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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 7, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 7, 2012

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  1. Look up Rocky III trailer on youtube. Then watch the latest The Dark Knight Rises trailer. The similarities are disturbing. I really hope the plot doesn’t turn out to be the same. Seems to be, Rocky/Batman get cocky meanwhile the Clubber Lang/Bane is rising and Rocky/Batman underestimates them gets their arse kicked & for awhile Clubber/Bane is owning the town while Rocky/Batman sulks and feels sorry for himself & then Rocky/Batman starts training hard again and comes back to finally defeat Clubber/Bane.

    When the movie comes out you’ll be watching and thinking to yourself “damn that guy was right.”

    • And what’s the problem with that? They could have Ras Al Ghul and Joker return and retrain Bruce. That would make for a good montage with everyone splashing and hugging in the surf.

  2. Hulk Solo with The Leader Sequels? Will we see Ultron,Giantman,wasp, and vision in the next Avengers?and is Marvel doing a Inhumans film and a Namor movie?

    • Wasp and Giantman are just too ridiculous, fine for comic book fans but I don’t see the average cinema goer and critics accepting such concepts with open arms.
      Maybe a threat from within? Something involving SHIELD and maybe the Hulk as a villain of sorts ala the Ultimates?

      • I don’t know. Avengers is pretty wild. I think Marvel is going to go bigger and more fantastic with some movies, and closer to earth with others. Anyway, the fact that they’ve been planning an Ant-Man movie tells us they’re open to the idea.

        • Go “bigger” and “more fantastic” and you also run the risk of getting “campier”. It is amazing that Whedon was able to pull it off (a film with all of these characters) without the latter adjective applying to the movie.

          • Agreed.

          • I agree too. That movie could have been mediocre to awful if Whedon wasn’t in charge. He expanded Black Widow’s role,… I’ll stop there, he deserves a lot of credit. I’m cautious about taking the message it’s time to go all out comic book crazy with SH movies. I do think Giant man is fine though. Where does Hulk’s extra mass come from? Just don’t make him skyscraper tall. 20′ max?

            • I think an ant man movie is a bad idea from a financial standpoint

            • I will be seeing the avengers in dbox later. So the seats will bge moving and rumbling with what happens. I’ve never tried it so I’m pretty excited

              • Be sure to let us know what it was like.
                I’ve never heard of this new technology and I’m actually very interested in how it could enhance the movie experience.

                • It was insanly cool avengers ud go ballistic. You know where I stand on the movie but this experkence was phenomenal. Every explosion every scene was spot on with vibrations and seat movments. With the car chase it felt like you were in the car with agent hill. And you felt like you were flying with ironman

                  • That sounds awesome…
                    It’s probably quite expensive though?
                    Still, I’m hoping this takes off (I’d be willing to pay a few extra bucks for an experience like that).

                    • 16 bucks for dbox 3d. So like the price of imax 3d

  3. I’m not quite sure whether I like Bane’s new/refined voice in the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer. I agree it wasn’t very clear in the prologue (for those of you who saw it) but it now blatantly sounds like it’s been dubbed in via post-production.

    I think I’m starting to realise why Nolan resisted tweaking it for so long as it’s hardly the voice you’d expect to come from someone wearing a threatening metallic mask…

    • i like the voice

      • I like the refined voice as well. Whether you could understand the old one or not, it is clear that many couldn’t, so a change had to be made. Now, only if they erase Catwoman from the film…

        • I meant “only if they [could] erase”…

    • i liked banes voice how it used to be, i could easily understand it i never saw how people couldn’t. the new voice doenst have that threatening feel that it used to

    • The sound mix has been deliberately altered to highlight the voice in particular scenes, but it isn’t what you’ll get during the finished movie. The scene with Selina Kyle talking in Bruce’s ear has been similarly tweaked. Just compare it to the first second trailer. For that matter, watch any number of trailers that borrow music from an alternative source, or use scenes that don’t appear in the final cut etc etc.

