‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Trailer: Gerard Butler Must Save President Eckhart

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Independence Day director Roland Emmerich offers his take on the ‘Die Hard in the Oval Office’ concept with White House Down arriving this summer. However, director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn’s Finest) will beat him to the punch with Olympus Has Fallen, which makes its way to theaters much sooner.

The Olympus Has Fallen trailer boasts plenty of cinematic fireworks and imagery of the White House being laid to ruin. Not surprisingly, it also takes time to showcase a respectable cast that includes Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett (Green Lantern), Rick Yune (The Man with the Iron Fists) and Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D).

Here is the synopsis for Olympus Has Fallen, based on (relative) newcomers Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger’s script:

When the White House (Secret Service Code: “Olympus”) is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning’s inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President, and avert an even bigger disaster.

Olympus doesn’t beg obvious comparisons to the Obama administration through its casting – unlike WHD, which features Jamie Foxx as the U.S. Commander-in-Chief – but there’s clearly something about the related setup that studio heads feel will resonate with general audiences, given the current political climate here in the States. That accounts for Olympus Has Fallen releasing but a few months before WHD, even with undeniable similarities in terms of material and approach.

Then again, Hollywood has a track record of releasing different spins on the same idea within months of one another (see: A Haunted House and Scary Movie 5 this year), so maybe this is just studios playing chicken with one another. Moving on…


Olympus Has Fallen Poster Official 570x844 Olympus Has Fallen Trailer: Gerard Butler Must Save President Eckhart

Truth be told, Olympus has Fallen almost looks and feels like an Emmerich picture, between the large ensemble of name actors, melodramatic content and bombastic action that piles on explosions and CGI spectacle. However, Emmerich has found success calling back to the cornball antics of old-school Hollywood disaster flicks – updated with digital-era effects – whereas Fuqua is less experienced in that area.

That’s to say: the Olympus trailer suggests Fuqua is attempting to beat Emmerich at his own game and, frankly, that doesn’t seem like a great idea (even given the head-start). It might play out differently, though, we’ll have to wait and see…

Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters on March 22nd, 2013.


Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. CGI looks uncompleted or smth. But acting looks gooood

  2. Sounds interesting, I’m just worried about Butler being the lead because I haven’t really rated him as an actor at all.

  3. This movie looks awesome! I was clueless about there being any White House in peril films at all this year until I saw the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen on a new movie trailer list this afternoon [LINK REMOVED]. SO incredibly pumped for this movie. I think Gerard Butler is an excellent action star and I really hope this movie is as good as the trailer.

    • Thats the first one.

      The Second one is White House Down, with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx

  4. That CGI looks Horrible. I’ll wait for Netflix.

  5. As a Captain in the US Coastguard Reserve.

    From a Professional viewpoint, highly unlikely a plane, even a US Plane would come in that low without being shot down before even crossing the Potomac.

    Other than that……ITS LOOKS COOL..IM IN.

    • As a total civilian even I was wondering how they were going to make this credible.

      • Yea so unrealistic depicting planes hitting important US buildings.

    • I agree. As a person who grew up with all forms of aviation, we all know that Washington is a no-fly zone. To my knowledge, there are always fighters on standby to intercept any aircraft within the area. And they better not use the “flying under the radar” excuse (I’m guessing that would be why the C-130 was flying so low) in Washington of all places.

      • DC Actually has 2 fighter on RSB Ready Stand By…Fired up and fueled. They can be in the air in less than a mintute.

        AC 130 Would not stand a chance.

      • You do not fly an AC-130 low in attack mode. You cannot hit s***.
        weapon system designer

      • Again, you havent seen the movie and youve written a number of comments about it. Im not a psychologist but i tjink you fit into a weird category. The plane was intercepted of course that didnt do much. Watch the movie gary

  6. I find it funny that the only actors movies you point out are the ‘bad’ ones….


    Green Lantern
    The Man with the Iron Fists
    Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

    • i was gonna post the same thing, mainly about angela bassett. not her oscar nominated performance in What’s love got to do with it, but the crap-fest green lantern. if you were going for her latest film, then This means war would have been the correct one.

