Is Olivia Munn Playing The Wasp in Iron Man 2?

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There’s been a lot of speculation about who Olivia Munn will be playing in Iron Man 2 – and the actress hasn’t exactly been avoiding the chance to stoke fan curiosity.

Munn’s role in the film has shifted around quite a bit since she was originally cast: including reshoots in an entirely new role. However, a recent Forces of Geek source suggests that the actress has been cast as Janet Van Dyne, a founding member of the Avengers known as the Wasp.

If the speculation is true, it would mean that Munn will have a brief cameo in Iron Man 2 – in anticipation of a larger presence in the upcoming Avengers film.

It’s certainly not a stretch to imagine that sometime after Munn was originally cast in Iron Man 2, someone over at Marvel studios realized that, in the long run, it would be better to secure the actress in a featured role – not just a small cameo.

munn wasp avengers Is Olivia Munn Playing The Wasp in Iron Man 2?

Of course nothing is official, but it’s hard to deny the likelihood of Munn receiving a significant upgrade to her role in the Marvel universe – especially after the interview she did with Zimbo regarding the new role:

“I’m a huge geek, and to have anything more than a passing glance in Iron Man 2 is a dream come true. I don’t need anything big, just a chance to fulfill a little part of my nerd fantasy. If you made me pick, my first role had more improv and was a lot of fun, but for my second one I got to pick a Marvel Comics character. It’s pretty dope that from here on out, I’m that Marvel character.”

The wording “here on out” is an interesting choice – seemingly implying something a bit more significant than a regular female cameo.

Would Bryce Dallas Howard identify with Gwen Stacey in the same way? Probably not.

Traditionally, the Wasp has the ability shift her height from hundreds of feet tall down to mere centimeters in size (more often the latter) – at smaller proportions she also develops insect-like wings. The character also features the ability to unleash electrical bursts known as her “Stinger Blasts.”

wasp iron man 2 avengers Is Olivia Munn Playing The Wasp in Iron Man 2?

In the past, Wasp’s powers have been fueled by harnessing energy from an alternate dimension – and subsequently, the greater amount of energy she requires, the greater strain is placed on her body. Though, more modern versions of the character have revised the energy transfer portion of her powrs enabling the Wasp to self-generate the energy she requires for battle.

Certainly, Munn is no stranger to electrifying screens around the world – therefore, the rumor has to be true, right (we can hope)?

What do you think? Is Munn the Wasp? How do you feel about the inclusion of the character in the Marvel film franchises?

Sources: Zimbo, Forces of Geek

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  1. Olivia Munn is quite possibly the perfect woman :) Her looks combined with her nerdy/girly personality make one fine woman

    As far as acting, I saw her once in Slammin' Salmon and she was decent. Not good, not bad. So I can't judge. I have no problem with her having a much bigger role in the franchise.

  2. No way they'd do this without consulting Edgar Wright, since he's still attached to Ant Man. I can't imagine them casting a major player like this who is going to have a significant role in another solo Marvel movie. It'd be one thing to cast Hawkeye, because as far as we know there are no plans for him to have his own movie. That could change once they see the popularity, but then it would be a spin-off (similar to Deadpool).

    My money is on Maria Hill. She looks the part, and they could make it as big or as small of a part as they wanted based on how good Munn ends up being. Doesn't have to be a major player in Avengers, but could be if they decided they wanted to do that

  3. don't know, maybe….but i called it the day you announced it. see comment board

    i know, lucky guess

  4. don't know, maybe….but i called it the day you announced it. see comment board

    i know, lucky guess

  5. Maybe in Avengers but not in Iron Man 2. Favs doesn't work with that kind of character. His Iron Man is more in the real world than anything else so nix it for IM2.

  6. I'm sort of on the fence with her. I see what you mean about pretty faces, but at the same time, she's been a long-time place holder on Attack Of The Show on G4, a show prominently focusing on movies, video games, and the like.

  7. Perhaps, but IM2 is crossing paths with Thor. You sort of throw “real world” out the window when you get Norse gods involved.

  8. She was dropped from the cast and shoots, only to get a call from FAV and have her back. I'm sure they'll introduce her character as a real person (and not The Wasp). If it's a go, it's the only way to make it work, and not ruin the film and take away from Iron Man.

  9. The other movies (Thor and Cap) involve iron man with the otherly worlds but not the other way around. Iron Man 2 may show Chris Hemsworth or speak of Thor on some way but that's about it. Thor, the thunder god himself, will not be in Iron Man 2. Favs already said he doesn't want to get involved with that stuff.

