Oh Joy… Superman vs Lex Luthor… AGAIN

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kevin spacey Oh Joy... Superman vs Lex Luthor... AGAINIs there some law of the universe I’m unaware of that requires Lex Luthor to be present in Every Single Superman Movie?

According to Variety, Kevin Spacey will be reprising his role in the next Superman movie, tentatively titled Superman: The Man of Steel (how did I miss that bit of news?).

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Spacey as an actor, but I didn’t really like his Lex Luthor in Superman Returns. I realize Bryan Singer was trying to pay tribute to the original film, but the thing I disliked in particular in the first Donner film was the stupid humor. So, I didn’t really like the borderline campy performance coaxed from Spacey in the recent film.

I might not have minded having Lex in Returns if:

A. There wasn’t so much of playing the character for laughs via his role or Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalksi.

B. Lex’s motivation hadn’t been… drum roll, please: REAL ESTATE. Again.

I’m also less than happy that the same writer who added a bastard child to the Superman mythos (Michael Dougherty) is penning the screenplay for the new film.

Recently there had been news of a delay of production for the sequel due to other commitments on the part of director Bryan Singer, but those were debunked. I’m starting to think it may have been a good thing if those rumors had turned out to be true.

Superman: The Man of Steel has a target release date of June 2009

Thanks to Metal Head for the heads up!

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  1. Personally, I liked Spacey as Lex, over Hackman. (but I also liked Bale as Bat-Man over Keaton and Depp as Willy Wonka over Wilder) but I DO agree that Superman does have MANY more foes than just Lex. Move on. Lex isn’t one of those villains who’s plans are foiled at every turn. Lex is devious and cunning. Many of his evil plots run in the background quietly until…….

    Of course, they did cut Lex out of one movie (Superman 3) and look how that turned out. LOL

  2. Some people argue that Lex is the only villain that mainstream people know… to that I say that most people didn’t know Ra’s Al Ghul before Batman Begins. No wonder people think Superman is tired and outdated if they think his only foe is a real estate tycoon.

    Some people may cringe at this, but Superman should take a page from Smallville which has reimagined Zod, Brainiac, Myxyzptlk, Morgan Edge, and Bizarro. Or they could bring in Doomsday which people actually will vaguely remember from the uberhyped Death of Superman.

  3. Alca, I’d wiped III from my memory banks and truly forgotten that there was no Luthor in that one. Of course Lex was back for IV and look at THAT one. :-)

    CC, I’ve been fairly impressed with the handling of villains in “Smallville.”


  4. Braniac…Darkseid…Doomsday…Metallo…

    Anyone but Lex.

  5. Vic-
    Many of us have…. or wish we could…. forget about III and IV.

    Dittos on the Smallville villainizing and Ras al Ghul. But do you really think the world is ready for Doomsday?

    I remember reading in a Wizard Comic Guide circa 1996 when there was hype about a new Superman movie (this of course was after Chris Reeves’ accident), where they were going to take footage from the first 4 movies with Reeves and digitally add Doomsday, but instead of dying Supes gets paralyzed. Viola, Reeves reprising his role as The Man of Steel (however breifly), then using technology from the fortress, transfers his powers to a worthy apprentice (at the time, they were trying to get Nic Cage cast as the new part). Obviously, it never got off the ground, but I always thought it was a great idea bringing in Doomsday (as long as they tell the origin of Doomsday =) Anyone know/remember??) and it would have been a great memorial to Chris Reeves legacy.
    But now…. I don’t know.
    Doomsday was the ultimate foe. You have to respect him. You can’t just bring him in and have him easily disposed of. The death of Superman brought in the Cyborg, Eradicator, the cloned Superboy, and John Iron as Steel. The MONTHS later did Clark get revived. That’s alot of story lines to cover, unless its rewritten, then it just wouldn’t be the same.

  6. I think I have it figured out. Considering Brian Singers’ obsession with continuity…

    Lex finds the shard of GK with Supes blood on it. He clones him and makes Doomsday or Bizarro. Obvious and boring, just like Singer. The wildcard is Supes son, he has to figure into it. Perhaps his blood or hybrid DNA saves Supes in the end.

  7. Oh yea, the son is not effected by Green Krytonite. There’s his catch that will somehow allow the son to save the father.

  8. Rob,

    Singer has done some very good movies. “The Usual Suspects” is fantastic and I liked his “X-Men” movies. I just think he approached Superman maybe with a touch to much “awe.”

    I don’t see how having Doomsday in a Superman film (done well) could be anywhere near boring!


  9. You got to be kidding me? Lex again? I was litterly asleep during the last superman movie. I just don’t like seeing Lex fighting sups.

