Only YOU Can Prevent Bad Sequels: Spider-Man 4

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spider man 4 spec Only YOU Can Prevent Bad Sequels: Spider Man 4OK, so most of us hated and/or were insanely let-down by Spider-Man 3. We know it’s a huge question mark as to whether or not Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi show up for Spider-Man 4 while James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) is currently typing away at the script.

I’m not even going to bring up Kirsten Dunst because honestly, no one cares.

So here’s an idea, true-believer (sorry I couldn’t help but unleash my inner Stan “The Man” Lee!) If you called the shots on Spider-Man 4, what would you do? Would you bring back Maguire, Raimi & Co. or flat-out replace them?

By the way, this is for everyone who wants to add their $.02: Readers and my fellow Screen Rant writers. So please, let’s hear your ideas. And there will be a test on this later, boys and girls.

I’ll go first (obviously, since I’m the schmuck who started this discussion).

Although I’m not the first to suggest him (IGN Filmforce), Edgar Wright (from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) would be the perfect guy to take over for Sam Raimi. He’s obviously talented in terms of visual flair (check out the action sequences from Hot Fuzz). Not to mention, he has the right comedic sensibilities – any and every thing involving Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together equals comic gold!

Heck, Wright could be the guy to give Webhead the classic wise-cracks we’ve been missing outta the previous films. If for no other reason, having him direct Spider-Man 4 could mean Pegg and Frost show up in some fashion. And the thought of them sharing a scene with Bruce Campbell is enough to make my head explode (in a good way).

As for Webhead himself, I’d love to say “Just get Tobey again!” But the truth of the matter is that Peter Parker is supposed to around 22-24 years old. By the time Spider-Man 4 graces the silver screen (summer 2010), Maguire will be 35. To be fair, if he can effectively play that age, then we’re in good shape. But… there’s too much fear of another “Roger Moore” situation (i.e. being so old that it becomes laughable and a distraction from said film).

With that in mind, I would say go for a flat-out unknown actor (in the vein of Chris Pine and Brandon Routh) and get him down for 3 Spidey adventures just to be safe.

For me, the villain is obvious: The Lizard. Dylan Baker (Fido) has been solid (albeit under-used) as Dr. Connors, and it’sabout time we get to see the Lizard roaming the sewers of Manhattan. If there has to be more than one villain in this film, I’d say go for Electro for no other reason than he’s one of the all-time great classic Spidey villains.

Alrighty then. Who’s next?

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  1. “I think Sony will pay the 20 mil for Tobey and he allways said hed be back if its a good script.”

    There’s one of the damned problems right there.

    I don’t pretend to know where the franchise should go from here. What I do think is that MJ should go buh-bye and that they should go back to the ONE villain formula.

    I don’t want to see another Peter Parker in transition movies. Just show us “a day in the life of.”


  2. Well Vic, its fun to speculate on how things should go with the new script. There’s alot of great Screen Ranters out there with some great ideas.

    We havnt heard yet on any script concepts for S4. So we should at least give this new scriptwriter a chance. Zodiac was well done I reccomend checking that out…

  3. My opinion: Spider man had its chance lets move on to other heroes now please.

  4. My opinion: Spider man had its chance lets move on to other heroes now please.

  5. As flat as spidey-3 was, there were some great parts,like Sandman,the actor got it bang-on.
    Also JJ Jamieson is perfect too yet not fully used to full potential.
    The new Green Goblin was crap, Venom looked good but was obviously thrown in with no real care.
    learn leasons from 3 and give us a cracking spidey 4!

  6. Forget about the comic ramifications. Spider-Man 3 had some great moments.

  7. Move on to other heros? Do you think that another hero will be forgotten if a Spiderman 4 movie is made?

  8. Move on to other heros? Do you think that another hero will be forgotten if a Spiderman 4 movie is made?

  9. Why would we have to move on from Spiderman? It isnt as if another hero would be forgotten if another Spiderman movie is made.

  10. Why would we have to move on from Spiderman? It isnt as if another hero would be forgotten if another Spiderman movie is made.

  11. Just replace everybody from the top down and start over.

  12. just replace everybody from the top down and start over.

  13. Please, NO MORE GOBLINNY characters, ever!

    Vic said
    “I don’t want to see another Peter Parker in transition movies.”