  7. Im in

  8. The director has a thing for destroying the White House. What’s up with that?

    Anything with an action Gerard Butler and I’m there.

    • Actually, wrong movies, White House Down is Roland Emmrich and yes, he does like to mess up the Whitehouse.

      • Thanks, Jeff. Appreciate the correction.

        • No Problem, Welcomed.

  9. The Third Most Protected Building in the Country, easily taken by terrorist?

    Really unlikely.

    And there are two installations more valuable than the White House.

    • Unlikely? Haven’t you watched the documentary that is “24″? I don’t remember which season it was, they are all the same and blur together, but the proof is right there! Believe it! Do it now!

      (More) on topic: looks fun! I’m in as well!

      • BUSTED!

        24 Was not seasons…they were days!


        • Damn! You’re right!

  10. Reserve judgment on this one because, when done well, the most improbable stories make for the best popcorn movies.

    Case in point: the original DIE HARD.

  11. Rick Yune just doesn’t look that believable as a terrorist. He’s too much of a pretty face. That’s it. Count me out!

    • but we (and by we, I mean me) could always use more Asian (male) actors in roles other than background types ^_^

      • What? O_o

  12. Wow, lots of terrible one-liners in that trailer. Lol gotta love the main character’s setup, it’s like they threw every cliché they could when developing him. Action looks good, I’ll give it that.

  13. Negotiations? Terrorists? This! Is! Washington!

    All kidding aside, looks like a solid action flick.

  14. I’m sorry but this looks horrendous, every action movie cliche in the book in one trailer

    ‘im the only chance you’ve got’ ‘he’s ex special forces, the best there is’ ‘the USA doesn’t negotiate with terrorists’ blah blah blah

    It’s like a mix of Air Force One, Under Seige 1 and 2, was waiting to hear ‘Casey Rybacks in the House?’

    How have the gotten away with making this crap?!

    • +1

  15. This year we have…

    “White House Down” vs “Olympus Has Fallen”
    “Scary Movie 5″ vs “A Haunted House”
    “Oblivion” vs “After Earth”
    “Identity Thief” vs “The Heat”
    “This is the End” vs “Worlds End”
    “Enders Game” vs “Catching Fire” (aka Hunger Games 2)

    anyone think of any else?

    • Is there really that much of a similarity between Ender and Catching Fire? I haven’t read or seen The Hunger Games.

      • i may have stretched that last one. Both are about child warriors in a post apocalyptic world based on scifi novels. And both come out in the same month.

        • How about Iron Man 3 + Thor 2 VS Man of Steel?
          or rather Man of Iron 3 VS Man of Steel :p

      • Ender is more like, Hunger Games mixed with Starship troopers.

    • i would’ve put Oblivion vs. Elysium

    • I would’ve put Oblivion vs. Elysium.

  16. I want Aaron Eckhart to be in kick butt roles like Nick Naylor and Harvey Dent again. He’s such a great actor imo I want him to be in projects that are at least a little bit better than this. No offense it doesn’t look horrendously bad I’m just saying the dude has serious acting chops and could be put to better use. Butler on the other hand looks perfectly at home here

  17. I’m So watching this movie

  18. 24 did it

  19. Alaikit. But WTF is wrong with dat cgi man. Acting should be good :P Love me some Freeman any day!

  20. Instead of Die Hard in the White House, how about a original Jack Bauer movie. The script is already finished and find the right director to make the movie. Renny Harlin is my pick but at this point i’ll be happy with any director. So FOX do the right thing and greenlight the 24 movie before it’s too late.

  21. The President of the United States is the leader of the country, but there is a fail safe called the 25th Amendment. Once the White House or the President is Compromised.

