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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 14, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 14, 2012

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  1. Tomorrow, “Chronicle” comes out on blu-ray…I loved the film, so I’m happy I’ll finally be able to own it.

    One day closer to “The Dark Knight Rises”…and counting.

    • Also, the more I see the “Prometheus” commercials, the more excited I get about the upcoming release…

      …and I was already anticipating “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Alas, “The Hobbit” is still too far away at this point, but I can wait; it’ll be worth it, I’m certain. :)

      • Chronicle is indeed worthy of DVD colkection.

      • Yeah, the Prometheus ads on Tv are certainly ramping up the excitement for me. Another one that is coming to the UK a week earlier than the US.


        • well, maybe we will get another exclusive extra scene for having to wait, just like The Avengers (BIGGEST SECOND WEEK EVER!)lol

    • I was just waiting for Chronicle on DVD b\c i had no intention on seeing it in theaters when it came out.

  2. Starting watching the avengers earths mightiest heroes. I really enjoy it probobly the best superhero cartoon I’ve seen since the justice league and batman the animated series. 6 episodes in now

    • yea its good. You watch Young Justice?

      • No I’ve never seen it. Is it good?

        • does a bear sh*t in the woods and wipe its *ss with a white rabbit? Answer: Yes

        • Both cartoons are very good. I like the stories with Avengers:EMH more but Young Justice has some great animation.

          • The animation in the newest episode of Avengers:EMH (“Who Do You Trust?”) was horrible.
            I have no idea if it’s just my eye sigh that’s gone all wrong, or if it’s my tv giving in, but for some reason the newest ep’s animation was almost unbearable.
            The characters’ movements were all messed up and Mockingbird’s figure just keeps changing – the one moment she’s skinny, but the next she looks like a female rugby player! ;)
            I noticed similar things in the first ep of season 2 as well: Cap was at one point hovering in the air, and in another scene, he did a backflip, but ended up like a mile away in the background.

            • That’s the reason I haven’t watched it, animation was better twenty years.

              • I feel the same way about the Looney Tunes cartoons, but in this case the animation was better 60 years ago!

            • They are forcing too many cameos in Avenger:EMH.I did enjoy the Heros For Hire episode though.

    • I heard there is a rumor that they may cancel EMH. They started the animation before Disney acquired them so they want to start over with better animation and work it in the continuity with the Spider Man cartoon…

      Rumor though. It would stink to have to start over after two seasons of work.

      • It is getting cancelled unfortunately. Thank Jeph Loeb.

        • I know there are rumors that they won’t RENEW the production, but I don’t think anything has been confirmed yet (unless I missed soemthing)
          All I know is, the show was scheduled for 52 episodes, and season 2′s final episode will be the 52nd episode…
          Still if it doesn’t get renewed, my hate for Loeb will grow 10 fold.
          It’s such a great show… :(

          • Loeb said it in a round about way because he didnt want to lose viewers but its a dead man walking. Ultimate Spiderman is the universe they are basing everything in.

            • If they got rid of the stupid Deadpool-like dialog with Spider Man, the show could be great. As of now, I’m really considering canceling the show from my DVR. I don’t mind if they acquire the animation from Ultimate Spider Man but I think they could still continue the story they have been using for EMH.

              • I only watched one episode but i liked the deadpool thing, its just drastically overused. If it balanced the seriousness with the jokes better it would be one of the best.

                Havent watched EMH this season. Wait till its on Netflix, for a boring day.

  3. So… what did everyone watch over the weekend?
    I went to go see The Avengers (for the third time) on Saturday afternoon, and that evening I watched Alien (The Director’s Cut) and I thought it was pretty great – believe it or not, but I’ve never seen any of the ‘Alien’ movies before (or any of the Predator movies).

    • I went and saw Avengers for a third time. Sadly, I was falling asleep during it! It’s a very tough movie to see at 10 pm after waking up at 5 am, working all day, and then drinking. But by the final battle, it woke me up again.

      • It is gettin cancelled unfortunately. Thank Jeph Loeb.

    • Oh and just FYI… The Avengers is still great ;)
      I doubt I’ll ever get tired of watching that movie – I think it’ll be the Star Wars of the 21th century IMO.

      • I saw Avengers for the fourth time! I am probably going to see it again with my friends this weekend. Such a great movie :)

    • I saw Avengers on thursday morning, the first showing here in Israel. Awesome movie!! Loved it, and I was considering seeing it again saturday night, but seeing that tickets were $12, I opted not to. Still an excellent movie, though. What I say to people is that it was great for what it was trying to do. It was a very fun, entertaining, funny, and action-packed superhero movie. A great experience. Personally, I prefer Nolan’s style of superhero movies, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers as well.

