Spielberg, Vaughn & Boyle on Shortlist To Direct ‘Oldboy’ Remake

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One of the many dreaded remakes on the Hollywood slate is of the 2003 Korean masterpiece Oldboy, from acclaimed international director Park Chan-Wook.

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith – two of the biggest players in the directing and acting business respectively - were once linked to the remake. But a complicated series of legal troubles arose last year and DreamWorks apparently walked away from the project which made the possibility of Spielberg directing highly unlikely.

The last (and supposedly final) word we heard on the Oldboy remake was that it was dead in the water. Now it’s reportedly been given the kiss of life.

According to a Tweet from Pajiba, the Oldboy remake is gaining steam once again with three big-name directors being eyed for the director’s chair. Word is that a script by Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, Thor) is close to being ready and Mandate Pictures is “high” on what’s been written so far.

That script will be offered to Spielberg once again along with Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) and if those two pass, it will be offered to Danny Boyle (127 Hours). There’s no mention of whether or not Smith is still linked to the lead role.

Those are some very talented directors that would certainly garner the remake a lot more respect and credibility than it might get with a lesser known director at the helm. However, no matter the director, this revival of any sort of Oldboy remake will surely incur the wrath of fans of the original once again.

oldboy Spielberg, Vaughn & Boyle on Shortlist To Direct Oldboy Remake

The original Oldboy is one of the greatest films of the last decade and I fear that, just like many Hollywood remakes of great foreign language films, the story will be dumbed down and changed around in order to appeal to as big an audience as possible. Anyone who’s seen the original will know it has some pretty heavy-going stuff, including brutal violence (think “home made dentistry”), the consumption of a live octopus and an inappropriate relationship between father and daughter.

Somehow I don’t think an American remake would include any of those things, do you? Admittedly, previous reports have stated that the remake will actually be a new adaptation of the original comic series and not necessarily of the Korean film but do you really think Hollywood would be making its own version of Oldboy if Park’s original film hadn’t been such a success? I seriously doubt it.

Oldboy American remake Spielberg, Vaughn & Boyle on Shortlist To Direct Oldboy Remake

By the looks of things I think we’re all just going to have to accept a world where an American Oldboy remake exists and it appears now that it’ll be sooner rather than later. In accepting the notion of a remake I don’t think anyone will complain if it ends up under the direction of either Spielberg, Vaughn or Boyle (I’d personally choose Boyle of the three as I think he’s most suited). At least that way we know the film will be in capable hands.

On top of an Oldboy remake, we can also dread look forward to remakes of the other two parts of “the Vengeance trilogy,” Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Last we heard, Warner Bros. had picked up the remake rights to Mr. Vengeance back in January, hiring newcomer writer Brian Tucker to pen the script. A-list actress Charlize Theron has previously been attached to star in and produce the Lady Vengeance remake although news has been quiet on that front for a while.

Stay tuned for more on the Oldboy remake as news comes out.

Source: Pajiba

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  1. EVERYONE in Hollywood just needs to be FIRED.

  2. Agree, just leave it alone!! It’s fine the way it is.

  3. EPIC FAIL. Didn’t even really like the original, i really was excited to see it, but, just didn’t really grab me. The other two films in the revenge trilogy i felt were better. Usually it would be my style.

    Dear big movie executives, no one but you likes your ideas, so let’s just keep them your ideas. Yes I know I have a choice not to see them, but, I like going to see movies in theater and don’t like limited choices.

  4. Maybe they expect it to be the next THE DEPARTED, but chances for movie-remakes done right are very slim.

  5. I would like to see it Americanized, but that was because the original was okay to me, like Sully said, it didn’t grab me. But it would have to keep the same subject matter aka incest(maybe) and octopus eating scene.

  6. Jesus H freakin’ titty christ!
    They just will not leave alone.
    This is too depressing.
    “Oldboy” is a stunning film, the long tracking shot of Dae-Su battling through a horde of thugs is truly groundbreaking.
    I can’t see anyone in Hollywood going near the incest story…yet it is entirely central as to why Dae-Su was locked up.
    Pish, absolute pish…they are truly evil, greedy beancounters in Hollywood.

      • That was my first thought: “How the HELL are they going to capture the tracking shot of Daae-Su against 50+ guys armed with only a hammer?”

  7. Well, at least it will probably be better than “Zinda”, the Bollywood ripoff.

  8. Remakes don’t annoy me because they “ruin” the original. Let’s face it, there being a Rob Zombie Halloween movie didn’t delete the old one from existence.
    What annoys me is the thought of all the resources that’s being wasted year after year on subpar adaptions, instead of trying to do anything original.

    • People keep complaining that remakes “ruin” the original, but they fail to see that it does NOTHING to the original. In fact, it doesn’t even touch it. In some cases it helps others get interested in seeing the original.

      • I see what you guys are saying. However, in a lot of cases it introduces a whole new generation, for example, to an inferior version of the story that they will come to know as THE version of the story when in actuality it isn’t. For instance a lot of younger people might think Halloween is the Rob Zombie version not the proper, original John Carpenter one. See what I mean?

        • Who cares if they believe the updated version is superior? It’s there opinion. IMO there’s many remakes that are far superior to the original. The Fly, The Thing, War of the Worlds, True Lies (yes, it’s a remake), Clash of the Titans (not great, but it’s better than the cheesy original) just to name a few.

          • I don’t mean that they’d think the remake is superior but that they would think it’s THE film of that story and are not even aware there is an original.

  9. please NO


  11. I think Morgan Freeman would be a good fit. I’m sure he wouldn’t have any trouble relating to the incestuous character.

    • Hahahaha!! Yeah, she’s not his blood grandfather – still icky tho!Eeeww!

      • er, meant Grand-daughter

  12. If they go the way of The Departed where plots and characters are similar but the setting is different then I don’t have a problem with it. Just don’t have it set in Korea and try to cast white people as asians in it.