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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 9, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 9, 2012

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  1. Can anyone recommend some good Marvel comics/graphic novels for me? I’ve totally abandoned DC after their reboot/rebranding nonsense.
    I’ve read almost all of the Ultimate Universe in the past month or so but not sure what else is good. Stopped reading Marvel about 10 years ago.

    • At the moment, I actually think DC is putting out better comics than Marvel lol – more compelling stories and much better art.
      With DC, my favorite titles are ‘Batman’ and ‘Justice League’ (I buy those two in print), but ‘Batman and Robin’, ‘Detective Comics’, ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’, ‘Nightwing’, ‘Catwoman’, ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Batgirl’ are the DC titles that I occasionally read digitally (I can’t afford those as well, so I read them on my friend’s iPad).
      Marvel still has a few kinda good ongoing series’ though: ‘Daredevil’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Winter Soldier’, ‘New Avengers’, ‘Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates’, ‘Invincible Iron Man’, but I have to say, the new Avengers Vs X-Men is looking pretty good. – but with most of those, you kinda need to know what’s happening in the Marvel U to really follow the stories…

      As for graphic novels, have you read some of the classic Marvel stories? like The Kree-Skrull war, Civil War, Korvak Saga, etc?
      And if you’re a fan of the Marvel movies, check out ‘Marvel’s The Avengers: Fury’s Big Week’ (it’s being released as a paperback graphic novel this month)

      • @DSB: Knowing what you have read, i think this list will do you well.

        House of M
        Spiderman: The Other
        Punisher Max
        Spiderman: Blue
        Daredevil: Born Again
        DareDevil: Yellow Vol 1
        Spiderman: Kraven last Hunt
        Old Man Wolverine
        Marvels (Art by Alex Ross)
        Elecktra Lives Again
        Elevktra Assassin
        Daredevil: Man W/o Fear

        Did you read Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk? Ultimate Human (Intro Ultimate Leader)?

        • @ IR and TA,

          Nice lists!

      • I just can’t get my head around some of the creative choices in the New 52. Some follow the old continuity and others don’t, they barely tell any cohesive story. Plus I despise the new DC logo, lol, it’s very off putting.

        Thanks for the suggestions. Someone suggested Civil War, that looks like a fairly extensive collection.

        • Yea i figured you’d like Marvels for Alex Ross’ handywork lol

          I loathe the New DC for its indecisiveness. They should of rebooted the wholething or made an Ultimate Universe from square one. This its “new but still old” is wack. Plus i dont like Cyborg on the JL. He is not a heavy hitter.

          • Agreed, he shouldn’t be on the team. And also, wack, is understatement.

            • DSB,

              I understand your feelings about DC, but have you tried Animal Man or Frankenstein, Agent of Shade? Those are my current favorites; they’re a total blast.

              Since TA & IR gave you a good Marvel list, here’s a quick non-Marvel list:
              1. The Goon – Eric Powell’s art and twisted sense of humor make it a fun read. Hopefully the animated movie will be released soon.
              2. Axe Cop
              3. Frankenstein Alive, Alive! – Bernie Wrightson’s art is a must-buy!
              4. Any of the EC archives are excellent, if you like the classic stuff.

      • hey avenger do you know when furys big week is being released in graphic novel form this month.

        I miss out cuz in not a fan of online comics.

        • It’s already on sale in the US – obviously it depends on your country and retailer though…

      • You stopped reading dc cause of the reboot but you read all of the ultimates line? Ultimates is just marvel v2.

    • Somebody mentioned the comics in a recent podcast and your question is in line with that and what I’ve been thinking the past few days and that is, it would have been a smart move on Marvels part to have some sort of Ad before the film that promotes the Comic Books.
      Think about it…
      Even though nobody could have predicted $207,000,000 but they had to know that there would be huge crowds filled with young kids and adults that would be interested in Comic Books so why not promote the medium that the movie comes from????
      I still read a few Comics here and there but from what I understand the industry needs some sort of boost.
      A perfect example is that I brought my 10yr old nephew with me and after the movie I asked if he ever read comics and he said no. So I gave him a quick rundown on what he could expect and now he can’t wait to start reading. So much so that I’ll be taking him to the local comic book store after school on Friday.