    Oh man are you ever right. The Spider-Man No More, followed by the vengeful, unforgiving, dark Peter Parker, was annoying.

    It’s the worse plot device. Introduce unique characters like (in Trek) Spock, Data, Odo, Holodoc. Then spend every episode with them on a quest to be more human, or, the opposite of what they are by nature. I agree Vic, Angst-Man no more! Spider-Man is Spider-Man.

    Surma: You inspired a very logical two-fer scenario: Tales of a giant ambulatory reptile would surely draw the interest of a chemically-enhanced exotic game hunter. Spidey would be triangulated and perhaps shift from an alliance with Kraven, when he learns that Conner is the Lizard.

  14. Oops, meant Mat, not Surma.

  15. I’d have made two movies:

    Spiderman 3) The theme of this movie would still be forgiveness, per the Raimi’s original treatment. But I would have developed the ARCs for Spiderman 3 and 4 and shot them concurrently. For Spiderman 3, I would NOT have introduced Gwen Stacy, but I WOULD have introduced Captain Stacy as part of the Flint Marko storyline. At this point, MJ’s career was still on the rise – now entering the world of motion pictures – Broadway was still a glimmer on the horizon. Peter still contemplates marriage, but that desire is nascent. Peter and MJ are relaxing on the spider web watching the meteor shower. They see the falling star close by; Peter as the curious scientist wants to investigate. Upon discovery of the landing site, Peter’s spider sense warns of danger as the alien symbiote emerges. He manages to web up the symbiote and places the specimen in a container (okay probably a water bottle, as even Peter Parker doesn’t carry specimen jars in his knapsack). Peter takes the specimen to Dr. Connors (this makes the whole “oh look an alien symbiote has attached itself to my scooter by accident” scenario a little more plausible). As part of the foreshadowing, we see Connors is experimenting with Reptile DNA for regenerative purposes – but this ARC is not fully explored until 4.

    Harry plots revenge and watches Peter’s growing popularity as Spiderman. Per the original Spiderman 3, Harry launches a pre-emptive strike against Peter as the new Goblin. Peter tries to convince Harry of his innocence, but in the end, Harry ends up crashing into the web line and loses his memory. All appears well between the two friends. Meantime, Flint Marko escapes from Ryker’s Island slam, chased through the New Jersey Marshlands and runs into particle accelerator experiment. Sandman is born (robs a Brinks truck and for the money to fund his daughter’s treatment). Spiderman tries to stop him and is defeated.

    A rival photographer, Eddie Brock – gets the shot of the battle with Sandman and sells them to JJ. He gets a staff job. Peter is jealous.
    Captain Stacey informs May and Peter that Flint is the man who actually killed uncle Ben. Peter is out for blood – MJ is worried – but Peter says he doesn’t need her help. Symbiote, still in the original specimen jar in his apartment, escapes and bonds with Peter in nightmare state. Brock tries to take another photo of black-suited Spiderman to “once and for all end the speculation that he’s the better reporter than Parker” Spiderman breaks his camera. Spiderman battles Sandman in the subway. Sandman discorporates in the water. May gives Peter the old “Uncle Ben would not want us to carry revenge in our hearts speech”. Harry discovers the Green Goblin’s lair in the Mansion – his memory remerges and the thirst for revenge against Peter. Knowing he cannot handle Spiderman alone, he takes great interest in this new guy in town, Sandman. Harry meets Eddie at the ceremony where black-suited Spiderman gets the key to the City – pisses of a lot of people because he’s now an egotistical jerk. (Eddie is assigned by JJ to cover). Harry discovers Eddie hates Spiderman as much as he does. He hires Eddie to do a little “freelance investigative journalism” to find out all he can about Sandman. Sandman morphs from a sewer, pulling himself back together – more determined to end the life of Spiderman.