      Also, I was expecting the new TDKR and TASM trailers, but I didn’t get either (although I got the old TASM trailer). Oh well. I’ve seen them online nonstop, I just wanted to see them on a big screen (and 3D for TASM)

    • I went on a ‘date’ and saw Dark Shadows. It surprised me, I kinda liked it but the innuendo and last scenes(Involving Moretz) kinda hurt it a bit for me.

    • you’ve not see any of the Aliens? thats shocking seeing all the older films you’ve mentioned, but again, you’re only 17, and there are only so many hours in the day, and so many movies to fill in those hours.
      watch all 4 alien films, (then read joss whedon’s unused script for alien 4 online somewhere) then predators 1,2, and “predators.” the AVP films are meh at best, and are not really cannon to either franchise, but some have made arguments that they are cannon. anyway, thats my recommended order of viewing.

      • … yes sir!

  4. I saw avengers twice already. Going for a third time this week to see it in D-box. Has anyone seen it in D-box and how was it. Will probably see it again next week as well

    • Yeah I saw it in d-box I can’t imagine seeing it without it anymore! It was amazing

      • what’s d-box

        • Seats that move and rumble with the movies every scene

  5. Already posted this on Top 10 things about Avengers, but I’m curious to see more responses. What are your top 5 favorite superhero movies? (Avengers included, obviously.) I’m considering Batman, Iron Man etc. to be superheroes even though they technically don’t have powers.

    My top five:
    1) The Dark Knight
    2) The Avengers
    3) Batman Begins
    4) Iron Man
    5) Spider-Man 2

    • 1. Avengers
      2. Iron Man
      3. Spider Man 2
      4. Batman Begins
      5. Superman 2

      • 1. The Avengers
        2. The Dark Knight
        3. Iron Man
        4. Batman Begins
        5. Captain America: TFA (or X-Men First Class… these two are kind of a tie)

        • I should add: BB’s and TDK’s places often switch around…

    • 1. Superman/Superman 2
      2. The Incredible Hulk
      3. The Avengers
      4. Batman 89
      5. X-Men: First Class

      6. Captain America
      7. Iron Man
      8. Daredevil DC
      9. Batman Begins
      10. Watchmen

    • Ezra, that’s is a tough call to just name 5 because of all the really good superhero films that have come out in the past decade, but here’s my faves:

      1. The Avengers
      2. Iron Man
      3. Batman Begins
      4. Superman 1 & 2
      5. X-Men 2

      6. Captain America
      7. Thor
      8. X-Men First Class
      9. The Incredible Hulk
      10. The Dark Knight

    • 1. The Avengers
      2. The Dark Knight
      3. Spiderman 1
      4. Watchmen
      5. Spiderman 2

      6. X-Men First Class
      7. The Incredible Hulk
      8. Iron Man 1
      9. Batman Beggins
      10. X-Men 2

    • 1.Superman 2 2.Batman 1989 3.The Avengers 4.Blade 2 5.The Dark Knight 6.X-Men:First Class 7.X2:X-Men United 8.The Incredible Hulk.

    • 1. The Avengers
      2. Batman (1989)
      3. Iron Man
      4. The Watchmen
      5. Hellboy
      6. X-Men 1st Class
      7. Spiderman 2
      8. Batman Begins
      9. X-Men 2: X-Men United
      10. Kick Ass

      Obviously, this list will change after the Amazing Spider-Man is released.

      • I forgot about RED….I always forget that was a comic (since I haven’t read it). Add RED to my list and drop Kick Ass.

    • My top ten are (might be some slight variations from my previous list):

      1.”The Dark Knight”
      2.”Superman: The Movie”
      3.”The Crow”
      4.”Batman Begins”
      5.”Superman II” (both versions)
      6.”Batman”/”Batman Returns”/”Spider-Man 2″
      8.”The Incredible Hulk”
      9.”X-Men: First Class”
      10.”Green Lantern”/”Iron Man”

      (11.”X-Men”/”X-Men 2″
      12.”Superman Returns”
      13.”CondorMan”…guilty pleasure more than well-made film)

      I thought the first half of “Captain America: The First Avenger” was fantastic, but the second half was mediocre. “Thor” and “The Avengers” were cool and a lot of fun to watch but did not make any particular impression on me otherwise. “Iron Man 2″ was meh. The third and fourth Batman and Superman films were…less than stunning.

      • Oh, and while I did enjoy “Spider-man”, “X-Men”, “Daredevil” (Director’s Cut), and “Hellboy”, I don’t find quite as interesting as the aforementioned films.

        Also, (and this is why I hate having to stop in the middle of a list and come back to it later) I MUST add “Watchmen” and “V for Vendetta” up there, tied with “The Crow”.

        I would, perhaps, put “The Matrix” (Neo is, after all, a Superman analog) tied with “X-Men: First Class”.

