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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 16, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 16, 2012

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  1. How’s it going folks? been up to anything interesting?

    • I’ve watched the double-episode season finale of How I Met Your Mother yesterday.

      The first episode was a mess, but after that, it was pretty good…
      Glad to know that Barney ends up with the right girl ;)

      • Thank god I wasn’t the only one who thought that first part was such a huge mess!!!
        I had some other issues, it’s great for Barney, his storyline makes perfect sense in the characters evolution. But everything with Ted… We know he doesn’t marry Victoria, because future Ted has already told us that he meet his wife at Barney’s wedding.

        And the producers have said that they don’t know how many more seasons there will be, presumably the Wedding is the season 8 finale, but they have so much ground to cover that I’m starting to worry about the pay off at the end and where it will come.

        • I have my worries about the show’s future as well, but I’m sure it’ll all work out…
          We have no idea how far “a little ways down the road” really is. For all we know, the wedding is still a few seasons away – I doubt it, but it’s possible.

          In the “Trilogy Time” episode it was shown that Ted has a kid by 2015, so logic stands to reason that he would have met “the one” if he has his first kid by then…so, I think the show’s finale is approaching…

          • I don’t see it going beyond a ninth season.

      • I was also excited to see Barney with the right girl. The middle name for the baby is epic although the first episode jumped around quite a bit and was a little distracting. It will be interesting to see how they resolve the Ted cliffhanger at the end of the second episode.

  2. So I am hoping, with Joss Whedon’s new clout and money, someone will publish an open letter to him, requesting a sequel to Serenity, and fans will continue to press him on the matter. Anybody here with the know-how and means to initiate this, please feel free…

    • With half the cast dead or gone, a sequel to Serenity would be.. very different…

      • “Half” the cast dead or gone? If I recall, only two characters died, and one of those was a peripheral character…

        • You did NOT just call wash ‘peripheral’! :O

          I’m counting the Tams because they don’t have a ton of reasons just to hang around anymore, since they could probably do a lot better not being around someone who draws that much attention. Like they did once before (but then we know how well that turned out)

          • No, no. Wash was the only major character who died. The peripheral characters were Derial Book, played by Ron Glass, and Mr. Universe, played by David Krumholtz, but the latter was not even a part of the main cast. A sequel could clearly be done. I would love to see River Tam in action again…

            • I didn’t even REMEMBER Mr Universe. Book COULD have been such a bigger character which is why its a shame he was one of the ones to go, you learn a lot about how awesome he was in the comics though.

              Wash was so central for me too, he was second only to River and shared his spot with mal, and it was iffy who was better. Jayne on the other hand jumped from most important to eh

  3. I leave for Vegas today! Not bragging. But is there any conventions going on this weekend for the movie industry?

    • Are you into Star Trek? If so, I would check out the Hilton Hotel; they have a room set up like a shuttle and it rocks and shakes depending on the scene on the screen. Last time I was there, a Trek convention was happening and I met Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi, played Black Jack with her), Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), the guy who played Twiki from Buck Rodgers, 2 of the green Orion Slave Women from Enterprise (yowsa!), Marty Kristin (Judy Robinson from Lost in Space) and a number of actors from various Trek shows and movies. I had a great time!

      • I’m not into it much. But my dad is and he is going. I’ll have to let him know and go with!

  4. Going to see the avengers in dbox tomorrow. Seen the movie twice already. But this will be the first time to experience dbox. Has anyone watched it yet in dbox and how was it

    • I did it was fantastic!

  5. Does anyone else feel that there should be a fourth trailer for TDKR? I’ve loved all the trailers, but I feel there needs to be one last EXPLOSIVE trailer, you know what I mean?

    • I know what you mean.
      Personally, the only footage shown so far, that I liked, was the last minute or so from the latest trailer… but other than that, I haven’t really been impressed (unfortunately).
      So I’d love an “explosive trailer” to amp up my hype for the movie.
      Someone on another thread said that a new trailer would be too much and that he wants to know as little as possible about the movie, but IMO, we know very little about the movie in actuality. Sure, we know the basic premise, but other than that? (not much)… Plus, those who don’t want to see more footage needn’t watch more footage! But for those of us who want something more to convince them or “sweeten the deal”, they should be entitled to another trailer.

  6. So RDJ’s paycheck for The Avengers will likely be over $50 million, as his contract allows him a percentage of the profits from any film featuring Iron Man.

    Good on him I say!

