Only YOU Can Prevent Bad Sequels: Spider-Man 4

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spider man 4 spec Only YOU Can Prevent Bad Sequels: Spider Man 4OK, so most of us hated and/or were insanely let-down by Spider-Man 3. We know it’s a huge question mark as to whether or not Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi show up for Spider-Man 4 while James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) is currently typing away at the script.

I’m not even going to bring up Kirsten Dunst because honestly, no one cares.

So here’s an idea, true-believer (sorry I couldn’t help but unleash my inner Stan “The Man” Lee!) If you called the shots on Spider-Man 4, what would you do? Would you bring back Maguire, Raimi & Co. or flat-out replace them?

By the way, this is for everyone who wants to add their $.02: Readers and my fellow Screen Rant writers. So please, let’s hear your ideas. And there will be a test on this later, boys and girls.

I’ll go first (obviously, since I’m the schmuck who started this discussion).

Although I’m not the first to suggest him (IGN Filmforce), Edgar Wright (from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) would be the perfect guy to take over for Sam Raimi. He’s obviously talented in terms of visual flair (check out the action sequences from Hot Fuzz). Not to mention, he has the right comedic sensibilities – any and every thing involving Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together equals comic gold!

Heck, Wright could be the guy to give Webhead the classic wise-cracks we’ve been missing outta the previous films. If for no other reason, having him direct Spider-Man 4 could mean Pegg and Frost show up in some fashion. And the thought of them sharing a scene with Bruce Campbell is enough to make my head explode (in a good way).

As for Webhead himself, I’d love to say “Just get Tobey again!” But the truth of the matter is that Peter Parker is supposed to around 22-24 years old. By the time Spider-Man 4 graces the silver screen (summer 2010), Maguire will be 35. To be fair, if he can effectively play that age, then we’re in good shape. But… there’s too much fear of another “Roger Moore” situation (i.e. being so old that it becomes laughable and a distraction from said film).

With that in mind, I would say go for a flat-out unknown actor (in the vein of Chris Pine and Brandon Routh) and get him down for 3 Spidey adventures just to be safe.

For me, the villain is obvious: The Lizard. Dylan Baker (Fido) has been solid (albeit under-used) as Dr. Connors, and it’sabout time we get to see the Lizard roaming the sewers of Manhattan. If there has to be more than one villain in this film, I’d say go for Electro for no other reason than he’s one of the all-time great classic Spidey villains.

Alrighty then. Who’s next?

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  1. Fans complained that Superman Returns had too much love. And yet no one complained about the boring love crap in parts 1-3 of Spider-Man.

    Lose 99% of the love angle, and we’ll be better.


  2. I would first of all completely recast and aim for a semi-reboot. Start fresh with a younger Peter in high school but not an origin (think new hulk flick). I would want to use Venom properly at some point down the line so I feel it’s necessary to start fresh.

    Peter will be dating Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane.

    Villains for this first of a new set of movies would to start with be The Scorpion and maybe Electro.

    Wise cracking Spidey would be on full effect.

    Romance would be kept to a minimum, but it would feature teen angst.

    Cast unknowns for Peter and Gwen, then fill some of the supporting cast with names.




    Can’t decide on a director yet, but this is pretty much what I would want.

  3. SUPERMAN RETURNS is a beautiful and emotionally-complex film. I’ve been there emotionally where Supes is with my ex-gf (granted there wasn’t a super powered love-child in the mix!)

    I think Singer trully achieved Spielberg-status in the “movie magic” department; which very few have imo. Granted I WAS anticipating another X2 experience (i.e. non-stop superhero action!) Sure, there were definitely those moments but Singer had other issues in mind (i.e. the story of lost-love and yearning between Supes and Lois!)

    So I can understand why some people didn’t dig it. But…to say the film lacks depth (like some have suggested) is out-right silly imo.

    All that said, THE MAN OF STEEL will be action-packed and the kind of kick in the rear that audiences wanted RETURNS to be from Singer. It was be awesome come Summer 2010, folks.


  4. People don’t read comics or go see superhero movies for beautiful emotional complexity. At least I don’t.

    Sure, I want character development in an action movie (otherwise you won’t care about the characters), but to see the uber-iconic Superman as a ‘whipped bastard father who can’t find an adversary who actually has superpowers?

    Sorry, no.


  5. They should definately bring back Tobey as he IS Spiderman now in the movie-universe, but they need to take the style of the films in an entirely new and fresh direction.

