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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 21, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 21, 2012

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  1. you guys do realise the new 007 trailer is up.

    • Been up for nearly six hours. SR is a US site, most of ’em are still in bed.

  2. I dont think thanos is the villain for avengers 2 but rather a bigger film. I think hotdog and vision are apart of an avengers story in the sequel.

    Don’t think they’d introduce ultron for the first ant-man film. But they might set the tone.

    • I guess my thought is that they will keep building. Adding new villains and heros and all eventually lead to an Avengers 2. Thanos may not debut in a second Avengers, but I personally think he will have a role.

    • I think they might save Ultron for Avengers 3… IMO, he’s the unstoppable foe (The Avengers have beaten Thanos quite a few times, but Ultron just always comes back in a new and improved form – and every time he’s tougher to beat than before).
      Plus, if they do an Ultron story line, I think they should put Black Panther in there as well – Pym creates a proptype Ultron at the start of TA3, Ultron goes crazy and attacks the Avengers, he flees to repair himself, halfway through the movie Ultron creates the Vision and sends him as a diversion while he upgrades his armor to Vibranium, etc, etc. (We all know how the story could go from there…)

      It’ll be interesting to see what Marvel Studios comes up with (I’m just hoping we’ll get a few hints in IM3, THOR2 and Cap 2)

      • Sadly I fear we will never see a Hank Pym Ultron. The Ant-Man script basically writes Pym out and substitutes Lang. So if they do use Ultron it will be some bastardized version, having it be the sole creation of Stark.

        At this stage, if they do go forward with the Ant-Man script we have read about, I would just prefer them not doing it. Imho it HAS to be Hank Pym joining the Avengers or nothing.

        • “The Ant-Man script basically writes Pym out and substitutes Lang.”
          With all due respect, how do you know that?
          About a year ago there were reports that the Ant-Man script mostly features Scot Lang but for all we know, that could very well have changed after all this time…

  3. Stupid iPod spellcheck — no hotdog- ultron!

  4. Has anyone heard if Person of Interest has been renewed for a 2nd season?

    • It has. Because its the best new show for years.

      • I agree with that, but I just haven’t heard any news on it being renewed. Even though the season finale was kinda a cliffhanger (although the finale was sort of a let-down for me… was expecting more. But still want to see it continued).

  5. After a few different webpage styles/looks, it appears that Screenrant has reverted to the old tried and true page.

    Thanks Vic, I appreciate the updates and your drive to improve the site, but hey… if it ain’t broke…

    On another note, did anyone see Will Smith slap the reporter that tried to kiss him at the moscow premiere of mib3, FUNNY!!!! I’m guessing he was aready a little touchy about the movie. Really, who would start filming a movie before the script is finished? Most of Hollywood unfortunately.

    • Maybe he didn’t want to be kissed by a strange man? I might have reacted in the same way.

      • Absolutely, that guy did a 1, 2 cheek kiss and then went for the lips! I’m surprised the fresh prince didn’t knock him out. You can see Will’s publicist in the background, her jaw hits the floor. Awkward!

    • Pitt Man,

      Thanks. Actually, scroll down to movie trailers and movie reviews and you’ll see that I did incorporate aspects of the tested designs. :)


      • Oh yeah, I just noticed, it looks good. Nice big pictures. I’m glad you kept the long vertical column of upcoming movies on the right. I just click on The Avengers and all the most recent avengers articles come up.

        By the way, what dictates which upcoming movies are on the list? Does it have to officially have the green light from a studio? Or is the list anything that’s rumored? Does it need at least a script in development?

        • Pitt Man,

          I don’t pay enough attention to that list – I just include stuff that I think is popular or that people might be interested in. :)


    Hi! :)

  7. Going through Avengers withdraw. Haven’t seen it since the midnight showing … must … go … to … theater …

  8. Underworld Awakening just came out on DVD/Blu ray and i was wondering who would like to see a hot Lycan female in the next film go toe to toe with Selene? also who would like to see the Origins story of Alexander Corvinus,Marcus,william,Amelia, and the Rise of Victor? i would think a Female lycan would be a great villain for Selene in a film that took place between rise and the first film since selene just gained her abilities then, but i know they would do a film after awekening first to tie up the films and i just want to see at least one female Lycan, besides Lucians mother for 3 secs.

