Open Discussion – May 30, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 30, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 30, 2012

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  1. Looks like Snow White and the Huntsman is going to be the date movie this weekend. Its my wife’s pick, but I am not too upset by it. Its nice when my wife picks a movie that doesn’t have too much romance that I am actually interested in seeing. It could turn out to be a pretty decent movie.

    • I think it looks like a pretty cool Fantasy film. I’m looking forward to it.

      • me too… gonna try and see it this Friday.

        • I’m going to see Prometheus on Friday. But I do want to see SWATH too,

          • Wait… you guys are getting Prometheus THIS Friday?! 😮

            • Yes!

              • Mother trucker! :)

              • Mother puss bucket! 😀

            • ahhhh…sweet revenge for getting the avengers first!

    • Everything about it looks pretty cool… except Kristen Stewart… I really wish they would have picked a better actress, or even a better looking actress, one or the other. But they picked a fairly average to below-average looking girl who cannot act… Awesome…

      • “I really wish they would have picked a better actress, or even a better looking actress, one or the other.”
        And I say, why not BOTH! 😀
        There are attractive actresses out there that can act very well.

        • Well, obviously that’s the best-case scenario. But I said AT LEAST, meaning at the very worst, have a good looking actress if you must have someone who cannot act like Kristen Stewart. Because as it is, I don’t even see how she got famous… I would very much prefer an actress than can act, but I know the reality of it is that you either get famous for your acting ability or for your looks. For her, she has neither. So it kind of boggles my mind…

          • Oh oops, I didn’t say “at least,” well, I meant to… lol

        • Rooney Mara for Snow White, lol. :-)

          • Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence would have been great choices as well, I think.

            • As much as I love Emma Watson, I don’t think she would have looked right for the role. Imagine her sitting on a horse, it would look ridiculous. LOL

              Jennifer Lawrence I could see…

      • I like her. She’s pretty.

        • Continue your sentence Sam, she’s pretty… pretty what?? pretty lame, pretty boring, pretty ugly, what??

          You must have accidentally hit the period and clicked on “Submit Comment.”


        • @Sam

          Of course I’m kidding around. Hopefully you noticed the little winky at the end. 😛

      • Agree Ken. I mean .. c’mon you get freakin’ Charlize Theron but settle on Kristen Stewart? Playing to the Twilight crowd is the only obvious reason I can think of. But here’s hoping I am presently surprised by her acting. The looks thing can’t change a lot.

        • I think when Charlize Theron asks the mirror who is the fairest of them all, it’ll answer “You are… no, seriously, have you seen that other girl? You’re definitely the fairest, no further action required…” LOL, I’ll take Charlize Theron over Kristen Stewart any day of the week…

          • Haha! South-Africa does have some fine talent! 😀

            • Id like jenifer lawerance for that part. she has that whole gritty tough backwoods hotness. kristen stewart doesnt look like she could lift a sword without getting depressed

  2. Early reactions for ‘Prometheus’ gives the indication that it’s very good, but not really anything “new”.

    • There’s no such thing as new. I never regard such complaints as worth noting.

  3. Rather than working on my book, I’ve spent the past two days working on an Aquaman script.

    • Would love to see a good Aquaman movie. That will be more difficult to pull off than the rest, though.

      • Yeah, absolutely, but I think it could easily work. My take is very much like the first Chris Reeve Superman movie with aspects of Thor. Maybe it wouldn’t work but I think DC/WB need to start taking some chances. I liked Green Lantern but it didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

        • The story of Aquaman, done seriously and not campy, would be intriguing on film, but I fear the cost of the special effects, which would require a lot of underwater scenes, will impede its financing.

          • I think you have hit upon a problem DC and WB have with their super heroes. The cost to bring much of them to the screen is ENORMOUS. Whereas, Marvel has a lot of heroes who can make the jump without an outlandish amount of money. But now Marvel has the cha-ching to bring in the rest.

            I would still love to see a Wonder Woman movie taken directly from the Animated Series done a few years back. I mean I would like to see a different story than I have seen, but it worked so well as an introductory to the character I think it must be done for the big screen as well.

          • underwater stuff? get james cameron to do it. :)

        • Are you going to get Vincent Chase to play the lead…

          • Lol, that’s all I was thinking about when writing it!

            • lol I’m glad you got the joke, but in all seriousness you better have a minor role for Johnny Drama

    • Was Battlefield Earth a summer blockbuster? If it was, that would be my number 1.

      • I second his opinion. That has to be one of the worst movies ever made… I’ve seen plenty of low-budget B movies that were many times better than that garbage…

      • Ha! Good one Kahless. I never saw it. I’m lucky.

        • That was hilarious! Cyclons! 😀 But what was up with all the masturbation jokes?! 😛

    • i’ve listened to that. a great one is on the film 88 minutes. it is a riot!

      • I haven’t seen 88 Minutes, so I didn’t listen to that one. The Green Lantern and the Smurfs were the first two I listened to. I cracked up. Since then, I’ve listened to a few more (Sucker Punch, Love Guru, Jingle All the Way, Cool as Ice), but I guess I just don’t watch enough bad movies.

      • @jeffro

        Which one is 88 minutes again? Is that the one with Al Pacino? If so, yes, I’ve seen it, and it’s TERRIBLE…

        • yes, god-awful movie, but their podcast about it is hilarious!

  4. So, bye the weekend The Acengers will settle in at #3 All Time in both the US and Worldwide Box Office and it only took about a month. That’s pretty impressive.
    I can’t see it going past Titanic or Avatar because of the fact that it’s summer and there’s not enough screens and showtimes available but it’s going to be locked at #3 for a while IMO.
    I know someone will say the box office numbers are blah, blah, blah but as movie fans let’s just be happy that The Avengers was one of those rare movies that were critically successful, moviegoers loved it and a box office machine.

    • Yeah!!!

    • Right on, bro! And it hasn’t been released in Japan yet, so the numbers will grow a lot more.

    • Plus, the Avengers has set up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to reboot Howard the Duck! That’s the mystery movie for 2014. You heard it here first.

      • I liked Howard the Duck :)

        • Come on, it wasn’t all that it was ‘quacked’ up to be!


          • I’m sorry, no really, I’m really really sorry, that was awful, even I groaned at that one.


      • Well, Kevin Feige did recently say that the mystery movie for 2014 will be for a hero “outside” of the Avengers’ world…

        • He did and then I started the rumor that it is going to be Howard the Duck unless Marvel sold his rights too. I’m surprised that CBM hasn’t run my rumor yet. :)

  5. Just wondering, but am I the only one that is sad John Carter will not get a sequel because I was looking forward to seeing all of those Rome (HBO series) actors together again? There was like 4 actors from that tv series in that movie, it was so awesome seeing Mark Antony and Julius Caesar standing side by side again, lol.

    • I thought John Carter was a great flick (it was just a little long though – they could have cut out about 20 minutes of footage).
      I’m really sad it won’t be getting a sequel.

  6. Spoiler

    Just saw men in black 3 it looked like will smith was gonna die. Does anyone else think that was the intended ending until studio interfered? Seriously would’ve pulled the trilogy together so well.