‘One Shot’ May Be Retitled ‘Reacher’; Early Footage Reaction

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tom cruise one shot jack reacher One Shot May Be Retitled Reacher; Early Footage Reaction

For moviegoers not familiar with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character, the upcoming One Shot adaptation probably sounds like just another Tom Cruise-starring, action vehicle (with franchise potential). For those who’ve read Child’s source material – and are aware the author describes Reacher as being physically akin to an older version of Cato from The Hunger Games – the casting of Cruise has left them wary about the potential quality of the One Shot movie.

This week’s CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas marked the premiere for the first footage unveiled from One Shot – referred to throughout its presentation as Reacher, which may be either a working title or the new official title. Scroll on down for an early description of (and response to) the scenes previewed at the event.

Child’s One Shot novel revolves around retired army cop Jack Reacher, who gets called back into action for an investigation into the deaths of five civilians, supposedly killed by a rogue military sniper. Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Way of the Gun) handled both writing and directing duties on the adaptation.

Here are some excerpts from Cinema Blend contributor Eric Eisenberg’s description of the CinemaCon footage:

The first part of the show featured [Jack Reacher] sitting in a bar and getting approached by a young girl who propositions him… What I enjoyed most about the scene was its writing and humor, which had writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s mark all over it…

The next sequence shown was all about… a full-blown car chase that had the hero not only escaping the police, but also a mysterious duo driving around in a white Audi. The direction was slick and fun, and featured a fantastic ending that had Reacher disappearing into a crowd of people (though I won’t spoil how).

The last bit shown wasn’t so much a scene as it was a nice little bit. A man comes up behind Reacher with a gun and tells the lead not to move. Responding to this, Reacher says, “I move and you pull the trigger.” Moving like lightning, the hero goes for the gun and while a shot does ring out it’s not nearly in time as the gunman has already been neutralized.

You can read the full breakdown over at CB (fair warning: it contains some NSFW language), but the gist is that One Shot comes off as more an “edgier” – in a good way, that is – thriller than your average Cruise action-headlined action movie. Similarly, it sounds as though Cruise fully abandons his friendly screen persona (beyond even his work in Collateral) to portray Reacher as a hard-edged, anti-hero with a blunt manner and brutal fighting methods to boot.

It will be interesting to see how Cruise’s debut turn as Jack Reacher does at the box office. Regardless of whether the movie ends up being called One Shot or Reacher, it may struggle to pull in the character’s fans who are already dead-set against Cruise occupying that part, no matter how good people say he looks in the role – or how Child has even voiced his approval of the casting.

Likewise, it sounds as though McQuarrie aims to deliver a potentially R-Rated flick that boasts his trademark sharp dialogue and harsher violence. On the one hand, that reads as a good thing – since McQuarrie’s PG-13 Rated efforts (see: his script for The Tourist) tend to be less shiny – but that also means the One Shot adaptation will have appeal more akin to Collateral than, say, Cruise’s Mission: Impossible series.

One Shot/Reacher is rounded out by a pretty rock-solid supporting cast that includes Rosamund Pike, Jai Courtney, David Oyelowo, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins, and filmmaker Werner Herzog. That should help the flick to draw in more ticket buyers, when it opens in theaters around the U.S. on December 21st, 2012.


Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. Cruise can do hard edged. Collateral?

    • Sorry, I just blanked on pointing out the similarities between One Shot and Collateral when I first wrote this.

      I’ve gone ahead and changed that.

  2. screenrant is starting to be annoying and poor. Has the author not seen Collateral? Cruise is incredible at this type of role. I think it’s my favorite role of his!

    Also to note that in his 30 year career, He has never starred in a sequel outside his own franchise (Mission Impossible). If he picks up this franchise and treats it like his MI one, it will be in safe hands.

    • also, I know most of the Reacher fans are 5 year olds throwing tantrums but I was open minded to this casting decision from the beginning.

      In fact, an actor of Cruise’s caliber agreeing to title One Shot is too good to be true, I adore both very much. Fans of the books are in the minority when it will come to the box office but I’m excited to see how this turns out.

      • Thanks for dismissing my article as “annoying and poor” because I did not immediately mention Collateral.

        Likewise, referring to any Reacher fans not crazy about the idea of Cruise occupying the role (which, for the record, is NOT my feeling on the matter) as “5 year olds throwing tantrums” is an excellent way to bring some maturity to the conversation.

        • your bias is clear in your article. They should hire an unbiased writer.

        • I retract that, I notice you’ve added Collateral. It’s my favorite movie and I see parallels between the two. especially gun handling etc. really looking forward to that!

          • Yeah, pardon me if I still take offense at your remarks – especially considering that (before I added the bit about Collateral) I’d already mentioned that the early reaction to footage of Cruise as Reacher was positive AND that Lee Child gave his blessing to Cruise – so as to present the counter-argument, while also mentioning some of the anger about Cruise being cast in the film.

