‘Frozen’ Heads to ‘Once Upon a Time’ in Season 4

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For the past three seasons, ABC’s fantasy series Once Upon a Time has made its bread and butter by putting a new twist on a few well-known fairy tales. Classic Disney animated characters like Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Hook from Peter Pan have all been central to the ongoing storyline. But in an effort to expand the series’ scope, the writers have begun to search for more source material to use.

The Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz took over from Peter Pan as the main villain this past season, adding an exciting element to the characters’ increasingly problematic lives. And now, in what many are saying is a blatant cash grab by Disney, Once Upon a Time is poised to make another big change with a new yet very familiar villain for the first half of its upcoming season 4.

In the last few minutes of the season 3 finale, Elsa, the Snow Queen from Disney’s animated hit Frozen, was seen entering the world of Storybrooke after being held captive in Rumpelstiltskin’s vault. Her introduction comes at just the right time as the film has made $1.2 billion at the box office since its release in November 2013 while also winning two Academy Awards for best animated feature and best original song.

Frozen OnceUponaTime Frozen Heads to Once Upon a Time in Season 4

But in an interview with THR, executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were adamant that their decision to include Elsa in Once Upon a Time came from a place of passion, not money, with an idea they pitched to the studio and network instead of the other way around. Fans of Frozen might also be worried about how the series plans to use Elsa as villain, but Kitsis had this to say about it:

[What] we loved so much about the character of Elsa was that she was considered a villain but she never really was. She was misunderstood. That, on our show, speaks to us so strongly, that it was a toy we had to play with. It’s funny because I see lots of people [saying] “Oh! Did Disney ask them to do this?” It’s quite the opposite. It’s actually quite hard to get these characters on the show. It’s not like you get a call from Mickey Mouse saying, “I want you to sell mermaids this week.” It’s the opposite. It’s very hard to get these. We were very honored that Disney allowed us to take this toy off the shelf and let us play with it.

Meanwhile, Horrowitz confirmed to EW that Elsa won’t be the only character from Frozen visiting Storybrooke:

Yeah — we’d be disappointed if Elsa was the only one we saw, but we’re not quite ready yet to tell you who else we may encounter.

For many it may seem too early to adapt Frozen, which is itself an adaptation of the fairytale The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. But in an industry that has seen multiple versions of Spider-Man and Superman in the last ten years, time doesn’t appear to be much of an issue these days. And as fans of the film themselves, along with of course their daughters, Kitsis and Horowitz may be just the right people to do her story justice.

We won’t know until the fall what the writers of Once Upon a Time have in store for viewers. For now, the next important step is casting the right actress to play Elsa, which Kitsis and Horowitz say will happen after Memorial Day.

Until then, who do you think should play the Snow Queen? What other characters from Frozen are you hoping will join the series? And most importantly, is it really too soon for the film to be spun off into TV?


Once Upon a Time will return to ABC for season 4 in Fall 2014.

Source: THREW [via ComingSoon]

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  1. Anyone who has a problem with this can just let it go.

    • This.

    • The haters never bothered me anyway.

  2. I thought you where mad when you mentioned Frozen.

    “The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen”

    I wonder if they’ll have Snow Bees and Trolls

  3. Yep, Original story with Elsa as the Ice Queen Villain, before CS Lewis TLTWAW,
    they are using Disneys good,misunderstood Elsa image though for viewership and ratings, pretty crass, but its decided,
    I have to watch this now.

    • After all, ABC is a subsidiary of Disney Company

      • yeah… was that kept secret? hahahahahaha its been that way for quite some time. Crossovers never bothered me anywhere…

  4. I come from a place where Passion and Money are one in the same.
    It almost made me start watching this show but the first minute was awful it doesn’t look good I caught a few of the rumplestilshin episodes but it was crap and even my sister and mother fans of all fairy tales laughed at it. 3 seasons to see one character I think not this is No Game Of Thrones- No spoilers please-
    So When are we going to start seeing The Avengers kick some Fairytale butt?
    Elsa: What are you?
    Tony Stark: The Avengers, That’s what we call ourselves-Earth mightiest heroes and all that.
    Elsa: I have “Ice powers”
    Tony Stark: We have a Hulk….
    Anyway When SWE7 roles out and Rebels should will we see those characters- Han Solo vs any disney character and we all know who would win.

    • I know who would win: Mickey Mouse

    • I think it is just not the show for u but I guarantee u if you watch it again from the very beggining you might end up liking it

      • Well I might but it’s three seasons and I’m no fan of fairy tales. I don’t have time time to try out a show for it to turn out to be rubbish.

  5. Well he always shoots first right? (despite Lucas’s best effortd)
    even Disney won’t go there

  6. Well that certainly looks awful, what is this crap?

    • It’s “Crap”
      How can this go on for 3 Seasons and good shows like Almost Human or Firefly gets canned ?
      Something is wrong with this world !

      • Cause it’s not on Fox and people like Disney characters and Fairy Tales? I mean is this a rhetorical question?

      • Are you STILL not over Firefly being canceled? Wow….

        • In all fairness, much as I love OUaT, I’m still not over Firefly being canceled.

  7. Once Upon A Time is honestly one of the best shows on TV at the moment, I think.

    Season two was really the only season that was kind of slow. Season one is phenomenal, and Season three wasn’t too bad either, especially the second half.

    For those who think they wouldn’t be into it, I thought the same thing, but I would be very surprised if someone who watches the entirety of season one doesn’t enjoy the show afterwards.

    • I agree you! I love this show. I have been watching from day one…Season One. I love how the show gives the storybook characters a back-story. A lot of thought goes into making these stories overlap each other! I can’t wait for the next season! This is much better than the reality television junk that’s on EVERY channel right now!