    Focus on one bad buy and a solid plot, choose one who’s not partly good or redeeming like Doc Oc and both Green Goblins were. He needs a real villain for once. No more of this random plotline mixed with every villain we can think of b*******

  6. I agree, Jamie, it MUST be the Lizard. Funny, some of the most classic Spidey Baddies wouldn’t translate well into movies.

    790, that would be the Sinister Six.

    Whoever the bad guy, I will go back and see it ten times if the opening scene has them killing Mary Jane.

    Electro–those would be the lamest special effects ever. (We’ve seen it on Star Trek wall panels, on Heroes, etc.)

    The Vulture–who cares about a guy who flies?

    Scorpion–too much like the Lizard.

    Rhino–Hmm, could work. But kind of limited…a guy who has to charge to do any damage.

    Mysterio–I liked the look, but…what did he do except pass gas?

    Kraven–Hmm, could work well, if they used trained animals and not CGI.

    Hammerhead, Kingpin–Um, not enough powers, and we don’t need to spend half the movie on mop networks.


  7. Very cool article Jamie..!
    We’ll I had no prob with Spider-Man 3 (it wasn’t Citizen Kane but) I thought it was the best of the 3. :-)lol Vic.

    On Spider-Man 4 ยป
    From the start I allways felt there was way too much Mary Jane follies.
    I could do with MJ-lite on this next one or without her at all. They could go with his other girlfriend (I forgot her name) dosnt matter to me.

    The next film should just be about the action NOT the romance. I would rather see Aunt May in danger to really bring Parker over the top to battle Electro, Lizard or Rhino…
    I would also hope that Venoms remaining goo could transform towards the end into Carnage. It would also be great to see OsCorps technology fall into the wrong hands and create a real HobGoblin or even Demogoblin?

    Of course it goes against the comic grain but I would love to see Sandman help Spider-Man and become a good guy.(Gotta have Thomas Hayden Church in that role!!!!) I loved that guy in S3.

    It looks like Sam Rami and crew are ALL going to Hell anyway so bring in a new Director (add good director here)… I personally wouldn’t walk away from Spider-man but whatever. Maybe without Rami we will get a more hardcore film?

    Keep Tobey Maguire he still looks like he’s in his 20′s to me. He’s BO gold in
    the role and too me is Spider-Man. It would be like doing another Pirates movie and recasting Depp. (Just not gonna work).

    Add all this together and WOW
    Hobgoblin, Electro, Lizard or Rhino, Sandman, Carnage sheesh. There’s a friggin blockbuster if done well. It could even end with some of the characters surviving into Spider-Man 5. I would love to see a Rubber-Cell (aka Magneto/x-men) that holds Electro at the end.

    James Vanderbil are you reading this!!!
    Steal it from me I don’t care. Just make a kick ass Spider-Man 4. Thanks.
    Ps Zodiac was very well written!

  8. Right on Rob! Tobey rules as Spidey.

    But I’m for more villians!! As the comics progressed Spider-Man had to face more villians he even went up against 6 in a row one time. I forget that title.
    If anything they really need the Sandman back to ether close out is arc or continue and I think Oscorps Goblin-armor should allways be in the background as it was in the comics.
    Is I had a choice for main villian it would be Electro or Carnage.

  9. Jamie, nice article title. Not too schamaltzy, not too clever–just right.

  10. This is an awesome article, I love these “what if” columes.
    Great Job Jamie!!

    Because of your post tonight I find myself watching Spider-man 3. Man the action scenes kick it in this film !

  11. Jamie,
    First of all (been said before) thank you for putting up this article and opening the debate…

    Raimi should not return as director, although I’m mixed on Toby. I like his Peter, but as Spidey it’s a little off to me. I know he is in his twenties, but S3 he acted like a highschool freshmen. Let him grow up as a person like he has in the comics.

    4: The Lizard is a fantastic choice for a villain, and only villain. I like the angle of Peter wanting to help Conners at the same time fighting him to protect the public.

    Give Jonah more of a role. Show that he really hates Spidey, and really wants to make him a criminal in the eyes of the public. Maybe Jonah finds out the Conners is the Lizard and Spidey somehow blackmails him into not printing it. A good moral dilema for Peter.

    I think Peter should be dating Gwen, with Mary Jane in a minimal role, maybe even just a cameo. Peter keeps Spidey a secret from her so that he doesn’t make the same mistake he did with Mary Jane. Another moral dilema.

    Spidey 5: Introduce Cletus Kasady, and bring Mary Jane in a bit more. Maybe Cletus is a slasher with a taste for the same women as Peter bringing Gwen, Mary Jane, and Peter into a wickid triangle as Spidey tries to keep both safe.