    • It’s weird… I couldn’t understand a damn thing Bane said before the “refined” voice, but after seeing the new trailer, I’m not a fan of how he sounds now either (it sounds very fake: clearly post-production work – sloppy post-production work IMO).

      So if I had to choose? I’d say stick to the old voice (if I end up not understanding half of what bane says during the movie, that would just give me an excuse to go watch the movie again! ;))

      • Sometimes that can work. Yoda was hard to understand in ROTJ when he was confirming Luke’s parentage. It had the audience hanging on every difficult-to-understand syllable. I see what you mean about Bane, though. They may have over-corrected, or it could be for the previews. There’s got to be a happy medium.

    • of course it’s dubbed, you can’t see him moving his mouth which makes it perfect for dubbing. hell they probably just took the original dub they where using and modified it to make it more understandable

    • It isn’t that bad but I was fond of the original voice he had.

      Speaking of DKR everyone cheered when the trailer came on in the theater, something i didn’t expect. Seeing the trailer in the theater made me a little more optimistic about seeing the movie O.o

  4. I am also wanting to know if we will be seeing alot more sci fi/Horror movies with the same tone as prometheus? would like to see a splice sequel,and remakes and sequels to underworld,Island of Dr. Moreau,Creature from The Black Lagoon, and some good dino flicks like Dino Crisis,and Steve Altens Book the Loch. any ways someone needs to buy these rights and get these films rolling.

    • If you want a Splice sequel just watch Species 2. Then go back and watch Species. mmmmm…Natasha…

  5. The Mask is what makes Bane sound that way.

  6. Movie stub reveals Prometheus will be rated R.

    • I’m not surprised. I would have been ok with a PG-13, but if this is to have the tone and feel of Alien & Aliens, it NEEDED to be R.

  7. aint people bored of watching the same old Greek or Egyptian mythology/folklore turn into movies. i like Greek and Egyptian mythology movies but their other mythology/folklore.

    why not do a solid movie about Sun Wukong (Monkey King) with a epic story like LOTR. or what about Anansi African folklore Hollywood could do Neil Gaiman book “Anansi Boys”. what about doing John Henry movie make it a steampunk of movie.

    • Egyptian myth? What movies have focused on Egyptian myth because I want to see them! (and I don’t consider the Mummy to be Egyptian mythology, it’s a purely Hollywood construct)

      • true yeah The Mummy would be Hollywood construct even Stargate would also be the same thing.

  8. did anyone see the “Serenity” (spaceship) in the avengers????? apparently its when hawkeye had some sort of iPad and is working with the ‘smart dr guy from the thor movie’.

    • No, but thanks. I’ll look for it when I see it again.

    • I didn’t catch that but I was all smiles when I saw Victor from DollHouse playing a cop that Cap was giving orders to. I think he only had one line though.

      • I’d love for him to get a bigger role. He’s an extremely versatile actor. He was definately one of the reasons I kept on watching Dollhouse.

  9. I think Ant Man should initially be a guy who studies ants and insects. To do so he shrinks, and even has a vehicle that is a robotic ant, with a spacious interior. At some point in the movie he is trapped in the broken down vehicle, unable to grow to normal size while something bad is happening above.

    Another “wrinkle” is that I’d have his back-story be that he was a kid interested in science and nature, and he looses his site in one eye simply at play one summer. This is why he initially studies ants. They are small and he’s comfortable with things that require one eye in a microscope. That idea I’m stealing from the real life “Ant Man,” biologist Edward O. Wilson.

    I’m familiar with Hank Pym from the comics but I wouldn’t hesitate to change his story to suit a movie. I expect others feel differently.

    • “sight” not “site.”

