Open Discussion – May 2, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 2, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 2, 2012

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  1. 24 hours away from The Avengers marathon..i can’t even believe it’s finally happening

  2. I have tried to remain on a relative media blackout so I don’t get any Avengers spoilers. Only about 39 more hours!

  3. MINOR SPOILER but I’m trying to help

    To all who haven’t watched “The Avenger” yet, stay for the credits. i know it sounds stupid because of what Marvel has done with the past few films but more than half the cinema just got up and left as soon as the movie was over.

    • Anyone who has seen a MARVEL movie knows to wait for the credits and the button scene.

      Those people that left were not Marvel fans obviously, good riddance. They lost out. It annoys me as well, when I went to THOR half the audience left when the credits started rolling, and then looked at the Marvel fans left in the theatre like we were stupid for staying. I said, “Hey stick around there’s probably an extra scene after the credits” No response. It’s surprising how someone can pay a lot to see a movie and then they don’t have the attention span to wait for the credits to roll by. They’re putting on their coats as soon as the finale begins, and are out the door the second the credits start.

      • When I saw the Avengers the people just walked out as well – they didn’t even stick around for the main credits (which are always flashy and worth watching anyway).
        In a way it’s a good thing: that last scene at the end of the credits is kinda our REWARD for being the true fans, wouldn’t you say? πŸ˜‰

        • FYI, in the US there’s going to be both a mid-credits and an after credits scene.


          • Darn you America!! πŸ˜‰
            (I just hope they include that scene on the BD/DVD)

            • I’m sure they will, but I guess this is our gift for waiting “patiently” while the world was in awe and joy for the last week.

            • we might get that extra credit scene in the UK later. but i know what is the other credit scene πŸ˜›

            • if anyone wants to know the end credit scene that wasn’t showed in the UK let me know and I can tell them after tonight when I see it

          • I didn’t think I could be more excited for THE AVENGERS, I was wrong. 2 credit scenes? Awesome.

          • @Vic. Glad you mentioned it b\c i would’ve walked out after the mid credits scene.

        • people walked out also during the mid credit scene. i could not believe they did that to be honest havent these people watched any of the Marvel Studio movies. all ended with a end credit scene.

      • Yeah, when I saw Captain America in theaters, my 2 friends and I were the only ones who stuck around for the credits (and they only stayed because I told them to). The janitor was standing around waiting for us to leave.

  4. We will be having a pizza/Avengers party tomorrow!!!

    • can I come? Lol

      Me and my wife are doing the same. She loves the movies as much a I do. I lucked out. Can’t wait for te avengers!!! Midnight tomorrow!!!

    • I’ll bring the gagh and the blood wine!!


      • happy birthday youngster

  5. I saw Avengers in 2D today (as a special birthday treat to myself – HINT! ;)) and I loved it.
    After seeing it in 3D and 2D now, I can safely confirm that (IMO) it’s worth the extra bucks for a 3D ticket. It does add an extra layer of awesomeness — it’s not essential though (with movies like Avatar where 3D is kinda NECESSARY to enjoy the whole experience).
    As for the movie itself: still just as amazing. I stand by my statement: it’s the best comic book movie ever made and it’s officially one of the best 10 films I’ve ever seen in my life (it’s up there among flicks like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Inception, etc.).
    I’ll be seeing it this weekend again in 3D (some company sent me a free ticket for my birthday – HINT ;)) and then in a week or two I’ll go check it out in 2D again.

    By then, I’ll probably be all Avengers’d-out and ready for The Dark Knight Rises!!! What a wonderful year for movie fans!

    • Happy Birthday! Now get back to your studies! 😎

      • What are you, my mother?!
        Cause if you are… please mommy! I-didn’t-mean-to-skip-school-and-go-to-the-cinema. I promise I won’t do it again, ever! :(

        • Wait a minute; you went to the cinema and you didn’t take me??!! Go and get me a switch now!! And don’t come back with a twig!! πŸ˜€

          • @Kahless

            hahahahah nobody knows what a switch is anymore. by 1993, time out was invented lol

            • I had “time out” when I was a young’un; my parents took “time out” to beat the living daylights out of me! πŸ˜€

              • So, no affect at all then?


