Open Discussion – May 4, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 4, 2012

Today’s the day: The Avengers U.S. premiere! Excited? icon razz Open Discussion   May 4, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 4, 2012

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  1. So, I’ve been wondering, when they reboot Batman after Nolan’s trilogy, what are they gonna call the new one?
    Any ideas on the title for the next Bats flick?

    • from what imdb says nolan will be writing it so it could still be good but i see the reboot as having a more ‘comic book’ feeling to it like the avengers, for it not to be as dark since DC want a justice league movie and i can’t see a dark batman in that kind of movie

      • If Nolan is writing, will Bale be acting? If Nolan is writing, with or without Bale acting, can it legitimately be called a “reboot”?

        • well according to imdb he’s writing/producing it. if it has nothing to do with the current batman movies then it can be called a reboot or if its set in the distant future. but yes its meant to be a reboot so that there can be a justice league movie eventually, so that means in the next 5-10 years DC will be putting out a lot of movies starting with the new superman movie next year. green lantern, superman and now a reboot of batman will all eventually lead into a justice league movie as long as they all do well at the box office.

          • Don’t trust anything you read on IMDB ;)
            As far as I know (all the interviews, articles, etc.), Nolan and Bale have said they’re done with Batman after the TDKR.

            • Chris Nolan will Produce and have input on the story. Jonathan Nolan may help as well.

              • That’s not confirmed. And it’s very unlikely if it’s a reboot.

                • Warner Bros Prez Jeff Robinov confirmed months ago that Chris Nolan & his wife Emma would produce the reboot.

    • The Real Batman.


    • Shadow Of The Bat

      • Batman: the reboot

        • Batman: The Musical

  2. Went to the midnight showing of “The Avengers” last night and I just got to work. Totally worth only getting 4 hours of sleep. Weird reaction during the previews last night, both “Prometheus” and “Expendables 2″ got bigger cheers then “TDKR” and “Spidey”. I don’t know if it was just because the “Expendables” trailer just came out and people hadn’t seen it, but I was surprised. People just kept talking through the “Battleship” trailer, I have a feeling that will flop pretty hard.

    • Not necessarily a weird reaction. Although there is great anticipation for TDKR here on this website, that does not necessarily translate to wider society. Perhaps the people in your hometown just prefer seeing the other movies more.

      • It was a College crowd, IMAX theater closest to Ohio State’s campus so I assumed their were a lot of comic fans. You could hear a pin drop during TDKR’s trailer though.

        • I was at Lennox as well, assuming thats where you were. My theater was the opposite. TDKR and ASM got bit reactions (esspecially TDKR). Premetheus got nothing and we didnt even get an Ex2 trailer, i was really hoping to see it.

    • Likewise went to the Midnight. Took my 11 year-old daughter as well. Should be a fun time at school for her teachers today. :)
      Avengers was AWESOME! So much fun!
      The only bad thing … didn’t get Expendables, TDKR or Spidey trailers :(

      • when i saw the avengers last week there were no trailers it was a somewhat pleasant surprise. but when i saw it the other day there was the normal 2o minute block of trailers none of the new ones though

    • Yeah…. I took off. 20 years ago I could pull a midnighter and go to work no more.

      Sorry to hear that we got all three plus Frankenweenie. Dont recall if there were more.

    • “I don’t know if it was just because the “Expendables” trailer just came out and people hadn’t seen it, but I was surprised. ”

      You shouldn’t be surprised.

      It’s probably because a lot of people hadn’t seen it yet but it’s also due to the fact that a Lot of people(Such as myself) grew watching these guys. You were in a college crowd after all. It’s also the Biggest gathering of action hero’s in like….Ever. So the reaction is expected…

      Yes, Battleship will more than likely flop…

  3. Is The Avengers worth buying the IMAX or 3D ticket? Or can I just buy a regular one and be okay?

    • I’d avoid the 3D. It adds nothing but money.

      • Disagree.

        • also disagree

        • i sort of agree with DrSamBeckett. even if the 3D is good in The Avengers to me its not worth it. 3D has become annoying also if the movie is not filmed in 3D what is the point to watch a converted movie.

    • If there is an IMAX theater in your area I recomend it, its well worth the price. I watched the avengers in IMAX 3-D last night at the midnight premier its epic!!!!

  4. can’t wait to watch Avengers later today,also looking forward to Prometheus,spiderman,TDKR,and Expendables 2. Hope that when they reboot Batman next that Nolan does write it ,and they use his version of The Riddler who is a Serial Killer who leave riddles for batman to try and figure out to find victims before they die.I would hope that they keep the riddler darker and not cheesy at all.

    • And have Neil Patrick Harris play the Riddler.

      • David Tennant for the Riddler.

    • The Riddler should be something akin to Jigsaw from the Saw movies, putting people in deadly traps and making Batman play his game. But I’d rather Nolan stayed away from it and just let someone else take control.

