‘One for the Money’ Trailer: ‘Midnight Run’ with Katherine Heigl

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one for money trailer One for the Money Trailer: Midnight Run with Katherine Heigl

Author Janet Evanovich’s popular “born-and-bred Jersey girl [with] plenty of attitude,” Stephanie Plum, was reportedly inspired in part by Robert De Niro’s hard-living bounty hunter character from Midnight Run. So, based on that description, one might envision an actress like, say, Marisa Tomei being recruited to play the heroine in the new adaptation of Evanovich’s Plum novel, One for the Money, right?

Instead, Lionsgate went with Katherine Heigl for the part of Miss Plum – and judging by the One for the Money trailer, this film isn’t going to win over anyone who wasn’t already a fan of the former Grey’s Anatomy startlet.

One for the Money looks to be an action-rom-com in the vein of the Heigl-starring Killers. It was directed by Julie Anne Robinson (The Last Song) and co-scripted by writers such as Kirsten Smith (The Ugly Truth) and Liz Brixius (Nurse Jackie). Based on that collective filmography, you probably already have an inkling of what sort of comical tone the Evanovich adaptation is going for.

Here is an official synopsis for One for the Money:

Desperate for some fast cash, Stephanie (Heigl) turns to her last resort: convincing her sleazy cousin to give her a job at his bail bonding company…as a recovery agent. True, she doesn’t even own a pair of handcuffs and her weapon of choice is pepper spray, but that doesn’t stop Stephanie from taking on Vinny’s biggest bail-jumper: former vice cop and murder suspect Joe Morelli (Jason O’Mara) – yup, the same sexy, irresistible Joe Morelli who seduced and dumped her back in high school.

Nabbing Morelli would be satisfying payback – and a hefty payday – but as Stephanie learns the ins and outs of becoming a recovery agent from Ranger (Daniel Sunjata), a hunky colleague who’s the best in the business, she also realizes the case against Morelli isn’t airtight. Add to the mix her meddling family, a potentially homicidal boxer, witnesses who keep dying and the problem of all those flying sparks when she finds Morelli himself…well, suddenly Stephanie’s new job isn’t nearly as easy as she thought.

Check out the trailer for One for the Money (via Yahoo! Movies) below:


Give Heigl credit… she only drops her (thankfully) underplayed Jersey accent a handful of times in this One for the Money trailer. Faint praise, we know.

On a kinder note: it is actually kind of refreshing to see the actress playing a character besides the beautiful, but undeniably uptight career-driven gal type (see: every other Heigl role). O’Mara (Terra Nova, Life on Mars) and Sunjata (Rescue Me, Grey’s Anatomy) both look to be having a bit of fun as Heigl’s respective bad guy/good guy love interests in One for the Money – though it’s almost shocking to see Debbie Reynolds playing the “wacky” elderly matriarch here. Those parts are generally reserved for Betty White nowadays, right? Moving on…

Whether or not One for the Money will be as broad a mix of “hip” comedy and action as is indicated in this early theatrical preview – that remains to be seen. However, if a film that includes “quirky” hookers, nudist senile old men, grandmas shooting turkeys, and more than its fair share of rom-com clichés – mixed with the occasional action set piece – doesn’t sound like your thing… well, you probably weren’t even remotely interested in this movie to begin with.

On that note – check out the One for the Money poster below:

one for money movie poster One for the Money Trailer: Midnight Run with Katherine Heigl


One for the Money arrives in U.S. theaters on January 27, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Doesn’t look TOO terrible yet. I may even go see it.

  2. Katherine Heigl is really stunning and very talented. She is incredible and she is amazing. It’s an exceptional performance, just wonderful.

    • Huh. You’re Bruce Whitewood on Collider. Strange.

  3. >_< THEY GOT RANGER WRONG UGH. Ranger has long hair in the first book and is really strong, Morelli is also strong and there both extremely sexy and you would have a hard time picking which one to stick with. Both males are strong, masculine, and dangerous men, and Stephanie would feel feminine standing near them. These two actors that play Joseph Morelli and Ranger would of been fine if the actress playing Stephanie was smaller and tiny because in her point of view they'll look dangerous. But, because they picked HER they had to pick other actors that are a lot more masculine and dangerous. Also where is the scar on Morelli's right eye brow and again is obvious that Ranger has long hair. he cuts it in the book Hot Six. So far the previews are good but they got the actors all wrong is like they were lazy when they were picking them. Stephanie also is not suppose to act really professional and she is suppose to be a chicken for 90% of everything that has to do with bounty hunter and she messes up A LOT (hopefully they got that right). Also hopefully they didn't miss any details from the book. I read the book 4 times (I love the book and I'm a huge Evanovich fan and Stephanie plum novel fan). I know nobady is perfect and you cant get every detail from book to film but at least try not to miss the Obvious things and Obvious details. -__- At least they got Lula and Vinnie Right. -.-

    • My wife (a long time Plum fan) also said they got Ranger wrong. She immediately said “That’s Lula” and is on board with Debbie Reynolds as Mama Mazur.
      Also since they are up to 17, if they are going to do more, they better get going because Heigl is no spring chicken.