    Peter continues to show signs that the symbiote is affecting his behaviour: blows up at Aunt May and MJ. Brock tracks down information on Marko – discovers he’s robbing banks for money to fund experimental medical treatment for his dying daughter. He tells Harry. Harry as the new Goblin, tracks Marko down as he watches his daughter in a playground. Harry reveals his identity to Sandman and says he knows the full story. He tells Flint that he has his reasons for wanting to “kill the spider too.” In exchange for his help, Osborne Industries will fund the very expensive trials of a new drug to treat his daughter. Marko agrees (again, making the “Oh by the way, I hate Spiderman too and we should team up to kill him” plot a little more plausible.) Eddie watches the meeting from the shadows and takes photos. Later, Eddie tries to extort money out of Harry by threatening to run a photo in the Bugle that “Harry Osborne, son of New York industrialist, Norman Osborne, associates with a known felon, Flint Marko”. Harry doesn’t take to kindly to Eddie betrayal and just about kills him. Eddie ends up in the hospital.

    Sandman teams up with Harry, to exact revenge – MJ is the hostage. Black-suited Spidey handles them both (but almost at the cost of Peter’s sanity – he realizes that punishing Sandman for the death of his uncle is what the alien wants – he also realizes that Harry is in grief for his father) and sheds the costume at the end, helped by falling rebar steel at the Skyscraper construction site – the symbiote is rejected and finds a willing host in Eddie Brock (whose life has gone down the tubes because Peter revealed his fake photo to JJ – Brock is fired and still recovering from the beating he received at the hands of Harry). Venom, now discovers all of Peter’s memories and powers – handled in a jump-cut flashback scene.

    Spiderman now free of the alien influence, forgives Sandman – who reunites with his daughter, but still has to serve time for his crime. Harry comes to grips with the death of his father and the two become friends again. MJ realizes the two have crossed a lot of territory and is glad that all is well. The newly reconstituted Venom/Brock entity, watches the events from the shadows. Shows up in the last few minutes and knowing all that Spiderman knows, kills Harry and escapes. Peter is left in tatters. MJ feels helpless to help him.

    Spiderman 4) Introduce Gwen Stacy as new competition for MJ, whose career is hitting the skids on Broadway, Peter is still grieving for Harry. Venom begins to stalk MJ and Aunt May (endearing himself to both as the helpful Eddie Brock) – Eddie tells Peter that if he tells either of his loved ones of their “secret” he’ll kill them both. MJ now vulnerable, starts to see the sweet side of Eddie – Peter is drawn to Gwen. Peter soon realizes that this was part of Eddie’s plan all along as he yearns for his life – he’s jealous of Peter and wants what he has and takes for granted (Eddie was abused as a kid) – maybe play this relationship with his father out on screen. Peter tries to reason with Venom/Eddie and is just about killed in his first encounter. Not knowing where to turn he asks his old professor (the one-armed Kurt Connors for help to find some way to contain Venom without hurting Eddie) – Connors, who we’ve seen in the first few movies, is experimenting as a biologist in the regenerative powers of reptiles (in hopes of replacing his missing arm).

    The alien symbiote sample (which is a sentient being with a will of it’s own) – (given to him by Peter in the Spidey 3) – looks to complete it’s primary mission: bonds with DNA from a reptile. Conners, not realizing the symbiote has bonded with the reptile DNA, injects himself and turns into a human Lizard. Spiderman must now try to save both Eddie and Conners from themselves. MJ soon realizes that something is up with Eddie and becomes suspicious. MJ asks Peter to meet her in the park – Eddie sees them together and is jealous. Venom snatches MJ on her way home (remember, Spiderman cannot sense Venom) – he takes her to the Empire State University (where Peter is a student and Connors is lurking in the sub-levels as the Lizard), he lures Peter into a trap as Spiderman. Unknown to Peter, Gwen has also followed out of concern and the final showdown takes place.

    The fight between Venom/Spiderman rages from one lab to another in the Science Division and finally atop the faculty building. MJ is webbed up by Venom and is dangling precariously – Gwen figures out Peter’s true identity and frees MJ – Venom, enraged, strikes Gwen who falls to her death – Spiderman tries to defeat Venom but is overcome by superior strength – the Lizard, barely under control of Kurt Connors (wants to protect Peter, remember the sample given to Connors hasn’t bonded with Brock and still bears the imprint of Peter Parker – thus the instinct to protect him) attacks Venom, leaving MJ to pull the half-dead Peter away. In the end, the Lizard, also a product of the Alien symbiote realizes only way to contain the creature is incineration – he tears a gas main and ignites both who die in the explosion. Cut-away to Peter in the hospital who finally tells his Aunt May his true identity. Peter and MJ finally tie the knot.

