‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Getting a Sequel Titled ‘London Has Fallen’

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olympus has fallen sequel london Olympus Has Fallen Getting a Sequel Titled London Has Fallen

The White House got an unwelcome visit from paramilitary terrorists twice this year, in Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen and Roland Emmerich’s White House Down. Interestingly, while the former grossed less worldwide in theaters than the latter ($161 million vs. $205 million), Fuqua’s R-Rated solo man on a mission thriller outgrossed Emmerich’s blockbuster in the U.S. ($99 million vs. $73 million) and cost less than half as much to make; hence, it was declared the winner in the copycat movie showdown.

Further proof that Olympus Has Fallen deserves the crown for “Most Successful America, F-Yeah! Movie of 2013″? The film has earned a sequel – titled London Has Fallen – that is slated to begin principal photography in the eponymous UK capital city in May 2014, with a good chunk of the original cast already confirmed to reprise their roles.

Screen Daily has learned that Millennium Films is producing and financing London Has Fallen, with the incoming new Focus Features CEO Peter Schlessel – whose FilmDistrict distributed Olympus Has Fallen theatrically earlier this year – prepared to distribute the sequel, albeit through his new studio. The list of stars confirmed to return for the next Fallen installment include Olympus leads Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart, in addition to supporting players Angela Bassett and Radha Mitchell.

As for the storyline this time: the sequel is described as being more of a buddy romp, where U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Eckhart) and newly-instated Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Butler) must work together with an MI6 agent, in order to prevent a planned terrorist attack during the funeral for the recently-deceased British Prime Minister. Freeman will once again play Speaker Trumbull, who presumably gets left behind to do boring things – like running the U.S. government (no shutdown jokes, please) – while his boss goes out and saves the world.

olympus fallen butler eckhart Olympus Has Fallen Getting a Sequel Titled London Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen is solid popcorn entertainment, even though (arguably) it’s only partly successful at feeling like more than a feel-good flag-waving thriller that was plucked straight from the 1990s – back when U.S. presidents were badasses in films like Independence Day and Air Force One – and released in the more politically-jaded time like the early 21st century. The cast is partly to thank for the movie working as well as it does (including, standout supporting player Melissa Leo), as was the screenwriting and direction… to a lesser degree.

Wife-husband screenwriting duo Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger are coming back to script London Has Fallen, but Fuqua will be preoccupied with The Equalizer (starring Denzel Washington), around the time that filming on London gets started. Regardless of who is selected to replace Fuqua at the helm, the returning cast alone may be enough to ensure that the sequel is passable fun (if perhaps sillier and more over the top in its expression of national pride than the original movie).

How about it – do you want to see a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, as described above?


More on London Has Fallen as the story develops.

Source: Screen Daily

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  1. OHF was ok. I don’t know if it needs a sequel.

  2. When i first read the article title i was like seriously? How will they make a sequel to this? but now I’m kind of excited for it.

    The first one was great, and really fun, even if its totally implausible.

    But it sounds like the sequel won’t have quite the level of implausibility which should shut up some of the people who made fun of the first. glad its bringing back the cast.

    can’t wait.

    • Isn’t implausible since something very similar happened in 1812 when the British destroyed Washington DC.

  3. OK so London is in danger from an imminent terrorist attack so we call on a Scotsman playing an American to help us out.. sounds.. um ridiculous but then the first installment was so it would be in keeping.

    • I was bewildered by how bad an unrealistic the first movie was. All this time i never realized how truly inept the secret service is. I also never realized that all it would take to destroy Washington DC is ONE C-130 with miniguns mounted to the sides (not even a AC-130 Spectre… Just a C-130 cargo plain).

      It was a horrifically bad movie, and I cannot comprehend why it should be spawning a sequel.

  4. i saw OHF at the midnight showing and saw it with a good crowd. the vibe and the movie was awesome. i really liked the movie. thought it was better than WHD. not sure if a sequel is needed but ill give it a shot

  5. Olympus Has Fallen was solid entertainment. I liked it.
    It did not pretend to be anything other than what it was.
    It was a formula movie. Yes. It worked. The formula can again.

  6. Wait. Does it start with a bridge?

  7. lol

  8. Is this an April fools joke? Oh wait it’s not April 1st but it sure hell does sound like one.

  9. Movie was gutter trash. The sequel probably will be too

    • Welp, I guess you would know Gutter Trash when you see it?

      • Yes, it’s apparently an action-comedy set in the mean streets of Brooklyn where only the so-called lowlifes and thugs can save the day when a national crisis rears its head.