    Since there has to be a Supervillain, maybe someone Jonah hires to get revenge on Spidey, Scorpion, Shocker, Electro. Of course Jonah tries to cover his a$$ again when this villain turns out to be more a menace than a hero. Spidey defeats him while searching for Gwen who is kidnapped by Kasady. During the rescue Kasady pushes her off of a roof (or something) to force Spidey to make the choice to save her or capture him. Spidey tries to accomplish both and he inadvertantly kills Gwen. End with Peter visitng Mary Jane, who may or may not believe he was reckless in Gwen’s death, and a devestated Peter looking at Eddie Brock’s pic of him in the black suit taken in S3.

    6: Spidey wears a black costume, trying to track down Kasady. Jonah is plstering the papers that Spidey is a killer, and Peter can really have it out with him (not a fight but an underlying mutual hatred). Of course Kasady gets a hold of the symbiot, maybe following Spidey to Conners’s house where Spidey (1) is checking on Conners who is still recovering and (2) to contemplate rejoining with the symbiot as his inner struggle continues (hatred for Jonah, Kasady, and rejection by Mary Jane). Kasady becomes Carnage. By the end, Mary Jane and Peter reconcile and, something tells me Peter will tell Jonah that he’s Spidey.

    I would love to see a cameo of Robert D Jr as Stark somewhere in the mix. I guess since Jarvis is a computer Aunt May can’t date him tho.

    Sorry, just thoughts, didn’t figure it all out yet. I just want there to be a good story arc for three films. I think the goblin thing is finished after S3.

  12. Addition: tie-ins to the running theme

    In the climactic battle with Carnage, Spidey is able to separate them with Cletus helpless and begging for the symbiot. Cletus could give some speech about how he wants the power, needs the power. Spidey counters with a “with great power…” speech.

    Maybe somewhere Aunt May makes Peter think twice about Jonah, comparing him to Uncle Ben in some way. I don’t know…

    I know I’m just thinking of the dramatic parts, but the story needs to carry throughout like a real trilogy. The middle chapter is the big downer, resolution at the end of the third, etc.

  13. i think you’re on the right lines with edgar wright directing and simon pegg and nick frost might make some cool small villians in the movie (nick would be amazing as the rhino!)

    i say keep tobey in the role if he can do it or get someone unknown

    lizard or electro as the villian or villians

    cut the crappy dancing parts

  14. There is still so many villains. One could argue that you could transition Venom’s disappearance into Carnage making an appearance and turn the movie into an all out slug fest.

    Its too bad that Venom got the treatment from Raimi that he did. Totally underutilized and had his butt kicked far too often for my liking. I really liked how he looked too, i was really disappointed on how his role turned out.

    We can all sit here and complain about the love story in Spiderman, but it wasn’t much different in the comic book. Spiderman was always all about Mary Jane, she was always a pawn, falling for other guys, never knew what she wanted. Raimi just put the love story in the forefront of the entire movie instead of weaving it into the movie.

    If there was one thing I could completely remove from the entire Spiderman series, it would be James Franco. It is not possible for a worse performance from anyone involved.

  15. holy cow input, forget about Pitof, why dont you submit your own script?

  16. the flaws that have annoyed me since the first Spiderman movie should be fixed for Spiderman 4, which is a film i believe the whole series has been leading up to. Green Goblin was a potent threat because he knew Spidey’s identity, and because Spidey didn’t want to kill him. however,
    he was significantly weaker than the villains to come because he was merely human. granted, insane and extra strong, but still a human fighting a superhuman. Doc Ock was a human fused with a machine, making him a more potent threat, but the ridiculous struggle between human and machine rendered him not only impotent but, frankly, annoying. there’s nothing worse than a villain who doesn’t act the part; it makes the hero that much more pathetic for getting his butt kicked.

    now, Spiderman 3 upped the ante properly, but it was overkill; having three antagonists cramped the film, and as a result, they were mishandled badly. Sandman was, again, given the sympathy angle that ruined Doc Ock; he wasn’t a bad guy, just misunderstood, as was Harry. i could talk about how terrible the new Green Goblin was (WTF cyberpunk goblin?) but i digress. Venom, which by any Spidey fan’s calculations should be Spiderman’s most threatening nemesis, was defeated handily, thanks to the completely ludicrous last minute redemption of Harry.

    however, we do have the chance to redeem the whole series. The Lizard and Carnage. The backgrounds are already there; Doctor Connors has the last remaining piece of the symbiote that could easily become Carnage, and his experiments in nerve regeneration will inevitably lead to the creation of The Lizard.