        • Oops…ignore my second mention of “X-Men”.

        • The Crow….F#CK! Forgot that one too. I hate making these lists.

    • 1. The Avengers
      2. Iron Man
      3. Captain America
      4. Thor
      5. Batman Begins
      6. X Men First Class
      7. Spider-Man 2
      8. The Incredible Hulk

      • I think the Avengers is the greatest superhero film ever made hands down. Like someone said said it will be like the Star Wars of the 21st Century.

  6. 1 – The Avengers
    2 – The Incredible Hulk
    3 – Iron Man
    4 – The Dark Knight
    5 – Blade

    @Dr Sam….you really think Cap was better than Iron Man? Don’t know if it’s just me but I felt that Cap was the worst of the Marvel bunch and was dissapointing? Mind you I seem to be in a minority.

    • I know a lot of people who hate Cap. I thought it was solid. Not amazing, but a good movie. Compared to the other movies in MCU, I would personally rank it as slightly better than Thor, and better than IM2. But not as good as Avengers, Iron Man, or The Incredible Hulk. Just my opinion.

    • I Agree @Mal. Can i call you Mal? It feels right.

      1. BB/TDK (I consider it one kick *ss story)
      2. Blade
      3. The Incredibles
      4. Meteor Man
      5. Blank Man

      • If you get to count BB and TDK as one then I get to change my list! ;)
        1. The Avengers
        2. BB & TDK
        3. Iron Man
        4. Captain America: TFA
        5. X-Men First Class

    • Iron Man works on RDJ’s charm, he’s a great actor and great in the role, and the first hour is brilliant, it’s up there with the best but the villain is poorly conceived, the fight at the end wasn’t great either. It works mostly on a superficial level. But, if I didn’t like it, then it wouldn’t be on my top ten.

      As for Cap, each time I watch it, I find more and more thing s that I like. I love that it feels like an old fashioned Indiana Jones style romp, but what I like the most, is that it has a lot of heart, you feel for Steve, you go on this journey with him. I just think it is a great old school adventure movie, it was a brave direction for Marvel to go, and it hits all the right notes emotionally. For me at least.

      • Steve’s journey was great for the first hour and then it went increasingly downhill. Bucky’s death was underplayed and his artic plunge was overplayed. The Indiana Jones tone gave it too much of a clichè adventure vibe instead of a war movie about the greatest soldier who ever lived.

        • Evans lack of screen presence was the biggest problem. Sebastian Shaw, Dominic Cooper & Hayley Atwell stole every scene from Evans.

          • Starting to think we watched a different film.

            Evans had plenty of presence and the only people who stole scenes from him were Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones.

            • I agree 100%.

              • Ditto here. Evans has done well, he’s just not as good as the other two – and it didnt help matter that the other two actors had better lines during one on one with Cap.

                I recently watched ‘The Devil’s Double’ and rushed online afterwards to find out if it was one actor or two actors playing the Uday Hussein / Latif Yahia roles, only to find out it was Cooper. Blew me away, I didnt even know it was him.

                The writers need to give Evans just a little bit more in the way of dialog when he’s in the room with other more well established (or more talented) characters.

                • The devil’s Double was an awesome movie. Cooper stretched his acting muscels well.

                  • Agreed on that, top film.

              • I agree as well.
                Evans was an awesome Cap:TFA, and even better in The Avengers IMO- I really felt for the character in TA and I can’t wait to see all the deleted scenes that featured Cap as well.

        • But it was never going to be a solid war movie, the adventure movie tone of it was what made it so much fun.

          • 1. BB and the dark knight
            2. Ironman
            3. The incredibles
            4. Xmen first class
            5. The avengers

          • Unfortunately making the movie “fun” took away so much from the character (Steve Rogers the greatest soldier of all time) and WW2. To Hell and Back, a bio pic of one of the greatest WW2 soliders Audie Murphy, balance the humor and seriousness of WW2.

            Evans best scenes were pre-serum. His scenes with Stanley Tucci were amazing. But he never became that great soldier and all his post serum scenes were pretty much stolen.

    • I thought Cap was a huge let down, i felt myself thinking that the film was boring. But the main thing that it failed to do was show decent action, its an action film and yet the action was really bad and along with that Red Skull was a pathetic villain. i hope that the 2nd film is a lot better. imo the worst of the current Marvel universe.

  7. Top Five SH Films:

    1. Superman (My dad took me out of school to see this opening day!)
    2. BB
    3. X-Men:FC
    4. Swamp Thing
    5. Darkman

    I haven’t seen The Avengers yet…(I know, I know.)

    • I loved Darkman! And I completely forgot about Swamp Thing. Classics.

