Oh, God… Aliens… Vs… Predator… 3… Is Coming

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avp2 trailer Oh, God... Aliens... Vs... Predator... 3... Is ComingAccording to horror news website ShockTilYouDrop Aliens vs Predator 3 is going to be made. Here’s a quote from the site:

“An anonymous source over at 20th Century Fox got in touch with us over the weekend to relay the news another Aliens vs. Predator sequel is a ‘certainty’ at this point. If you recall, the brothers Strause – who helmed the Christmas release Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem – stated Fox was going to take a ‘wait-and-see’ approach to a third chapter, furthermore, that the story would have to continue in space.”

Just shoot me right now. Please.

Haven’t they tortured us enough?

Between the weak Alien vs Predator and the heinous creation that was Aliens vs Predator: Requiem I had truly hoped this franchise was dead. Ah, but where there’s even a meager amount of money to be made, a movie franchise will never die (can you say “Freddy” or “Jason”?).

It only made $129 million worldwide, and overseas crowds must have liked it more than folks in the U.S. because here it only earned $42 million. In case you don’t know, for a movie like this that is WEAK. They must have made it on the cheap for it to have shown a profit. First time directors and no name actors probably contributed to that.

I guess the DVD release of the movie is right around the corner and they’re anticipating good sales on that. No doubt they’ll have an “unrated” version… When is it coming out? Who cares!

I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in Hell that this movie could possibly be good at all, but I’m sure they’ll come up with some spin or director that will once again fan the flames of hope in fans of both franchises. Like a girl you have a crush on that keeps saying she’ll go out with you and then cancels at the last minute, I’m sure that the next film will leave us beaten and disappointed. Again.

Hey, maybe they can get Brett Ratner to direct it, wouldn’t that be cool?!

Source: ShockTilYouDrop via TheMovieBlog

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  1. I’m all for somthing like that. I think there is so much possibility and potential. So many questions need answering. The first two avp start to scratch the surface on weyland yutani. You see trophy skulls in the predators cupboard. What I want to know is where the aliens come from. What the heck was that space jockey guy doing on LV-426 in the crashed alien ship? It’s obvious the universe is an endless space with so many possibilities. I want to see it all tie together in the end. I don’t think they can tie it all together and make it sing in just one more movie. The biggest complaint is people don’t think thealien series and predator series are retaining their original principals. I say make them work like old, but tie them together. Keep the ridely scott/ james cameron feel to aliens, and the same for the predator series.

  2. I think an Animatrix-style DTV would answer all those questions and more.

  3. I completely disagree with everyone here. I hated the 1st AVP movie but the 2nd one was a lot better. I hope they continue making the 3rd and more sequels, and of course, better ones LIKE 2nd movie.

  4. Hi all!

    Ahh,let em make the 3rd AvP movie and get the waiting over and done with!Either way, the comic book series of AvP would still be better.(Hmm..where DID I put my 1st AvP series comic books?Even lost the AvP:Deadliest of the Species books!Now THAT had a neat story!;-D)

  5. i am soo glad that there’s going to be a alien vs predator 3 i cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh and njguy99, the predator made the aliens, so they can hunt them well thats what i herd



  8. ok kool , but where the heck is Terminator VS Robo-Cop.

    mabye after salvataion & the RoBO reboot,
    it could happen.

  9. man i cant wait to see what their going to do with the new movie ive been a big fan of the comics and games since i was a kid. njguy99 i read your idea and if they dont do a story that brings the avp movie universe to that point i would say yours is probably the best case scenario, since the first one i always thought that was the enevitable master plan to combine every predator and alien movie by joining them in the middle well done sir.

  10. Hey i’m British and i thought alien vs predator was alright
    why is every1 sayin oh it was a bad film
    if you’ve seen the old predator movies compared to the avp series then they’re crap
    the alien films were the best and the aliens should’ve won a hundred times over, but it is kind of stupid how the predators are keeping aliens on a ship i mean it’s obvious that the aliens would escape
    the aliens changed in the second film remember the first movie i had drones in it (may i point out that only 1 alien killed nearly all the predators and survived the whole film), then the second film had warriors and a predalien in it, (i hate predators, they onli make good hosts) It was a big hit in the Uk and Europe.
    We’ve even got fan clubs walking around and websites donated 2 the two best species. Humans shud have died, Ripley’s immortal.

