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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 23, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 23, 2012

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  1. I had a dream that Marvel announced three movies a year for 2014 and 2015 leading up to Avengers 2 in 2016.
    2014: Captain 2, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy
    2015: Black Panther, Shield Movie, Incredible Hulk 2

    One can dream right?

    • I like your thinking but witch Ant Man & GotG (2015) and Black Panther & SHield (2014)
      GotG should lead directly into Avengers 2 with Ant-man right before it.

      • *switch

        My one quibble Vic … an “edit” button would be nice, but I know why we don’t have it.

        • INK,

          It’s getting closer. I can’t say when yet, but it’s getting closer.


          • That’s what she said…? :)

            • ZING!

      • See that makes perfect sense. In my dream, I wasn’t thinking clearly!

        You would think for how much money Marvel is making, they’d try to do three movies a year. I’m sure it’s already been discussed on here but I sure love the thought of it.

  2. Prefer the Flash movie update!

  3. I got one. When did trailers go bad? Or when did trailers change into how they are presented in this modern format. It’s like when the movie guy died, the one with the voice, pure marketing took over. But on a whole nother level. Like they are going for our emotional souls when trying to build hype for a soon to be released film. It’s crazy how they do it now. When I was a kid, I just remember it being different. Am I wrong, at 27 years old?

    • Well I’m 30 and I actually don’t recall it being much different… Granted the teaser for a trailer is pretty silly. I don’t think the trailers have changed, just the types of movies have. Because they are so CGI heavy now, that is what we are seeing… Maybe?

    • Also notice, every trailer after Inception, uses the same blasting horn structure.

      And yes, trailers are very different these days. Watch back even to the early 90s, Jurassic Park is a great example of a great trailer. These days they are edited to hell.

      • Didn’t that blasting sound originate with Terminator Salvation? But yes…I hate that sound now.

      • Yea just went back and watched the Jurassic Park trailer. Gave me chills. That’s what your lookin for in a good one. And it’s the narrative that has changed. With that movie voice. A slow build that just has a different tone than nowadays. Can’t put my finger on it. But the early 90s man, I’d say the Golden Era of good movie trailers. Cause most of the time, the movie stayed within itself. Not trying to use what others have done to reel you in. Pretty much promoting the film and not going for social reference to bring about interest. And the actors we’re more of the focus. Not the comic book material, as it is today. My question now, How do you become a movie trailer maker? That’s a job I would like to do.

    • I don’t really have a quip with trailers… what’s bothering me though is that movie posters have gone down hill recently…
      DrSamBeckett made this point in a recent thread: posters can be works for art, but lately most of them just look like cheap, photoshopped messes.

      • One of my favorite Christmas gifts of recent memory was the book The Art of Drew Struzan.
        The guy was pure genius. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and so on. You could probably get it on- line and it’s a great book to have on the coffee table or to just look through start to finish and be amazed how truly great movie poster were, could, and still should be.

  4. Just got some disappointing news:
    The Dark Knight Rises won’t be released in South-Africa until the 27th of July :(
    A whole week of more waiting. Guess I deserve it after all the gloating I did about The Avengers’ release date 😉

    • Nelson: ‘Ha ha!’

    • That sucks dude.

      20th for me in the UK. Plus we got Avengers early, and Prometheus too!

      • We get Prometheus on the 6th of June, when do you guys get it?

        • Prometheus premiers on June 8 here in the U.S.

    • Midnight release for me on the 20th in IMAX 😀

  5. Does anyone know if the actual Avengers script has been released online? And if so, do you have a link to it?

  6. The Great Gatsby looks great, still dont agree with the 3D but I’ll be seeing it in theater.

    With The Avengers looking to break the Top 3 Grossing Films of All Time, do you think that Marvel/Disney will use some money to buy back lets say the Fantastic Four or Daredevil? I think X-Men and Spiderman are a stretch right now but those could be possibilities.

    • It doesn’t work like that. They can’t just buy back the rights, it is a very complicated process.

      • I’m sure it’s more complicated about it, but every company has it’s price. I’m sure they could buy back but it probably would be millions if not billions.

        • Oh yeah I’m sure it is more complicated but they could possibly get them back.

      • haha, it “could” but I agree it’s not so simple.

        The scenario…..

        WB Exec: “Disney just called and are offering 10 billion for the rights to the Fantastic Four back”


        Crafty WB Exec: Surely if they are willing to pay 10 billion they would be willing to pay……say 20!

        WB Exec: They say ok

        /deer caught in the headlighhts o.O

        Crafty WB Exec: I……….ok, it’s theirs.

        That is the only way I could see it being simple but Disney would never offer that much.

        • Considering that’s more than all of the Marvel film’s grosses combined… yeah, I don’t think they’d offer that much :)

        • WB???

          • I think he meant Fox…

          • Wow… can’t believe I didn’t catch that. 10 points to Archaeon.