    • I think it will be bigger than that, especially since Edgar Wright is behind it. They have already mentioned that the script they are working on will have both Henry Pym and Scott Lang as major characters. Hopefully a mentor/student thing going with Nathan Fillion as Henry Pym and the main hero

    • No offense, but that sounds a little boring ;)
      I really think they should take inspiration from ‘Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes’ – Ant-Man is awesome in that show, and all the episodes that focuses on him are great.
      They can really make an EPIC Ant-Man movie if they do it right.
      That said, I’m still on the fence. I think they can easily introduce Ant-Man in a Black Panther or SHIELD movie.

      Guess we’ll find out in a few months (when Marvel Studios reveals the other movie scheduled for 2014)

      • Boring ;) ? What can I say? I only suggested one plot point. I admit it needs fleshing out to say the least. I forgot to mention I’d have him have a robotic eye when we encounter him as an adult. I just think a kid loosing his eye would be sympathetic, but also inspiring in how it guides him. A robotic eye would be there to establish that he builds robotic things.

        Also, I think I’d have him trapped underground, unable to grow, and unable to communicate with ants. He’d use ant chemicals to save himself (knowledge of ants), and make his way to his robotic ant vehicle, which broke down earlier IDK, and then use fire extinguishers and paper clips to McGyver his escape. Something like that. He’d use his giant man power near the end.

        Again, I’m only introducing some elements I’d go with. I’m sure the project is beyond major changes now. I would be cautious about going too Epic, whatever that means. I also would do very little with Scott Lang, which is probably the case. He’s probably an “Easter egg,” like Dr. Connors in the first S-M movies.

      • I haven’t gotten to see AEMH too much, but what I’ve seen hasn’t impressed me. I can only barely follow the stories because of my lifetime immersion in comics. Recently I was watching it with my 11 year old niece and at the end I said, “Okay, what the heck was going on there?” She said, “I’m glad you said that. I was thinking the same thing.” She’s very attentive to movies and TV too.

        I could see an Ant-Man and Black Panther in a movie, maybe tied into a SHIELD movie. I’ve heard there are ants in Africa after all. It would be difficult to “do right” but I can see it maybe. Of course, I obviously don’t go too far with conceiving entire movies.

  10. Prediction for Marvel Movies in the next few years (in the Avengers universe)

    2013 – Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 (both confirmed)
    2014 – Captain America 2 (Confirmed), Black Widow,
    2015 – Hulk 2, Ant Man, Nick Furry
    2016 – 2 smaller hero movies, possible either Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, or Black Panther. All leading into Avengers 2

    Its a lot of movies in a short time, but Marvel can pull it off, especially since talks of Nick Furry and other super hero movies will have a much smaller budget compared to Avengers.

    Hopefully in light of The Avengers massive success. A press release of films leading up to Avengers 2 (its coming) will happen soon.

    • This is what I want to happen:
      2013 – Iron Man 3; Thor 2
      2014 – Captain America 2; Black Panther; Ant-Man (if done right)
      2015 – GotG; Dr Strange; SHIELD (with Hawkeye and Black Widow)
      2016 – The Avengers 2; Heroes For Hire

      And this is what I think will happen:
      2013 – Iron Man 3; Thor 2
      2014 – Captain America 2; Ant-Man; SHIELD (maybe)
      2015 – GotG; Dr Strange;
      2016 – Avengers 2

      • I really think we will see something centered around Black Widow.
        There were quite a few mentions of her backstory throughout the film. And I think along with Hulk that she was the character that surprised audiences the most when you compare their roles in TA to when we’ve seen them before.
        My wife and daughter loved her in this and they both thought she was terrible in IM2. And it’s not just them I too said that based off TA I’d like to see her in a film of her own.
        And I think The Hulk is a sure bet now.

      • Huh… there’s a mix up in post (probably a typo) – GotG isn’t supposed to be in my “want” list.
        For 2015 I want Hulk 2; Dr Strange; SHIELD

      • I can do without a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Its bloated and has absolutely no main stream characters to work with.

        However. I can see them being used in the next Avengers movie. The Main bad guy can make the Avengers and the Guardians fight each other until they reconcile and team up together to fight the main bad guy. Focusing mostly on the Avengers (it is their movie) this could give these characters a safe and solid introduction to a main stream for a spin off film later on.