    Carnage is perfect. he’s a killing machine. he’s not like Venom, who was blinded by his quest for vengeance. Carnage desires only to kill EVERYONE without mercy, making him, without a doubt, Spiderman’s ultimate enemy. The Lizard needs to be handled right; no sympathy angle. Connor needs to be irrevocably altered and berserk, a wild animal stalking human prey, like Predator to Spidey’s Schwarzenegger. these two threats alone should provide more than enough story to keep it interesting.

    a new director is a given; i would suggest Pitof, he of the unquestionably bad Catwoman. many will respond with rage, but before you judge, i suggest you watch Pitof’s first film, “Dark Portals/Vidocq” and tell me that he doesn’t have the raw talent. the problem with Catwoman was that Pitof was dealing with a pointless, wasted property that the studio didn’t know how to handle, so he did what the studio told him and took his paycheck. but he’ll do with Spidey what Nolan did with Batman; he’ll bring him down to earth, reinstating live action fights between Reptile and Spidey. he knows how to deliver an action film, and he won’t bother with the romance angles or any angst; it’ll be all business, which is what the series has needed from day one.

    i, personally, would actually like to see Hugh Laurie play Cletus Kasady. Laurie would play a grittier Kasady, more like a real serial killer, rather than the nutty caricature presented in the comics. most importantly, once he becomes Carnage, he should never show his face. this way, a double can play Carnage and Laurie can do voice overs, instead of enduring the torturous makeup required.

    Peter and MJ are on a date, and Peter is again considering proposing. while they’re at dinner, we witness Connors’ first experiment and his initial success, seemingly without a hitch. later, Peter and Mary return to his apartment, Peter choking on his proposal, where we meet Kasady, who lives in the same building. he stalks MJ as she leaves Peter’s apartment, confused about Peter’s odd behavior. as Kasady stalks MJ, we see Peter once again contemplating the retirement of the Spidey costume. instead, he puts it on and decides to go webslinging. when Kasady sees Spidey swing overhead, he quits his pursuit of MJ and retreats, instead murdering a couple in cold blood in their apartment in Peter’s building. Peter himself encounters the Lizard for the first time, and while at first is unable to make the connection between the Lizard and Connors, hesitates at the last moment because of something familiar about the Lizard, who escapes. Connors wakes up the next morning bruised and battered, recalling a terrible nightmare. Peter finds out about the murder, Kasady’s third (though he’s committed hundreds more, as elaborated by the creepy secret murder shrine in his apartment). He calls Mary Jane and asks her about the night before, and she recalls the feeling she had of being followed. Peter decides to do some follow-up investigation, and in the course of his day, bumps into Connors, who mentions the piece of symbiote to Peter and reveals that has succeeded in cloning it. that night, Peter sneaks into Connors lab to steal the clone with the intent to destroy it, but is attacked by the Reptile while trying to do so. this is when Peter realizes the Reptile’s true identity, but is again unable to capture the monster, who escapes into the sewers. Peter returns to his apartment with the clone but is too exhausted by the battle to immediately dispose of it. Kasady sneaks into his apartment and begins collecting Peter’s memoirs of MJ, and finds the clone. himself aware of the Venom monster, he returns to his apartment and unleashes it, becoming Carnage. he then proceeds to murder his neighbors. their screams wake Peter, who rushes to investigate and is attacked by Carnage. the assault leaves him unconscious but not dead. Aunt May is watching a news report of the killings in which Peter is mistakenly reported dead. she suffers a heart attack, but her lifeline monitor alerts an ambulance, which picks her up and takes her to the hospital, where Peter is just leaving. as he is calling Aunt May’s home, he sees her being wheeled out on a stretcher.

