Olivia Wilde Testing for the Role of Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Steel

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This past weekend, Warner Bros. made a huge splash with its announcement that Tudors actor Henry Cavill will play Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel.

But what is a man (or a Superman) without a strong woman behind him?

Tonight, the scoop artists at Latino Review exclusively reported that TRON: Legacy star Olivia Wilde is in talks with Warner Bros. to play Lois Lane in the Superman reboot.

The confirmation comes from an inside source who is working on the upcoming Olivia Wilde film Kin, which co-stars Eric Bana. According to LR’s source, the dates of that film may potentially be pushed back depending on whether or not Wilde gets the part in Superman.

In addition to confirming that Olivia Wilde is in contention for the role, Latino Review is also reporting that Rachel McAdams is also up for the part. Earlier today, the Australian site What’s Playing ran a report that claimed Kristen Stewart, Jessica Biel, Dianna Agron, Malin Ackerman, Kristen Bell, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead also were rumored for the role.

It should be no surprise that Olivia Wilde is in the running to play Lois Lane. The 26-year-old actress is the right age to match up with Henry Cavill, and she’s one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Anytime a new female part is being debated, it seems like Wilde is in the discussion.

mcadams Olivia Wilde Testing for the Role of Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Steel

Likewise, Rachel McAdams could be another favorite for the role. At 32, McAdams is older than Cavill, but she doesn’t look her age and she has much more of a traditional Lois Lane look. The question is, what kind of Lois Lane does Zack Snyder want to bring to the big screen?

For what it’s worth, I think both Wilde and McAdams would make a good Lois Lane. With the former, you get an edgier more modern look for the character. With the latter, you get a look that better fits the traditional/serious reporter Lois Lane. Either one could be a strong casting decision.

With rumors openly floating around the web and auditions in full swing, I’m willing to bet that we’ll hear lots of casting news from Superman in the coming weeks. Ironically, I’m actually more interested in hearing what the film will actually be about.

In the past, Zack Snyder has said that the movie will follow the early days of Superman, but won’t be based on any specific comics. Apart from that, we know that General Zod isn’t the villain in the movie, and that’s about it.

We’ll be on full Lois Lane alert here at Screen Rant until the part is officially cast. Check back often for the latest news on Superman: Man of Steel.

Source: Latino Review, What’s Playing

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  1. Rachel McAdams has to be the frontrunner for the role, but I do not mind Olivia Wilde becoming Lois Lane as well. As long as its not Jessica Biel, not pretty enough…sorry.

  2. I would be happy with either McAdams or Wilde as Lois.

    It’s going to come down to who has the best chemistry with Cavill during the screentests!

  3. They’re both gorgeous and amazing actresses. I prefer Wilde though since I have had a thing for her for ages ;)

  4. My vote goes for Olivia,i think she can portray a much stronger and interesting Lois Lane. I’ve been following her on House and her character has several good similarities to Lane.

  5. McAdams for sure. I was literally just thinking about her being Lois Lane the other day. I was thinking about Eva Green too for the part. But I’m rooting for McAdams. No Stewart or Agron. They look too young.

  6. Eva Green would be awesome , but McAdams and Wilde would be excellent as well.

  7. Zack Snyder will go for TnA. He’ll go with Olivia Wilde. Zack’s all about cheese. He just likes to be flashy like Michael Bay. Acting and story be damned. Mark my words… Olivia Wilde will be the new Lois Lane.

    • I really resent the fact that you just compared Snyder to that hack Bay. Snyder has yet (Like Nolan) to make a bad film. All his films so far have been visually stunning and loads of fun. Watchmen is easily one of the greatest comic book movies ever.

      As for the casting of Lois, Olivia and Rachel while not bad choices are NOT my picks, I was pulling for Hathaway, but thats not gonna happen now that shes in TDKR….So id got for Emily Blunt or Eva Green.

    • It’s not cheese if the actress can actually act…and Wilde can quite well. Either of these two would be great choices.

    • Not really TnA when Olivia Wilde essentially has neither. She’s a tooth pick. Face wise though, angelic.

  8. I prefer Olivia Wilde over Rachel McAdams. I liked McAdams in “State of Play,” but didn’t like her in “Sherlock Holmes.”
    I don’t know how they’re going to deliver on Lois, but if she’s the sassy/tough/mouthy type, I’d rather see Wilde in the role.

  9. Also, please no Malin Ackerman. I thought she was the weakest link in Watchmen.

  10. I think Olivia Wilde would make a great Lois Lane and I’m really rooting for her over Rachel McAdams. I feel McAdams has kind of overplayed the journalistic, career-driven type once in State of Play and then in Morning Glory. However, the more I think about it, how often does the fan favorite get cast and do directos ever take in account the fans’ dream cast wishlists? Also, how modernized and how far are they going to delve into the Lois Lane character? Can Wilde pull it off, if the character is somewhat far from the tough as nails, career-obsessed Lois Lane we all know? Will she be complex and somewhat tortured as well? All I know is in Batman Begins, Katie Holmes was a terrible and forgettable love interest. I hope that I don’t say the same for Lois Lane in the reboot.

