Only YOU Can Prevent Bad Sequels: Spider-Man 4

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spider man 4 spec Only YOU Can Prevent Bad Sequels: Spider Man 4OK, so most of us hated and/or were insanely let-down by Spider-Man 3. We know it’s a huge question mark as to whether or not Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi show up for Spider-Man 4 while James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) is currently typing away at the script.

I’m not even going to bring up Kirsten Dunst because honestly, no one cares.

So here’s an idea, true-believer (sorry I couldn’t help but unleash my inner Stan “The Man” Lee!) If you called the shots on Spider-Man 4, what would you do? Would you bring back Maguire, Raimi & Co. or flat-out replace them?

By the way, this is for everyone who wants to add their $.02: Readers and my fellow Screen Rant writers. So please, let’s hear your ideas. And there will be a test on this later, boys and girls.

I’ll go first (obviously, since I’m the schmuck who started this discussion).

Although I’m not the first to suggest him (IGN Filmforce), Edgar Wright (from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) would be the perfect guy to take over for Sam Raimi. He’s obviously talented in terms of visual flair (check out the action sequences from Hot Fuzz). Not to mention, he has the right comedic sensibilities – any and every thing involving Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together equals comic gold!

Heck, Wright could be the guy to give Webhead the classic wise-cracks we’ve been missing outta the previous films. If for no other reason, having him direct Spider-Man 4 could mean Pegg and Frost show up in some fashion. And the thought of them sharing a scene with Bruce Campbell is enough to make my head explode (in a good way).

As for Webhead himself, I’d love to say “Just get Tobey again!” But the truth of the matter is that Peter Parker is supposed to around 22-24 years old. By the time Spider-Man 4 graces the silver screen (summer 2010), Maguire will be 35. To be fair, if he can effectively play that age, then we’re in good shape. But… there’s too much fear of another “Roger Moore” situation (i.e. being so old that it becomes laughable and a distraction from said film).

With that in mind, I would say go for a flat-out unknown actor (in the vein of Chris Pine and Brandon Routh) and get him down for 3 Spidey adventures just to be safe.

For me, the villain is obvious: The Lizard. Dylan Baker (Fido) has been solid (albeit under-used) as Dr. Connors, and it’sabout time we get to see the Lizard roaming the sewers of Manhattan. If there has to be more than one villain in this film, I’d say go for Electro for no other reason than he’s one of the all-time great classic Spidey villains.

Alrighty then. Who’s next?

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  1. I’m certain that there will be another Spider-man movie, I just don’t think it will be a direct sequel to Spider-Man 3.

    And Kingpin, Rhino or Vulture would be cool….

  2. 900 mil, sheesh.
    One reason they made that much is because alot of people were happy with the storyline and casting.
    I hope they do make at least 2 more with Tobey.


  4. KEL
    You may be right. I think S3 pretty much closed the Goblin/Harry Osbourne arc. But I hope there is a Spiderman 4 movie, the beginning of a new trilogy

  5. E gads. I just realised Tobey Maguire is working on Robotron for the better part of this year.

  6. Going back to Spiderman 1, I would’ve added Liz, Peter’s, Harry’s, and MJ’s other friend. I liked the Goblin suit since its appearance can be described as a prototype.

    In Spiderman 2, everything worked prefectly. I would’ve revised some concepts of its videogame though…to make it more canon-like and exclude GBA’s Lizard.

    In Spiderman 3, I would’ve basically introduced the symbiote, not Eddie Brock or Venom, Hobgoblin, Sandman, and New Goblin.

    Main changes

    -Introduce the symbiote only to serve as being Peter’s struggle with love.
    -Introduce Spider-Venom.
    -Discard Eddie Brock and Venom until Spiderman 4.
    -Have Harry and Liz ultimately fall in love.
    -Introduce the mysterious and unknown Hobgoblin.
    -Have Hobgoblin and Sandman team against Spiderman and New Goblin.
    -Have Hobgoblin kill New Goblin.
    -Have Harry save Peter from the symbiote by banging the ring.
    -Make the movie and the video game very canon and less loose.

  7. Villians throughout the Spiderman movies (1 to 6).

    If I majored in Fliming, succeeded in flim and game directing, and directed Spiderman, then here’s how I would represent most villains in Spiderman 1 to 6.

    This list would include movie and video game villains, with some modifications of course. ;)

    Spiderman 1

    Green Goblin (movie and video game)
    Scorpion (video game)
    Kraven the Hunter (video game)
    Vulture (video game)
    Shocker (video game)

    Spiderman 2

    Doctor Octopus (movie and video game)
    Shocker (video game)
    Rhino (video game)
    Mysterio (video game)
    Puma (video game)
    Bettle (video game)
    Vulture (video game)
    Kraven the Hunter and Calypso (video game)

    Spiderman 3

    Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley, movie and video game)
    HobgoblinII (Donovan)
    New Goblin (Harry Osborn, movie and video gae)
    Rhino (video game, briefly mentioned in movie)
    Shocker (video game)
    Scorpion (video game)
    Kraven the Hunter and Calypso (video game)
    Lizard (video game)
    Sandman (movie and video game)
    Spider-Venom (movie and video game, possess Peter)
    Kingpin (video game)
    Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds; video game)
    Carlyle (video game)

