Open Discussion – May 25, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 25, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 25, 2012

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  1. Starting to get anxious for The Hobbit movie to get here.

    • This is kind of flying under the radar due to all of the big summer releases. I forget that it’s even coming out. Will definitely see it though.

      • Not enough trailers and commericals yet, that’s why! XD

        I’m sure they’ll start hyping it up once the summer’s over.

    • The less I see of the “human” dwarf heartthrobs Kili and Thorin the better.

    • IMO The Hobbit will be the icing on the cake of this amazing amazing year for movies.

      • Definitely!

      • Here here!

      • Without a doubt a perfect way to end the year :D

  2. Has Screen Rant got a new look – or is it just showing up different on my PC ?

    • You’re having a psychotic break. :-D

      Yeah, Vic and company has changed the look a bit.

  3. Saw the news for Mads Mikkelsen on Thor 2. I wonder who he could play. I was hoping for some Executioner and Enchantress action but I think he’s too small to play the Executioner. With his armor, he did look “large” in Clash of the Titans.

    What do you think?

  4. Does anybody think liam neeson could have survived the ending of the grey?

    • He did. Watch it till the end of the credits.

      • You know better than to post a blatant spoiler Dr. You could have just left off “He did.”
        I was going to watch it this weekend.

        • Sorry, but, you know it has been out for a while. And most people didn’t even know about the post credit scene. And by scene, it’s less than 5 seconds.

          • Yeah .. but you know how slow I am. :)

            • Yeah, I’ve been waiting to red box it and now I know the ending. Thanks dude.

            • Wait… he didn’t exactly live. He was breathing heavily in unison witht he wolf I assumed he and the wolf would die

              • thanks guys. i’ve not seen this, now i may as well not waste my time. not everyone can afford to go to the theater and watch every movie that comes out. i think a good rule of thumb would be to not talk about spoilers in a general discussion page unless the movie has at least been out on dvd for a month or so

                • While I agree about warning people of spoilers (and BTW, I haven’t seen The Grey either), I don’t think knowing this one thing about the movie is reason enough to never see the movie at all…
                  That’s a little over dramatic ;)

                  And IMO, it’s fair game to talk about a movie as soon as it’s been out in theaters for a week – that’s kinda my view on spoilers.

          • You know, I saw the movie and like an idiot Klingon, I didn’t stay passed the credits. DRAT!



      • Wait, What????
        I just watched it last week and no idea there was a end of credits scene.
        I’ve got to look this up.

      • OK, I just watched it on youtube:

        ****** SPOILER AHEAD *******
        I only saw a split second of the wolf lying down and breathing, but I didn’t see Neeson’s character anywhere. If that’s all it was, I’m glad I didn’t stick around.

        • Sorry i finally watched it this week and had to ask. The end ctedits scene didnt reveal anything!

    • Could you people PLEASE put a spoiler alert in for stuff like this? I haven’t seen the movie yet because it JUST came out on DVD!

  5. Last nights movie event. Start at 4:10 p.m. got out of last movie at 1:00 a.m.
    Here are the results

    Battleship – 7/10 – I thought it was MUCH better than the reviews.

    Dark Shadows – 6.5/10 – It Burton and Depp at their sameness. Not bad … just kinda eh.

    The DIctator – 7.5/10 – I laughed a lot.

    Avengers – 9.5/10 – ‘Nuff said.

    • Dude, that’s impressive. I have a whole new level of respect for you. :)

      • How low WAS it?

        • It wasn’t low. It’s just now between the “Awesome” and “Legendary” levels. :)

          If I sit through two movies, I’m exhausted. I couldn’t imagine four.

          • Sweet. So I guess I am WINNING? :)

    • Now that’s a fun idea for something to do with some free time. =)

      • It’s not really free time. It’s planned. Once a month with go to the movies and do a marathon. It’s kind of a tradition now. Been doing it for about 4 years.

    • Considering I REQUIRE popcorn, soda AND skittles for every movie I see, I would be too sick to continue after the 3rd movie. :P

      • My brother drank four MEGA large cokes. I think he is still peeing. :)

    • I wasn’t that impressed with Battleship. Sure, the action was good but I thought the reason the aliens were doing what they were doing was pretty weak. And Rhianna, though lovely, has horrible acting skills, IMHO. 2.5/5 for me.

      BTW, we finally disagreed. :-P

      • And as usual, when we do, you’re wrong. :)

        • Does anyone in the movie say “You sunk my battleship” ? :)

          • Sort of. :-)

    • That is impressive INK…
      I used to be able to do marathons like that at the theater but now it’s usually only once every few months with the family at home.
      We all pick 1 we want to see and then cap it with one that everyone wants so it’s usually 4 movies..

  6. Hey Vic, I’m guessing I’m the only who’s having a (technical?) issue with the site, but it looks REALLY weird at the moment. Definitely not normal…(it’s hard to explain, but I did take a few screengrabs, I just don’t have an e-mail address to send it too you…

    I’ve loaded the site on two computers now and the result is still the same. I’ve also tried refreshing, but it still looks messed up… :(

    Help please!

    • Go to the bottom of the page and click “contact” Avenger.

      • INK, yeah, I know about that, but how do I send the attached screenshots to Vic as well?

        • In your e-mail just click on the little paperclip, find the screencap on your computer and attach it to the email.

          • The contact page doesn’t use an individual’s e-mail.

            Avenger just send it to Vic directly at:

            • Oh yeah … good recall mongoose. I forgot it’s a form.

              • Thanks for all the help guys!
                For some reason everything’s okay again (coincidentally, the site was back to normal the moment I came back form the theater… spooky ;))

                • Your flu is affecting your perception of reality. :-P

                  How are you feeling?

