Ok, so it’s *not* Venom after all

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sandman Ok, so its *not* Venom after allCall it wishful thinking about the whole “Venom is the villain in Spiderman 3” thing, but it looks like it ain’t gonna happen. According to AICN, there is artwork all over the production offices of the upcoming Spidey flick indicating that the villain will be Sandman.

Realistically, this makes more sense than Venom from a marketing and box office standpoint. There are some things that are just creepy in drawn or animated form that would be scary as hell in live action, and Venom is one of them. When I think of that character in a live action film, for some reason Spawn comes to mind.

Sandman, if done right (and I have no doubt he will be), will make for a visually interesting villain and is much less intimidating for the kiddies, upon whom much bank will be made.

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  1. Spawn comes to mind?! Hopefully this movie will be better than that. I don’t think the Venom character would be a major kid repellent. GI Joe has snake-like characters, for example. Not the same, I know, but I’m just sayin’…


  2. Listen – he DOES look like Spawn. Know why? Because when Todd McFarlane – the absolute best modern-day spiderman drawer after the legendary John Romita – took the model of what Venom was and created Spawn based on the black and white VENOM costume!


    So if you’re comparing him to the MOVIE version of what you think Venom would Look like, then yes, you’re accurate.

  3. James, check out the related link dated July 3. Venom might be in it after all. 😀


  4. I think it is dumb that they are not puting venom in it like come on venom is cool but after peter and mj get married venom enters his life and like and scares the living hell out of mj. 😈

  5. Sandman as the bad guy in spiderman three? He’s always been a third rate time killer in my oppinion, but if the brain trust that is hollywood would pull thier heads out of thier butts for 30 sec’s then they would realise that Venom would be the best pick for the third installment of the spiderman ‘saga’. but hey thats just me3 speaking.