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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 28, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 28, 2012

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  1. Morning fellow ranters. I was watching Season 4 of True Blood & was wondering if anyone knew what become of Portia Bellefleur & her and Andy’s grandmother? When Terry & Arlene and the kids moved in with Andy in that house, Portia & Andy’s grandmother aren’t around. Did they move out? Can’t wait for season 5 to start. Looks like it will rock as not only will Russell & Steve Newlin return but Chris Meloni i bet will make the season interesting.

    • Dont watch the show (i loathe those horrible louisiana accents they put on) but Meloni is one of my favorite underdog actors.

    • I’m only watching it for Jessica these days, season 1 was great, 2 was terrible, Russell was the only good thing in 3, and 4 was diabolical nonsense.

      Still, I’ll be tuning in for season 5 because there’s nothing else on!

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        Jessica is one of the reasons i watch the show myself,lol. Season 2 was the season i least enjoyed outta all of them. I got to liking Tara more during season 3 & 4, her cousin not as much. Worst thing about season 3 & 4 was that Crystal & werepanther crap. Still hard to compare that to what went on during Season 2′s events. I been getting into Game Of Thrones. So those are two shows i watch on HBO. Season 5 looks great by trailers. I wonder who turned Steve Newlin into a vamp.

  2. Mornin All! There’s a New TDKR TV Spot #4. Its intense (understatement lol)

    FYI There is an official 3rd TV spot shown during NASCAR that has yet to be released online.

    • Awesome.
      Thanks Ignur.

      • Low Res NASCAR 3rd TV Spot. Classic Bruce/Lucius banter.

  3. I finally saw The Avengers this weekend. What a great film! What made it really fun to watch was avoiding all previews/trailers, reviews, SR discussions, etc., and staying away from everything Avengers was definitely worth it. I’m doing the same with TASM and TDKR. I’m sure I looked like a big dork in the theater when I closed my eyes and covered my ears during both films’ trailers, but I don’t care. The rewards will be sweet! :-D

  4. I already commented on this in another thread, but I saw a new clip for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ over the weekend: Chris Hemsworth yelled out the word “TROLL!!!” during an ambush. I’m just so disappointed that Whedon never wrote that line into the script for ‘The Avengers’. How awesome would it have been if Thor called Hulk a troll during the fight?

    Anyway, I watched quite a few movies over the weekend:
    -MIB3: good movie IMO. Loads of fun – 3.5 stars
    -Alien3: very disappointing, considering how great the first two were) – 2 stars
    Limitless: very, very cool movie with a great premise – 4 stars.
    - F1 Monaco GrandPrix (it’s not really a movie, but it was pretty dramatic ;)) – Great to see Weber back on top.

    What did you guys watch this weekend?

    • I watched MIB3 and was disappointed. I would have gone lower than our 3.5 star review. Oh, and I saw Battleship and I agree with Kofi’s review. Not great by any means, but a bit of summer action fluff.

      If I had to pick which one I enjoyed more I’d actually have to say Battleship (and I’m a HUGE fan of the original MIB). This new film just didn’t do it for me, almost all the humor fell flat (it gave me two chuckles during the entire film, that’s it – I kept track). I did like the ending, though.


      • I agree about the humor: There were one or two funny moments, but it seems the jokes were aimed at a younger (6-12?) audience in general.
        Still, even though it wasn’t as funny as the original, the VFX were pretty good, the acting was great and like you said, the ending was nice (I almost teared up ;))
        It’s definitely not as good as the first one though, but better than the second one… by miles.

        I haven’t seen Battleship yet (I’m gonna try and have a double-viewing next week with SWATH and Battleship)

    • I saw MIB3 7/10 for me.

      And I watched the series finale of Awake. Twice. And then I cried a little when remembering that it had been canceled.

      • I watched MIB3 and I enjoyed it, bronson which I loved and vhristopher nolans first mkvie fillowing. It was good but nothing that special

    • I saw Tower Heist the first time over the weekend.I actually thought it was better then i expected it to be.I also viewed Casino Royale to get pumped up for Skyfall this year.I’ll watch QTS sometime in the next couple of weeks.