    • And yet people complain and riot when a Corporate CEO makes the same amount of money for increasing the profits for his company.

      • That’s not why they’re complaining, INK.

    • @Dr Sam Beckett, as big as that amount of money is (for even a star actor), nevermind the common folk, the studio still comes out real good on that deal. I think, based on how Downey Jr. is perhaps the second-most famous actor in the movie (Samuel L. Jackson is No. 1) while playing the most popular character (Iron Man), and that the Avengers has already pulled in $1 billion and counting, $50 million for him is a steal.

  7. - Recent DVD/Bluray Purchases -

    Shogun Assasin Collection – Bluray
    > After hearing/reading so much about this series I decided to buy it. I’ll add it to my collection of DVD’s/Bluerays that I’m yet to see…

    • I have been considering buying it. I hope it’s good.

  8. I just read that Joss Whedon isn’t a certainty for Avengers 2. I hope he doesn’t disappoint:

    “You know, I’m very torn. It’s an enormous amount of work telling what is ultimately somebody else’s story, even though I feel like I did get to put myself into it. But at the same time, I have a bunch of ideas, and they all seem really cool.”

    Disney, open up the purse and keep this guy now!

    • As far as I know, Marvel Studios has an “option” to get Whedon to do another Avengers movie. I don’t know what that contract says, but I’m hoping they get him to write and direct the sequel – he just HAS to.

      Still, if I’ve just spent all these years on one (terrifying) project, I’d feel a little “torn” as well at this point – I’m sure in a few months he’ll feel differently though.
      And with the success of The Avengers, it’s not like they don’t have the money to persuade him, but with Marvel’s track record for replacing directors… I’m beginning to worry a bit :(

  9. As this site doesn’t do an episode review of it anymore, how are we liking the finale to House? For what it’s worth, I feel the heart has always been the relationship between House and Wilson so it’s completely appropriate that this is the focus towards the end. It’s just a shame the only way they could find a means to do this was through Wilson getting cancer as it would’ve been perfectly acceptable to do this without a catalyst. We all know the quality of writing has been poor the last few seasons, but it’s finishing strong, going out well, the final episode genuinely something I have earmarked in the calender.

    Anyone agree?

  10. Did anyone see the Big Bang Theory season finale last week? It was definitely the funniest show of the season which i thought this season was alittle disappointing.I knew they were goin to make a joke sooner or later about the Green Lantern being bad and they saved it for the finale lol.

    • haha, that exactly what I said on one of the previous ODs! :)
      It was a great episode, the season itself wasn’t so great and I loved the GL joke.

  11. Got screening tickets for cloud atlas tomorrow! Anyone read the book, what am I in for?

  12. Hey guys, I’m a big fan of Screenrant and I comment from time to time. Also a big fan of the podcast. If you’re looking for more geek news that includes movies, video games, comics, and gadgets, please check out a podcast that I host on iTunes called Geekly Dose. Us geeks have to support each other :)

  13. Just finished watching Trek 4 on Cinemax; I just can’t get enough of that movie. I get misty every time they reduce his rank to captain, even though it’s not a punishment for him, since that’s what he does best. And Mark Lenard…why can’t we find someone just like him to play the new Sarek? The man is just phenomenal.

  14. Hey gang,

    FYI, I’m testing a couple of different home page layouts – so don’t freak out if you go there and it looks really different. :)


    • I wondered, for a moment, if I had gone to the wrong site. :-)

      I like the layout, and if you go to “More News” section, you can get the old layout.

      • I know. That’s why I bookmarked the archive page (more news).

        • I’ll always keep that archive page in that format. Don’t know what the home page will end up looking like – still collating. :)


        • I think I prefer the old layout as well…
          The home page does look good (easier to read), but it only shows the 6 newest articles there (so most of the time I’ll have to click on “More Stories” anyway to get to the discussions on other articles)

    • I like the new layout, and I hope it stays this way. It seems more visually appealing and easier to browse the items at a quick glance.

      I also wouldn’t mind if, when we go to more headlines from the main page, that the new layout was there, too.

    • It looks good. I’m down for it…

  15. Just read that Donna Summer died of lung cancer. I remember listening to many of her songs in my youth. My prayers go out to her friends and family.

  16. Does anyone else think it is weird that two major movie releases this week are based on products with no characters in them? (Battleship and What to Expect When You’re Expecting)

    Also, if you’d like to read my blog about bashing Entertainment Weekly, click my name. Owen Gleiberman set me off.