  10. That would be better than her playing Madam Masque.

  11. OK… So let me ask the question… “Why NOT her?” Be realistic, she might actually be good. Gotta get ready for opening day! – Stark

  12. Gawds, I certainly hope not.
    This vacuous poser of a “geek girl” just needs to get the frak out of anything… well, anything.
    I don't care how good people think she looks in a Slave Leia outfit. The ability to fill a metal bikini is not a measure of talent or ability.

  13. I think it would be a good idea if she was….

  14. I'm not as opposed as Tony Troxell, but I am….trepidatious.
    Her only film experience so far is a Rob Schneider flick and a horror movie I never heard of. Now, I've not seen either of these movies so I'm in no position to judge. But I don't exactly feel like sitting through them so I can form a solid opinion.
    For all I know, she MAY in fact be very talented.
    But I'm hesitant, much more so than I would have been if a seasoned actress were taking the role

  15. Well as the Wasp she definitely looks the part, but Im betting she might be another S.H.I.E.L.D. operative other then Maria Hill or Wasp. I think she might be JESSICA DREW a.k.a, SPIDER-WOMAN.

  16. One thing come to think about it that I might be worries about is that this don't become like the Transformers where there were like 30 robots. I hope its not overload. Lets just start the Avengers off with the core 5 and from there in the sequel introduce others. I hope there isn't going to be like 10 Avengers. That would be a bit much.

  17. Just because she hosts a talk show that occasionally talks about movies doesn't mean she should be acting as one. I like her as a host, but personally, I don't see her as an actor.

  18. I think Marvel would fight him on that one if it came to it. Besides, Wasp's abilities can be explained by science as opposed to “other dimensions” if need be. It'd just be trickier to do.

  19. I guess that's just personal perspective for ya. I can see her as an actress. You can't. Plenty of people have bridged that gap. Plenty haven't. It can go either way.

  20. First off, wow, I think I need to change my name, or at least remove my last name, because it's actually kinda creepy seeing someone say your full name in a Comment Section. *LOL*

    Second, part of me doesn't doubt her acting abilities in the least bit, because she has sold the country on thinking she's the hottest geek girl out there. *grins*

    But as much as I dislike her, I like Fav, and I don't doubt him. So we'll see.

  21. Didn't Favs originally want the Mandarin and Fing Fang Foom as enemies in his IM movies? Not sure why he'd be ok with mystical rings of alien technology or dragons but not something like this.

  22. Olivia Munn as the Wasp?

    Please let this be a joke… Especially after the whole “Whedon directing the Avengers” fiasco…

  23. I bet you're right. I can definitely see her as Maria. but…. I certainly wouldn't care if they did cast her as Wasp.

  24. HEY NOW! ;) Id rather her play that part and be killed off then a reoccurring character. Sorry I concur with her possibly not being an actor. She may be able to carry a small/temp role, I just dont think she has it to carry a strong role such as The Wasp.

  25. That's true. I forgot about Mandarin. Maybe he's ready to do some supernatural.

  26. I don't know too much about this woman, but I don't like the look of her. Nothing personal, but something about her face just seems a bit… off. So I hope she's not the Wasp. Judging from the photo, though, I think she'd make a fantastic Madam Masque, as we wouldn't have to look at her face. No offence to the guys who like her, but she's really not to my tastes.

  27. Dude… I hate her face. Everyone's gaga over her, but I really don't like the way her face looks. I know you're not going THAT far, and just saying there's something off about her face, but I just don't like it.

  28. well this is an upgrade for her, she reportedly was going to only be the voice for War Machine's computer (his version of Jarvis). Now Favreau liked her. This is key, people. Favreau is a smart business man. He's a intuitive director and will place people as he sees the need.
    Olivia Munn was a host on G4 networks Attack of the Show. This should not really be a big deal. Lucy Lawless started out as a host of Good Morning New Zealand.
    I am more worried about Scarlett Johansen who was with Samuel L. Jackson in the Spirit, coming over to this movie with the lingering stink of their last movie and poisoning this one.

  29. She would be perfect for the wasp. I met her at Comic-Con last year for a minute and she knows her stuff. Now can she act? Who cares? She doesn't have to carry the film, just be a part of it. She's very nice and sexy on top of that. You guys are such haters. I bet you all like Chris Evans for Cap ,and even though he's a phenominal actor, He's not the right guy for that role.