    For one, because Lex is a human and Sups is a freaking god in some sense. If it really came down to it, Superman could end the whole thing in one hit. But nooooo, they had to extend it and extend it and exten..d…it. *Falls alseep* See! It happened again! Hah. But for real, Like the others says any other villian would be find. I would preferre Doomsday. At least he can pose a enourmos threat to superman in the end and hopefully make a decent movie.

  10. With Lex in this one, have him help Sup because of a being that is stronger and more ruthless than himself. I love to see any of the TRUMP villians like Brainiac, Darksied and his Army, Mongol and the War Planet.Then have them create Doomsday or Gog from DNA splicing. Brian Singer should take a page out of Jon Fav. book and ASK THE FANS!!! Hard to lose that a way!

  11. Hey,ya know what,I’m actually really glad that Lex will be back (how he gets off that island, I’ll never know). But he should not be the mian villain in the new movie,and from what I’ve heard from SupermanHomepage.com he isn’t. Matter of fact,I believe that the plot involves Braniac finding that crystal continent in space that Supes threw in Returns,and that Metallo is in it. I say bring it on. If they do anything with Lex,they should make him less funny and smug,and make him eviler,like the John Byrne version. Singer did a lot of dumb things with SR,like Jason & Richard,but the movie wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I don’t think Doomsday would fit this Superman series that great,don’t know why,but I just don’t. I would,however,like to see more action in this sequel,you know,Supe’s punching things and stuff,and if Doomsday will make that happen then do it. It just doesn’t make sense,Superman Returns then dies again,nah.Maybe they’re going to try a Luthor/Braniac hybrid thing like on Justice League Unlimited. But anyway,please don’t make the same movie again,Bryan. Superman really doesn’t need that,you did enough damage to him in the first film.

  12. I really don’t want this movie to be delayed,I just think someone else should do it. The first one had some good things about it like Routh’s Superman,the music,the costume,Spacey’s Luthor (he was better than Hackman,who can do serious,but that’s not what the makers of 1978′s Superman wanted),the effects,etc. But there was more bad than good in it for me,stuff like Jason’s existance and Richard are the main things that really ticked me off. In fact,the only thing worse that the writers & director could’ve done to Superman than making him an un-wed father,super-absentee-dad,would’ve been to have made him return to earth and discover he was GAY. So,I don’t know about you folks,but I’m not too comfortable with the same writer/director team working on this one.

  13. What they need to do is get people to realize that the “DC” logo that shoots up in the beginning of all of the movies isn’t just there for looks.

    Bring in a Batman villain or even someone like Sandman would be amazing. As for Doomsday and Bizarro — great villains, but I don’t think the `mob` could handle that ( It’d end up reminding them of Star Trek )

    Alot of people are mentioning Superman’s kid, but the thing that stuck out to me was the fact he’s supposed to be the mascot of American comics ( especially now that ‘Cap is gone ) and they had him drinking beer.

    Chip Chief: You’re right, bringing in Ras was risky– but that wasn’t him. They character portrayed in that movie was nothing like the one in the comic.


  14. Yeah, I forgot about the “beer scene.” It really seems like they went out of their way to tear down the mythical/traditional aspects of Superman…


  15. But drinking beer seems like a small offense compared to being a deadbeat dad. Its not like he got drunk. Maybe they think its “cool” to drink beer and have bastard children.

  16. Chip,

    Of course you’re right, but I think it’s a case of what the sum total of the individual parts adds up to. :-\


  17. In Superman 3, evil Supes was a drinker :)

    So, is everyone expecting that Superkid will save Superman eventually? What if Superkid became evil and Superman had to kill him. That would be a surprising twist.

  18. Oh, God… the LAST thing I want is MORE “emotionally tortured” Superman!


  19. Or maybe they can have Supes drop the F-bomb. That would cool him up.

  20. They won’t do that. It would make the movie R-rated. ;-)


  21. Enough with Lex Luthor already !!!! There are so many cool villains in supermans’ universe to choose from , I just don’t understand why the fixation on Lex . It’s getting predictable and boring . I love Superman , but as with the last movie I surely won’t be going to the theater to see another Lex Luther movie where seemingly The Man of Steel is only a supporting character . Nah , I’ll wait on the DVD release and rent it.

  22. “I surely won’t be going to the theater to see another Lex Luther movie where seemingly The Man of Steel is only a supporting character.”

    Ha! Well said, indeed!


  23. this was my point exactly. supes had to be somewhat reintroduced on the big screen because it has been about 22 years since we last saw him, (besides, not alot of people remember the last superman flick that christopher reeve did in 1986) therefore, they had to have lex luther in super returns. i’m 100% ok with that because it makes sense. but to continue to have lex as supes antagonist in the next film is truly BORRRRRRRING. my point exactly.