        Theres a bunch of stuff i wanna see get offically green lighted, but i really dont care for Guardians.

        • I agree… I love the GotG comics, but I’m too crazy about a GotG movie just yet (there was a typo in my original comment – I don’t want GotG in 2015, I want Hulk 2).

          I’m not too sure about having them in Avengers2 (I think that might just be too many characters), but that is a cool idea though.

          I’m getting anxious to see what marvel studios has in store for us next.

          • “…but I’m NOT too crazy about a GotG movie…”
            Geez, what’s up with all these typos! it’s almost like the universe wants me to be into the idea of a GotG movie lol ;)

  11. i think edgar wright is PERFECT for an antman movie if they can get the ball rolling on it! i would go as far to say that the comedy could be just as good if not better than avengers. if it can keep the semi serious tone of the rest of the marvel films with wright’s style and humor should it be a hit! and plus weve seen the “core” avengers kick mad ass so marvel is going to have to introduce one main character and 2 more supporting roles like hawkeye or agent hill to make the sequel just as awesome. Marvel will have to up the ante a little bit for the fans. But my only problem is, (im keeping this spoiler free) is that the final conclusion was SO EPIC in terms of action and what not, will the rest of the solo outing climax sequences be kind of below par? Now, fans are going to be used to that Avengers action, and might be let down with the “final battles” of each respective character…. just food for thought….

  12. Have not seen The Avengers yet but I think Hawkeye should have been in his comic costume as Captain America it would be a better blend for the look of the team…it even makes him look odd(Hawkeye)in the pics of the team together.

    • Hawkeye costume in the comes not good the ultimate costume is better.

      • *comics

  13. Vic,

    Would it be possible to strike today’s opening conversation (or add that it’s a spoiler before it)? Some forget (or don’t care) that not all of us have seen The Avengers yet.


    • Done.


      • Thank you Vic. And good suggestion $2. Too bad you can’t control the rest of the internet. People are spoiling everything in comments sections for Avengers news.

        How about a combination Spoiler/future movie speculation topic? If you aren’t already doing so.

        • We already have a spoiler post for Avengers.

      • Thanks, Vic!

  14. hey anybody ..what happened to Jeepers Creepers 3… any help and no I.m.b..there wrong ..ty

    • “what happened to Jeepers Creepers 3″

      Jeepers Creepers 2 happened.

  15. Wasn’t there talk about a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie ? Now that the Avengers has released would you like to see a S.H.I.E.L.D movie as one of marvels future films.

    • no, a S.H.I.E.L.D movie will stop other characters movie to be made. i would support for a S.H.I.E.L.D tv series focusing on other agents i.e. Jimmy Woo, Sharon Carter, The Falcon (Ultimate version)

      • Not necessarily… if SHIELD has a smaller budget (and they release it during the Christmas season instead of the American summer season), then I can easily see it coexisting in the same year as say… Dr Strange and Ant-Man, or GotG.

    • I’d love a SHIELD movie!! No reason why Iron Man couldn’t make an appearance, or Cap, but it would also allow for an expansion of the Black Widow and Hawkeye characters. Maybe even flesh out Nick Fury a little better. I think a SHIELD film could, if done right, be a VERY entertaining movie!

  16. I’ve seen Avengers twice..going again Wednesday…why is it not doing it for me???? WHY

    • Uh…perhaps you should just wait for the DVD, and that way, you will be able to watch it all you want without an additional cost…

      • No, JEFF i should love this movie..I should have gotten that movie high from it..but i didn’t…so why????

        • The answer lies within yourself, grasshopper, so look there.

        • Try about 5 more times and let us know if it’s getting better for you.