  9. I really never noticed Joss Whedon’s foot fetish until I watched the Avengers the second time this weekend. Pepper Potts leaving Stark Tower in the elevator and still not wearing shoes, Black Widow fighting sans shoes, the barefoot Hulk…then I had flashbacks of River Tam never wearing shoes and Kaylee occasionally without footwear. So I Googled Joss Whedon foot fetish to find out that I’m correct and just not very observant. Knowing what I know now, I never want to watch a Whedon movie if Smell-O-Vision makes a comeback like 3D did.

    • [*glass shatters*]
      … I never realized that, but now that you mentioned it… it’s true! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


    • B-Porn โ€“

      Being in your field of work I can’t imagine you haven’t done WAY WORSE than a foot fetish scene. :)

      • LOL! I’m just an extra who occasionally accidently walks into the background of a scene and then quickly exits stage left.

        • HaHa you must’ve got that extra adult industry paycheck and took a vacation b\c you’ve been m.i.a. from screenrant for a few weeks.

          • I went dark before the Avengers for a bit, and I did some unscheduled traveling to the land of corn-husking because my nephew was born. I also took a long weekend camping trip in there too. I’ve been busy with work and catching up with chores at home since returning from my travels and haven’t been able to properly procrastinate. I did sneak in a long-deserved nap this weekend…I haven’t napped since my wife bamboozled me into going to that Katherine Heigl movie, ZING!

            I’m back. I may blog again. I may not. That’s my curse of being entirely too lazy.

          • Oh…and I wish I had some of that adult industry money. I only starred briefly in my college roommates home video.

  10. Anybody think the John Carter 2 petitions are going to work? I would like for them to be but I just dont see it happening.

    • I don’t think the petitions will work. Maybe DVD/Blu-ray sales might. I’d love to see a sequel too, but I don’t have my hopes very high.

  11. With the huge success of the avengers does anyone think WB/DC will finally move forward with a justice league movie. Also which characters do you think they would choose for the film ?

    Wonder Woman
    Green lantern
    The flash

    and so on, what are everyone’s thoughts on this.

    • As much as I’d like a Justice League movie, I’d be happy with just a live-action Flash movie.

      But JLA movie wouldn’t be complete with those you stated and Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.
      I’d also like Captain Marvel, Hawkman, and Zatanna (for hotness). They’d probably throw in Green Arrow since he is getting his own tv show.

    • Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and either Martian Man Hunter or Aquaman – keep it close to the source material.

    • I think The Rock is going to play Cyborg in a solo film, so he may be in the JL.

      • The newest rumors on CBM indicate that the Rock will play Lobo :(
        Then again, is one of the most unreliable sources on the net…

  12. Screen Rant where is the Blu ray breakdown ?

    • Vic has mentioned they have discontinued the breakdowns. The payoff in site hits didn’t match the work that needed done,

  13. I watched ‘Aliens’ over the weekend – I thought it was very good, but not as good as ‘Alien’
    Also re-watched ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘X-Men: First Class’ – those movies just get better and better every time…
    And finally I watched ‘Fast Five’ – I’m not at all a fan of the franchise but I thought the movie was pretty decent. In the prequel scene they already broke the rules of physics (a bus flipping over a car and the car not being smashed into a pancake and killing it’s driver?), so I decided to hang my common sense next to my jacket and just enjoyed it for what it was: a fun, action packed “heist” movie.
    Oh, and the Rock was really sweaty throughout the entire film – like, REALLY, REALLY sweaty – worryingly so… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What did you guys watch?

    • “I decided to hang my common sense next to my jacket and just enjoyed it for what it was: a fun, action packed โ€œheistโ€ movie.”

      Good thing you decided that or you wouldn’t have it through the movie. I loved the movie and thought it was great fun.

    • Tried to watch Transformers but it just got too boring. I re-watched Iron Man 1 and now I remember just how freakin good it was. It is tied as first with Batman 1 as my favorite super hero movie. I also watched Iron man 2 which got me trying to decide who was the best Rhodes.

    • I watched the Avengers again (I took the wife this time). Then, I re-watched Kick Ass on Netflix and I started re-watching Top Gun on Netflix (only to realize that it was really cheesy now…and made me a bit homophobic). I didn’t watch any other movies, but I did watch the season finale of Supernatural and Community. I loved the 3 episodes of Community. Supernatural was alright…I kind of wanted more from the season finale (it still hasn’t met the hype of season 5’s finale).

      I also pulled an old man move and took a nap on the couch (Andy Capp style). Such a relaxing weekend.