  16. For those speaking out against having Peter Parker’s personal mixed with Spider-Man, I’m sorry but that’s what the comic is about. He is supposed to have personal dilemas (big to him, small to the world) while at the same time battling supervillains.

    The dark Peter of S3 wasn’t dark, but should’ve been (IMO). But S3 is in the past, S4 needs to keep some of the elements that made the first two films good.

  17. Thanks 790. According to the Spiderman Chronicles (very expensive book about the making of Spiderman 3) – the studio originally envisioned a 3 & 4 back-to-back, but abandoned the idea due to the aggressive release date of Spidey 3. I think Sam had no choice but to fit all this into one movie. The Vulture was originally cast as the (Ben Kingsley actually in talks to play the part) – but treatment changed to Venom.

    I’m spend way to much time on this stuff…

  18. Nice one Snowdog. Another cool concept on Spider-Man 3 and 4.

    I’m sure Rami knew he wouldn’t be back and wanted to go out with a big epic film.

    On the Lizard if I remember correctly he didn’t use reptilian DNA he used Dinosaur DNA…

  19. Yea I agree Panda about Parkers real-life probs getting in the way of fighting crime! (It was a main theme in the comics)..

    If “they” would have just made it not such a big part of the first 3 films.

    With some good editing the first 3 films could have trimmed some of that out. But (IMO) Rami and the Studio wanted to attract not just guys 18 to 40 they wanted to make Spider-Man a date/Family experience.

    Let’s hope Nolan dosnt do that….

  20. Yea its pretty obviouse that Sam did that Snowdog.
    But critics aside I thought Spider-man 3 was real good even with all the mistakes.
    If that’s the last one with Tobey they made 3 damm good films.

  21. I wish Sam could do a real directors cut eliminating Venom. I wanna see what his original vision was for S3

  22. The only way SM-4 would be the slightest bit interesting is if Joel and Ethan Coen directed it.

  23. Ok, guys. My $.02: Main villan is the Lizard. But, while this mystery is unraveled. Felicia Hardy and her mother move into the old Osborne penthouse. While looking for the information on the Super Soldier formula that Felecia’s grandfather stole, a hired burglar stumbles on to clues leading to Osbornes other Goblin lairs wher he eventually finds what he needs to become the Hobgoblin. His benefactor allows him to keep the Osborne/Goblin equipment as long as he works for him. (Much like the animated series.)All this sets up for a future film with Black Cat. At the end of the film the benefactor is revealed to be the newly parolled King Pin. (Same guy as in Daredevil.)
    But don’t forget we still want to see Bruce Campbell as Mysterio sometime!

  24. Here’s my pitch for Spider-man 4. As far as who stars or directs I think there are many great suggestions above, but to me the key is it being written well first, then getting a director with a vision who has great respect for the source material.

    Pitch for Spider-man 4 and beyond
    By Ted Lehman Copyright 2007 © 11/4/07

    Peter and MJ’s relationship is going along smoothly after the incident with Venom and Sandman. MJ is still working at the Jazz club but has been auditioning for more acting work on and off Broadway as well as taking the odd modeling gig when the opportunity arises.

    Peter is doing great in his college work and is a senior about to graduate in a few months. Gwen Stacy is still his lab partner in Dr. Connors class where Peter is Dr. Connors #1 Student as well as his student assistant.

    Everything is going along smoothly when all of a sudden Dr. Connors disappears. Gwen gets her dad Captain Stacy to give the missing persons case a high priority. At the same time there are alligator in the sewer sightings, and alligator-man sightings all in the vicinity of recent thefts around the Bronx Zoo and certain chemical labs and medical research facilities.

    Peter and Gwen find out through talking to Dr. Connors wife that he was working in secret on a formula to enhance human cell regeneration, to ultimately re-grow his missing arm. [Here we learn the story how he lost his arm.]

    M.J is still jealous of Peter’s relationship with Gwen although she tries to minimize it and “act mature about it”. However it is putting a strain on their relationship and she confides in Aunt May about it. Now that Harry is gone Aunt May is her closest family besides Peter. Because she has nothing more to do with her own abusive father and her mother who allowed her husband to abuse both of them their whole life Aunt May was M.J’s first choice to share her troubles with. Aunt May is close to MJ’s Mom who is now divorced from her father.