    • Happy Birthday Sir.

    • Happy Birthday Mr. Avenger

    • @Avenger. Happy Birthday Sir, now put the beer down & finish your work around the house.

      • @Kahless, Kevin 7, Shiver, Hi-C and VADER’s 501st: thanks guys :)

    • Happy birthday, Avenger. Hope you had a good one.

    • happy belated b-day Avenger. Hope u said some improper comments to proper women. It was your birthday after all.

  6. Vic, what happened to the dvd blu ray break down yall used to do?

    • yeah ive been wondering that to!!! i miss seeing the new dvd releases and screenrants take!

      • Guys,

        It was a ton of work to put together and got very, very few page views per article so we discontinued it.


        • awww man!!!

        • NO! Vic, I really enjoyed those. I was actually wondering about this myself just the other day, I really enjoyed those. It’s actually what brought be to Screen Rant.

  7. Hmm were you after a happy birthday there The Avenger? I refuse!

  8. I finally watched Wanted for the first time. It was a little over the top but i really liked it. I hope they make a sequel. just wish Angelina Jolie would return.

    • yea that was fun

  9. I’m looking forward to this weekend…”The Avengers” with the TDKR trailer (bigger screen…even cooler) and maybe some Renaissance adventures afterward. I will also be that little bit closer to the opening of TDKR…

    • Me too, and its Free Comic Book Day Saturday… my kids love it

      • Oh, I forgot about that! I need to mark it down in my phone to go by after I get off work.

  10. What’s up guys, has anyone seen the movie β€œLayer Cake” staring Daniel Craig?

    A co worker suggested the movie to me, but unfortunately it’s not on Netflix instant and I can only find it on the Zune marketplace to buy (not rent). Is it worth the $10 to buy (it will take up space on my Xbox hard drive) or would I be better off trying to find someone who has it already and borrow it?

    • This is a very good movie. Craig is actually a very good actor imho πŸ˜‰

      • I dislike craig and I agree its a great movie

    • it is an execellent film. it’s available on crackle, which you can watch on the ‘net, roku, or ps3, but it would be woth buying. i’ll be lookin for a cheap blu-ray

  11. Working the Avengers midnight tomorrow I hope it picks up.. 60 pre sells makes me sad. Ill probobly see it Friday morning it should be great

  12. I’m really excited for The Avengers opening this weekend, but my local theater is showing it ONLY in 3D and I despise paying extra to see it in a format that I don’t like. I might have to wait a few days to see it at a theater that will show the 2D version-which is like a 1/2 hour away. I have tried to avoid any articles and even commercials that have anything Avengers related. I want to enjoy the movie, not wonder when “this scence from the trailer comes up.” There is no way Marvel can get me any more amped for this movie (except to have my theater show it in 2D Friday night!)

    • Darn typos! I meant “SCENE” not “scence”. GRRRR!

  13. Has anyone heard if Two and a Half Men got renewed for next season yet? I have to say that it getting harder and harder to watch that show. It used to be one of my can’t miss shows of the week, now I don’t care if I miss it or not. I have to say that this past week’s episode with the return of “Charlie” was pretty funny, though. Overall the show seems to lack the edge it used to have with Charlie Sheen.

    • I thought the return of Charlie was kinda stupid – i they can’t get Sheen back, then leave the character alone IMO.
      I loved the show (before they fired Sheen), but I think my Two and a Half Men days will be over when this season ends :(

      • ChrlieSheen returned for a new episode of Rwo& a Half Men? Now that wacth

        • SHEEN didn’t return.
          When I said the “return of Charlie”, I meant Charlie HARPER (the character). He’s portrayed by a… large (for lack of a better word) woman in the new episode and basically comes back from hell to annoy Alan. I have no idea who the actress is who portrayed Charlie in this episode.