    • I’m a much bigger fan of Alien V’s Aliens. I know they’re 2 completely different films because Aliens is more of a straight up action film and I enjoy it but I never really went nuts over it.

  14. Who watched Avengers:EMH yesterday? We finally got to see a Beta Ray Bill appearence.This very much makes me wanna see him in a future Thor film.

    • I watched it today… it was pretty sweet, but I prefer the Thor stories where things are more fantastical as opposed to sci-fi.

    • i personally dont like the whole Beta Ray Bill character but the episode yesterday was good.

  15. With The Woverine Sch to begin shooting in August. How do you think Woverine would fit into XMFC 2. I mean he made a cameo in 1 & I can’t see them continuing an xmen movie without Woverine, Storm, Cyclops, Jean Gray ad so on. Any thoughts anyone

    • Zoe Saldana for the next Storm.

  16. I’ve noticed The Dark Knight Rises promotional campaign has started to get going this past weekend.
    While watching the NBA Playoffs on 3 different networks there has been a lot of tie in material. It’s the expected rise up tag mixed with players dunking at looking fierce. It’s kind of corny but that’s expected.

    • Oh, and bye the way it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid Prometheus adds also. I’m trying to stay away but every so often the remote isn’t close enough to change the channel. They are mixing in a lot of footage that I don’t want to see because I don’t want the same thing to happen that happened with The Avengers.
      Mainly the shot of The Hulk catching a certain Man. We saw that shot so many times before hand that it kind of dulled the impact it should have had in the movie.

  17. My girlfriend said she was seriously distracted by Samuel L. Jackson’s nosehair in the avengers. I must’ve missed it, but did fury have a nosehair issue? She thinks so. Aw shucks, I guess I’ll just have to go see the film again, poor me. hee!

  18. Anyone else want a spawn remake, I’ve hears Todd Mcfarlane talk about redoing spawn but that’s all that’s been heard.

    • me too

    • I’d like to see Spawn return. I think the special effects nowadays could really benefit a live-action movie, but I’d rather see the animated series return to HBO. However, Todd McFarlane was talking about bringing back Spawn as much as Dan Akyroyd has hyped another Ghostbusters outing. Sadly for the fans, I think neither will ever come to fruition.

  19. Which actor portrayed Rhodes the best in the Iron Man films ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Cheadle.

    • Neither. They’ve yet to cast a good Rhodey.

      • Jamie Fox would have been a good choice…
        He and RDJ are great friends in real life, so the on-screen “chemistry” would have been much better than what we saw from Stark & Rodey in IM1 & 2.

        • i been saying that for along time Jamie Fox would of been great as Rhodey.

    • I liked Howard as Rhodey. Cheadle, not so much.

    • They should’ve cast Cuba Gooding Jr.And if RDJ did step down i think Tom Cruise would be a great Tony Stark.Remember how arrogant & full of himself he was in Top Gun.I think Cruise was always rumored for the part anyway and he may have got it but they took a chance on RDJ which turned out great.Anyway if they hired Cruise and Gooding Jr people probably would just call it Jerry Maguire 2 even though they do have good chemistry on film.

      • Tom Cruise is older than RDJ though… so when RDJ eventually steps down (which he’ll probably only do when he’s too old for the role), Cruise will be just as unfit to play the part.

  20. Don’t know if this was addressed in Screenrant’s article or if anyone on here noticed but I’ve been reading Mark Millar’s run of The Ultimates…It is like the instruction manual for The Avengers movie. Not saying it’s a bad thing but there’s a lot in the movie directly from the books. They were released in 2010 so…ya

    • Hey, me again. Well i just read the article and it turns out it’s the first comic they addressed so…I’m just gonna go eat cookies and hopefully choke to death. Catch you guys later

  21. I have Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & will watch it sometime this week.People say its good and i believe the directer is shooting IM3 the same way as that film so you know i had to check it out & give my opinion.

  22. I just watched (I mean re-watched) Rocky III. In the Marvel world of today, The final scene with Rocky spurring Apollo would have been after the credits.

  23. I just bought a blu ray 3 pack for 15 bucks. V for vendetta, watchmen directors cut and constintine. Is it a good buy? I’ve only seen v for vendetta and its phenomenal. What about the other 2?

    • Watchmen is an excellent movie once you get past the naked smurf trying out for the blue man group. Constantine is a film I watched once…and that’s all I remember about it.

      • So 2 really good blu ray films for 15 bucks? Ill take that anyday