    In the mean time Jonah Jameson is having a field day with the Alligator in the sewer story and wants Peter to get some pictures of the animal. Peter goes after the creature as Spider-man and finds out that it is not an alligator but some kind of a human-lizard hybrid. He has a battle with it in the sewer but ultimately looses. The beast’s strength and agility was a something Spider-man didn’t expect. In the battle he finds a connection between the creature and Dr. Connors. [he finds something from his lab coat] When he brings the pictures back to JJ he is excited and comes up with a scheme to get a lot of press, sell a lot of papers. JJ hires, the world’s greatest wild game hunter, “Kraven the Hunter” to come to NY and hunt the Lizard man. This puts JJ at odds with the NYPD and Captain Stacy who feels it’s the police job to find and capture or kill “The Lizard“ JJ’s new name for the creature to use in the Daily Bugle.

    Peter and Gwen eventually confront Dr. Connors wife and find out the whole truth about Dr. Connors experiments, and the two begin working on an anti serum to change Connors back to human form before the change becomes irreversible. The longer Connors remains the Lizard the more Lizard-like he becomes, the more evil and ruthless, and animal like. So far he hasn’t killed any one but soon he will. We also find out that all the thefts are Dr. Connors trying to perform his own experiments in his new lab in the sewers to reverse his metamorphosis and become human again and get back to his loving wife. But with each day it becomes more difficult for him to think and more difficult to use the tools of science, test tubes, and pencils anything that requires manual dexterity. As his brain clouds he becomes more animal-like and more evil. Eating rats in the sewers and coming closer and closer to killing others to get what he wants.

    In the mean time now Kraven has arrived in NY and there is a huge press event at the docks where Kraven’s ship docks. Kraven has a huge ego and has no doubt that he will capture the Lizard quickly. [I think Dwain “The Rock” Johnson would make an excellent Kraven]. Captain Stacy reminds him to stay with in the law and that he is not sanctioned by the NYPD, JJ bleeds the conflict for all the press he can, and Peter and Gwen realize that the Lizard must be captured alive before Kraven can get to him. Or else Dr. Connors life will be ruined.

    So Peter decides that he not only has to come up with a serum in the next 48 hours but he must keep the police and Kraven from killing the Lizard as Spider-man.

    Mary Jane decides to confront Gwen as she becomes more jealous of Peter and her relationship as they have been spending a lot of time working on this case to help Dr. Connors. As a result Gwen feels like she is causing Peter additional stress so she pushes Peter away. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get between he and MJ which confuses Peter even more as they are right in the middle of this whole thing. Gwen begins to search for the Lizard on her own thinking she can reason with him. She finds something in Dr. Connors Lab that helps her find the Lizards lair deep underground in the sewers. Unfortunately her attempts to reason with The Lizard fail and she is captured and tied up so that his secret won’t be revealed. The Lizard is having more and more trouble thinking straight and he is loosing his human side as each moment passes.

    Spider-man heads to the next place he thinks the Lizard will strike a Medical research facility and catches Kraven and the Lizard in battle. Spidey fights them both trying to protect Dr. Connors and keep Kraven from killing him. As a result the Lizard gets away and Kraven gets angry. Spider-man confronts Kraven and warns him to stay away from the Lizard after he tries to recruit Kraven as an ally. Spidey finds out that Kraven has a blood lust and only wants the thrill of the kill, a new head on his trophy wall and his fees for bringing in the Lizard. Kraven is angry and warns Spider-man to stay out of his way or he will also wind up on his trophy wall.

    This battle allows the Lizard to get away with another chemical to complete his rejuvenation serum although he has more inner conflict as the Lizard assumes more and more of his human side. A great deal of property damage and hurt civilians resulted from this battle and JJ goes to town blaming Spidey for the escape of the Lizard and also beating up the NYPD for not being able to handle their responsibility to capture the Lizard. Captain Stacy now realizes that his daughter is missing and starts a manhunt for her and the Lizard and confronts Peter as to where she is. He blames Peter for getting her involved in this whole thing in the first place.