  5. Anyone read the set interviews from TDKR that were released last night?

  6. Good morning fellow SR’s, and thanks to all the vets out there on this fine Memorial day.
    I watched “Drive” last night on netflix, and I have to say, not that great. After all the hype and reviews i read about this, i guess i was expecting something more thought provoking. (Netflix had this listed as a “cerebral Film) this was about as thought provoking as a 3 stooges short. The way people were talking about Refn was as though he was the 2nd coming of Nolan. I thought the film was pretty straight-forward: Dude does getaway service for criminals, he is an excellent driver, gets caught up in a robbery gone horribly wrong, gets revenge on those trying to kill him. Sounds just like the plot of “The Transporter”. What i find crazy is the woman who tried to sue the filmmakers because it wasn’t “fast & furious-y” enough because of the trailer. i watched the trailer again after the film, and frankly, the whole film is in the trailer. Ryan Gosling, to me, is a one-note actor, as well as Ron Pearlman (when i saw his name in the credits, that immediately brought down my expectations. the only good film he’s done, imho, is Hellboy) I understand Gosling is going to be in 2 more of Refn’s films. Is Refn/Gosling going to be the next Burton/Depp? I don’t think this movie was bad, it just wasn’t “all that” like i had read some of the reviews claim it was. For me, the best part was seeing Christina Hendricks dressed in modern clothes, and a non beehive hairdo. 2.5/5 for me.

    • Interesting. When i saw Drive in the theatre i thought it was incredible, i guess because i got a thing for art house kinda films, but then i saw it a second time at home and it was as boring as hell. Whether you love it or hate, it is definetly the type of film you can only watch once.

    • I thought Drive was one of THE films of 2011. Loved every minute of it. Effortless cool. Amazing soundtrack.

      • i’m not much into off-key singing myself, but to each their own.
        i didn’t say the movie was bad, i just don’t see why people were making a big deal of it. to me it was not an “art-house” film, just a straight up crime drama.

    • I saw it about a month ago and I completely agree (except for Gosling’s performance: I thought he did very well) – 3 out of 5 from me.

      • Just out of curiousity did you see all 3 of goslings performances last year? They were completely diffrent and executed very well in my opinion.

        • I know he was in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ – but I haven’t gotten round to seeing that yet.
          What else was he in?

          • ides of march and drive. i really enjoyed crazy stupid love he showed some comedy chops in that.

            • Haven’t seen Ides of March yet either (I’ll definitely try to watch it in the next few months).

        • i have not seen “crazy, stupid love”, or “the ides of march”, but, based on every other movie i have seen him in (Fracture, the notebook, remember the titans, and murder by numbers) he will be the same guy

    • I saw it on DVD. I really enjoyed it but I didn’t think there was much to it beyond the surface. The pink credits and the music made it seem like an attempt at a date movie: violence for the guys and romance for the ladies. And Ryan Gosling’s character seemed like someone who’d be a scary sociopath in real life. But I liked watching it.

  7. So now that it’s been a bit and settled in, how is everyone liking the site design/layout in regards to article pages, home page, categories, etc.?

    Be honest. 8)

    In the pipeline (among other things): Ability to edit comments, and a new quiz feature.


    • I don’t really like the layout if I’m being honest Vic, I much prefered it the way it was, it is a bit more cluttered and confusing now.

      But edit comments and quiz sounds great!

      • DSM,

        Which layout/page in particular are you referring to?



        • The main page, where there used to be Movie News, the TV News, followed by GameRant,

    • Vic,
      I was curious to know if the Screen Rant App will ever be made available for Android?
      Because my iPod isn’t a newer generation I can’t download the app from iTunes and my phone and tablet are android so I’m almost always here through the mobile version. And as I’m sure you can tell I’m here a whole lot. :)
      Just curious,

      • There’s an Android app currently but it’s very basic and I think it might be buggy. In a few months we’ll be pushing out brand spanking new versions for both Apple and Android with tons of cool features.


    • The current layout for the main page is cool. I like the fact that the tv news is now also included at the top of the page.
      I’m not really a fan of the big tabs, so I don’t visit the “Movie News” or “TV News” pages (just the main page, and occasionally the archive page and GameRant)

      I would, however, suggest to maybe add the “stars”/rating to the movie review tabs (it looks like there should be enough space to include the rating under each review’s name).

      But if I’m completely honest, there really wasn’t anything wrong with the old layout IMO (don’t fix what ain’t broke, right? :)) but I fully understand that you guys need to mix things up (modernize it a bit) to get new viewers.

      I’m curious to know what this new “quiz feature” might be…

      • “I’m not really a fan of the big tabs”
        Just to clarify: By “big tabs” I mean the grids…

    • Vic,

      With the new layout, I like the variety of “latest news” small pics on the main page in contrast to the horizontal listing of movie news, TV news, etc. with larger pics, but if I had to choose one, I prefer vertical scrolling with the latest news’ smaller pics than the larger ones. The horizontal pics are a little too large for me.

      I would love to have an edit button for posts. That would be great.

    • i like the new layout, and cant wait for the trivia!

      • Thanks for the feedback gang.

        Comment editing IS on the way, I just don’t have a target date yet.

        The quiz thing will just be for fun, kind of like our list posts. Movie and TV trivia, test your knowledge, that sort of thing.


