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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 18, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 18, 2012

Site notes:

1. We’ve decreased the video pre-rolls on the site by 50% – just because we love you.

2. We’re currently testing a couple of different home page layouts – I’m just curious what you think from a gut reaction. I’m listing all three here because you may only be getting one or another and have not seen them all:

Current home page design

Current%20Home%20Page Open Discussion   May 18, 2012

Home page variation 1 (Grid w/excerpts)

Home%20Page%20Variation%201 Open Discussion   May 18, 2012

Home page variation 2 (Grid, no excerpts)

Home%20Page%20Variation%202 Open Discussion   May 18, 2012

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  1. Tickets for Prometheus booked!!!

    Impressed with the Skyfall poster.

    Really excited for Spider-Man.

    That is all.

    • You left with 20 mins left? Geez, dude, suck it up and finish it out. If it was really that bad, you should’ve left 20 mins in.

        • Dang. I expected more out of Peter Berg. That’s disappointing.

  2. Vic I voted for the current as it just seems easier to look through. But I am also older and set in my ways. I don’t particularly like change.

    • Second choice would be the grid with no excerpts. It seems cleaner than the grid with excerpts.

      • agreed. I voted no excerpts.

        • I like the grid layout, no excerpts.

          My only suggestion would be to add a link to jump directly to the comments, like there is in the current design. It is a useful feature for the ODs and articles I have read, but want to see what new comments have been posted.

          • Comments added to both grid designs.


      • Agreed:
        1st choice would be the Current Design (the list format) – I don’t really like change either 😉
        But my second choice would definitely e the grid layout with no excerpts.

        • Thanks, guys, that’s really good feedback. Actually if the test results are accurate so far, to my surprise the current design is performing the best. Go figure.

          If I keep the grid/no excerpts format, will need to figure out how to squeeze in comments.


          • I much prefer the older format to the grid.

            • Thanks, DSM. Although I’m a fan of the grid, I will go by what the test results say – and they’re leaning towards the old format. Although I will be keeping the grid for the category pages.


              • It’s cool that you ask us what we like, most sites wouldn’t bother.

                • True dat…
                  Thanks Vic!

                • Agree Dr. Vic’s always been viewer friendly.

  3. Reading that casting update about IRon Man 3, I’m struck by a couple things:

    1. I just read the Extremis limited series from 2005. If they go that way, fine, but I hope they don’t use the whole ‘militia guy who hates the gobmint blah blah” storyline. It’s cliche and actually kind of outdated now.

    2. I wish they had gone with the ‘Armor Wars’ storyline. I’d rather see Crimson Dynamo or Titanium Man or any of those other suited guys. It’s more Industrial Espionage and I could see CD coming out of Russia from one of the new billionaire industrialists who felt the need to have his own suit of armor like Tony does. It’d be more relevant and interesting and the battle scenes would be cool.

    3. Mandarin makes me nervous. I jsut don’t know if they can do him right on film. Especially if Ben Kingsley is playing him. That has shades of John Wayne-as-Genghis-Khan written all over it. There are plenty of Chinese actors that could pull this off.

    4. They need to start having guest stars in their movies. I’d like to see Hank Pym drop in on Tony. I’d like to see Tony buzzing Reed Richards about something that’s boggling him. Why not have Marvel characters start making appearances? Open with a brief battle between IM and The Wrecking Crew? or Boomerang? or a brief team-up with Power Pack against AIM folks? Marvel needs to start name-dropping in their films.

    5. Speaking of AIM, you think that’s who Loki was using in THE AVENGERS when Doc asked where all the help came from? I didn’t see any bee-keeper helmets but I got that impression…

  4. I agree with point number 4 of Skylordric… until he got to “Power Pack.” lol They don’t ever need to be mentioned in the Marvel Movie universe. Not even behind closed doors of the writers and producers.

    And I voted for the regular format. I like having more than 6 current stories displayed, especially in the movie section.

    • Power Pack would make a billion dollars. The fanboys would go see it. The Marvel-ites would go see it. and the kids would drag their parents to see it. As long as they leave out the Whoopie Goldberg-Galactus thing. ugh.

      Yeah, I like Power Pack!

      But I was just tossing out names. I’d be just as happy with the Micronauts! :)

  5. Hey Vic

    Personally, not a fan of the new grid layouts. My internet tends to freeze now if i open a seperate page in a new tab.

    The twitter is cool. Follow us if you want to live lol classic

    • Ignur Rant,

      Yeah, I’m not sure if I’ll keep the open in new tab feature – I just thought that if someone goes to the trailers or reviews page, it would make it easier if they wanted to look at multiple items by keeping that page open in a tab.