    Peter is also feeling the pressure from MJ regarding the whole situation with Gwen and not being attentive enough to her problems with her career. Again Peter is too involved as Spider-man to realize that MJ is on the verge of another big career step as a major model and has been asked to go to Paris to further her career. MJ can’t seem to get a word in edge wise to tell Peter let alone discuss it and her jealousy is getting her more and more angry with him.

    As Peter is now aware that Gwen is missing he feels torn in all directions as he continues to go through Dr. Connors notes and works on a treatment. He has not slept for days when he finally comes upon the missing element he needs to transform Dr. Connors back into a human again. He also realizes that the Lizard must have a lair and that Gwen must have stumbled upon it. If he could figure out what Gwen found out he might be able to get to them both before Kraven does.

    Finally Kraven decides to set a trap for the Lizard deep in the sewer using a live animal that he steals from the zoo. At the same time the NYPD also decide to stalk the Lizard in the sewers armed to the teeth to kill him on the spot. In to the middle goes Spidey with the serum to save Dr. Connors and Gwen before the others get to him.

    Spidey has an advantage he now knows where the lair is and the others don’t so he gets there first to find Gwen tied up but still alive. She tells him that Dr. Connors is getting worse and that he left a few minutes earlier heading for Kravens trap and right towards the NYPD swat teams on the hunt for the Lizard too. Spidey show’s Gwen the way out and heads off to get to the Lizard and administer the antidote before he gets captured or killed by the NYPD or Kraven.

    Needless to say they all wind up at the same place at the same time including Gwen who is worried for Dr Connors, her dad, and Spidey.

    A large battle in sews where Spidey is trying to dose the Lizard with the antidote as he tries to protect Gwen and Captain Stacy and deal with the increasingly angry Kraven who now will do what ever it takes to kill the Lizard and Spidey.

    The battle winds up above ground where eventually Spidey gives Dr. Connors the antidote and hides him before anyone can see him transform back to Dr. Connors. Spidey then has to subdue Kraven and restrain the NYPD and protect Gwen before anyone else gets hurt. When it is all over Spidey takes Dr. Connors back to his wife and warns him to keep this a secret. Dr. Connors agrees that his experiments were too dangerous to ever try to repeat and he goes into his lab and burns all his notes.

    Gwen and her Dad survive as do the NYPD although some are in pretty bad shape but will recover. Kraven is ultimately blamed for, the theft from the zoo, the property damage and is sewed by the city and lambasted in the Daily Bugle as a menace along with Spider-man. The fact that the Lizard has disappeared completely doesn’t help. Kraven is deported and forced to leave NY but swears vengeance on Spider-man who he believes is now his mortal enemy.

    Peter also finds out when he returns home that MJ has left for Paris to model and has no plans of returning. In a letter that she leaves for him she says that it is too hard being the girlfriend of a superhero but she will always love him. She says that she knows he has a great responsibility and she doesn’t want to get in the way of that.

    Peter sits alone on his bed…

    The end

  25. KEL,

    You are probably right about Raimi and Maguire being done for good (I’ve said that myself!) But SPIDER-MAN 3 made $900 million.

    Sony is going to make SPIDER-MAN 4, like it or lump it! There’s just too much $$$ at stake.


  26. I actually have really enjoyed all the Spider-Man movies, even though I thought 3 was by far the weakest of the trio. I would love to see a Spidey 4 with Tobey as Spidey. Jonah is PERFECTLY cast, no reason to change him, either. I would LOVE it if they got rid of Kirsten Dunst as MJ. I thought they really miscast her in the role of MJ. Mary Jane should be HOT, she is supposed to be a model/actress, right? I just think Dunst is kinda plain looking. Back in the early 90′s I thought Hunter Tylo would have been PERFECT as MJ, but I would love to have them get a hot, unknown to play MJ in a limited role. I know it’s not going to happen, but hey, I can hope!

    As for the villian, I really think it’s going to be the Lizard and Carnage (or a Venom return). I like the idea of Kraven the Hunter, as well.

    In the future, I would love to see Spidey crossing paths with Daredevil or the Fantastic 4. I think the DD crossover would be more plausible (NO BEN AFFLECK, PLEASE!) because it could tie in the Kingpin into the story and in the comics Spidey and DD have both battled the Kingpin.