    • @ Vic

      To be honest Vic, i liked how everything was fine on the site before the changes made.

      • Based on the data, I think the home page will stay the same but I *may* convert the movie and TV news pages back to the old format, but maybe with infinite scroll.


    • I like the layout, and cannot wait for an edit button. :)

      Have you ever thought about pinning items like the Open Discussion to the front page? It is usually the first thing I look for when I come to the site, but a lot of times it gets pushed to the archives page on a busy news day.

      • TheYetiSlammer,

        I do “pin” items to the side nav from time to time, but while I love giving you guys an open discussion post 3X/week, in the big scheme of things it gets a tiny fraction of the overall page views and is not of interest to the vast majority of visitors on the site.


        • Gotcha. Thanks for considering all of our feedback, though!

    • I like the layout design…

  8. I watched: Alien 3- 2.5 for me(have to agree with you,not as good as the first two films but still watchable) MIB3-3.5 (it was good definitely better than MIB2)
    Green hornet-2 (it was ok) And rewatched Inception-4.5 (i loved it more)

  9. I guess I’m the only one on earth who really really enjoyed MIB 2. Saw it when it came out on DVD back in the day and was well entertained. At least as good as the original. What was so bad about it again??

  10. Game of Thrones season finale this sunday. Anybody have a show I should invest in? lol

    • @ Ignur Rant

      You’ll have to be specific on what kind of shows you like bud. All genres, live-action or animation,etc.

      • I’ll watch anything once. lol. Workaholics Season 3 tonight! yesssssh

        • the only serious shows i watch on tv are (in order of favorite)
          1. Game of thrones
          2. Breaking bad
          3. walking dead
          4. boardwalk empire
          5. homeland
          I highly recommend those shows if you have not seen any of them…the newsroom on HBO looks good if you like the news and a drama based off that life…house of lies is pretty good but i have only seen a couple episodes. My one buddy keeps telling me to watch spartucus but i dont really like it but alot of people do…thats about it! tv sucks nowadays

  11. Well I saw the avengers for the 4th time an it gets better and better. I cant wait for phase 2!!!

    Also Scarlett johansson is a great actress. I didn’t really see it in iron man 2 but I’m blown away by her black widow more and more each time I see it.

    One more note. The score to the avengers is amazing!!! I had to time to get it over the weekend and have been listening to it almost non atop. Favorite track is a promise.

  12. So purchased chronicle last week on blu ray and its a amazing film. Te short extended edition made me love it even more. WIsh it was a bit longer though but trank has a real talent I think.

    Staying with chronicle does anyone else think there should NOT be a sequel?

    I know a lot of people want one but I think the film is great as its own story. I don’t see a real need for a sequel.

    • I don’t think a sequal is a good idea at all

  13. What is your favorite performances in a movie? Just out of curiousity what people will say.

    Mine would be heath ledgers joker but just barely over any of my honorable mentions: christian bale in the fighter, christoph waltz in inglorious bastards and russel crowe in gladiator

    • this is a good one. I have a couple

      Ledger as te joker
      Hemsworth as Thor in both films
      Damon in adjustment bureau
      Portman in black swan
      Renner in MIGP
      Cavil in immortals
      Pitt in moneyball
      Gordon levity in 500 days of summer
      Franco in 127 hours

    • 1. Charles Bronson in Death Wish
      2. Leslie Nielsen in Airplane!
      3. Gene Hackman in Hoosiers
      4. Gary Cooper in High Noon
      5. Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind
      6. Zelda Rubinstein in Poltergeist
      7. Paul Reubens in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure
      8. Harrison Ford and Karen Allen in ROTLA
      9. Newman and Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
      10. Bruce Campbell in anything. :-D

      And many others I know I’m forgetting…

    • Bruce Willis & in “Blind Date” & “Die Hard”
      Alan Rickman in “Die Hard”
      Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes & Iron Man
      Christopher Reeve in “Superman 1 & 2″
      everyone in “A Fish Called Wanda”
      Jack Lemmon in “Glengary Glen Ross”
      Tim Allen in “Big Trouble”
      Richard Dreyfus in “Jaws” & “Stakeout”
      Bill Nighy in “Wild Target”
      Adam Scott in “The Vicious Kind”
      Daniel Craig in “Layercake” and as James Bond
      Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
      Sean Connery in “Highlander” & “The Untouchables”
      Robert DeNiro in “Midnight Run”
      Christian Slater & Patricia Arquette in “True Romance”
      Samuel L Jackson in “Pulp Fiction”
      i could go on for hours but these are a few that come to mind right away.