  8. I did like the first couple of episodes, they were pretty decent, but I did stop watching it for no reason really. Maybe I will start up again.

  9. I would say Han or Luke, but these idiots are hell bound on making evey new character a villain as of late. I’m still ticked they made Peter Pan a bad guy, now they’re making her a villan too. These morons would make Captain America a villan if they could.

    • um … why would you ticked about anything they do on this show? why would you care so much? if you don’t like it – just don’t watch it. but even stranger what’s up with caring about Peter Pan of all characters ?

      what’s so hard to understand about any “changes” they may make to any characters, they’re trying different stuff, mixing and matching character traits, “histories,” etc – to just try and create an original story that blends all these disparate characters into an interesting new and entertaining tv show?

      and as for making most/ many new characters villains … uh again what’s so hard to understand, the majority of the leads all started as “heroes” with only two of the series regular who were villains and are now “anti-heroes” – unless they get rid of the leads – of course they have to add new characters and story lines that cause conflict and pretty much every fairytale (Disney or otherwise) – has a hero and a villain. So why not turn many of the new characters into villains?

      if everyone is a “hero” where does the conflict come from ?

      • Brock needs to…

        ♫♪♫ Get a liiiiiife, get a liiiiiife! Trolls rise like the break of daaaaAawn!

    • The snow queen was originally a villain in the Hans Christian Anderson tale, so it would make sense. Frozen was the only adaptation of the snow queen that made her a protagonist, and even then the makers of Frozen were going to make her the villain until ‘let it go’ was made.

  10. Sadly this show has a decent premise but with the character design, acting, horrible special effects and poor execution it just makes it unwatchable.

    Whoever does the casting and character design for this show needs to be tied down and forced to watch what they are doing, because anyone in their right mind would think this is even remotely good.

  11. I hope Elsa isn’t just a villain, maybe she can be like Regina, and I hope they cast “the right” actress, and I have no idea, who that could be.

    • I’ve heard people keep wanting Idina to play her, but I can’t picture her blond.

      • Same, if you compare her to Elsa she looks nothing like her. She would have the right voice and she can act, but that’s about it.

  12. they should add Anna and olof! Maybe Christoph, the rein deer and prince Hans

    • They can’t put the kiddie versions of them on the show. IF they put Olaf (though I personally hope not, since he was specifically for the children) then he’d have to be a man.

  13. As a big fan of Frozen, I’m conflicted. On one hand, they’ve got so many others fairy tales to explore, so many other stories. The cash cow says moo. On the other, it’s Frozen in live-action mode. I suppose if they do the characters right, and don’t just randomly combine them/relate them to other characters already established within the world they’ve set up, I’d be alright with this.

    Not that I’m a huge fan of the show anyways.

  14. The other Frozen character should be Olaf singing his Summer Song… and when he first appears he should say “Happy Birthday!!!”.

  15. Start the votes for Kate Upton now!

    (Ok. I know it won’t work or happen, but wouldn’t it be cool to see her in costume!?!)

    ……………. got to control breathing now….

  16. I LOVE this show, but there would be so much more to explore…

    After Once Wonderland was axed, I hope they’ll come up with a new spin-off at some point, one focusing on the wonderous worlds of Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ryder Haggard, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Borroughs etc… There would be plenty of crossover potential within these literary realms and all of them are public domain these days… Let’s call it ONCE ABOARD THE NAUTILUS… we could have mysterious islands, the moon, the center of the earth, Mars, Tarzan, time travel, Victorian England, submarines and much more… they could even include references to Victorian horror stories, Mark Twain, Gulliver’s Travels, Robinson Crusoe… basically each and every literary classic in the adventure genre up until Homer’s take on Greek mythology…

  17. First off, using the tag line ‘Let it Go,’ that is just Priceless. Second the only reason ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and ‘Agents of Shield’ is still on the air because Disney owns ABC. Thirdly, if Fox actually supported their shows like ‘Almost Human, and ‘Firefly’ then better shows like those would not be ‘Cult Classics’ and would still be on the air.

    I tired watching ‘Once Upon A Time,’ but the same story lines of Henry always saying ” In the book, it doesn’t end like this.” How about which mom should Henry stay with, will Regal stay good this season or use magic to rule Storybooke again? Seriously, these were the themes for the two seasons that I watched and I FINALLY had enough to move on.

    If your looking for better shows on T.V. I recommend ‘Community, Archer, and Arrow.’

  18. I’m tired of these TV assaults on viewers that are supposed to have seen a particular movie already to understand the reference. There should be a certain time period moratorium before events like that are allowed to happen.

    PS. I didn’t know Frozen was an adaptation of Snow Queen, nor have I seen it, nor am I likely to until it reaches DVD. It’s an insult.

    • It’s been on DVD since March. Enjoy! :D

    • Who says Regina’s going to be evil again? She had every right/reason to be pissed, but that doesn’t mean she’s going back down the same old dusty revenge trail again.

      I don’t think she’d endanger her relation ship with Henry like that. More likely, seeing Regina treated like one of the good guys is going to drive Marion over the edge and onto the path of revenge (and hopefully push Robin straight into Regina’s arms.)

  19. I love this show once upon a time is my favorite TV show I just hope they do not turn Elsa into a villain and keep her as they had her in the Disney movie and maybe introduce Anna and Christoph but I didn’t care much for Hans

  20. I don’t like elsa to be a villain too. I hope she won’t.

  21. I love this show.. It’s the best thing in tv right now.i can’t wait to see Elsa . I’m soo hooked in once upon a time.. If u don’t like the show its because you don’t understand the meaning and the point of the show.. Too bad for you because I do know . Love it hurry with next season 4plsssss