  10. YES.

  11. Ah. Yes. Another cinematic masterpiece on its way from one of the prime intellects/artists of the movie industry. I was once forced to watch ‘Playing For Keeps’, a movie in which Gerard Butler plays a Gerard Butler that all the men wanted to be, all the women wanted to be with and all the kids wanted to be their father.

    Before then it was ‘The Bounty Hunter’, a movie in which Gerard Butler said in a press release the “banter” between he and Ms. Aniston was reminiscent of classic Tracy and Hepburn.

    I think the only movie of his I didn’t grow vengeful towards was ‘Gamer’. But that may have been Michael C Hall having a dance sequence.

    Still, at least Gerard Butler didn’t get to play Batman. I was genuinely fearful of that.

  12. This does sound like a money grab, but let’s be honest, most things in movies today are. I went to go see Olympus has Fallen in theaters with a few friends and past the logical deficits and the miscasting of Aaron Eckhart (yet again) in a role that requires charisma (Matt Damon would’ve been a much better selection in this and as Harvey Dent/Two Face in The Dark Knight), Olympus has Fallen is just one of those movies you can sit down on a Friday or Saturday night and watch. All this talk is about Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold, and all the Expendables team for that matter. Gerard Butler is a one man wreck team. That, and the fact that this guy can also ACT. He brings charisma to spare and what’s so disappointing is that he’s stuck in a bunch of mediocre or terrible movies that everyone just writes him off. Olympus has Fallen seemed like Butler’s coming out party and I hope this guy becomes a huge star soon, like he deserves to be.

  13. should have been titled ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’

    anyway the first one was just simple, dumb fun. but certainly not worth the sequel treatment. it will be hard to imagine what they could possibly do to make the formula feel unique other than the setting. meh.

  14. so they are going to run through a list of cities ‘to be fallen’? … next up, New York? or should we do a Paris?

  15. The Parliament Has Fallen

  16. I can’t say I was expecting or asking for a sequel but hey, I’d watch it.

  17. I was really surprised with OHF. It was a great popcorn film with all the right elements of thrills, action and drama. The sequel sounds interesting, but I will have to wait and watch.

  18. Sequel??? Really???

  19. I hope there will be a sequel to White House Down then, too. BIG BEN DOWN sounds promising :-)

  20. OHF2. Its Die Hard but with the President of the USA in the UK also with a bit of Lethal Weapon and 007… The pitch meeting must have been a gas.

  21. Olympus Has Fallen was a fun flick, and I would certainly watch London Has Fallen as well (London Bridge is falling down?!). I am also anxiously awaiting White House Down on my Netflix list, which also looks good. Both were influenced VERY heavily by books by Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, and by movies like Die Hard. But I don’t care, still very enjoyable. Get the popcorn…I’m ready!

  22. If they did a movie right now called “Benghazi Has Fallen”, the White House Administration would pretend they didn’t know the movie happened….

  23. Channing Tatum is not not amused, lol.

  24. I watched both movies back to back recently, I thought tht WHD was the better of the two.it had a bigger budget, more action,looked a lot more polished…imo

    • Definitely agree. I watched OHF a couple months ago and WHD more recently, and WHD was definitely better all around. Too bad it didn’t do as well in terms of net income, since it deserved to.

      Not sure why it didn’t do as well, since it had better effects, better director (for these kinds of flicks), more star power etc. I’m guessing people were tired of the same kind of flick that came out a few months before.

  25. Once again, Hollywood at its worst, claiming OHF won the battle because it did better in the US than WHD, despite WHD earning more money and therefore (logically) being declared “winner”.

    Will they claim London Has Fallen “won” some kind of movie war if it does a bigger box office in the UK than a similar movie? Cause, y’know, movies are worldwide and I’m sure people would love a WHD sequel set in another country too if these studios would get out of the “America is the only country” mindset.

    Who WOULDN’T want to see Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum running around Paris or Moscow as an “anything you can do…” cash-in? Could’ve had it if they looked at global box office as the be-all, end-all.

  26. When can we start playing Seven Degrees of Morgan Freeman?

  27. I will definitely watch it, though i feel like it’d be weird. Now if it had just been a terrorist movie set in British Parliament, I would definitely watch it.

  28. In keeping with the originals title they should call it “COLUMBIA HAS FALLEN” or “BRITAINNIA HAS FALLEN”. Avoiding use of the citys name makes it sound more epic somehow.

  29. Wow…hollywood just struck a gold mine. Do you know how many capital cities we have in the world? After this movie, I can’t wait for Tokyo Has Fallen, Paris Has Fallen, Soul Has Fallen, Mexico City Has Fallen, Ottawa Has Fallen…..etc….