    only the combined chaos of Carnage and Reptile attacking the city at once pulls him away from his mothers bedside. MJ herself is the one who convinces him that NYC needs Spiderman. Peter manages to subdue the Reptile and eventually is able to speak to Connors. Connors himself is unaware that he is the Reptile, though he suspected it. unable to assist Spidey in stopping Carnage, Spidey tries to have Connors imprisoned for his own protection, but Connors transforms while being transferred to captivity and escapes again. Peter, meanwhile, is at a press conference where JJ and his son are announcing the next space flight when Carnage attacks. when Spiderman shows up, Carnage takes JJ hostage. Spiderman saves JJ but Carnage proceeds to nearly kill JJ’s son, and then blames it on Spidey. Jonah agrees, and later that day, while checking out the scene of Connor’s escape, Peter sees Jonah on TV, announcing his 10K dollar bounty on Spiderman. Peter immediately becomes a target as two bounty hunters (Danny Trejo, Vin Diesel) interrogate him at gunpoint regarding his connection to Spidey. Spidey shows up later and is about to defeat them when he hears about another Carnage attack. showing up on the scene, he is beaten badly by Carnage, who decides he is a nuisance, and reveals that, because of the symbiote, he knows who Spidey is, and then states that, because Spidey keeps interfering, that he’s going to kill everyone Peter loves. Connors, in the meantime, has returned to his lab to find that the original symbiote has completely regenerated. he takes it and leaves. later, while Peter is fighting off the bounty hunters, we see Connors enter the hospital room of John Jameson. he smashes the container and flees, transforming into the Reptile. Aunt May, having awoke and seeing Peter Parker being attacked by bounty hunters, is trying to leave the hospital against the doctor’s wishes when the Reptile rushes by and shoves her against a wall. As Peter is fighting the bounty hunters, Mary Jane watches on TV and then recieved the phone call; Aunt May is dead. Mary Jane, beginning to cry, gets up to leave but is interrupted by Carnage, standing outside her door. Peter, in the meantime, is racing across the city to the hospital where the Lizard was last seen. upon arrival, he sees a familiar figure standing in the doorway of the hospital, holding what appears to be a dead Dr. Connors; Venom?

    John Jameson is the new Venom, and as Spiderman attacks him, Venom simply defends himself. when Peter realizes that Venom isn’t attacking, he stops. John reveals his identity and explains what has happened, that Connors is merely unconscious; and that, unlike the mentally-imbalanced Brock, John is capable of resisting, even controlling the symbiote. he reveals Carnage’s identity, and Peter, realizing the danger MJ is in, asks for Venom’s help, who agrees. using Venom’s connection to Carnage, they track him down.

    the climax of the film has Kasady sitting in Peter’s apartment, holding a mere knife to MJ’s throat. when Peter enters, Kasady starts a lecture about chaos and the true nature of man and how impossible Spiderman is. when Peter declares his intent on continuing as Spiderman no matter how hopeless it becomes, Kasady tells him of May’s death. Utterly crushed, Peter looks at MJ, whose tears reveal the truth. as Peter collapses to his knees, Kasady lunges to strike, but Venom steps in and tackles Kasady, launching them both through a window. MJ races to Spidey’s side and embraces him while Carnage and Venom battle it out in the streets below. again, it is MJ that brings Peter back to readiness, and he joins Venom in defeating Carnage. Venom absorbs Carnage, eliminating the threat, and then, without giving Peter a chance, devours Kasady’s brains (obviously not shown graphically). Parker, horrified, condemns Venom, who claims that his actions were justified. John himself reverts back and realizes his mistake. Spidey begs John to give up the symbiote, but John instead flees. MJ and Peter watch him leave.

    Later, MJ and Peter are shown at the hospital, Peter weeping besides May’s dead body. in the meantime, Venom has shown up at JJ’s home, and demands that his father retract the bounty. JJ, horrified by his son’s transformation, rejects John and repells him, calling him a monster. later, at Aunt May’s funeral, JJ, now looking horribly lost and grief-stricken, confronts Peter, asking him about John. when John shows up, Peter panics, but instead John simply pays his respects to Aunt May and tells Parker of his new mission to protect the innocent at all costs. JJ, seeing his son not as a monster but as a human, begs him not to leave. again, John demands that he retract the bounty on Spiderman. Peter, seeing the conflict, steps in and tells JJ that he is Spiderman. JJ, horrified, is speechless. Peter walks away from JJ and John and over to Ben’s grave, a few feet away from Aunt May’s coffin. he then proposes to MJ, who agrees to marry him. as they watch Aunt May lowered into the earth, we see a flashback; Peter is with Aunt May, who has made him cookies. he tells her he plans to quit being Spiderman and propose to Mary Jane and start taking pictures full time. instead, Aunt May chides him, and talks about how Ben and MJ and Aunt May need not just Peter, but Spiderman, too, and that everyone needs him, even if Peter doesn’t, yaddah yaddah. end movie.

  17. get some new younger guy for spidey, make him a more wise cracking guy, stop his crying and get rid of the excess love. Make the fights full of nice hits and open spaces for spidey acrobatics like in spider-man 2. Get rid of kirsten dunst. The previous person’s movie idea is good ( if a bit too well thought over), but have spidey whoop carnage’s @$$ like he did to the Goblin in the first movie at the end. An epic fight would redeem at least part of the franchise.