        • Why are you asking us? You’re perfectly entitled not to like it no matter how much everyone else does. I mean, some people don’t like babies and puppy dogs. That doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means everyone will think you are a bad person. ;)

          I think you don’t want to get flamed by listing your dislikes. But if I had to guess, I’d say you don’t like the inconsistencies between the movie and the comics, and maybe the humor seems like further disrespect. If that’s it, I say “get used to it.” The movies will never be completely written for the true blue fans, but rather for the masses. Also, things simply don’t work in both mediums. The trade-off is that a whole lot of other people are sharing in something previously enjoyed by a niche community.

          If that’s not it, than you shouldn’t have made me guess.

          I honestly don’t have a problem with people not liking it. A lot of reviewer blurbs, that are positive reviews, refer to the movie itself as “good but not great” and “average.” They credit the writing and the cast. I agree, but it’s what I expected. And it surpassed my expectations

          P.S. Make sure to use the Spoiler section for any in depth discussion.

          • No no, I’ve been flamed for dislikes before it doesn’t bother me (I’m one of the 16 people in the world who actually loved Pandorum.) and I read the comics but I wouldn’t consider myself ‘avid’ (I usually wait for trade editions rather than read weekly) and there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t read. That said, I like to think I know a fair amount about what’s what in the marvel universe and at the same time I can let the movies be their own thing. All the pieces were there I KNOW the movie was good I just don’t feel anything towards it, not really excited for more or giddy about seeing it again. I didn’t find the humor to drag the film down at all..they’re comic book characters..comics are funny..sometimes. The only things I could possibly think of that would dull down the experience would be that I was most looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner kill it as Hawkeye and for most of the movie he was kinda..bleh. Also they said the movie was supposed to be told through captain america’s POV but it seemed they totally abandoned that narrative. Those shouldn’t be enough to ruin a movie I’ve spent literally a fifth of my life waiting for. Trust, nobody could be more disappointed in me than me. I’m seeing it again tomorrow maybe it’ll get better.

            I’m sorry for putting you in this TERRIBLE position :P

    • IDK. Maybe you don’t like Uma Thurman and Ralph Fienes. Go see the one playing in theaters now.

  17. I’ve heard rumors that Disney wants to cancel ‘Avengers: EMH’ to make way for an “Ultimate Avengers” tv show.
    I’m against the idea, ESPECIALLY if the new ‘Ultimate Avengers’ will be anything like ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’

    Have any of you guys heard similar rumors?

    • I’d love a proper animated version of The Ultimates. It would have to be for adults only though.

      Ultimate Spiderman show is one of the worst things ever.

      • but they want the show to be like Ultimate Spiderman cause the rating is good from what i read online.

        • Yeah. Kids these days…

      • Well Ultimates is more “family-friendly”…

        • If you’re talking about the comics then no, no it isn’t more “family friendly” lol.
          The Ultimate Comics are actually a lot darker and grittier than the normal Marvel comics. It’s more realistic and the readers are generally a bit older.

          This so called “Ultimate Spider-Man” tv show is NOTHING like the source material. They just added “Ultimate” on there for more appeal.

    • yeah i heard about that too. if thats true that would be the dumbiest thing that Marvel would do. Avengers: EMH is a great show and Ultimate Spider-Man is just a joke and annoying.

    • Haven’t heard anything but I hope this show doesn’t get canceled. After being somewhat disappointed with ultimate spidey even though I still watch it. Yesterday’s episode of ultimate spidey was pretty cool spidey and hulk working together. Avengers EMH was also good and had gaurdians of the galaxy in the latest episode.

    • I haven’t heard about this but I’m with you. They should concentrate on refining the animation of the current cartoon instead of canceling it.


    i know all the speculation is towards the infinity gauntlet saga, due to the fact is in Odin’s valut and that the story makes sense in that it will take several films to build up…

    but i was wondering, is there any other Marvel story arc which involves Thanos which would also be suitable for film? i know the gauntlet is the most likely scenario, but i was just curious is there are other sagas which they may be considering?

    i mean for the avengers, there was a lot of talk about skrulls and kree which came to nothing…so i am just wondering if there is another direction these sequels may take which havent been considered.