      • could**

        Riddler is one of the most versatile of Batman Rogues. He can be written in several different styles.

        • But I’d rather he was as far away from the Jim Carrey version as possible, I like elements of Batman Forever but not him.

          • You can do that. You can have the scorned inventor. A police consultant who becomes obssesed with Batman. An unimportant man seeking a legacy.

            Personally i would try and combine them. Edward Nygma is a former inventor turned police consultant to help nab the Batman & a jigsaw killer let loose on town. Eventually revealing Nygma’s shattered mine created multiple personalities in Delusions of grandiose.

  5. I think battleship will flop as well, it just looks like a bunch of action and very little story,just does not draw people to it if thats all it is.

    • battleship is alright and is one of those mindless action movies nothing more nothing less. the story is in the trailer; an alien invasion starts at sea. if you like top notch cgi and some cool explosions its the movie for you (if you like transformers) other wise stay away from it

    • I haven’t seen the movie, so I obviously can’t submit a genuine opinion, but from what I’ve seen and heard (a few of my buddies have seen the preview showings), I think Battleship will be the ‘Transformers’ of 2012.

      • Unfortunately it lacks any of the charm of Transformers, but it’s a decent action flick if you like that sort of thing. Frankly I was expecting it to a little better than it was.

  6. So… are we all hyped for the season finale of How I met your Mother?!
    I’m hoping Barney doesn’t end up with the stripper. T’would be SO not legendary.

    • I am super excited for the season finale of HIMYM! One hour of comedic shenanigans. I do not think that Barney will end up with the stripper. My guess, at the end of the finale, they show a shot of the back of the bride and all you see is dark hair and the next season is about whether its going to be Nora or Robin.

    • I think his bride will be Robin. They’re going to reveal who it is in the season finale, seems to obvious that its Quinn,

  7. Nooooo!!!
    I had my tickets paid for in advance and was pumped to see The Avengers today but I woke up with the flu this morning and decided it’s better to wait until I can go and enjoy it without feeling like crap.
    Of all the days to be sick why today????
    Kevin is not a happy camper. :(

  8. The avengers passed the dark knight with .2 mil more on midnight but fell short of the hunger games 20.7 mil. (Avengers had 18.7) still a good start

  9. After going dark till after watching the avengers I can say Vader is back lol. The avengers was hands down an epic awesome no words that can describe thrill ride. It was worth the wait(12hrs and first in line) and also received an exclusive midnight premier poster that I will frame to remember watching the greatest comic book movie of all time!!! When the movie was over only a handful of people left as soon as the credits began rolling. The rest only stayed till the first credit scene and left soon after which surprised me, the rest including myself stayed till after the second scene. The final trailers for TDKR and amazing spiderman were screened just before the start of the movie. Everyone cheered and clapped at the start and end of both trailers. A new Prometheus trailer was also screened and it was awesome. I will be Watchin the avengers again in IMAX 3-D its worth it hands down.

  10. May the 4th be with you!
    (Can’t believe none of you haven’t mentioned it yet)

    • Indeed it is, MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU to all fellow ranters. It certainly can’t get any better with today being national star wars day and also the release day of the avengers. :)

  11. LOL, I’ve just seen Sam Jackson’s “reply” to that negative Avengers review.
    Guess you shouldn’t mess with a movie that stars the world’s most bad@$$ mofo ;)
    I’m sure he only meant it as a joke though (for the most part).

  12. Vic, I don’t know if this is happening to the other ranters as well, but there seems to be some sort of “fade effect” happening to the pics on the homepage and the avatar icons.
    I HATE complaining, but it’s kind of distracting IMO – and it slows everything down (even my scrolling).

    • The Avenger,

      I just added that – it should actually make pages initially load faster, not slower. I’ve tried scrolling on my PC in IE9, Chrome and Firefox and the home page scrolls smoothly. What causes scroll “hiccups” is if you start to scroll before the ads are fully loaded (which happened before the change).

      I just made an adjustment so the fade in shouldn’t be so distracting. As always, you are on the ball and I appreciate the feedback!


      • It’s better now Vic.

  13. Does anyone have a link to the avengers after credit scene? I can’t find it anywhere!!!!

  14. I think you guys might like this:

  15. Saw the Avengers today. I am indeed happy and we were treated to two credit scenes. I saw it in Imax/3D. Had a ball. Was it needed? Nope. Did it add to it? yep.

    • It was truely marvelous :D

  16. How about something like “Batman: Justice Never Sleeps”? I think they should attack the whole Justice league problem in the next iteration of Batman. Just pull Wonder Woman and the Flash into the story. With the new Superman movie they have an excellent opportunity to incorporate the cross hero idea. Now perhaps all of you would speculate how they could do a decent job in the new Superman movie to get the ball rolling…

  17. The Avengers has made over $304 million overseas; if you include what US gross so far, the movie has made it’s money back (220 million plus the 100 million for marketing). It’s nothing but profit from now on.