Official Trailer for James McTeigue’s Ninja Assassin

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ninja assassin rain as raizo Official Trailer for James McTeigues Ninja Assassin

James McTeigue’s upcoming high-paced action fest, Ninja Assassin, is one of sleeper films for this year that I’ve been eagerly awaiting for quite some time. Produced by the Wachowski brothers, Ninja Assassin follows Korean pop star, Rain, playing a ninja named Raizo on a mission of vengeance.

There hasn’t been too much released yet for the movie in terms of marketing but this week the first official trailer was released and we have it here for you:

[media id=184 width=570 height=340]

Ninja throwing stars everywhere!

If you want more of an idea of how insane the fight sequences will be in the movie, check out this behind-the-scenes choreography video from back in January which shows off Rain and the 87 Eleven stunt team practicing some amazing moves and sequences.

In addition to the first Ninja Assassin poster from back in April, MTV got an exclusive on the latest poster for the movie:

ninja assassin mtv exclusive poster 2 Official Trailer for James McTeigues Ninja Assassin
[Click to see MTV’s high-res version]

This is all looking great to me – what do you think of the trailer?

If this movie is received well, it could push into motion some official announcements on the recent rumors of McTeigue and the Wachowskis being the lead candidates to takeover the Superman franchise for Warner Brothers.

Ninja Assassin was written by Matthew Sand and J. Michael Straczynski and it opens November 25, 2009.

Source: MTV

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  1. Here’s the pitch, “it’s the Matrix with NINJAS!” BAM! Warner Bros. greenlights another bad Wachowski idea(Speed Racer).
    No sir, I don’t like it.

  2. i disagree i think its amazing they made an actual ninja movie not a movie with ninjas in it

    and tony ja’s movies are an entirely different style since he does mui thai

  3. hmmm i didnt think of the matrix at all when i saw the trailer nor speed racer.

    i am very excited for the kusari-gama scenes

  4. Movie looks sick to me…can’t wait to see it!

  5. Well as I posted three times earlier (saw the HD trailer yesterday), it looks like a good action flick aside from the crap CGI weapon effects. THe opening was too much of a rip off of 300 with the way the boy looked and was beating on the other kid. Why can’t Hollywood/Hong Kong give us martial fans a true martial arts film, that is not involved with some BS love story crap, does not need excessive wire works, and doesn’t throw in shoddy CGI to accent or highlight a weapon movement.

  6. good good. Speed racer never came to mind. This is worth watching

  7. it does look pretty kick @$$

  8. this is a sick movie right there i saw also making film..
    assome … can’t wate to watch!!!

  9. ‘Ong Bak 2′ does look sick, but so does ‘Ninja Assassin’. I see both. Now if the director of ‘Castlevania’ could use that whip style of martial arts instead of the traditional style.

  10. It’s looks cool… in some parts. Am i the only one who’s sick of seeing the CGI crap all the time in recent movies?

    Some of these shots just try to hard to be “cool” and end up making me despise the scene even more.

  11. A lot of martial arts movies, especially if “ninjas” are involved will have a lot of these “cool” moments where the do some “cool” pose and give some “cool” intense look… Yah, it gets corny in my opinion. That’s why I really liked Ip Man. The only people doing “cool” poses were people portrayed as show-offs and less than “good” people like the northerner that came to challenge everyone in the beginning. The main character Ip Man, didn’t do any of that, but he WHOOPED everyone’s ass, it was a great martial arts movie, one of the best I’ve seen in my opinion.

  12. A little disappointing when compared to the Stunt Reel. It seems like the put on way too many special effects (CGI, Green Screen, etc.) The stunt reel was AMAZING but now it just looks like a typical hollywood martial arts movie. Hope I’ll be proven wrong.

  13. too many specialeffects for fight scenes these days. Just say no to slo-mo lest you want Matrix comparisons. If you like action, this movie is for you. If you want a story, read a book.

  14. @ stuntmanJ, ogb & Ken J…

    Damn good comments guys! I hope this turns out to be an awesome film too, but I’m not holding my breath. But yeah, when i was a kid i loved the American Ninja films so what the hell do i know.

    Just seems that even B-Grade films back then were better than most films today. Even though they never had cinema release I remember some films were HUGE at the video rental shops. Massive posters and promo stuff etc… Most films these days don’t really gain my interest. Maybe I’m just more jaded in my 30’s. lol.

  15. @Sin – Brother check out “The Elevnth Hour” whenever you get a chance. It’s has some of the best hand-to-hand combat scenes I have ever seen that were doing without CGI. Right up there with Tommy Lee Jones in “The Hunted”.

    To the people dissing this film based on nothing but the trailer…this film should be scene soley on the title. I mean, what person doesn’t have a little kid inside of them thinking “Holy Crizap! I want to be a ninja!”

  16. @Adrian – I saw Ong Bak 2 about 6 months ago at a buddy’s house. I was actually bored and fell asleep. Very dissappointed in the film and it feels almost like a prequel set a few hundred years ago or more, but Tony Jaa is there so I was confused right off the bat. Sure his fight scenes are ridiculous but at least OB1 had a feasible plot.

  17. “If you want a story, read a book.”

    Um, OK. How do I say that’s a dumb statement without insulting anyone?


  18. OMFG! This looks awesome lol. . James McTeigue is pretty good I reckon. I especially liked his V for Vendetta, and this isn’t going to be anything less than his brilliance! Can’t wait! HOOT HOTT! 😀

  19. This just really looks like it’s going to be all flash, all of aerobatics, slow motion, etc. too many attempts at a wow factor for me to believe they actually spent time developing a good plot and characters. Hopefully that’s not true, but for me V for Vendetta was like that. The fight scenes were ridiculously stupid in my opinion, and the story was pretty cheesy and had a few too many political messages thrown in. Hopefully he doesn’t do that here as well…

  20. I’m not a fan of this type of fx fighting, but it could be right for 3D viewing… just a thought.

  21. V for Vendetta is one of my favourite films but this does not really sell for me. It seems it’s all about action and martial arts movements that may look awesome but does not apport anything to the film itself. I’ll skip this if I can.

  22. Obviously I’m not in the know because I don’t know a lot about this film, but this one looks fun and exciting to me. It maybe one of the few films I will actually go see in the theatre. I can’t wait!

  23. Looks pretty good to me. I would also like a good story along with it but just from this trailer, it looks like some really good action.