    • Silver Surfer Requiem if my favourite MARVEL book ever , check it out you will not be dissapointed .

  2. After Avengers, I find myself not looking forward to any movies this summer. Of course I’ll see some as it’s great entertainment but I don’t think anything will ever get me as excited as I was for Avengers. Everything lacks in comparison. :)

  3. Saw the season premier of ‘Castle’ last night… it was pretty lackluster IMO.
    I was hoping for something more shocking.

  4. If you are interested in graffic noveles. Might I recommend the original “Death of Captain Marvel”.

  5. Whats up ppl, just thought I’d drop in for the first time n get ScreenRants perspective on something i thought of that relates to the stars of The Expendables 2. Hopefully this question hasn’t been asked before but out of these great action stars who has the best action movie resume: Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham, Scott Adkins, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    For this question I’m not including the rest of the cast

    • Arnold – Best of the 80s
      Willis – Most bad a** action star
      Sylvester Stallone – best worst acting action star
      JCVD – best B movie/straight-to-tv action star
      Dolph – best back up if JCVD isnt doing it action star
      Chuck Norris – best a** whooping by Bruce Lee action star/Not really that cool action star
      Scott Atkins – Best i didnt even know it was him till i check imbd action star
      Jet Li – one of the best ‘do my own stunts’ action star

      • Edit
        Arnold – The Ultimate Action Hero

      • @Ingur Rant
        Thats a great way to describe them all, but no love for Statham?

        • I actually forgot about him lol

          Best new age JCVD? A more mainstream version.

      • Stallone can act, Rocky, Copland, Demolition Man.

        One of those is a joke.

        • statement rescinded

  6. Drsambecket I would recommend grant morrisons run on the New X-men,District-X,House of M,Mutopia-X, and Messia Complex. i don’t read much comics but these where really good.

    • Thanks

  7. Hey Vic,

    Now that the Avengers has been out for a week in the US. Will there be a counterpoint? Rob Keyes & other brought up some intresting issues in the podcast. I would like one for TDKR as well. Just a thought.

    PS I don’t know if its the upgrade you spoke of earlier but it seems like the SC (web version) pages have been loading faster on my iPad

    • Ignur Rant,

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to do a lot of work behind the scenes to speed up the site, so I hope that’s what you’re seeing.

      No counterpoint for Avengers – we all agree on it. :)


  8. The Avengers is making some serious BANK!!!! Awesome movie.
    Maybe if we are lucky we will get Avengers 2, with Wolverine, Storm
    and Spiderman added to the mix ( I know for that to happen Marvel/Disney/
    Sony and Fox would have to come to an agreement) For the greater good
    of the FANS it’s what they should do. Avengers 2 with Wolverine,
    Spiderman, Storm, Black Panther. The Avengers will BANK a billion world
    wide soon. I hope that Marvel/Disney/ Sony/Fox can see the potential gains
    for all parties involved. Put aside the B.S. and work together for the
    Fans. It’s the right thing to do.

  9. Movies I Haven’t Seen:

    1. The Shawshank Redemption
    2. The Matrix
    3. Avatar
    4. Donnie Darko
    5. No Country for Old Men

    Any I should avoid?

    • Avatar & the Matrix Sequels lol

      The rest are must see. MUST SEE.

      • Thanks for the advice, guys. With the family and job now, it’s tough to catch movies all the time, like the good ol’ days. Instead, I have to be particular in watching a film with the limited amount of free time I have. An accepted fact of life.

        *pauses to wipe away a tear*


        • I wouldn’t say avoid avatar see it once. U can pass on the matrix sequal

    • Many have told you to avoid the Matrix sequels; I disagree. While the sequels weren’t as good as the first, I felt they were entertaining. The first time I watched Revolutions, I was actually mad at the directors. But then I saw it again and I actually get what they were trying to do. Revolutions was still the worst in the trilogy, IMHO, but I felt it wasn’t bad; and I actually thought Reloaded was very entertaining.