    BLACK PANTHER!!! give the people what they want.

    • Hey, you finance a Black Panther film, and I’m sure they’ll make it…

      • thanks for the vote of confidence Jeff,

        dont think my bankroll would be the most convincing for marvel to go ahead on production on the Black Panther.

        my bank account is more in line with making t shirts to be sold at movie theater lines…

        “i watched the avengers…..and survived!” type of thing.

        • Haha. I got one of those temporary tattoos….

  19. Anyone take part in Free Comic Book Day? Batman and Robin (I mean my son and I) hung out with Thor and Captain America at the local shop Saturday to promote the big day. I congratulated them on their movie success, and they wished my son/Batman well on TDKR. Who says Marvel and DC can’t get along? :-) I also picked up some great comics!

    • Our local comic book shop rents out a theater for every big comic book movie release. The showing is always the first Saturday that the movie is released, so I attended that. It is $5 for the ticket, but the movie does start at 9am. Still worth it, and it was the only way I could get my wife to see the movie!

      After the movie they always have a sale and auction. I won an autographed Stan Lee Avengers’ comic, and an autographed Alex Ross Avengers’ print in the auction for a total of $50. Can’t beat that! Plus I picked up several weeklies that I have been neglecting lately. Basically, my day was one giant nerdgasm. lol

      • Your comic shop rocks! Congrats on the auction wins.

    • lol, you were Robin and your son was Batman?!
      Wonder who’s idea was that ;)

      • :-)

  20. I saw Avengers over the weekend like everyone else in the world and i loved it.Hands down best CBM ever.Well worth the four year wait.I think the only film that can outdo this is Avengers 2 or a Justice League movie.The audience i saw it with was all rowdy adults.They even clapped and went nuts after the TDKR trailer which i never seen in my entire life.It was funny some guy behind me asked was that Poison Ivy when he saw Catwoman.I instantly put my face in my hand lol.I thought there would be a ASM trailer but there wasn’t.The TDKR trailer was good for me though.And for those who maynot have seen the two bonus scenes at the end of Avengers really missed out.But at least the real fans got a treat.

    • You didn’t miss much in the ASM trailer. It just reaffirmed my fears that Andrew Garfield is all wrong for Spidey and that this movie is going to be worse than Spider-Man 3.

      As for the bonus scenes, I could not BELIEVE that people were getting up and leaving once the credits started rolling. I even said out loud “The movie’s not over, there’s more!” and people were STILL leaving. It did, however, get the people next to me to stay. LOL.

  21. I would love to see an all out Hulk movie – bringing in the Leader & The Rhino now that he has finally arrived for real via The Avengers.

  22. I have a question for everyone (and maybe SR could expand this into an actual article!?)

    Who would YOU cast for a Justice League movie? (keeping in mind that Bale can’t be Batman and Cavill can’t be Superman)

    I don’t know about the main cast but I just saw Jason Statham’s face on the Expendables 2 picture while thinking about it and he would make a perfect Guy Gardner.

    • Patrick wklson for the flash, joseph gordan levitt as batman, idc for superman, idris alba as john stewart, and idk for the rest

  23. I just watched the 3rd ASM trailer and got to thinking,i hope they don’t start of with Doom in the FF reboot.Do it like they seem to be doing with ASM setting Goblin to be in the 2nd or 3rd film.They can do the same with Doom,have the Puppet Master as the first villain and if people love the new direction in the reboot people will be stoked for the sequel which could finally be epic.

  24. Saw ‘Red Riding Hood’ on tv last night – for me, the best part was when I found something better to watch on another channel ;) (Can’t begin to describe how much I disliked that movie.)
    Really hoping Snow White and the Huntsman doesn’t turn out to be the same.

    • Yes, I agree, can’t understand what Gary Oldman was doing in such a piece of crap such as that.

      I think the idea behind it was quite good but the execution, not so good.

  25. Happy Birthday Darren McGavin.