      • The comments aren’t a necessity, but it is also nice to see what articles are having the most discussion.

        Thanks for listening to our feedback! That is why I love this site.

  6. Ok guys quick question, how many times have you seen the avengers ? and in what format 2-D, 3-D or IMAX 3-D.

    Total viewings for me so far is 4 in IMAX 3-D, ticket
    price in my area for IMAX is $12.50.

    • Once, 3D

      • Same.

    • Opening night in IMAX 3D, next night in 2D. It was my first IMAX 3D experience, and I personally did not like it. I will stick to 2D and the occasional 3D.

    • Your Imax is cheap, my local is the equivalent of $24.00

      • $17.00 here. Definitely not worth it, even for a good movie.

        I think my biggest complaint with IMAX 3D was that unless you were directly in the center of the theater, the 3D effects became distorted. It really detracted from the experience. Plus the glasses were much bigger than standard 3D glasses. It felt like I was wearing safety goggles for 2 1/2 hours.

        • It is absolutely not worth it.

          • I disagree on the IMAX 3D not being worth it (and even Kofi changed his mind about the 3D after seeing it in IMAX). I saw it once in regular 3D at a pre-screening and paid to see it twice more in IMAX 3D. It was awesome in that format IMHO.


            • I totally agree Vic it was Truely awesome. I was able to get my favorite seating spot last row dead center to the screen perfect viewing every time. That’s the advantage of getting to the theater early.

    • First viewing: Opening night in 3D (just plain ‘ol 3D – there isn’t an IMAX theater in my entire city :()
      Second viewing: in 2D (not as awesome as the 3D IMO)
      Third viewing: in 3D again (different theater – seats were uncomfortable)

      I’ll be seeing the movie in 2D again (in a week or so), but I might go see one last time in 3D as well… so, I’ll probably end up seeing this movie 4 or 5 times in theaters! – is that too much? 😉

      • In no way is viewing the avengers that many times too much. I saw it at the midnight premier and 3 more viewings since release and enjoyed it every single time. I’m glad to have been part of the opening weekend event (BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND OF ALL TIME). I’ll probably return one more time to watch it before its removed from IMAX the sound and picture quality is awesome.

    • Once 2-D, Planning to see it again at the end of the month when the crowds are thinner.

    • My first viewing was IMAX 3D, then I took the kids for 2D, then I had a slow weekday and saw it again in 2D, and the last time I took the kids for the IMAX 3D. IMHO, the best viewing is IMAX 3D.

  7. So I hear MIB 3 is receiving over-all POSITIVE reactions from the early screening in the UK and apparently there’s already talk of another sequel.
    There are a few negative reactions as well though (Empire Online said: “Despite some good moments, Agents J, O and K are missing an E.”)

    Anyway, I’ve always been a MIB fan, so I’ll be seeing it on opening weekend, regardless of the reviews.

  8. It has had very middling reviews, almost all are three star, some are two, I havent seen anything higher. All say the same thing, better than the second but nowhere near the third.

      • I can tell from the trailers that it is better than MIB 2. ha ha

        • I remember walking out of MIB2 angry because it was so bad. As long as MIB3 doesn’t **** me off, I will consider it a success. lol

  9. Saw cloud atlas last night at their first test screening. I sat directly behind the wachowskis and even managed to strike up a conversation. Very cool people. The movie was over 3 hours and it did tend to drag a little. there were 5 different stories going at once so it was a little confusing for the first hour. The editing needs to be reworked., once that is done then that movie will be amazing. Tom hanks was good as well as halls berry. Hugo weaving rocked it and hugh grant was actually pretty cool.

  10. Saw cloud atlas last night. I sat directly behind the wachowskis and even managed to strike up a conversation. Very cool people. The movie was over 3 hours and it did tend to drag a little. there were 5 different stories going at once so it was a little confusing for the first hour. The editing needs to be reworked., once that is done then that movie will be amazing. Tom hanks was good as well as halls berry. Hugo weaving rocked it and hugh grant was actually pretty cool.

  11. Saw cloud atlas last night. I sat directly behind the wachowskis and even managed to strike up a conversation. Very cool people. The movie was over 3 hours. there were 5 different stories going at once so it was a little confusing for the first hour. The editing needs to be reworked., once that is done then that movie will be amazing. Tom hanks was good as well as halls berry. Hugo weaving rocked it and hugh grant was actually pretty cool.

  12. I just finished reading the walking dead compendium 1 last night ( i’ve never read the comic before) and I gotta say, if they do on the show in the prison what happens in the comic, it’s going to be intense! after reading the comic, my respect for the shows’ writers has tripled. they have come up with some clever ideas to add to the story.