  14. @ the Avenger,

    Happy birthday I’ll be watching the Avengers at the midnight premier tomorrow. I’ve avoided everything Avengers so far to keep away from any spoilers.

  15. I will be QC’ing the avengers tonight with my fellow managers at work. I’m very excited and can’t wait

  16. I know it causes arguments but I gotta say I loved the comparison articles on here. Everyone gets so feisty!

    • Only a weakling human would think that was being feisty!!


    • Damn Straight NAT!

      That’s why I can’t Wait untill friday for the long awaited sequel to
      Screen Rants

      Counter Point: Avengers Edition

      It Would be a blast to read that comment section :-)

      To bad It’ll never happen :-(

      • I try to “keep cool” here on SR, but if they do an Avengers or TDKR counterpoint article, then I ‘m pretty sure I’ll be Hulking out within minutes πŸ˜‰

      • hahaha i hope they have counterpoints for both TDKR & The Avengers

        • Same here Ignur Rant but I doubt they’ll be brave enough to. It adds to much “Spice” if you know what I mean..


          I used to say that all the time in High School when teachers would threaten us with a test haha. Counter Points are fun discussion starters πŸ˜€

          • HelghastUser

            Lol I figured “The 5 Reasons Why im More Excited” articles for TDKR & Avengers were pretty “spicy”. I think a counterpoint article would be a lot more tgought out because the writer would have atleast seen the movie lol

            PS is ur user name a refernce to KillZone?

            • Oh Yeah, There was enough Spice in those two articles to season a barbecued elephant.(Sounds tasty me thinks).

              The first attempt at a Counter Point, John Carter, Angered some ranters though and the majority didn’t like the idea. It was different for the site and it offered another point of view. It’s just not easy because they would have to see both movies and support their views effectively..

              Yes, It is a Killzone reference. The Helghasts are the main ‘antagonist’ in the game…

              • Well I hope they do a counter point forThe Avengers. Ihad some issues with it, so itbe cool to see them addressed. Same for TDKR. I liked seeing the fiipside of things.

                Nice. Killzone was a fun game.

  17. @majored Haha maybe. I’m just glad no one was hurt

    • I enjoyed C&A but i think that was mainly because Indiana Jones and James Bond were in it.

      • I really liked Cowboys and Aliens, I dont understand that hate towards it.

    • @Hi-C
      thats a classy lil surname you added on sir.

  18. @Vic

    whats happening with DREDD we have not got a trailer or teaser.

  19. I have been off and on here, but after the Avengers comes out on Friday I’ll get on here a lot more.

    I’ve got a theory that Legendary Pictures is taking there time with the American Godzilla remake because they want to see if Del Torro’s Pacific Rim film will be a hit instead of releasing two giant kajiu films and seeing nobody wants it. What do yall think?

    • i hope not, because i really want another godzilla film. and if pacific rim doesnt do well i still want godzilla!!!! If toho would start making them again i wouldnt be so impatient with this one. its been 8 years since the last godzilla film! how am i suppose to cope?!

      • “how am i suppose to cope?!”

        Re-watching Older ones?

        If an American based Godzilla movie doesn’t get made it really is no real loss. Everyone would be better off. Let TOHO do it….

  20. I’ve stayed off SR for about a week and a half trying to avoid spoilers. It hasn’t exactly worked because of tv and radio. Anyway, I’m incredibly calm for someone whose thirty hours away from the avengers. Lucky me, my wife’s boss got midnight passes for Thursday night. To all at screen rant, I salute you and drink to your health. When next I post, I will have seen THE MOVIE. Good evening, Happyman out.

  21. First in line for the midnight premier of The Avengers IMAX 3-D. The epic journey begins in a few hours I cant wait it’s gonna be EPIC!!!!! :)

  22. They had An American Werewolf In London on cable recently, haven’t seen it for years. I think the last time was on VHS!

    Still impressed with Rick Baker’s make-up effects, and it’s also good because John Landis didn’t kill anyone while making it! 😎