            Revised conversation:

            WB Exec: “Disney just called and are offering 10 billion for the rights to the Fantastic Four back”

            WB Exec 2: “…and why are they telling us?”

          • haha, sorry, I had batman on the brain from all the articles.

            Yes WB should be FOX! /facepalm

            need an edit button please!

  7. Finished the avengers;EMH well the first season of it on netflix. The end wasn’t all that impressive but it was far from bad. Waiting on the next season to be released on netflix.

  8. So I was watching chronicle on BluRay last night and by the way loved it more the second time. Directors cut is worth the extra footage.

    But anyway how bout uh Steven from chronicle for black panther. I think his name is idk I can’t remember.

    • He isn’t manly enough I don’t think he could pull it off.

  9. Has anyone heared about DC vice president stating that they will be making one of their main comic book characters come out the closet??? I can’t see a main character being gay and changing their whole story line. I’d rather see a whole new character…. I guess its just them trying to stay with the times. I hope this backlashes against them for this decision. Message boards all over have place the picks on wonder woman, robin, or aquaman… What are your thoughts


      I have & i am not thrilled with their decision on that. I hope it backfires on them aswell. It was bad enough to have Superman renounce his US citizenship but if it turns he’s the one. Im really gonna be ticked off. If not him same goes if it’s Batman or Robin, yes i said Robin. My thought of the whole idea is that stupid, to keep up with the times? Because how Pres.Obama feels about the issue? C,mon. If they go this route with the character & have the character come outta the closet in a live-action film, i’ll walk outta the theater & never again feel like i could see another film of that character which would be sad. It’s like DC is shooting themselves in the foot on purpose.

    • It depends on what character it’s going to be (DC said it’s a character that hasn’t been introduced into the DCNU yet).
      We already have one or two homosexual characters in the DCNU (Batwoman and one of the guys from Teen Titans), so it’s not like its really that big a deal IMO.

      • The Avenger

        One of co-workers showed me on his phone that DC announced it would be one of it’s longest running heroes it’s had in the comics. Meaning it could be one of the big ones such as Superman,Batman,Wonderwoman,etc. Guess we’ll find out next month though.

    • I’m hoping DC uses Martian Manhunter. Seriously, wouldn’t that be a fitting name for a gay character? Very subtle indeed.

      • this post was flagged as inappropriate for using G word….so I fixed it (below) and I think the fixed version sounds way more inappropriate (what do you mean, those people). Just wanted to explain the double post

    • I’m hoping DC uses Martian Manhunter. Seriously, wouldn’t that be a fitting name for a that type of character? Very subtle indeed.

  10. So, after sitting on my shelf for a decade and for some reason putting it off again and again I finally read and finished The Hobbit.
    Why it took me so long I can’t explain. I can say though that even though I didn’t think it was possible I’m even more excited for the movie. The book itself was a very easy read and surprisingly funny and the story itself is simple but at the same time exciting and fun. With the benefit of knowing what actors are playing certain roles or seeing them already in the previous films it’s easy to picture them while reading and it also shows how great a job Jackson did in casting.
    The most exciting part of it all is imagining how Jackson and Company will portray Middle Earth once again and the many people, creatures & animals that inhabit the world Tolkin created. Most notably Smaug. I’m absolutely giddy at the thought of seeing the dragon on screen.
    Those who have thought of reading it but have put it off like I did should read it. Like I said it’s a easy and fun read and even though it’s full of characters, creatures and it takes place in many different locations it’s not in any way overly dense and detailed. Tolkin gets to the point and let’s your imagination do the work…

    • I’m looking forward to The Hobbit as well. I once thought that it was going to be the biggest movie of 2012, but after the amazing success of The Avengers, I’m not so sure anymore. Still, it is my most anticipated.

  11. Just finished watching tucker and dale vs evil…. dang good movie

  12. Gang,

    I can’t stop myself – made yet ANOTHER modification to the home page. Now, ALL latest stories, regardless of category (TV News, Movie News, etc.) are listed in reverse chronological order under the slideshow, and I have added grid-style movie and tv only sections below.

    Also, once again, the link at the bottom-right of the Latest News section links to the archive page again.

    I thought that TV news was not getting enough “respect” on the home page, so now it’s part of latest news.


    • I like it Vic, and am glad the open discussion doesn’t dissappear so fast.

      On a side note,
      I just saw THE HUNGER GAMES, and it was pretty cool. I had fun. I never read the novels… one gripe, them folks looked pretty full, far from hungry, and why didn’t they show a clip of Katniss grabbing the bread? I was confused.

      • The lack of hunger was my biggest gripe. In the book the games are grueling and everyone was going crazy searching for food and water. In the movie katniss had no problem finding water and nobody ever seemed hungry like you said

  13. I wondered if those fancy-dressed people played the games & survived to live a happy life in that city. Obviously they’re distant from other people within the 12 districts where 2 people from each are picked for the games. I never read the books. Loved the movie & can’t imagine what’s in-store for Katniss in the next films after how the first film ended.