      • I agree. I also said they got Lula right and grandma Mazur. Vinnie Plum they got him semi right but the only ones they got wrong was Ranger and Morelli seems like they missed all the obvious things.
        True though if there going to do more Stephanie plum book to movie they better hurry the actors/actresses don’t stay young for ever and like you said there’s 17 books lol.

  4. katherine heigl is one of the worst actresses working right now.

  5. Oh, Katherine Heigl has fans?

  6. The continual Katherine Heigl hate on here just seems a bit childish to me. Sort of like you’re doing it because everybody else is doing it and its the in thing to do. Nobody here ever gives any real legitimate reason for it but you find ever miniscule nitpick you can think of. Now you’re watching and rewatching a trailer to count when she drops her accent?

    I find that kind of continual rant tiresome and a bore, and not legitimate criticism. Just as I would regardless of who the actor or actress might be. So when I see the words “Katherine Heigl” on here, I’ll know the skip the article since judgment has already been passed.

    • I agree.

  7. I just noticed on the scene were Morelli takes the keys and trows it in the dumpster the way he takes the keys is that, he kisses her and while he is kissing her he takes the keys then trows it in the dumpster. That’s my favorite scene because it’s funny they took the kissed out of it T.T.

  8. I agree with all comments regarding hatred towards her. I just don’t see any reason for it. She is a stunningly, beautiful woman – certainly one the most attractive around in the world at the moment.

    Ok so her films are not oscar material but then neither do the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hatthaway, Kate Hudson etc. Her films do generally generate more box office than a lot of her contemporaries do.

    I just think it would benefit her to try a different genre, action, thriller or even sci-fi. Just something different to challenge her more and prove her status as an actress.

  9. I despise Katherine Keigl because she plays the same character in nearly every film she does (see the article’s note) and bad-mouths the film that made her career…excuse me, not just bad-mouthed it, but slammed the cast and crew who thought she was a pleasure to work with. She also enjoys slamming the writing staff of the television show that brought her attention.

    While I don’t enjoy the films of many of the actresses mentioned in lebsta’s comment, at least they don’t bite the hands that feed them.

    • Most of the people she has worked with–especially the directors–say she’s very professional and easy to work with. Some of the statements she made were outspoken, unfortunate, but never malicious–and actually had a grain of truth to them.

      The only statement she made that raised my eyebrow was the statement about the writers of Grey’s Anatomy not giving her material worthy of an Emmy nomination (again true), but then I realized she was trying to get out of a contract and that was a way to do it. Certainly smarter than attacking the producers or the network. In the end, she got what she wanted.

      These statements were years ago when she was younger and since then, she has recanted, apologized and has tired to move on. Can’t you and others do the same?

  10. Morelli and Ranger needed to be knock your socks off sexy. Don’t see this with either of these two actors. Love these books and really hate they got the two main male characters wrong. Was so looking forward to the movie. After seeing the trailer –not now.

  11. Heigl – wrong (she is not even wearing blue contacts??). Ranger and Morelli? Soooo wrong. I thought Morelli was supposed to be smoldering Italian, hello? (or was that all in my head? ;p) Daniel S is hot; but he isn’t RANGER. Sorry. Lula – perfect (who I had pictured actually.) And Grandma Mazur –I’ll admit I pictured Chloris Leachman; but Debbie Reynolds could be a hilarious surprise. I’m just ticked the other bad choices of primary characters by heigl et al will ruin this franchise.

  12. Heigl – wrong Wrong wrong (she is not even wearing blue contacts??). Ranger and Morelli? Soooo wrong. I thought Morelli was supposed to be smoldering Italian, hello? (or was that all in my head? ;p) Daniel S is hot; but he isn’t RANGER. Sorry. Lula – perfect (Sherri S was who I had pictured actually.) And Grandma Mazur –I’ll admit I pictured Chloris Leachman; but Debbie Reynolds could be a hilarious surprise. I’m just ticked the other bad choices of primary characters by heigl et al will ruin this franchise.