  11. I have been saying that McAdams should play the part for about a year now, but I would be happy if it was Wilde. Both are hot, both can act.

    • with this being Zacks movie, maybe Lena Headey, from 300 and Sarah Conner Chronicals

    • McAdams looks like she is a house wife

  12. I already think this film is heading for disaster, but, if they cast Kristen Stewart as Lois Lane I simply will not see it.

    • Co-sign

  13. Did I hear Natalie Dormer auditioned, too? She’d be a good Lois, but I’d take Olivia over her, and definitely over boring McAdams. Ilsa is right, she’s done the tough as nails career driven journalist too much, and she’s not very good at it. She’s too soft in demeanor.

  14. Olivia Wilde looks almost exactly like Lois Lane from the comics. She’s perfect for the role. McAdams does not look like the part and so does the rest of the contenders mentioned above.

  15. surprised Mila Kunis wasn’t on the list.

  16. Rachel FTW

  17. I love Rachel McAdams, but Olivia Wilde all the way. And for the love of God, no Kristen Stewart, she is horrible. Also, Dianna Agron looks more like Supergirl.

    • She would be a good Superirl actually, but so so wrong for Lois. She looks way too young.

  18. Meh, all these choices sound kinda lame. I’m rooting for Rosanne Barr.

  19. Although Olivia Wilde is by far the best choice out of all these. Kate Bosworth wasn’t pretty enough, Lois Lane is supposed to be both mentally and physically intimidating. Wilde can do that.

  20. No No NO !!!!, Evangalina Lilly, perfect as Lois, Mc adams , is a terrible, pick she reminds me of Bosworth, yeah she is hot but she isnt lois lane. As far as Wilde I can see her playing another role such as URSA , Zod’s first LT.

    • As far as I know Evangeline Lilly quit acting after Lost. She wants to move on the other things.

  21. i personally favor Olivia Wilde

    but Rachel McAdams is good too

    either one would be a good addition to the film

  22. Olivia Wilde has the look of a Lois Lane, Rachel McAdams on the other hand does not. While McAdams is a great actress, she has been in too many big bluckbusters and I would rather see someone with less familiarity in the role. Wilde is young, very good looking, and a fairly good actress, I think she is perfect

  23. McAdams is the only one on the list with any serious talent. The others are just pretty second tier actresses. Knowing that Hollywood always makes bad choices, I’m sure they’ll go with Wilde. But if they want to make a smart movie that will actually attract women as well — they should go with Rachel. No question.

  24. I’ll be extremely happy with either choice. If olivia wilde gets the role though I see her time on house completely over

  25. Funniest news I heard today that Zack Snyder and his wife and Kristin Stewart when out for lunch to discuss the role of Lois Lane. Her sources say she turned it down lol I would assume it was the other way around she does not embody Lois Lane in anyway nor she can’t act. Olivia Wilde should get the role or Mcadams they suit the role. Kristen Bell would be awesome Cat Grant.

  26. I want Olivia Wilde. And she would be good for this movie too. 8-)

    • LOL!

  27. I prefer to see Jennifer Love Hewitt to play Lois Lane and I think she can make a good casting character. Also, The Family of Lois Lane I picked is Stephen Collins (General Sam Lane), Diane Keaton (Ellen Lane), and Mischa Barton (Lucy Lane), remember this Lois grew up as an air force brat to her father’s side.

    • Hewitt is too fat.

      • Be nice,

      • how is Jennifer Love Hewitt fat ?

    • Are you kidding me? Jennifer Love Hewitt would make a horrible Lois Lane!!! No way, good thing you’re not the casting director. And BTW it has nothing to do with whether she’s fat or not (she’s not), but the fact that she doesn’t have the strength or talent to carry the role of such a strong, no nonsense female lead.

  28. I’m going to say NO to Olivia Wilde who, if she’s Lois Then I WON’T be seeing this movie…period. I’m liking this movie less and less by the day. Rachel McAdams would fit, and since Lois starts at the Planet before Clark does, she can be a little older. Other than that Erica Durance is my Lois Lane.

  29. I would love to see Oliva Wilde as Lois Lane. I am anxious to see Zack Snyder’s vision for Superman… I know some have mixed feels for his work on Watchmen. I happened to have liked and it was very close to the source matriel. I think Zack will give us fans a great film. I believe he knows and respects the charcater enough to saty true to what Superman, yet can give audiences a fresh new take on the character.