  11. What about Little Red Riding Hood vs Alien ?

    “My, what big teeth you have” ….

    And insted of the woodcutter … we have the Predator ? :)

  12. I personally think that they should remake either the “alien” or “predator” movies. The first AVP sucked big hairy schlong, and the second one only drew in the crowds due to their new villain the “predalien” (which kicked arse, but wasnt enough to put the movie on my favourites list).

  13. Seriously, I like the Alien versus Predator and the Alien movies as well. The first Alien movie was good as it was “new”, but slow compared to todays movies.

    I don’t mind a 3’th movie – but would like if there was a bit more of a storie. The last had a war and a tiny bit of romance and a tiny tiny bit of character story/history – could have been better – and could have been worse.

  14. i enjoyed avp and avp 2 😛 i guess i deserve to die

  15. im very dissapointed in the AVP’s i grew up watchin the Alien an Predator movies and im sure AVP3 will dissapoint once again… maybe DEL TORO or Francis Lawrence should have a crack @ directing it

  16. Its game over man, game over

  17. i f**kin’ hate AvP so much. why does fox have to make another one?

  18. i think that another film would b great but with more predators in this 1 cuz havin so many die at the start ov the film then carrying on wid just the 1 predator was poor, but the films are all gd and i want more and more keep up the alien vs predator franchise, i also think there shud b a freddy vs jason 2 aswell cuz im a masive freddy fan 2.

  19. Shame on those of you who think a 3rd film would be bad. Especially since they say it is going to be in space according to the articles.

    The first film was just about the fight itself, introducing Weyland. The second brought the Predalien and introduced Yutani.

    If the 3rd is in space, I expect this to be close to the games with the colonial marines.

    Yes Hollywood produce a lot of crap, and I wasn’t overly impressed with the 1st film, but the 2nd was much more entertaining and nicely brutal. If the 3rd does go in the direction of the games, then amen, and I look forward to it.

  20. Why don’t they make a number 3 for the AVP but show the predator ship coming from earth at the end of requium flying towards the base of aliens 2 LV-426. Then the aliens get loose and the ship crashes near the base. This is where newts parents find the ship and then they show what actually happens on this planet LV-426. Maybe the aliens eggs can last many years without human hosts. but then the only thing is, if the aliens were on the ship with the predators and killed then where are the pred-aliens. all you had was the face hugger. maybe they died of hunger and the eggs could last a long time? Maybe it could show the powerstation underattack and how the humans lost the battle.

  21. Well seeing as the planetoid Newt was found on was the original from the first film. The company allowed colonization even though they knew the alien was there that’s how it all went down. The dead pilot in the original movie sorta looks like a predator though.

    All in all the AVP series was disappointing. Something to watch when you have nothing better to do but nothing to go out of your way to see.

  22. Look, they took the two of the greatest movie mosters which comprise two of my top five fav movies list, and made them suck. The second movie was horrible. No story no characters that i gave a crap about, nothin. If they make a third, which i hope they do, they better get somebody that can actually make movies.

  23. the first 1 gave me multiple orgasms!!!! avp FTW!!!!

  24. if anyone ever played alien vs predator 2 with the addon on pc you know how good these 2 CAN fit together because the games kicked ass and the story was great.

  25. Where they went wrong was not having done a Predator 3 that pushes towards the future more, and not having the series start off in space. AVP was mediocre, event he unrated version with the useless 8 minutes of footage. AVP-R was mediocre +1, due to the fact that it was short, and too dark. Also the whole impregnation through the mouth was copied off of X-Tro (low budget sci-fi flick from the 80s). The Predalien was not impressive to me, and the end battle was cheap. Also where the hell was Reiko Aiylesworth shooting the 50.cal machine gun? Not int he film or deleted scenes was it shown, but it was shown int he trailer for AVP-R. When they do this third one they need to tell all creators to quit their crying and BSing about property rights, creative IP, and all of that and make something better than was offered the 1st two times.

  26. They got to keep those aliens and predators apart. They’ve done enough fighting and damage already. it’s time they go their seperate ways. The last one was okey for me. Predator 3 will be better than Alien VS Predator 3. If there will be Alien VS Predator 3, then the Predator should win the fight and live at the end, but make one hell of a fight to the death. For sequals like these, there will always be another and another. Some things just won’t end at all.

  27. I’m closing comments on this post. It seems to attract less than desirable comments.