heads…Then they laughed and liked my sense of humor.

    • Its Boeing now… Not Mcdonnel Douglas. Get it right! Lol

      • Was McDonnell Douglas back in the 80s!

        Ouch. I think my hair has arthritis!

        Oh and I have flown Lockheed Martin as well.

      • I just noticed my spelling on this post… Ugh… I need to cave in and get the internet at home. The mobile site is a PAIN for me.

    • Before you know it they put you on the Kessel run.

      • @The Lost Winchester.

        It will be my dream…Wanna be my co-pilot? lol

        Would ask my wife, but she will keep telling me I should have made a left at the last supernova.

        • “Wanna be my co-pilot?”

          RRrrrrrrrrRRRr! RRRrrrrrrrrr! RRRr! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

          • Was that a propeller?

            • No, silly, that was a Wookie. Everone knows that a propeller goes like that:



            Now wheres Leia?

  13. Has anyone heard anything latetly of whats going on with the Hulk t.v show or Sequel? and are we going to get a Inhumans about Underworld 5 or an Origin story. sorry for all the questions just want to get some news on these rolling in and ideas flying in really want to see these films.

    • I wouldn’t expect any Hulk TV show news until Comic Con or when Pacific Rim comes out. That’s when Del Toro (I think that’s the guy) will start getting some more interviews.

    • I think the Hulk show is dead in the water.
      Del Torro seems to have plenty other things on his mind and Marvel seems to be putting all their efforts into ‘SHIELD’ at the moment.

  14. I for one would love to see a new better remake to Island of Dr. Moreau, or a sequel to Splice or anything similar to these films.

    • Yeah you’ll have to give the film industry a few more years to get back around to those things Film Fan. Their plates are already pretty full. I agree with you, some even seem way overdue for readdressing.

  15. Goodbye, see yall tomorrow!

    • Have a great day!

  16. I saw the “Carrie” poster for the first time…

    Arm herself because no one else there will save her
    The odds will betray her
    And I will replace her
    She can’t deny the prize, it may never fulfill her
    It longs to kill her
    Is she ready to die?

    The coldest blood runs through her veins
    You will know her name

  17. Im really lookin forward to Warm Bodies, it looks to be everything twilight shouldve/couldve been.

  18. Any news on the Amazon TV show? Everything seems to have gone quiet on this. Is there any news out there anywere?

    • I hope it was a lie.

  19. I saw “The Raid: Redemption” the other day. I think it was good but definitely overhyped. If you’ve seen your fair share of martial arts and violent movies there is nothing particularly special in it to warrant such high praises. I must say that I actually was a bit disappointed after everybody and their moms celebrated The Raid as the new messiah of action flicks. Excellent stunt work and camera work, no doubt, but even an action movie needs a little bit more than people shooting and beating each other up for one-and-a-half hour. Even the very similar Dredd had more story and depth than this one, and Dredd has almost no story and character development to speak of. ;)

  20. Can’t wait to see it ;-)!!!!!!!