  18. Ha Ha rotfl kyyle23

  19. Input, I loved your post…excellent and sensible ideas. In the comics, Connor switches back and forth from Jeckyll to Hyde. As does Bruce Banner.

    Nothing personal, but when I get to people’s movie plot descriptions, I usually check out. The ideas are usually great, but I don’t want a run-down of a fantasy movie. So I check out. I didn’t read that part of your post. The first part stands on its own.

    Also, my eyes can only take a certain amount of white-on-black text! [Hint, Vic].

    On the other hand, analyze the giblets out of a movie/topic (like Kel and others sometimes do) and I’ll usually read the whole thing.

  20. I can already imagine fake PSAs about lizards roaming the streets of NYC at night (i.e. “I Believe in Harvey Dent” ads for THE DARK KNIGHT!)

    With Raimi, I think it’s obvious he was just out of juice. He’s spent the last 7-8 years directing ONLY SPIDER-MAN films, and its time to move on.

    Plus, I don’t think his heart was in SPIDER-MAN 3. And none of the action sequences honestly impressed me. It lacked that “crazy Sam Raimi” type-scene for him to go hog-wild with (i.e. the operating room scene from SPIDER-MAN 2!)

    Thanks for your compliments and imput, guys. Keep em coming…


  21. Jim Carey,
    In taking your advice, here’s my bottom line:

    Different director – but no suggestions. I always find that it’s the directors I wouldn’t have thought of that make the best superheor flicks (e.g. Singer with X-Men, Raimi with S1 & 2, Nolan with BB). The franchise needs a fresh take tho.

    Toby is ok as Peter, but I would like to see what someone else can do with it, again possibly on unknown.

    MJ – don’t really care. I’d like to a movie with Gwen and that actress didn’t have much time on screen but seemed alright.

    Two musts – keep Simmons as Jonah and Baker and Conners and give them both larger roles.

    Villains: Lizard for sure. Leave room for the introduction of a new character who can become a villain in the sequel. If there has to be a second villain, make it a minor one that doesn’t require much explaination, like Shocker.

    I really want to see Spidey troubled and wear the black suit, hense my recommendation of Gwen dying.

    I think we can accept a darker Spiderman film with a little more adult themes in his personal life. More than “wow, I’m famous and I get to kiss this blonde!” A little too immature even for a twenty-something.

  22. A re-boot is only needed when ALL other options have failed. That’s why BATMAN and BOND got em. There was honestly nothing a sequel could do to repair the damage of BATMAN & ROBIN and DIE ANOTHER DAY.

    On the other hand, SPIDER-MAN isn’t anywhere NEAR that problem…yet. Sony & Co. could easily fix the situation with a solid sequel imo.

    I’d love to see Tobey come back. But he might be too old and (more likely) will want too much $$$ that Sony won’t fork over. I gurantee you that supporting players like J.K. Simmons, Dylan Baker and Rosemary Harris will return for SPIDER-MAN 4.


  23. Good stuff! Input-device.
    I enjoyed reading that.

    That would be a hell-of-a film!!

  24. I really hope that there IS a Spiderman4. S3 was disappointing but the franchise can still be redeemed.

    Another thought on villains: maybe have a Kingpin-like character to takeover Oscorp. Like Fisk’s son or a completely new character. I do like the idea of retaining the goblin tech for Hobgoblin. If not in S4, then in other sequels.

  25. Liz -
    The romance can be toned down, but Peter’s personal life is key to the Spiderman character, at least IMO.

    I could do with less MJ and Aunt May tho. Too bad the previous films didn’t develop much of Peter’s relationship with Connors, it would make a better Lizard in sequels. I wonder if Raimi ever planned on Lizard for future movies.

  26. Great Job Jamie I would like to see more of these “speculation” articles in the future.

  27. Heath nailed it in comment #1. Less of Peter’s personal life; we just don’t care. It doesn’t jive with the rest of the story, and MJ just isn’t that alluring.

  28. Rag on Rami, but he did leave the door open for Carnage, Connors becoming the Lizard, possibly even Venom. Oscorp is totallay wide open for Kingpin and the Hobgoblin (not Franco’s version) could be backas well. I did like Gwen btter than MJ in S3. She could be back.

    I think Sony will pay the 20 mil for Tobey and he allways said hed be back if its a good script.