    • Denzel Washington in Malcomb X/Glory
      Robert Deniro in Goodfellas/Analyze This
      Joe Pesci in Goodfellas
      Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry/(all westerns)
      Jack Nicholson in Batman/Wolf/The Shining
      Heath Ledger in TDK
      Russell Crow in Gladiator/Cinderella Man

      and many many more

      • Kahless,

        Have you seen Five Easy Pieces? It’s my favorite Jack Nicholson movie. Great film.

        • Nope, never seen it. Might have to add it to my netflix list.

    • Mine would be

      Bruce Willis-Die Hard & Die Hard With A Vengance
      Samuel L. Jackson in just about anything.
      Alan Rickman-Die Hard & Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
      Jeremy Irons- Die Hard With A Vengence
      Kurtwood Smith-Robocop
      Peter Weller-Robocop
      Jack Nicolson- Batman’89, A Few Good Men
      Tom Cruise- A Few Good Men
      Roy Scheider- Jaws,Jaws 2
      Bill Murray- Ghostbusters, What About Bob?
      Michael Keaton- Batman’89, Beetlejuice
      Michelle Phieffer- Batman Returns
      Arnold Schwarzenegger- The Terminator,Commando,Predator, Terminator 2
      Sly Stallone- First Blood 1&2,Rambo, Rocky Films, few others.
      Christopher Reeve-Superman 1&2
      Christian Bale-Batman Begins, 3:10 To Yuma, Terminator Salvation
      Heath Ledger & Aaron Eckhart- The Dark Knight
      Liam Neeson-Star Wars Episode 1, Batman Begins-Most likely TDKR aswell.
      Russell Crowe- The Quick & The Dead, Gladiator, 3:10 To Yuma
      EVERYONE in The Avengers
      Gene Hackman- About anything.
      Clint Eastwood- Every film he’s been in & pretty much directed.
      John Wayne- Same as above name.

      • Id like to add few more i forgot.

        Robert Englund as Freddy- All Nightmare On Elm Street films.
        Denzel Washington- Remember The Titans, John Q, Unstoppable, few others.

        Harrison Ford as Han Solo- Original Star Wars trilogy/ Indiana Jones films

        Tom Hiddleston as Loki- Thor & The Avengers
        Miachel Fassbender- X-Men-First Class

    • In no particular order…
      Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes and Kurt Lazarus
      Heath Ledger as the Joker
      Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner
      Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception
      Harrison Ford as Han Solo (in ‘A New Hope’ and ‘Empire Strikes Back’) and as Indiana Jones (the original trilogy)
      Chris Evans as Steve Rodgers
      Sam Jackson in ‘Pulp Fiction’
      Daniel Craig as James Bond
      Will Smith in ’7 Pounds’
      Tom Hiddleston as Loki
      Chris Hemsworth as Thor
      Denzel Washington in ‘Malcolm X’
      Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Schindler’s List’ and Star Wars Ep1
      Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator
      Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow (it is getting a little old though…)
      Michael Fassbender in ‘X-Men First Class’
      Colin Firth in ‘The King’s Speech’

      And so many more…

    • Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man

      …after all these years this is a role/character I still remember.

    • Val kilmer- tombstone #1

      john travolta- pulp fiction
      denzel washington- John Q (anything really)
      Kevin Spacy- American Beauty
      Robert Patrick- T100 in Terminator 2
      joe pesci- goodfellas
      javier boldem- no country for old men
      ledger- joker
      tom hanks/jude law- road to perdition
      bruce willis-die hard

  14. First reviews are in for snow white and the huntsman. Only one rotten but most of the reviews are pointing torwards poorish storytelling and script. Most praise goes to its visuals

  15. Christian Bale-Empire of the sun Heath Ledger-Joker Tom Hanks-Forest Gump

  16. I saw MIB 3 and liked it a lot. I give it 7/10 too.

    Also, anyone catch Continuum? It’s first episode got huge ratings for Showcase in Canada. Wounder how long it will be before we see it in the US?

  17. Vic ,
    I lke the idea that the Top Tv stories are nowmixed with movie news,
    But, you still have the TV section below.
    Its good to mix it up every now and then

  18. Is anyone really looking forward to Snow White and the Huntsman? I think i’ll go ahead and check it out next week since the trailers look pretty good.And plus i wanna see something else in June besides prometheus since GI Joe was pushed back.I just don’t wanna be surrounded by twilight teeny boppers in the audience,so i’ll have to find a good time to go to completely avoid that crowd.

    • You can’t resist them. They are in every theater…everywhere. Resistance is futile! :-D

    • go to the 1st showing of the day. most teenagers are going to be busy sleeping late the 1st couple weeks of summer now that school’s out/about to be out(depends on where you live. may 30 is last day here in Louisville, and can’t believe i have a kid graduating high school. i’m old!!! nnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!)