  13. Has anyone seen Cloud Atlas?

  14. Another note for the “regulars”: I’ve moved the archive page link from under the movie news section to the footer. Now the link under movie news takes visitors to more movie news only instead of everything.

    So you can still get to the old list format if you prefer that, it’s now at the bottom of the page.


  15. About the look of the site. The thing I like most about the home page that you have had for quite awhile is when you scroll down, on the left side you have the list of movies and when you click on it you get all the past articles and reviews. if you can some how keep that with the new look that would be great

    • HG,

      You mean on the right side. :) I’d have to think about how to incorporate that. I agree that it’s a good thing to have somewhere, yes.



  16. Please do not change the layout!! I don’t like the changes!!

  17. I like the current page as it is

  18. Screen rant has always had a good design. Why do companies feel the need to fix something that isn;t broken just to be fashionable?

    The current reverse chronological design is easy for readers to digest- I know the most recent article is at the top. With a grid, everything on the same row is calling for equal attention from my eyes, and I’m not sure which is most recent.

    Also, with the grid the various sections have newer content and I don’t want to be scrolling to each section to see what’s new. That is just more work for me. With the current layout, I simply start from the top to see what’s new.

    The reverse chronological scream is perfect for blogs. Please keep it. Grids are for app launchers.

    If you want to improve the layout, I suggest youPlease kill the slideshows. They are an abomination. I hate them with a passion. The only reason they exist, we all know, is to artificially boost your page view count. But they suck for users. Don;t make me cick, click, click through something that can be presented on one page.

      • Hi Vic

        Thanks for your reply. However, I think you are twisting my argument. I never said you should never change your site design. I said the current design is better than the new ones you are proposing- big difference.

        Change should happen as long as it is improvement. Change just to jump on design meme bandwagons is not desirable. There is a reason blogs have had the reverse chronological structure for ever. It is simple and user-friendly. Facebook and Twitter also use the reverse chronological stream, because it is just the perfect form for regularly updated content. And you don’t improve on perfection.

        If you want to improve the design while keeping a reverse chronological structure, no problem with that. But switching to a grid is not user-friendly. Grids are good for apps because all apps are equally important, so it doesn’t matter which is on top. However, for a blog, the most recent post is most important, and so should be on top.

        As for the slideshows, as long as you are aware that they annoy users, and still want to keep them for page views, fine. It’s your site. However, there is a philosophy that putting users first in design is always more profitable in the long run. You say numbers guide you- but numbers can be interpreted in many ways, usually to confirm what you already want to believe.

        For example, nowadays when I see a slideshow on Screen rant (“10 great upcoming movies in 2012″ or something like that) I simply will not click it. So you have lost my potential page views- but this will not show up in your statistics. Stats only measure those who click through, not those who don’t bother or are put off by all the clicking.

        Regarding design- what would Steve Jobs do- put numbers first, or put the user experience first? The latter may seem unprofitable, but actually is always best in the long run.

        For me, from now on I will simply stick to your RSS feed (because it is reverse chronological), and only come to the site if I want to read comments or comment on an article. The combination of slidewhows and a confusing grid layout is just too off-putting for me. Of course, I may be a minority- but remember stats don’t show you who DOESN’T visit your site (or DOESN’T click on an article or slideshow) because they don’t like its design.

        Otherwise, I really like the site. It is my go-to site for movie news, and I’m a passionate movie lover.

        • Etrigan,

          Again, thanks – our discussion is exactly what I shoot for here on the site in regards to comments: Civil and respectful disagreement.

          I do appreciate your comments and advice,but I can tell you that over the last 30 days, 3 of the 10 most popular posts on the site by unique visitors (not inflated pageviews) have been those list posts you can’t stand. :)

          Regarding not being able to measure those who don’t click through – that is correct, however I do know that our numbers on all fronts have been increasing and I certainly can’t ignore that. Also (and this is not a slam) it is my experience that people who don’t like something are far more likely to complain/comment about it than those who are neutral or actually like it.

          Anyway, thanks for chiming in – as I said, the home page design is really a test – it’s likely that it could end up right back where it was. At this point I really don’t know.

          Best regards,


        • Etrigan,

          Follow up: You just gave me a new idea to test – A hybrid where TV and Movie news are as they appear in the current reverse chronological order with an abbreviated side nav to the right, and below, use the current layout for movie trailers and reviews. :)


          • Well, thanks for listening :-)

  19. I’ve settled on a hybrid home page design. I hope it will satisfy most folks. :)

    Thank you to all for your feedback!