      • While I disliked the last one, I have a difficult time deciding whether The Matrix or Reload is better. The fight scenes in Reloaded are just epic (especially the 10 min freeway scene)

  10. I’ve been thinking about this, and I know there is a lot of love for The Avengers going around, but I just have to admit this: There are movies out there that excel at cinematography, like all LotR and TDK, but when it comes to pure unadulterated entertainment, Avengers, IMHO, tops them all. There are some films I have seen multiple times in the theater, but this is the first film I will be seeing multiple times on IMAX 3D. This says a lot to me, and I hope it says a lot to the studios.

    • And the icing on the cake is that it’s a comic book movie!

      Just curious, Kahless. What film have you seen the most in theaters? Mine is Dead Poets’ Society with ten viewings. That film was a major influence on me becoming a teacher.

      Instead of making you type the entire movie title, just fill in the blank here: Star Trek ______. :D

      • I would have to say Thor, and it wasn’t because it was great (it is good, but not great), it was because I first saw it in 2D, then I wanted to see what it was like in 3D (it was unnecessary), and then I was bored and wanted to see a movie but only Thor had my interest. So 3 times was the most, and I think I may see Avengers at least 1 more time (which would make it 3).

        I wonder why you thought it was Star Trek? 8-)

    • this was my 1st imax 3d film. i haven’t seen any of the 3d releases ever. i just never got the chance to see anything that has come out, but i made a point to catch this one, and i liked the 3D. the spider-man 3D trailer was cool as hell. the loudest trailer was TDKR.

  11. I really hope they follow through with the low budget idea for Marvel.

    Luke Cage and Dr. Strange dont need $150million dollar budgets. They could get made on a modest $30-$50mil. and still gross $150mil+. Its the character introduction and fan appeal they need. so as long as they play it safe with solid scripts and good directors. They should do well in the coming years.

    I hope Avengers gets a 2016 release date. Long enough to give Marvel time to release 6-8 more movies, set up a proper sequel. and not long enough that they would lose appeal

    • With Dr Strange, I think a bigger budget would be the better way to go… especially if they really want to showcase his powers (which would require quite a bit of VFX – which costs money)

      As for Luke Cage/Heroes For Hire, a SHIELD movie or Black Panther – I agree, smaller budget would be fine.

      • Black Panther needs a budget like Thor and Cap. Black Panther needs amazing set pieces remember Wakanda needs to look like what Marvel Studio did for Asgard.

        • I forgot about Wakanda… you’re right.

      • seems like you could get 2 films in one w/antman & wasp have their back story 1st act, they go to wakanda find vibranium, discover t’challa, get his story act 2, then, whatever bulids up for the next team up act 3. make a 2.5 hr movie, maybe get a hulk cameo out of it somewhere. get all these major minor characters in 1 film.

    • Haha that’s funny. My only problem with thor is that they copied him and everyone from norse mythology. That’s like making jesus a superhero. I also got a problem with the names that repeat first letter, and there is a lot. Peter parker, bruce banner, fu fang foo (or whatever), pepper potts ect

      • Lionel Luther, Lex Luther, Lucy Lang, Klark Kent…oh, wait. :-D

        • Reed Richards, Stephen Strange, Sue Storm, Scott Summers :P

          • What is this! An episode of The Big Bang Theory?! ;)

            • BAZINGA!

      • how u have a problem with Marvel thor is based on norse mythology. Marvel used norse mythology in their comics for years they also used Greek mythology, egyptian mythology, etc. alot of media used mythology in a different way. they already made jesus a superhero he is Superman

  12. I think it was a year ago when these came out, but do any of you guys remember those Mortal Kombat movie shorts?

    I thought they were very well done (minus the cartoonish scenes), especially compared to the terrible movies that proceeded them years before.

    Anyways, has anyone heard if they were going to follow up with an actually movie? I heard when they first came out there was talk about maybe doing a movie, but since then I’ve heard nothing.