  8. Has anyone heard why studios never pursued the more Hulk incarnations storyline? The one where he’s different colors and names?

    My memory and childhood of Hulk was the 60′s cartoons which were still different than what’s been presented in the movie versions. The movie versions have Hulk being ridiculously large and ripped, the old cartoon wasnt like that. And Hulk talked quite a bit in the cartoon.

    Just curious, Im not a hulk expert or heard much about it, so I ask the SR comic geeks.

  9. Anyone here watching the second season of Sherlock?
    I know it aired outside the U.S. already but last night episode 2 aired and I have to say it’s the 1st episode that I did not like.
    I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t get into details but coming off last weeks episode which may be my favorite of the series so far I was super excited for last night but about an hour into it I started thinking “Wow! This is pretty bad.”
    It was only in the final minute that something happened that I thought was pretty good.
    Hopefully next week will be back to form.

    • I’m not a fan of that show.
      A modern Sherlock Holmes doesn’t appeal to me.
      Admittedly, I haven’t watched season 2 yet, but I watched season 1 and it didn’t feel like I was watching Sherlock Holmes at all.
      Plus that awkward (homosexual) tension between Holmes and Watson – I mean, what’s going on there! ;)

      Even though the stories are very much based on those from the books, it just doesn’t feel like the character created by Conan Doyle…

      • My wife feels the same way. She doesn’t like the humor and to my astonishment she doesn’t like Sherlock (I know the actors name I’m just not going to butcher it by trying to spell it).
        But I honestly like it more than the 2 recent movies. I couldn’t stay awake through both…

        • Benidect cumberbach lol

          • HAHA!
            Thanks Trey.

        • Cumberbatch embodies Sherlock like never before despite being in a modern setting. That and Luther aremy current facorite BBC shows

    • The episodes shown in the US are cut.

      • I noticed that last week. I watched the 1st episode on VuDu but when I rewatched it on PBS I noticed there were moments missing. It wasn’t anything crucial to the story, just little things or moments but it does annoy me.

      • D’you know if they’re being cut for running time or subject matter, or possibly both, Drsam?

        • 8 minutes per episode.

          And it’s for length apparently.

  10. I just discovered D-Box and I’m shooting for my second ‘The Avengers’ viewing in a week or so!!!! Can’t wait.

    I Watched ‘Get the Gringo’ and ‘Hick’ back to back yesterday and I have to say the quality of VOD movies is impressive, both are very good movies, especially the Mel Gibson flick.

  11. I had myself a very good movie weekend. I got out and watched the Avengers twice and I’m probably gonna see it again tomorrow. After my dose of Marvel goodness I had to have a little DC in my system so I watched Justice League Doom for the first time and it was awesome Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo finally did my favorite character justice and I can’t wait to see more of Ruffalo’s Banner/Hulk in the future. I also watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and I loved them both especially SH, it was nice to see him go up against a formidable opponent and I hope there’s a threequel

    • Avengers: one of the best movies ever made IMO! :D
      Justice League Doom: my favorite animated CBM to date
      Mission Impossible GP: great movie, and loads of fun (one of my favorites).
      Sherlock 2: even though it isn’t that well received (critically), I loved it. Very faithful to the books as well. But yeah, you’re in luck because if I remember correctly, they hired the guy who penned X-Men:FC to write SH3.

      • I agree with you about the Avengers, it’s nearly perfect. I can’t believe justice league doom is your favorite I thought you were more Marvel than anybody lol ;) the way they left SHAGOS made it seem like Watson won’t be in the next one. Has Jude Law been signed on for another movie?

  12. Not sure if this has been asked before, but I was just wondering: Is there a particular reason why you guys decided to remove the link on the top of the main page that went between Gamerant and Screenrant?

  13. Hey, has anyone else been noticing that the adverts in the cinema are getting longer and longer, or is it just me. I mean I don’t mind the more creative ones, but some of them just seem like time wasters. how do you guys feel about adverts before films in the cinema?

    • the only adverts i like are the coming attractions, but, with sites like this, i have usually seen them already. i’m not a fan of paying big bucks and have to sit thru cell phone commercials and such, but i guess they (the cinema’s) gotta keep making money

    • I find it intolerable. Sometimes it is more than 30 minutes.

    • I’m fine with it…
      As long as I get to see some awesome trailers and a great movie, I don’t mind siting through the adverts.

  14. I kind of posted this in the Avengers spoilers article, but seeing how many pages that one has in the comments make me wish you guys had the option to set up an account to comment here. I don’t meant to force everyone to have to register to post a comment, like allow this same format of just choosing a name and entering an email, but also have the option to register and be logged in so you can see notifications for any replies to any of your comments… That would be cool…

    • I agree. There should be something more formal. It’s sometimes ridiculous reading through 20+ pages of comments.