      • Exactly, I get so Sick of people saying Cruise sucks. It has been for the last 8 years or so to be the “In” thing to hate on Tom Cruise and its pathetic. The time for fanboy hating Tom Cruise is long past. He is with out a doubt a GREAT actor. And most of his movies are enjoyable. Thats a fact. If your a hater then get the hell out of anything that has his name attached. Move on and stop crying!!!

  3. this one sounds interesting, cant wait for a trailer, which im sure is several months off. glad to hear things sound good so far. and yeah, im pretty sure cruise dropped his friendly screen persona in Collateral,

    • To be honest, part of the reason I didn’t immediately mention Collateral is because, in that film, Cruise’s character occasionally fakes being friendly to get what he wants – whereas Reacher, by comparison, apparently isn’t so skilled.

      I did add a reference to that flick, though, as the comparisons are fitting.

      • yeah i see that you added it. but not until after i added my comment. sorry! didnt mean to add to the attacks you seem to be getting!

        • No worries, it’s a valid point that I forgot to include at first. :-)

  4. Tom Cruise…yay!

  5. I’m a huge fan of the Reacher series (read every book), but I’ll wait for the trailer

    I’m still hung up about Cruise playing Reacher

    And it’s been a while since I read One Shot. Does anyone remember what the whole car chase was about in the book?

    • i don’t think there was a full blown car chase, but i’m not fully sure.

    • I think we need to understand that Cruise being Reacher is a good thing. People will be more interested to watch it after seeing how great Mission Impossible GP was(seriously, it was awesome).
      If One Shot can be more of a thriller with action elements than the other way around, then I’ll be glad to see it. Hopefully the trailer is as great as the first Ghost Protocol trailer.

  6. I’ll admit I thought Cruise was done as a action star a little while back but after MI:GP I’m officially back on the band wagon.
    I’m not familiar with the source material so I don’t have any bias about Cruise playing the title character. I just like a good action flick that’s not just all explosions and fight scenes.
    So this sounds like it could be right up my alley.

  7. Irene’s comment about Reacher fans does not offend, but it does demonstrate ignorance of the reason the vast majority of people detest the casting of Cruise. Avid readers of Mr. Child’s book understand that Reacher’s size is not simply a physical description, but rather the source of his self confidence and identity. Reacher’s world view is shaped by his physical stature – in every situation, in every book. His size is also what differentiates him from the Mitch Rapps and Scott Harvaths of the genre. Reacher does not, and cannot blend. Our criticism is not a referendum on Cruise’s acting ability either. There have been numerous counterintuitive casting choices in the annals of Hollywood, some successful and some catastrophic. But there are objectively poor choices. No one should cast Danny DeVito as James Bond, for instance. As bad an idea as that is, there is not much breathing room between that unlikely choice and Cruise’s self-selection to play Jack Reacher. I hope audiences stay away enough for Cruise the producer to fire Cruise the actor and re-cast the role for future installments.

    • Perfectly stated, Sean Cameron. Incisive and well said – thank you for representing us 5 year old critics very well.
      Reacher’s size is his self confidence, identity and strategy AND his sole means of survival on more than one occasion.
      Put Sean Cameron in charge of the next movie – that cat gets it.

    • totally agree

  8. My like Reach Around-er, amirite?

    Sorry, had to

  9. I’ve read a couple of Child’s Reacher novels and they were all excellent. I haven’t read One Shot yet but I would love to see Killing Floor or The Persuader turned into a movie. As far as Cruise playing Reacher, I can’t really see the decision for that other than Cruise being a big name. I would rather have a lesser known actor fit more to Reacher but who knows, maybe Cruise can pull it off well. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  10. Cruise has proved he still has action credentials in MI:GP, and he can do hard edged characters, maybe he’s really going to have a career resurgence. He is a good actor.

  11. I have been a Lee Child/Jack Reacher fan for years. I was initially surprised at the casting of Tom Cruise, as Reacher has always been
    described as a big guy. Then I thought about all the movies he’s been in. Never thought about his height while watching them. He doesn’t come across on screen as a short or small person. I think Tom will make a great Reacher. He’s an excellent actor and I expect him to do Lee Child’s book proud.

  12. I’m not a Cruise hater, and I started reading the Reacher novels after reading about his optioning the movie & choosing himself to star in it. I thought, “How big a deal could it be? He’s an actor. They pretend for a living.” While I think Cruise will likely do a good job with the character, it remains that he’s an unusual choice to play Reacher. Physicality is important in movies, and when transitioning a written character to the screen–written characters who are well-known, and whose readers are presumably part of the target audience for the movie–it’s a fair enough question to ask, whether an actor who does not “fit” the part can create that character on-screen. Reacher wouldn’t spend so much time narrating his size, his physicality, if it weren’t intrinsic to who he is and how he operates in the world.