    Spiderman 4 (villians mostly based on Halloween and darkness)

    Venom (Forms: Black spiderman, humanoid, monster; movie and video game appearance)
    Lizard (normal and corrupted form; movie and video game)
    Shriek (normal/corrupted form; movie and video game)
    Scarlet Spider (movie and video game)
    Carrion (video game)
    Hobgoblin III (video game; Ned Leeds)
    Mysterio (corrupted/normal form)
    Insidious Six (video game aftermath of movie: Rhino, Shocker, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio,
    Kingpin (video game)
    Chameleon (video game)
    Jack o Lantern (Jason Macendale; video game)
    Man-Wolf (video game)
    Hydroman (normal/corrupted; video game)

    Spiderman 5

    Venom (all three forms; movie and video game)
    Carnage (three forms; movie and video game)
    Jackal/Miles Warren (movie and video game)
    Scarlet Spider (movie and video game)
    HobgoblinIV/Demogoblin (Macendale; video game)
    Hobgoblin (Kingsley, video game)
    Alistaire Smythe (video game)
    Shocker (video game)
    Electro (video game)
    Silvermane (video game)
    Tombstone (video game)
    some villains previously seen…
    Richard Fisk..

    Spiderman 6

    Green Goblin (demonic/armor form; movie)
    Hobgoblin (demonic/armor form; movie)
    Spot (movie, video game)
    Miles Warren (movie and video game)
    most villians previously fought…

  8. How’s Spidey supposed to fend off all those attackers in one film?


  9. my mane compaint about spidy 3 was venom his form was rubbish he didnt even have the famous tenticals that come out of his back. harry in his really cool suit (that should have been more green or he should have been the hobgoblin even tho i loved the look)died what rubbish is this.

  10. Well i would have to bring back Tobey He total rock in spidy 1-3 and for the other actors i would suggest to bring back them back also but for a new villains for 4 would be the lizard since now that you introduce him i spidy 2 as Dr.Conners and the other villain that would team up with or against the lizard would be carnge, why not him i mean venom had great effect in 3 but why not carnge have the samething,besides he is total more destructive and dengerous then venom so i would agree to have the cast back for a more and better movie.

  11. well they should just have spider-man venom and carnage in the fourth movie because im thinking that thats what the fans would want and it would just be pretty fricken kool

  12. Sounds good to me DB.

  13. Ok – last night I watched S2 and S3 back to back. I hadn’t seen either except in the theatre.

    I will admit S3 was better the second time around, mostly becuase I didn’t have high hopes for Venom like I did the first viewing. S2 was still fantastic.

    S4 could explore more of the symbiote, explaining a little of how Brock new so much about Parker (implied in S3 but not explained at all) and redeem the lost opportunity somewhat. Open up for Carnage in a later movie, but stick with an old villain like Lizard for S4. Really liked the actress who played Gwen

  14. Panda:
    Good idea that’s pretty much what I was thinking they should do. Three villains was a little bit too much because Venom was underused. I heard they’ll make a spin off movie with him though.

  15. okay, first off i would keep the cast b/c everyone loves familiar faces. Same director and same everything. it would cost a lot, but this will bring in a lot. the villain would be none other than the lizard . peter would be just getting his life back together after the events in 3, and spending more time with dr. connors. connors new experiment turns him into the lizard in front of peter’s eyes, and peter has no choice but to battle him. the battle takes place all over new york city.d

  16. I don’t think maguire was bad at all at playing spiderman. Word in hollywood was that they originally wanted freddie prinze jr. to play the character. I frankly don’t care too much about mary jane. if you ask me they brought that character in too early. They should have introduced either in the 3rd or 4th film. But in a movie needs a revamp of its cast it is definitely x-men. Halle Berry as storm? I don’t think so. When are the suits going to call on iman as a replacement. frankly, it’s probably best because i can’t see iman starring in a movie they has been watered down for 10 yr olds.

  17. yeah i would love to see Toby come back as spidy, he is a great spider man, but Sam forgot the big issue, he let he’s personal thoughts get in the way, by killing off Venom one of the most popular enemy’s. So they should bring in some one who is truly a great spidy fan.

  18. Ok I dont know how many of you actually read the comics then watch the movies but me for one am a big stan lee fan. Now you want my opinion for the 4th movie??? Two words will explain everything the 4th movie should be and you comic book fans will know exactly where i am going with this: SEPERATION ANXIETY

  19. edgar wright sounds cool, but a bunch of guys would be refreshing. hell if robert rodriguez wanted to deliver us a fresh hardcore spider man that would be dope, but thats probably not going to happen. i think carnage would be nice to see, but if you put him in sm4 then hed be a hard act to follow, so maybe lizard is a good idea for 4, id say keep toby just to satisfy all the movie fans, and if they bring back venom, PLEASE dont mess up so badly as they did in s3 that was very angrifying. casting isnt really my specialty though, but i could go without seeing so much mary jane crap, maybe a gwen stacy twist is in order.