                  • The flu is gone actually… kicked it yesterday and celebrated by going to the movies! :D

                    In all seriousness though, I wasn’t imagining things ;)… there were quite a few guys having the same issue as me:

                    I talked to Vic and it looks like he sorted everything out.
                    Gotta love ScreenRant.

                    • Glad to hear you’re over it. One of these days, some genius doctor is going to make trillions (whether it’s dollars, euros or yens :-) ) curing that virus.

  7. 5 most anticipated left for 2012
    3.django unchained
    4.gangster squad

    • for me
      1. TDKR
      2. TASM
      3. The Hobbit
      4. Skyfall

    • 1. Prometheus
      2. TASM
      3. The Hobbit
      4. Expendables 2
      4a. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
      5. TDKR

    • After seeing the Amazing Spider-Man trailer I have to eat my words and say I’ll probably be seeing that movie.

      1. The Hobbit
      2. Prometheus
      3. Dark Knight Rises
      4. Amazing Spider-Man
      5. Dredd

    • Everytime I see the previews and tv spots for TDKR, I just am not psyched for it. I’ll see it, but it is very low on my list.
      1. TASM
      2. Bourne
      3. Skyfall
      4. Hobbit
      5. TDKR

      • 1. DKR
        2. Gangster squad
        3. Lawless
        4. Prometheus
        5. Abe lincoln VH

      • Prometheus
        Uh, that is it :[

    • 1. TDKR
      2. TASM (if not for the recent DKR tv-spots, this would’ve been at #1)
      3. The Hobbit
      4. Prometheus
      5. Skyfall

      (and other movies that I’ll probably go see include SWATH, Ted, Abraham Lincoln: VH, Dredd, and maybe a few others here and there…)

      • Ted looks REALLY REALLY stupid. Bad stupid. And I LIKE Seth McFarlane stuff!

        • I only saw the one trailer and it looked kinda funny to me…

          It’s not a movie that I’ll rush out to go see, I’m just saying that I’ll probably go catch it at some point (if I don’t have anything better to do).

    • 1. TASM
      2. TDKR
      3. Django Unchained
      4. Looper
      5. Prometheus

  8. You know with reading the whole gi joe bit I’m starting to think that their was a Pre screening somewhere and the reaction wasn’t good so their converting it to help with some of the cost hoping that people will spend the extra money on a 3d ticket. I mean I understand the original release date was dumb, I mean 1 week before TASM & 3 1/2 weeks later TDKR, gi joe was doomed to be a box office fail. Some where some executive is hoping this movie does well cause it might be his/her job

  9. Yesterday I watched ( Five Days of War ). It was to me really good. I want to say the fact that it was based on acuall events that took place while I believe the summer Olympics was on. But it had me looking it up on the google after words. If you havnt seen it I would say at least try

  10. Anyone heard about how Tara will be back in Season 5 of True Blood. And is anyone gonna buy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season One-Volume one besides me?

    • You’ve got guts kid, I’ll give you that.

      • Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade?

  11. Not sure if anyone at SR has heard about this one let alone seen it but there’s a trailer at the below Vimeo link for The 25Th Reich. Its an indie film that has a very interesting Trivia (i.e. the render farm for the film ran for 6 moths and was housed at 2 of the actors apartment which the thing heated during the winter months).

    It doesn’t look to be a NAZIS ON THE MOON knock off but something altogether in its own.

  12. Hey, Kahless!

    I was coming home the other day and saw a van with this license plate: NCC-0701

    Was that you????
    Also, since I’m not as educated as you with the ST universe, I was wondering if it was a reference to a specific ship or just something a ST fan made up for a witty plate?

    My neighbor let me borrow his copy of the latest ST film, which I hope to watch (for the first time) ASAP. I’m also planning to see The Avengers (for the first time) this weekend. Can’t wait!

    • Sure that wasn’t an NCC-1701? That’s the designation for the Starship Enterprise.

      (and Kahless wouldn’t be caught dead with a Federation ship designation on his plates. Maybe “kaplah” or VorCha or NeghVar?)

      • Thanks for the help, but I’m positive it was 0701. Is there no meaning to it?

    • If you are referring to that garbage skow NCC-1701, the honorable mongoose is correct; I would not be caught dead on that Federation Tribble carrier!!!


      No, I don’t have a van, but I found this; maybe this is the person you saw.

      • Oh, well. Then at least you should feel honored that I thought of you–in a friendly, Screenranty way, of course!

        Nice ST plate! I’d get SCRNRNT for my car, but I’m sure Vic already has that one. :)

        • Oh you were completely nice, thank you. And did you click on the link I replied with? That was probably the person you saw.

          • Yeah, thanks! I saw that one of the comments on that page mentions the plate I saw, NCC-0701. What’s the meaning? Is that a ship that precedes the Enterprise?

            • I think NCC-1701 was taken, so the person probably chose the next best thing.

      • haha, garbage skow, highly appropriate and classic response. :D

        • You knowwww I couldn’t help it. 8-)

  13. For some reason my crappy tablet won’t let me reply to a comments about spoilers so I’ll just start another thread.
    I think if the film hasn’t hit DVD yet you should always post a warning. After that if someone doesn’t want to know they should stay away from any articles about the movie in question. And if it’s on a open disscussion you should always put some sort of warning.
    Sometimes though you get spoiled and you didn’t even know it was coming. For example last week I was reading a article about Anne Hathaway and then BAMM!! out of nowhere a pretty big spoiler. I know I should be more carefull but still there was no warning at all. And that’s what I absolutely hate. That’s why I appreciate and enjoy this site so much, even if it’s something small or if the movie is out for a while there’s a warning.