    I think Cruise will likely do a good job, but I think Reacher fans will always wonder if another actor might have truly embodied the character in a way that Cruise simply cannot.

    Sorry if that came off like a five-year-old. :p

    • I know size is important but If you need another comparison to understand how it Can be done with a small actor. look at Tom Hardy playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Tom is Short, Bane was immense, as in 7-8 ft tall roided out rage in the comics!! In fact almost No human alone could be Bane unless they used cgi for him. So it can be done, or heres hoping it can anyway,lol.

      • And I would argue comparing those two characters doesn’t quite work. Batman is a superhero–granted, a more “down-to-earth” superhero–who has lots of gadgets and toys. Reacher is a man, just a man, who relies solely on his physical abilities (and LUCK, of course!). The character is definitively straightforward, totally human, and yet completely apart from other humans. CGI makes sense in the Batman context, but I would expect Reacher–and the character playing him–to be inherently, well, Reacher! Comic book characters are by definition a version of an alternate reality. What has always appealed to me about Reacher is how utterly realistic he is, even in the most fantastic or outrageous situations.

        I’m not anti-Cruise in this role. It is, after all, what got me into the series in the first place. If anything, I’m grateful for the controversy as they prompted me to pick up the series. Who knows, maybe I won’t be able to picture anyone BUT Cruise as Reacher after the movie. But I do understand why longtime Reacher fans feel disappointed by the choice, and I think they’re entitled to their opinion without being called children.

  13. Cybershark makes a valid point but I have to go back to the what Sean Cameron says which in my view is spot on. At the very core of the Reacher character is his physical size, with the way the books are written this is a fact which cannot be adapted or altered, to do so would change the character beyond recognition. I have nothing against Tom Cruise, he’s a fine actor and had made some great movies but no matter how good this movie turns out to be it is not and could never be a true Reacher story and that’s the saddest part of all because now I doubt that we will ever see a movie that does true justice to the books or the character.

  14. I have seen countless books turned into movies. It’s always “based on the novel…” The directors and screenwriters take liberties with the original story. You can never go to a movie with the expectation of seeing the exact same thing you read and pictured in your head. Parts of the story will be gone or changed. I’ve seen two characters from a book become one person in the movie. Film is a completely different medium, and many people who see the movie have never read the book. Some never read at all. I try to view a movie on its own terms, and not dwell on stuff like “hey, that character was fat in the book!” or “what happened to the human sacrifice from the book?” (M.A.S.H.) I’m looking forward to this new movie, whatever they end up calling it. And, I’ll try not to obsess over the Reacher character not looking the way the books led me to expect.

  15. Sorry, while I loved the action in MI 4 from Mr. Cruise I have read all the Reacher novels and Mr. Cruise is no Jack Reacher maybe a mini-me version of him.

    • Mini-me – good one. I agree, Cruise was an unlikely choice to play Reacher, who happens to be one of my favorite characters from any series books. It’s a done deal now, so we can only hope for the best.

  16. Anyone who believes Cruise is a good choice for Reacher has either not read the books or has and not understood them. Lee Child has sold out his great character for the big pay day. Of course he thinks Cruise is a good choice, what else can he say. He has made millons from selling his character and has sold his soul in doing so. There is NO debate on this. Talk about Collateral to Top Gun all you like, it is completely irrelevant. It is a terrible choice of actor and the trailer proves this in 30 seconds. If you read this Mr. Child, I want you to know that you have let down all your fans and your last couple of books have been your worst. You are to blame, not Tom Cruise. I will not be paying money to see a great character destroyed forever. Enjoy early retirement Mr. Child

    • “it may struggle to pull in the character’s fans who are already dead-set against Cruise occupying that part, no matter how good people say he looks in the role – or how Child has even voiced his approval of the casting.”

      That’s putting it too politely for JR fans who think this is *bleep*. And the “movies are always different” argument doesn’t compute as there are too many films where it is OBVIOUS very careful casting was done. What else is Lee Child going to say? TC bought the rights and has turned it into a vanity project for himself. Reading about the clips just made it worse. There is no car chase in the story and it didn’t need one. There is NO attempted shot from behind. Not only has a rabid squirrel cast himself as Reacher, but a gritty, intelligent thriller sounds like it’s been corrupted into hom-hum schlock like dozens of other films. Sounds like MI set in Indiana – except it’s Pittsburgh.
      Don’t agree that the last few books were worst, I like the later ones better and the writing gets cleaner and sharper. But while I never wait for the next Jack Reacher, I’m happy to wait until there is a filmmaker that cares as much as Reacher fans do – and wants to do the series justice. Not just act out his own personal fantasy of himself.