    All Actions of the President shall be transmitted to the Vice President. This is Absolute and final until which time, the President is rescued. All Available Military and Law Enforcement personnel, will be activated to Yankee White Clearance and all available personnel and equipment both passive, offensive and defensive will be deployed. All Actions are to be carried out with Extreme Prejudice. If the President is declared dead. Final Authorization to clear the White House at all cost.

    The Order of Succession will carry down President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, Secretary Of State, Secretary of Defense and so forth. Whomever is of Highest Rank in the chain of command will assume duties of the President.

    But make no mistake, if fiction ever became fact, the Presidents Powers are transmitted. To the successor.

    If the Speaker of the House is on vacation and inflight and they are declared President, that plane that they are on now becomes Air Force One and A Fighter escort will get that planes transponder and there will be an escort.

    That is why it is Unlikely.

    • That’s actually pretty cool. I had no idea that’s how it works. Thanks for sharing and teaching me something new.

  22. God that looks awful.

  23. You guys expect too much from a movie these days, it’s sad. Not every movie requires you to think, every performance will not be oscar-worthy, every movie follows cliches: avatar, passenger 57, the brave one & every single superhero movie, etc…just be quiet & enjoy a movie for once. Everyone’s a critic nowadays.

    • totally agree. I enjoy a fun movie once in a while.

    • Oh come on, criticizing movies (in this case their trailers) is fun. Besides, when so much money goes into these projects why don’t they make an effort to make the best possible movie they can? Don’t get me wrong, Olympus might actually be good in the end but the way the trailer is cut it does make it somewhat like a “b” action movie, with tropes and clichés not subtly done but rather just thrown in your face. Anyways, thats just my personal view on it.

      • Yeah, but our point was that b movies can be a fun distraction and a good time anyway. Not every movie needs mot be a Lincoln

        • This is true @Jack7. nothing wrong with a “dumb” action movie if its intertaining. And your right action movies shouldnt be molded into lincoln type films, but I’d still like the writers to try an come up with original lines or competent character dev. Sometimes it just seems they came up with a script in one afternoon. All movies use will use tropes and clichés that are as old as humans have been able to tell stories (ex: heroes journey plot structure etc) the dif between say avatar and a glorified B movie is that they at least try and dress it up or make the clichés (and there are quite a few) less.. Intrusive I guess would be the word I’m going for. Just enough to not take you out of the story.

          To be fair since the trailer only has a minute or so to make an impression, the few one liners here could be just that. The ones cutting the trailer just made the effort to convey exactly what the movie will be about. Though personally overemphasizing the fact in the trailer that he’s this badass ex whatever when it was fairly established that hes competent at his job was just overkill. So the movie may be better than the trailer suggest, the indiviuals who cut it just went for the “low hanging fruit”. The potential is certainly there for something good, eckart and butler are competent actors and the setup between their charcters could prove to be very interesting. The president being saved by the man whom he resents/feels killed his wife by choosing to save her instead of him type deal. Kind of like will smiths character feels about robots in I robot because of what happened in that movie. Idk tere might be more “depth” to it than the trailer suggest. At least i hope.

    • It is not sad, it is what we do, I for one said, I am in for this movie, even though I know that the plot of the movie is virtually impossible it is laughable, so therefore I am going to go see this movie and have a good 2 hours of stupid movie fun.


  25. This looks fun. Classic 80s action film.

  26. I was made to watch ‘Playing For Keeps’, a movie in which every woman wants to bed Gerard Butler, every man wants to be Gerard Butler and every kid looks up to Gerard Butler. He was a producer on the movie.

    If I ever have to spend another minute seeing Gerard Butler on or off screen, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

    • lol

      I feel bad for you.

      I really can’t get through any Gerard Butler movie so I gave up years ago. Such a crappy actor yet somehow paid loads to continue attempting.

      • He is decent in RockNRolla and Corolianus and thats about it, he makes horrendous movie choices!

        • How is he in machine gun preacher?

    • Bahaha

  27. Reminds me of Airforce one with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman i’ll totally see this

  28. has a pretty good cast, looking forward

  29. Could be interesting.